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  1. This week we brought on the quizmaster, Max! Max has just started a new quiz show this year called Battle of Wits! We discuss his process on making this show as well as many other things. Please help me welcome in Max to the show!


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  2. Episode 93: Something Untapped

    Austin from the CMDR XIX stopped by to discuss his Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca commander list! I don’t know why we hadn’t discussed it before, but Austin was able to make a really cool list and we talk about upgrades to his tried and true list. What are your favorite cards in the Simic colors for Merfolk in commander?

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  3. VCR Gaming Podcast rises from the ashes once again but we didn't fall down a shaft in the deathstar and explode in space and magically reappear here! No we've just been up to a bunch of other stuff! This week we discuss what games we've been playing and dive deep into games we're excited about as well as go into random tangets about mobile phones, baseball and China! 

    *This podcast is now banned in China*

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  4. Well, it's been a great time. We're going on an indefinite hiatus after much deliberation, and wanted to send things off in a delightfully ramshackle way with a last call for listener questions. 

    We would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who has listened for all these years for your constant support and feedback. This has been a great project and we've been incredibly lucky to have found something that has brought enjoyment to all of you. Thanks an we hope to entertain you again some day!

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  5. We had another casual draft at Mind Games in Burnaby. There were 7 of us, including 4 newer players. They were teens, and this was their first ever draft. They knew generally how to play the game, but we had to walk them through a bit of the process of drafting and deckbuilding.

    My first pick was a Kaya's Wrath (nice!). I took Sharktocrab with my second pick, and I wanted to stay a bit open. With newer drafters, I wasn't sure if signals might be messed up. I did waffle a bit (my bad habit), though I did pick more Simic/blue than Orzhov cards in Pack 1. My opponent on the left accidentally revealed his first pack as the Sunder Shaman, as he didn't know he was supposed to hide his picks. I guess I know what direction he wants.

    After a few bumps and misordered packs (nothing major), we got things worked out.

    Pack 2, my first pick was Kaya, herself... *urk*. Should I abandon Simic and switch to Orzhov? I was not seeing much good Orzhov in Pack 1. I picked her for value, but was second-guessing myself. I must have saw something good for Simic in pack 2, because I pretty much abandoned Orzhov soon after that, and ended up with a low-curve tempo deck with lots of tricks.

    Oh, pack 3's rare was Hallowed Fountain. Took for value :P




    Round 1 - Played one of the new kids. He had a Gruul deck, and actually drafted quite well for his first time. He picked on-colour cards, had a good mix of spells, and stayed focus. I did beat him 2-0, in part because his deck was a bit sub-optimal, although he had me down to 2 life in Game 1. After the round, I helped him re-build his deck a bit (he had too many spells, not enough creatures, and didn't include one of his better tricks). He seemed to be better off afterwards. 

    Round 2 - Played against an experienced player with an Orzhovy-Esper control deck. He had the stupid mythic that made illusion blockers, which made it hard for me to get damage through on the ground. I won game 1 thanks to having 2 bounce spells to swing for lethal. He won game 2 because of his removal. Yeah, his deck was like half-removal... we ended up drawing because he kept killing my threats and he couldn't push through enough damage after I countered his mythic Benthic illusion thingy (can't recall the name). I sided in Eyes Everywhere for a slow matchup.

    Round 3 - Played the other experienced player who had a Simic deck, too. His splashed white and had a multi-colour theme. With the Guildpact artifact, he was drawing a LOT of cards off of his multicoloured spells. He also had 3(!) Pteromanders... 

    I took game 1 thanks to the most aggressive curve my deck could draw into (even after a mull). Game 2 was a loooong affair, and he drew most of his deck. I somehow managed to slog through and wait out his Mystic (since I could play at instant speed a lot). Eventually, my adapters got bigger and just wore out his army. 

    Final Result: 2-0-1. A very casual draft with newer players, so this isn't for bragging rights so much as relaxing and enjoying the draft format. Again, I keep ending up in blue :P  


  6. Let me be clear. I have qualms about this third installment of Ravnica, but I’ll save that rant for another day. Instead I want to talk about the REAL potential of a third installment of Ravnica which is the Ravnica Themed Cube (RTC).  

    Of all the worlds in Magic the Gathering, Ravnica is by far one of the more popular and tidy ones to design around. The ten guilds very easily split into two large sets. Each guild has gotten its own unique mechanics in the past and it sounds like they will get a third unique mechanic for this run as well. The synergies/stories all blended nicely and the template is seemingly more intuitive to build around.

    Now here are some potential bonuses for the Ravnica Themed Cube at large with this third installment.

    10 new mechanics

    This latest instalment of Ravnica means RTC’s will have a total of 30 unique mechanics to work with for their construction. This creates a huge array of combinations for RTC’s to toy with and even means it could focus on fewer guilds at one time. Imagine a small RTC focusing exclusively on the inherent conflict between the Azorious and Gruul guilds, or imagine a 720 card RTC of all the best cards across the history of Ravnica. I think there is a lot of potential here.

    Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Lets face it, not all Ravnica guilds are created equal. With 30 mechanics to draw on there is also a better chance to balance out the interactions between the guilds. This way a player is less likely to get “stuck” on a sub-par mechanic and have a negative play experience. This also helps to balances the predator/prey relationships between the guilds.

    Potential for a new dual lands

    As wonderful as it would be to see the shock lands return, for RTC’s it’s important that we have a diversity of dual lands especially for the ambitious 720 count versions. Now in the first Ravnica block we got Bounce Lands. In the second we saw Guild Gates. It would not surprise me if we saw a third new Ravnica themed dual land at common. This will help greatly with the larger RTC’s.

    Greater access to the Plane

    Popular as Ravnica may be as a plane, the arrival of the first Ravnica block had the great misfortune of showing up during one of the largest declines in the Magic the Gathering player base. This was due to the overpowered nature of the Mirrodin block which nearly sank the game. As a result there were far fewer boosters printed for the first Ravnica block making the cards much harder to acquire today. Conversely, the Return to Ravnica block had a massive print run with booster boxes still selling for close to MSRP at the time of this article. This third installment of Ravnica means newer players will have an easier time of diversifying their own RTC. This will be further aided by the introduction of the Guild Kits which are supposed to include cards from all the Ravnica blocks but we don’t know much beyond that. These kits may even be an unofficially-official nod by WotC to the support of RTC’s….or I could be making that last notion up. In the end it means you won’t necessarily need to have been playing religiously since 1994 to have a shot at making your own RTC interesting and fun.

    Of course, I’m not an aficionado of the cube at this point. I’ve cannibalized my own cube to sleeve up EDH brews.

    For more sound advice on this idea of a Ravnica Themed Cube and other cube topics I highly recommend reaching out on Twitter to @CubeApril, @MiloDaGreat1 and @LifeBeginsAt20. They actually know what they’re talking about ;)



  7. Hello People,

    Welcome back to the MtG podcast Ugins Insight hosted by Team Orcs Head.

    This month Jordan and Chris sit down and talk about MTG Dominaria, MTG Arena and the new format Brawl!

    Crack a Pack: Conspiracy: Amonkhet.... Come on Masterpiece!

    Episode is available to download here and through iTunes, search Ugins Insight Podcast!

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  8. teh_chris holds an informal sideboard to talk about the most trolltastic deck in Modern. And also includes visuals and like, production values.

    Sideboard: teh_chris

    *THREE Episode 4 Drafts?! State of the Podcast

    *Pro Tour Bilbao (Rivals of Tarkir) and the state of Modern as a format.

    *25:50 - Le Chateau Cardtiste

    *Masters 25 Previews! Speculation too.

    *FNM non-token promos return!

    *Thanks for 100 YouTube subscribers!

    Ending Song: Xurious - Finding Our Way Again

    TWITTER: @dekurizu

  9. The Dad's are back in town.  Summer is winding down and San Diago Comic Con is in the books.  Alec and Zuby sit down and talk about some of their highs and lows from the event, Alec goes on another rant, and Zuby hits a second puberty mid way through the episode due to an audio glitch.Email the show:syfanpodcast@gmail.comFollow us on Twitter: @SYFANPodcastFollow Zuby: @ZubatronCheck out Zuby’s other show: Magic with ZubyFollow Alec: @AlectheDurdleIntro and Outro song:Hello Lamewads by Roper

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  10. There are no teachers here in Legacy Weapon, just slightly more talkative students. Today, we continue to dress up like experts and finish a Deck Tech on Drew’s deck, Aluren! Get ready to get ready to get ready.  It’s another episode of Legacy Weapon!


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  11. Very short term, only through Monday of GP Vegas

    2017-06-16 01.40.22.jpg

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    For my first ever Blog review, lets start with a game that is... controversial in its quality.  But before we begin, let me qualify my post with certain facts first that may or may not influence your perceived credibility of my review.

    I did not purchase the game for myself, having lost general interest in the Mass Effect series as a whole.  I purchased it for my partner, who is a big Mass Effect fangirl, and did not initially plan on playing it.  I also bought it on PS4, since my partner's PC set up did not meet minimum requirements and I did not want an EA game contaminating mine.  I started playing it after my partner had ditched it to play through the original Mass Effect trilogy instead, and I must admit I went in with a cynical eye.  There are certain aspects that I had wanted to see the return of, since they were what I wanted a Mass Effect game to bring back, but I also did not expect them to implement them satisfactory.

    Once you start a game, one of the first things you'll encounter is the character generator.  While I managed to create a reasonable looking character the options seemed rather restrictive and strangely enough one of the difficulties I found was trying to dial back the hipster look.  Most of the hairs and beards are the kinda things you expect douchebags in Starbucks to have, but then Mass Effect 3 had turned into some sort of weird episode of Jersey Shore so this kind of thing seems to be a common feature of Bioware games now.  You get to also choose your sibling's appearance too as well if you want, and whether Shepard was male or female (but that's it).  Starting the game, you then have about ten minutes worth of cutscenes to get through before finally geting control of your character, which is also the point you start to notice certain issues.

    If you have been following this game in the news at all, you have surely heard of the controversy surrounding the animations and the appearances of characters, and there is something definitely off about them.  This is NOT due to uncanny valley issues, some have claimed this and it is not the problem, as the characters quite often don't even look or move right, one character moving her lips energetically while the rest of her face and body remains rigid for instance.  I dispute the claims of some that there was some sort of "SJW agenda" that was going around, as the shittiness seems to afflict everything here equally.  The simple fact that the real problem is that the game was clearly unfinished when it was released and even with the patches its still not at what I would consider release-quality.  This game, when I played it, was still in Beta or possibly even Alpha state at release, and its not just the animations as I will soon cover.

    The locations are also very... bland.  Even when you get to the jungle planet or are roaming around in the NOMAD, there just doesn't seem to be anything that stands out, which is a major failing in this game that runs through a lot of its features.  The NOMAD works fine, I was always a fan of the MAKO though so I was happy to see the ground vehicle exploration bit return.  Just a shame that the planets are just so... dull!  And then missions make you go back and forth between them retreading the land you just travelled for like half the game!  Which is another problem: for a game on space exploration there are about five or six planets to explore...

    Now, the story.  Dear god the story: I don't know what they were doing here but the further it goes on the more you go "Huh??"  Seriously, this is again another symptom of "Too early" I think as the story seems incoherent and gets more incoherent as the game goes on.  It's like you are playing a tabletop roleplay game where the GM has no clue what he's doing and is making shit up as he goes along.  Oh, and at the start you cannot understand the aliens you encounter and its a big deal that no one knows what they want, then suddenly they start to speak English with no explanation, as if the devs went "Yeah, we can't be arsed with that anymore".  The new friendly race you encounter, I can't remember their name (which tells you a lot of how memorable I found them) but not the bad guy race called Kett, the other one that is obnoxious in how they are portrayed as being awesome despite being some of the most uninspired shit around.  Every moment you spend with them I kept thinking "When can I go back to dealing with Asari and Krogan please?"  They were obviously the developers' pet favourite race, yet all you feel when dealing with them is "Where's the cool funky aliens like the Hanar or Elcor?"  The thing that got me the most was how the game felt like it was pretending to be a Mass Effect game.  I read a quote somewhere that pretty much summed up the issue: that the game felt like someone had copied someone elses homework and changed things around without really understanding what it was they were doing. It felt often like people doing their best Turian or Asari impression.  The human female companion pretty much being a wannabe-Asari is pretty symbolic of this I guess.

    The actual gameplay: there is potential here.  Rather than the rigid classes of the previous installments you instead have the freedom to take any skill you want, and set up profiles (named after the classes of old) that give you bonuses and selects the skills you want to use.  Unfortunately, again it feels released too early: the skills are not balanced against each other, and despite the game wanting you to feel free to spread your focus around the three fields (Combat, Tech, and Biotics), you feel penalised for spreading too much, especially since each profile limits you to THREE (3) active skills you can use per profile, and swapping profiles puts everything on cooldown.  Add to this the further issue that the interface is horribly configured and setting up favourite profiles and switching between them in combat is a chore and you can again see the "unfinished" feature pop up again. 

    Overall, while I got some enjoyment from it, the more you play it the more frustrating it becomes, both in playing and in story.  After a few days of playing, I suddenly realised that I could play and finish off the Witcher 3, a game that has been out for two years now and which I had to play through again because of having lost all my saves when my hard drive died, and yet it still pulled me away from this game and I have not looked back.  This game could have had the potential to draw me back to the Mass Effect franchise, there were many things that it brought to the table such as the fresh start to the setting, the return of ground exploration, a lighter story etc that should have made it a hit with me, but they failed.  I didn't want to hate this game, on the contrary I liked so many IDEAS they had in the game, and I really don't hate this game, but due to the unfinished nature of this game I cannot recommend it at full price and I found the end result to be "bleh".

    The Jazz Score: 4/10

    The Jazz Statement: Bleh

  12. This week we talk about how our insane threaten and fling deck turned out, and then pick two decks to tune up in preparation for GP Vegas! We talk about how the meta game has changed since we first brewed them, and pack the best artifact removal we can get through airport security.

    Here is where you can find all of our decks on tappedout so you can follow along with our discussions (we put cards that we talk about on the podcast in the maybeboard for you to reference as we go):

    Here's the link to the deck we brewed last week:

    We decided to tune our Nissa, Steward of Elements deck. Link here:

    We also tuned our Jund Discard deck. Link to the new version here:

    You can help us out by upvoting the decks! Also please remember to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, and give us a review! We are also very active on twitter, you can follow us at


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  13. Browsing through my YouTube subscriptions, I noticed @MTGZuby had a pack opening video for CardZoom Dual Land Grab Bags.  I had already heard about them from the CardZoom YouTube channel but after seeing Zubys video I figured why the hell not drop a few bucks and take a chance.  

    I went over to eBay and picked up 4 packs at $5 each and free shipping.  From the CardZoom eBay sale


    The packs were sent quickly, but I waited a few days to open so I could do a pack opening on YouTube as well.  Unfortunately the video turned out pretty shitty (I'm still learning) so I decided to do a blog entry here instead.

    My first pack was:


    Full art Island from Zendikar - $0.80

    Deranged Outcast - $0.10

    Isochron Scepter - $2.25

    Total: $3.15


    Pack 2:



    Full art Island from Zendikar - $0.20

    Sanctifier of Souls - $0.08

    Defiler of Souls - $1.25

    Total: $1.53


    Pack 3: 



    Foil Mountain from Innistrad - $0.71

    Touch of the Eternal - $0.08

    Lightning Angel - $0.26

    Total: $1.05


    Pack 4:



    Full art Forest from Zendikar - $0.20

    Gaze of Granite - $0.15

    Dauntless Escort (foil) - $2.02

    Total: $2.37


    Spent on 4 packs: $20

    Card value: $4.68

    Difference: -$15.32


    I usually don't buy grab bags, especially when the sellers mysteriously send high value cards to YouTubers to open on camera.  After watching  the CardZoom video, I felt like it was legit and I wanted to help support him.  With grab bags you are gambling and hoping for the best.  So even though I'm in the hole $15 I received what was advertised and that is the chance you take.  Because of that, I can't complain.  It's like putting $20 in a slot machine and hoping a Dual Land pops out.  All in all I'm fine with the purchase.  I'm not sure if I'll pull the lever again and cross my fingers, maybe a pack or two more just because the anticipation can be exciting.  (addict)

    If you are the type to spend a few bucks and take a chance, then I'd recommend it.  If you aren't the gambling type and prefer sealed product, then this probably isn't for you.


  14. pasted image 0.png

    Like the title says, I’ve thought of what I’d like to do in the new year concerning my favorite tabletop game; Magic: the Gathering. Instead of just typing a whole bunch of paragraphs, I figure it’s easier to do it in a list form. Now I’ve mention resolutions, like the billions of other people who have made them (and not keep them past the 5 days of the new year). I’d like to call them goals. 

    I feel like goals is a better word to use than resolution. With goals you are more tempted to achieve them, as opposed to just wishful thinking. That’s just my opinion. Like the most non-original resolution is to lose weight. But instead if I make it a goal to reach my mark by a certain time of the year, I feel more tempted to do so. We understand each other?

    Here are my list, remember this is only concerning Magic: the Gathering.

    • Get more cards (obvious right?)
    • Try to go to a tournament event (providing it’s near me) and either:
    •  Blog about it 
    • Play.
    • Keep up on the metagame of tournaments happening elsewhere in the world.
    • Do more FNM.
    • Join in on pre-releases.
    • Support my local game shops more often.
    • Mention my editor more in my blogs, just because he’s an awesome guy for taking me on and make my articles make sense for you to read. Thanks Marc! [editor: no problems! Sorry I have been kept so busy during the holidays]
    • Become a Judge

    It’s not a very long list but these are my goals for the new year I want to try and achieve.

    What’s your resolutions?

    Or if you want to call it goals, what are your goals for the new year?

    As always, thanks for reading my blog!

    [editor: my number one goal is to put back together the mono-red burn deck I made in 1995. There will be Goblin Grenades…]

  15. Tonight on Twitter, I had an conversation tonight about the recent discussions on angle-shooting with some people that I talk to quite a bit. Twitter is not a very good place to have discussions, especially for me when I try to be as clear as possible and use proper punctuation, so I decided to get my thoughts down on paper so to speak. For context, this discussion and many others got started by an incident this weekend by Kent Ketter in round 10 of the SCG Modern Open. The clip is here for reference. Keep in mind that I am not a judge in any capacity for the DCI. I was a Rules Advisor last year, but that holds no power and is irrelevant.

    I want to get my opinion on that incident out of the way first then go into my overreaching point. The judge call as was reported on the /r/magictcg thread about the situation was handled as best as it could be. Neither player brought up the fact that Kent physically moved his graveyard that could easily be interpreted as exiling it. There's nothing the judge could've done in that situation. They can't read minds. Was it arguably scummy? Sure it was, but I won't fault anyone that uses the rules as they currently stand to their advantage when a significant amount of money is on the line. There's a fine edge there though.

    There's been a long history of angle-shooting and feel-bads throughout the history of competitive Magic. A game as complex as this can't possibly eliminate all the corner cases and feel-bad situations. The rules attempt to be consistent across all cases. The current trigger rules are that triggers can be missed and the opponent is under no obligation to point them out for you. They haven't always been that way though. The rules used to be that all triggers must be pointed out either by the person who "owns" the trigger or the opponent. These led to arguably more feel-bad scenarios. It also lead to more suspicions of cheating and it's hard to determine intent versus they just forgot that it was a mandatory trigger. The rules now are much more sensible and reasonable  I will focus on competitive rules enforcement level and not regular rules enforcement level in my arguments.

    Why should a player be forced to essentially "help" their opponent remember their own triggers in a competitive game? They have to waste brainpower making sure their opponent is using their cards to it's fullest potential while still ensuring that they are playing by the rules and also at a high strategic level. What is the difference between an opponent missing a trigger, and forgetting to activate an ability? Should we remind our opponents of what their cards do? Where's the line there? Should we force to ask our opponent if they wanted to do a "may" trigger when they didn't acknowledge it?

    One "feature" people have is that we are really good at pointing out problems, but we are terrible at pointing out reasonable solutions. Are the current rules perfect? Of course not, but I think these are as close as we can get to emulating realistic human behavior and intuition. It just doesn't make any sense logically to force players to basically help their opponents with their cards in a competitive event. Forcing people to do so is way worse than any angle-shoot or feel-bads that can happen. It's unreasonable to enforce "feelings" or ethics in the rules of such a complex game Magic is. Magic has millions of players all with different views on different topics. It's entirely subjective, and subjective-ness should not be a feature of the rules of a game. Things need to be consistent and be intuitive and work naturally and they do as they currently stand.

    Now, with that being said, I don't want angle-shooting to be a part of the game, but that's why I got out of competitive Magic. I recognized that it was unreasonable to ask that of other people especially in a competitive scene with real value on the line. Not everybody will have the same sense of ethics as each other. That's why they have no place in actual rules. It inevitably leads to more situations like the one that spurred this conversation in the first place. Not everybody will agree on what's right or wrong ethically. I want to focus more on legality than if something is proper to most people's ethical code. The rules are this way for a reason, they've changed over the history of the game. These rules work intuitively and don't force unreasonable expectations on both players.


  16. As you all have probably heard, Modern is no longer supported as a Pro Tour format. This means many things for Modern, both good and bad. I'm here to list the Pros and Cons of this.


    A more varied meta. Without the Pro Tours to netdeck from, there will be more of a varied meta, but there will still be a majority of the meta playing a certain deck. It's just that there will be more homebrews.

    More reprints. Hopefully, once Wizards realizes what has happened, they'll start reprinting more cards (Tarmogoyf and LotV in Standard?). This ties in with my next point, by helping new players start Modern.

    Price drops. After Modern isn't played in big tournaments like Pro Tours, prices of key cards not played in Legacy or Vintage will drop, due to a drop in demand. This allows newer players to enter the format more easily. 


    Less/More competitive play. I hope that Grand Prixs will become the new Modern Pro Tours. They were already pretty big, with one of the meta's most influential decks, Lantern Control, showing up first at GP Oklahoma.

    Price drops. The other side to this is that it will anger collectors, especially those with 4-5 of the top modern decks, just like reprinting Vintage stuff. Hopefully there won't be another reserved list. Please, Wizards! No Reserved List!


    Overall, I think this was a bad decision, but I'm happy to see how it plays out. What do you guys think? Where will Modern go?


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    Hello every one! welcome to "Leaving a Legacy". This thread of articles will talk about specific cards or a group of cards that changed the game either in good, bad, or horrifyingly oppressive ways. Today I wanted to talk about something that has sprung up and became problems not once, but twice! The colorless titans of Zendikar have destroyed hopes and dreams multiple times. So today, we're going to talk about the multiple Rises of the Eldrazi.

    Birth of Titans

    The Eldrazi type cards came out during the third set of the first Zendikar block, "Rise of the Eldrazi". The premise behind these giant mana-eating monsters was an apocalyptic race that feeds on mana. It's the contrasting element to the "lands matter" plane that is Zendikar. They feed on the mana of the land and leave nothing but waste behind. During the lore, they were released from the Eye of Ugin when Chandra, Jace, and a Bolas-controlled Sarkhan used their powers and broke the seal containing them. No one in the lore was prepared for the destructive power that the Eldrazi had. No one was safe, not even us.

    Eldrazi in the game

    Wizards did a number on the special Eldrazi mechanic with their release. They had a mechanic to display their almighty and overwhelming power, Annihilator. Annihilator is a triggered ability that whenever the Eldrazi attacks, defending player must sacrifice permanents equal to the Annihilator count. For example, Annihilator 2 meant the defending player had to sacrifice two permanents whenever that Eldrazi creature attacked. It sounds as horrible as it is. Kozilek and Ulamog, two of the three Eldrazi lords, had Annihilator 4; and Emrakul had Annihilator 6. These Eldrazi were the most scary creatures the game has seen to date. The justification with their over-the-top abilities was their converted mana cost higher than 10 generic mana. This, however, posed no wall with cards in the same block like Eldrazi Temple and Eye of Ugin. The Eldrazi were oppressive, and were gladly dismissed when rotation occured. That is, until we returned to Zendikar.

    When a new Zendikar block was released in fall of 2015, Wizards made it clear that Annihilator was a mistake. It would be a mechanic that would never see the light of day. When Battle for Zendikar came out, Eldrazi received Devoid and Ingest. Devoid is a passive mechanic that made them colorless everywhere: in the hand, on the battlefield, in the library, etc. Ingest in a very creative mechanic that 'mills', but puts them the cards from the top of the deck to exile. They had a sub-type of Eldrazi called "processors" that played around with cards in exile to give some sort of value. These mechanics were very flavorful in terms of Eldrazi, but not too breaking for the standard and modern meta at the time. That all changed when Oath of the Gatewatch was released. The second set of the Battle for Zendikar block didn't introduce any new mechanics in terms of Eldrazi specific, but it did create a new mana type, Wastes. This new land type introduces new live to the color wheel, switching up mana bases in all EDH decks to comply with new colorless requirements. It split the colorless mana we all new and love into colorless and generic. The flavor comes from the wastes the Eldrazi leave behind after consuming all the mana in the area. Oath also released some new Eldrazi that I personally think was a mistake in their own right. The original premise of Eldrazi were supposed to be these huge titans consuming that land. They were powerful for the relatively large converted mana costs back in OG Zendikar. What if you make powerful Eldrazi with a lower converted mana cost?

    Enter Thought-Knot Seer, Reality Smasher, and Eldrazi Mimic, really powerful Eldrazi for converted mana cost 5 or less. The release of these built a new deck themselves, appropriately called Eldrazi. It is a aggro/midrange deck designed to put Eldrazi on the board and run you over. After Oath was released, Eye of Ugin wasn't banned. You could have hands that played turn one Mimics, turn two Though-k\Knot and swing for 4, then play turn 3 Reality Smasher with Eye of Ugin and Eldrazi Temples. This prompted Eye of Ugin to be banned in Modern upon the release of Shadows over Innistrad. There is a deck much like this in Legacy right now, having access to cards like City of Trators, Ancient Tomb, and Chalice of the Void.

    The Legacy They Left

    The Eldrazi titans are uniquely wonderful, but oppressively horrible. Having Eldrazi in the game makes every format scary. There are trace decks in Modern; and Eldrazi Stompy is running over in Legacy. You can find Eldrazi in a nice home in EDH with Mayael or Xenagos decks. These things are big, nasty, and scary. After both Zendikar blocks, Eldrazi have risen and are here to stay.

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    • Damn. Well, you have talked about burnout for awhile now. I kinda of felt the same way when I was writing/blogging about hockey... eventually, the fire goes out and the passion wanes. That said, don't be a total stranger. 


    • I loved seeing pauper on camera, but it also showed that why WOTC wouldn't want it to be on video more often: The matches took for-ev-er. MTGO forces players to click and play fast, especially Dinrova Tron and the like... those paper matches had a lot of moving parts and really did drag. 

    • I'm glad I'm not the only one who despises social media.  There are definitely cliques and if you aren't in one of them or align yourself with what they think like a lemming, it will make it much harder to get your content out there.

      Lots of the bigger creators talk about 'muh community' but it's all lip service.  With one click to share a link or a post from another creator would expose that content to thousands of people.  They don't owe anyone anything, of course.  They don't have to do anything to help anyone else, but don't talk about how much you love the community and how much you want to help and do next to nothing to help new creators or creators who have been grinding for years but just need that one click to push them over the edge.

      Twitter especially is such a cesspool of negativity and drama. 

      Creating content is tough, and I have the utmost respect for those of you who put in the time, money and energy to create content that most of the time goes unnoticed by most players.  It's too bad, because theres so much great stuff out there that doesn't get the attention it deserves.  I'm glad some of you still create content because I enjoy it and know there are others out there who do too.

    • 43 minutes ago, Lasraik said:

      If you don't decide on a guild and spread out a little, does it spread you too thin?

      Well, like any draft, if you can't decide on a path early enough, you end up thin on playables. It hurts a bit more in a multicolour set because if you draft Orzhov or Simic cards and end up Azorius, you may have dead cards you can't play without good fixing, even worse if I had picked up Gruul. The lack of 5 guildgates (from the other set) means splashing only works for certain combos

      I also probably ended up passing good Azorius cards. I was the only true Azorius player, but the guy who went 4-colour gates had a few of the cards I would have loved to have. 


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    • If you don't decide on a guild and spread out a little, does it spread you too thin?

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