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    • By MTGZuby in Magic with Zuby 1
      Thank you for all the memories.

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    • By Fishcastmtg in Fishin: A Merfolk Podcast 0
      Kody and Matt discuss their picks for reprints in the upcoming Modern Horizon’s deck. Kody’s picks are pieces specific to merfolk, while Matt chose cards that he thinks are due for reprints. What cards did we miss? Let us know in the comments! Find the Episode here: @iHeartRadio : @GooglePlay : @ApplePodcasts : @spreaker : @Stitcher : @Spotify : @youtube: If you have found our show to be helpful and worthwhile, please consider donating as much as a dollar a month to our Patreon! We have sweet rewards starting at just the 2 dollar level: Here is our survey! This will help us with current and future Patreon goals. We are now affiliated with @inkedgaming! Use this link to get 10% off and help support the show! Get a Fishin T-shirt here: Check out our stream every Saturday at 9PM CST Twitter handles: Fishin': @fishcastmtg -instagram and facebook too! Kody: @notkodysmith Matt: @MatthewCaudill8 email: Podcast cover art credits go to to Tessa and Hunter Pruitt. Stream/logo/ emotes art and overlay by @ishton on twitter, and Intro video by Fishin: A Merfolk Podcast is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are the property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.

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      After a no banning announcement, we've got a down week and wanted to take some time to talk about our 10 favorite cards in the format! Lots of older tech that isn't seen much these days as we walk through the things that just make us happy!
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    • By MTGZuby in Magic with Zuby 0
      This week we brought on Jordynne aka MTG Sickly. She is a Magic the Gathering content creator on Youtube.
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    • By colorcommontary in Color Commontary 1
      The first Pauper Mythic Championship qualifier is in the book so of course we're trying to delve into the lists, the impact the event has on the format and what the future looks like. Wizards has also announced the next supplemental set, Modern Horizons so we're also touching on what we think the set might bring to our format.
      MCQ decklists:
      Deck List:
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    • Damn. Well, you have talked about burnout for awhile now. I kinda of felt the same way when I was writing/blogging about hockey... eventually, the fire goes out and the passion wanes. That said, don't be a total stranger. 


    • I loved seeing pauper on camera, but it also showed that why WOTC wouldn't want it to be on video more often: The matches took for-ev-er. MTGO forces players to click and play fast, especially Dinrova Tron and the like... those paper matches had a lot of moving parts and really did drag. 

    • I'm glad I'm not the only one who despises social media.  There are definitely cliques and if you aren't in one of them or align yourself with what they think like a lemming, it will make it much harder to get your content out there.

      Lots of the bigger creators talk about 'muh community' but it's all lip service.  With one click to share a link or a post from another creator would expose that content to thousands of people.  They don't owe anyone anything, of course.  They don't have to do anything to help anyone else, but don't talk about how much you love the community and how much you want to help and do next to nothing to help new creators or creators who have been grinding for years but just need that one click to push them over the edge.

      Twitter especially is such a cesspool of negativity and drama. 

      Creating content is tough, and I have the utmost respect for those of you who put in the time, money and energy to create content that most of the time goes unnoticed by most players.  It's too bad, because theres so much great stuff out there that doesn't get the attention it deserves.  I'm glad some of you still create content because I enjoy it and know there are others out there who do too.

    • 43 minutes ago, Lasraik said:

      If you don't decide on a guild and spread out a little, does it spread you too thin?

      Well, like any draft, if you can't decide on a path early enough, you end up thin on playables. It hurts a bit more in a multicolour set because if you draft Orzhov or Simic cards and end up Azorius, you may have dead cards you can't play without good fixing, even worse if I had picked up Gruul. The lack of 5 guildgates (from the other set) means splashing only works for certain combos

      I also probably ended up passing good Azorius cards. I was the only true Azorius player, but the guy who went 4-colour gates had a few of the cards I would have loved to have. 


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    • If you don't decide on a guild and spread out a little, does it spread you too thin?

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