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About this blog

A blog. It includes:

  1. Deck Techs for EDH, Modern, Pauper and even Legacy!
  2. Primers
  3. Set reviews
  4. Top 5 from each set

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As you all have probably heard, Modern is no longer supported as a Pro Tour format. This means many things for Modern, both good and bad. I'm here to list the Pros and Cons of this.


A more varied meta. Without the Pro Tours to netdeck from, there will be more of a varied meta, but there will still be a majority of the meta playing a certain deck. It's just that there will be more homebrews.

More reprints. Hopefully, once Wizards realizes what has happened, they'll start reprinting more cards (Tarmogoyf and LotV in Standard?). This ties in with my next point, by helping new players start Modern.

Price drops. After Modern isn't played in big tournaments like Pro Tours, prices of key cards not played in Legacy or Vintage will drop, due to a drop in demand. This allows newer players to enter the format more easily. 


Less/More competitive play. I hope that Grand Prixs will become the new Modern Pro Tours. They were already pretty big, with one of the meta's most influential decks, Lantern Control, showing up first at GP Oklahoma.

Price drops. The other side to this is that it will anger collectors, especially those with 4-5 of the top modern decks, just like reprinting Vintage stuff. Hopefully there won't be another reserved list. Please, Wizards! No Reserved List!


Overall, I think this was a bad decision, but I'm happy to see how it plays out. What do you guys think? Where will Modern go?



Prossh, the Degenerate

Have you ever wanted to have an EDH deck that wins turn 4? Or just wanted to bash someone's face in with a dragon? Well, I believe you're at the right place. 

The Deck:

This is one of those "fair" decks. It dies to multiple, consistent removal, but can win big if it's not dealt with. It utilizes lots of ramp (30-some cards!), 1-sided board wipes like Crux of Fate, extra combats, and cards that double Prossh's power like Beserk and Temur Battle Rage to deal 21 damage to the face as soon as possible. 

Core Cards:

These cards can be split into 3 parts: Card advantage, Win Cons, and ramp. each one is crucial to how the deck functions. 

Card Advantage:

Skullclamp: This card is amazing. It's banned in modern for a reason, and paying 1 and saccing a creature to draw 2 cards is great.

Fecundity: For a 3-drop, this consistently draws 6+ cards. It's an investment that is well worth it. 

Sylvan Library: It is at least, a brainstorm every turn. Library manipulation, especially in a deck with tutors, is amazing.

Demonic Tutor: A 2-drop tutor. Gets an answer, wincon, more ramp, etc. Does much more need to be said?

Rhystic Tutor: what good commander player isn't going to be playing something turn 3? It's another cheap tutor.

Diabolic Tutor: It's a perfectly fine tutor, even if just to up our consistency. 

Harmonize: Draw 3 for 4. Outside of blue. Seems great, amirite?

Catacomb Sifter: Ramps and lets us scry. It's a great card, usually underestimated. Brings 2 bodies, ramps, and is an investment. 


Veteran Explorer: With Prossh being a sac outlet, and playing Skullclamp, this card gets really good. Getting 2 lands is amazing, especially t1-t2.

Cultivate: Basic ramp. Helps us fix, too, being a 3-color deck. 

Collective Journey: It's a good card, especially when people have 3-4 open mana, and are like, oh, what the heck. Might as well get some more lands.

Birds of Paradise: Basic 1 drop mana dork. It's a great card, allowing us to play more ramp t2-t3, and stay fixed.

Sylvan Caryatid: Same as the Birds, but more resilient.

Shaman of the Forgotten Ways: It's a bigger Birds. 

Tempt with Discovery: It's a great card, getting our Kessig Wolf Run, which switches us to a more tempo deck, Skaarg, the Rage Pits or Rogue's Passage, allowing us to get through, or Strip Mine to kill opposing Maze of Iths.

Cryptolith Rite: This is a great card for pumping out more things and paying for more threats after we drop Prossh.

Win Conditions:

Aggravated Assault/Sword of Feast and Famine: Infinite combats is great, and so is discard. The sword is great by itself, too swinging through with our mana dorks. 

Savage Beating: Knocking out 2 players with 1 spell is amazing. It can be played after blockers, too!

Sieze the Day: Kills 2 players, just like Savage Beating, as well as giving 2 possible Xenagos triggers.

Beserk: Easily one of the best win conditions we have, being a 1-drop AND giving trample. 

Temur Battle Rage: It's a 2-drop, played during combat, that one-hits and gives trample. This is what we want in this deck! 

Relentless Assault: Basic extra combat spell. 

Assault Strobe: 1-drop double strike. It's our 2nd copy of Beserk. Not as good as Beserk, but, well... Not much is.

Pathbreaker Ibex: It's AT LEAST giving our tokens an Overrun. 

What do you think? This deck does amazingly, even against control!


Are you feeling crazed by the semi-control decks in Modern? Not enough hard counterspells for you? Maybe you need a shot of... Enduring Ideal.

What is Enduring Ideal?

Enduring Ideal is a deck based around getting enough devotion for white to activate Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx in order to be able to play Enduring Ideal to get win conditions like Form of the Dragon and Heliod, God of the Sun or lockout combos like Curse of Death's Hold and Dovescape, which is also a win con, getting you 7 doves each turn.


4x Nykthos Shrine to Nyx. This is what makes the deck tick. It is what allows us to be able to play Enduring Ideal by turn 3, with the perfect hand, and get up to 4 Clerics per turn with Heliod, or more.

4x Leyline of Sanctity. This is the second part of what allows us to get Enduring Ideal by turn 3, and a possible win by turn 6. It also protects us from stuff that other combo decks may be susceptible to: Hand Attack.

4x Ghostly Prison. This is what is going to protect our butt. 

2-3x Sphere of Safety. See above. But a bit more powerful.

Win Conditions:

1x Dovescape. Part of the lockout combo, that's also a win condition.

1x Curse of Death's Hold. See above. 

1x Form of the Dragon. It's a win condition that cannot be stopped by creatures. Just one rule: Don't get this against Burn or Zoo. 

2-3x Myth Realized. It's a creature that's also an enchantment. Think of it as a manland.

1-2x Mastery of the Unseen. It's an alternate version of Myth Realized. 


2x Suppresion Field. Shuts down combo.

1x Phyrexian Unlife. 3 mana, gain 10 life? Yes please.

3x Journey to Nowhere. It's nearly unkillable removal in game 1, but gets worse when they bring in enchantment removal.

3x Oblivion Ring. See above.

3x Runed Halo. Amazing against almost any deck, but you will almost never want to play this turn 2, but unlike most of our removal, gets better later game and games 2-3. The devotion helps a lot, too.

2x Nevermore. Same as above, pretty much. 

4x Nyx-Fleece Ram. This card was never the greatest in standard, but here, where it does exactly what we want to be doing, deflecting aggro and helping stabilize.\

1-2x Detention Sphere. Kills all of the Kitchen Finks, gets rid of annoying Voices, and Lingering Souls tokens. I always play at least one copy. 

2x Porphyry Nodes. Kills their creatures, and will rarely get ours, and when it does, doesn't really matter.

1x Greater Auramancy. Protects our enchantments, and one of the first things we get with Enduring Ideal.


(Nykthos was mentioned above)

4x Mistveil Plains. This cycles whatever they kill to fetch it back with Enduring Ideal. Gives the deck more consistency.

3-4x Glacial Fortress. Fixing that will (almost) always enter untapped. Yes, it's only to hardcast Detention Sphere, but it's well justified. 

12 or so Plains. Pretty self explanatory.


2x Stony Silence. We die to quick aggro, like Affinity. This helps solve that problem.

2x Porphyry Nodes. Just to round it off.

1x Greater Auramancy. Generally board this in games 2-3 if the opponent is playing green or white.

2x Suppression Field. Shuts down combo.

3x Aura of Silence. If great against Affinity, Bogles, all artifact and enchantment decks.

2x Boseiju, Tree Who Shelters All. Makes sure that our Enduring Ideal doesn't get countered.

3x Silence. Shuts off storm, and lets us combo off in peace and Silence (ha ha ha, didn't think you could get away without me making a bad pun?).


This deck is great, janky, and impossible to expect. Game 1  is usually easy, but games 2-3 get harder as they see and learn to expect the combo. Have you ever played with/against this deck? How did it do?


So the Shadows Over Innistrad prereleases were this weekend, and I went to mine this evening. I didn't do to well in the competition, but I had quite a bit of luck with boosters: Avacyn, Nahiri, and Sigarda, all in one pool. So, I pretty obviously went Naya, and went 1-2 drop. 


I did do something productive, though: I did some research into sealed archtypes and good cards. 


White/Blue control. Sometimes splashing black for creatures and removal, this archtype can deal with pretty much anything through cards like Just the Wind and win cons in large fliers and Invocation of Saint Traft.

Red/Green aggro. All of the werewolves defines this, and is quite good with combat tricks and anti-control cards like Hermit of the Natterknolls and more aggro red cards like Kessig Forgemaster and Breakneck Rider. This is a very versatile deck, taking anywhere from 5-10 to kill. 

Green/White Humans. This is a great tribal deck, and I saw aggro to synergistic builds. 

Blue/Black Skulk. Not being able to block is terrible for any draft deck, and playing against the skulk decks is terrible for most decks. With their best cards being 1-3/X's, like Rancid Rats and Pale Rider of Trostad, this deck is straight-up U/B aggro. 

Mono Black or Black/Red Vampires. This seems great. Playing an essentially 3/2 Flying for 2, Heir Of Falkenrath, and with some support from the zombies, this deck is another great tribal/combo/aggro deck.

Black Zombies. This is a really annoying deck to play, just because of one common: Sanitarium Skeleton. It comes back, it blocks pretty well, it comes back again. 

These are the main ones, if you saw anything else, post below!

Failed Archetypes:

I only saw one, and this has been a trend from OGW and SOI: Mono-white equipment. There just aren't enough equipment to make it good! Why wizards? We are also waiting for those other swords, you know. Now would be the perfect time!

What was your prerelease like? What were your bombs?


Eldrazi Post

So: Eldrazi. Killing Modern, Legacy, and to some degree, even Vintage. So: We fight Fire with Fire. 

12-Post is a deck that focuses on using lands called "Locuses" and Vesuva to generate tons of mana, sometimes 16 mana, just from lands, by turn 4. All of this mana is colorless, however, so how about we go about using it to cast some of the best creatures in the game: Eldrazi.


The deck consists of 4x Cloudpost, making our locuses 1-4. These are the basis of the deck, as well as 4x Vesuva and 4x Glimmerpost, making our locuses 5-12. Vesuva is very important, copying our Cloudposts and Glimmerposts to stabilize.

Other Lands:
This is Eldrazi. So, to make us have consistent threats, how about we go with 1-2 of Eye of Ugin. This will help us keep our threats coming, and ramp at the same time. 

We can play up to 16-post, but let's keep it at 14. So, let's add 2 Thespian's Stage. This can copy an opponent's Karakas or Wasteland, neutralizing opponent's threats or disrupting their mana base.

In order to always have our Locuses, we need 3-4 Expedition Maps mainboard. These are locuses 13-16.

So:  We have 7-8 land slots left. Depending on the version that you are playing, you can replace these with basic lands, but I would suggest 6 Plains, 2 Karakas if you're going mono-white, 5 Wastes and 2 Karakas for colorless, and 3 Plains, 3 Forest, 2 Karakas for White/Blue.

The Big Dudes:

Our threats are, mentioned above, Eldrazi:

Beater/Midrange-y Creatures:

4 Thought-Knot Seer.

This guy is amazing. It can eat their combo piece, screw them for gas, and is good in the red zone. An auto-include.

3-4 Oblivion Sower.

What isn't to love about this guy? He steals their lands, eats their deck, swings with a huge butt, blocks well...

2-3 Wurmcoil Engine.

Amazingly deadly. Can stabilize, swing into a wall pretty safely, and outclasses even Gurmag Angler.


You can toss in 4 Eldrazi Displacer for white. Me? I would just board into these.


2-3 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.

Our big finisher. Does much more need to be said?

Utility Cards:

4 Warping Wail.

I cannot say enough about this card. It kills Deathrite Shaman, counters Scapeshift, Tendrils... and makes tokens to boot!

1-2 All is Dust.

Wipes their board, and not yours! Swing in, usually for the win. This card just seems like the perfect stabilizer, and win con, for this deck.

The rest of the deck is pretty manageable, with cards from Top to Ugin. Just remember to play card advantage AND threats. Having just one is a disaster!

4x Crop Rotation.

This card is a cancel to Wasteland, as well as a ramp spell. Not much more to say.


There are many sideboard plans, from backup Show & Tell to just plain hate. I prefer to board in Engineered Explosives, Chalice of the Void, and some graveyard hate. 

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