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Kaladesh Prerelease Report

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September 24, 2016 - This is the deck I played at the Kaladesh prerelease (although I swapped out the menace vehicle for something else at the last second). I ended up going 3-1, losing the finals to what our friend called "The most boring deck I've ever played". It was green-black and just had efficient dudes and removal. Nothing fancy, and no real bombs, but very effective. 


My pool was a bit strange, and very creature light. I had to dip into the artifacts to get enough creatures. Thankfully, I pulled the two black bombs and had enough removal in black or white, plus recursion, to build a typical Golbez Orzhov-grinder deck. Red had some removal, but 3 creatures... I opened the rare Green hydra and U/R dual, Key to the City, and the crappy 3-mana artifact creature that I don't care to remember as my other rares. 

  1. Noxious Gearhulk was ALWAYS a great card. Removal, evasion, and life gain. In most every game I played, I would fall behind and have to stablize and grind my way ahead. Gearhulk, twice, gained me enough life to avoid certain death.
  2. Marionette Master was the bomb I played the most, and is a very interesting card to play. I most often put out the 3 tokens, and then had chump blockers to stall a ground attack. Every time you kill an artifact of mine, you lose life. I was also able to blink/recur her multiple times :P
  3. Artificer's Goggles do something! My deck had six artificers, so I was often getting a free +1/+2 equip boost. On its own, it's decent, but it really syngerized with this deck. Pumping up the Marionette Master's power enabled me to punish opponents further.
  4. Die Young didn't always do enough, since so many creatures I wanted to kill had 3 toughness. It's an OK card, but maybe not as good as first glance, especially without other energy enablers.


Thoughts on the prerelease and set 

1. Vehicles seem like a trap, and I often sided mine out. They are nice if you are ahead, and maybe at parity, but awful when behind. They will probably work a bit better in draft, and definitely require a the right deck to work.

2. Our prerelease had no Inventions opened, but everybody seemed to have a gearhulk or Planeswalker. Shark-infested waters. ( @Aurian opened a Nissa!)

3. If I am drafting, I'd want to go green. Yes, in an artifact set, green seems like the best colour. It has the most efficient creatures, decent removal (fight fight!), ramp, and lots of tramplers.

4. I love the tension on Fabricate. Sometimes, I'd want the chump blockers for the Marionette Master. Other times, I'd just want to boost the creature so that it outclassed my opponents creatures. 

5. Good fundamentals still beat cute things :P 


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A little disappointed to hear vehicles were a dud.  Glad you both had fun and thanks for sharing with us!  Was looking forward to reading your report

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@Lasraik Not for everyone, but I didn't see too many of them at the 'top tables'

@Abaddon Draft will always be different, and I can see more streamlined strategies making vehicles and servos better. I still think Green is going to be the best base colour, as the creatures, at common, are so good.

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