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On november 11, 2016, WOTC released a set of five different 100 cards, 4 color, commander decks with 52 new magic cards that can be used in vintage and legacy, but not allowed in the standard, block constructed, or modern formats.

Like the last set of commander decks they allowed the use of planeswalker as a commander, which in my opinion should’ve been allowed from the start. They did something a little bit different with the commanders this time, the key word is “Partner”

What exactly is “Partner”?  I’ll let the card (picture below) explain itself.


Will it be useful in a game like commander?

The answer is very simple, YES. the use of using two commanders in a deck can make it an very interesting game among the other players you play with. In commander if you get hit with 21 total points of combat damage the game is over, and in the new sets of commander with Partner on the card can hit you up to 21 points much quicker than just having one commander out where it can only do a little bit at a time. 

Just a warning: you may not have friends anymore after you kill everyone with your two powerful commanders. Just saying.

Play on players, play on like it’s your last day on earth.

As always thanks for reading my blog!

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I'm getting my set of Commander 2016 very soon and excited to try out some of these partner'd commanders. It seem really interesting.

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