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My new years resolutions (with Magic: the Gathering)

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Like the title says, I’ve thought of what I’d like to do in the new year concerning my favorite tabletop game; Magic: the Gathering. Instead of just typing a whole bunch of paragraphs, I figure it’s easier to do it in a list form. Now I’ve mention resolutions, like the billions of other people who have made them (and not keep them past the 5 days of the new year). I’d like to call them goals. 

I feel like goals is a better word to use than resolution. With goals you are more tempted to achieve them, as opposed to just wishful thinking. That’s just my opinion. Like the most non-original resolution is to lose weight. But instead if I make it a goal to reach my mark by a certain time of the year, I feel more tempted to do so. We understand each other?

Here are my list, remember this is only concerning Magic: the Gathering.

  • Get more cards (obvious right?)
  • Try to go to a tournament event (providing it’s near me) and either:
  •  Blog about it 
  • Play.
  • Keep up on the metagame of tournaments happening elsewhere in the world.
  • Do more FNM.
  • Join in on pre-releases.
  • Support my local game shops more often.
  • Mention my editor more in my blogs, just because he’s an awesome guy for taking me on and make my articles make sense for you to read. Thanks Marc! [editor: no problems! Sorry I have been kept so busy during the holidays]
  • Become a Judge

It’s not a very long list but these are my goals for the new year I want to try and achieve.

What’s your resolutions?

Or if you want to call it goals, what are your goals for the new year?

As always, thanks for reading my blog!

[editor: my number one goal is to put back together the mono-red burn deck I made in 1995. There will be Goblin Grenades…]

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Well, I hope you make the Aether Revolt prerelease, as that is happening soon. 

My resolution is really to enjoy the game more and keep on trying to be calm while gaming. 

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