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CardZoom Dual Land Grab Bags

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Browsing through my YouTube subscriptions, I noticed @MTGZuby had a pack opening video for CardZoom Dual Land Grab Bags.  I had already heard about them from the CardZoom YouTube channel but after seeing Zubys video I figured why the hell not drop a few bucks and take a chance.  

I went over to eBay and picked up 4 packs at $5 each and free shipping.  From the CardZoom eBay sale


The packs were sent quickly, but I waited a few days to open so I could do a pack opening on YouTube as well.  Unfortunately the video turned out pretty shitty (I'm still learning) so I decided to do a blog entry here instead.

My first pack was:


Full art Island from Zendikar - $0.80

Deranged Outcast - $0.10

Isochron Scepter - $2.25

Total: $3.15


Pack 2:



Full art Island from Zendikar - $0.20

Sanctifier of Souls - $0.08

Defiler of Souls - $1.25

Total: $1.53


Pack 3: 



Foil Mountain from Innistrad - $0.71

Touch of the Eternal - $0.08

Lightning Angel - $0.26

Total: $1.05


Pack 4:



Full art Forest from Zendikar - $0.20

Gaze of Granite - $0.15

Dauntless Escort (foil) - $2.02

Total: $2.37


Spent on 4 packs: $20

Card value: $4.68

Difference: -$15.32


I usually don't buy grab bags, especially when the sellers mysteriously send high value cards to YouTubers to open on camera.  After watching  the CardZoom video, I felt like it was legit and I wanted to help support him.  With grab bags you are gambling and hoping for the best.  So even though I'm in the hole $15 I received what was advertised and that is the chance you take.  Because of that, I can't complain.  It's like putting $20 in a slot machine and hoping a Dual Land pops out.  All in all I'm fine with the purchase.  I'm not sure if I'll pull the lever again and cross my fingers, maybe a pack or two more just because the anticipation can be exciting.  (addict)

If you are the type to spend a few bucks and take a chance, then I'd recommend it.  If you aren't the gambling type and prefer sealed product, then this probably isn't for you.


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