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Episode 29: Naya Humans in a Desert

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Mox Zirconia


This is the Mox Team Zirconia Podcast!

We are a Magic: The Gathering podcast for everyone, typically focusing on the Standard constructed format and brewing up a new deck every week. We also talk about current events in the format, and discuss powerful cards and decks.

This week we celebrate the new artifact hate in Amonkhet that will surely spell the end of Mardu Vehicles, and lament that it will also probably kill our Statuary deck, which performed much better than expected. Then we talk about some more spicy previews for Amonkhet, and then brew up a nice safe aggressive humans deck to kick off new Standard.

Here is where you can find all of our decks on tappedout so you can follow along with our discussions (we put cards that we talk about on the podcast in the maybeboard for you to reference as we go):

We brewed a new speculative AKH standard deck live on the podcast last week. You can find the link to that list here:

You can help us out by upvoting the decks! Also please remember to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, and give us a review! We are also very active on twitter, you can follow us at https://twitter.com/moxzirconia

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I really like the way you guys break down each deck while your putting it together and weigh the pros and cons.   It's easy to follow along and I think most (if not all) of us can relate to the back and fourth we do with ourselves or with someone else while putting cards together.

Found myself taking notes while I was listening so I don't forget some of the conversation and some other ideas you guys had me thinking of

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