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Episode 19: Boros Improvised Dragons

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Mox Zirconia


This is the Mox Team Zirconia Podcast!

We are a Magic: The Gathering podcast for everyone, focusing on the Standard constructed format and brewing up a new deck every week. We also talk about current events in the format, and discuss powerful cards and decks.

This week we report on how our Golgari Aggro deck ran, and the news is good! We also talk about how Walking Ballista is probably the best card ever. Then we take a look at the early format meta game from the SCG events that happened over the past couple weeks and brew up a sweet Boros Improvise deck, trying to get some dragons out by turn 3.

Here is where you can find all of our decks on tappedout so you can follow along with our discussions (we put cards that we talk about on the podcast in the maybeboard for you to reference as we go):

We brewed a Boros improvise deck live on the podcast. You can find the link to that here:

This is the article that talks about how many lands you should run based on the average CMC of your deck:

You can help us out by upvoting the decks! Also please remember to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, and give us a review! We are also very active on twitter, you can follow us at https://twitter.com/moxzirconia

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