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Amonkhet Prerelease Report

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@Aurian and I went to a smaller pre-release on Sunday, much more laid back than other places and the 3-round event allowed us to get home earlier for dinner. 

My pool had decent cards in all but one colour, and felt a bit 'too' balanced, or not deep enough. I had a hard time getting a deck built because a 2-colour deck didn't seem strong enough. Thus, I ended up with this Abzan goodstuff deck.



WHITE seemed like the obvious first choice, given the two bombs, the two 'removal' enchantments, and the cycling angels. It wasn't a deep colour, but I was definitely going to play Gideon and the Dusk // Dawn.

Green offered up the best creature base, plus the Trial of Strength. 

Black ended up being my 3rd colour, given access to the Cartouche, and some Zombie-lord synergy. The plan was to do the usual Abzan grind and fly over with the bats. 


I ended up going 2-1, winning the first two matches 2-0, 2-0 before falling 2-1 to the eventual winner. 

His deck has some serious bombs, but none worse than the new green god.


Seriously, this PLUS any creature is extremely hard to overcome. I had no real removal for this, other than the white enchantment, and he can still make other creatures into tramping threats. This and the black cycling demon seem to be the biggest bombs in this set. This opponent also had the 3 damage red spell (all creatures) and the r/g split card that kills flyers or ground creatures...gah



GIDEON underperformed for me. Unless you get him out early, or build around him, he's a glorified damage sponge. He doesn't really generate card advantage, and being a 4/4 indestructable was OK, but nothing spectacular. 

Dusk // Dawn was definitely Boom // Bust. There was a boardstate which I didn't want to pull the wrath trigger. Dawn is good card advantage, but also kind of slow.. spending a whole turn to get some creatures back and not being able to do much after... honestly, I felt the Wander in Death was better for me. I think these are both powerful cards that are likely better in draft and constructed.

Crocodile of the Crossing is a serious beating! 5/4 or 4/3 haster in green helped me win some games. It combos very well with ...

Channeler Initiate - Playing 3 colours, this was my only real fixing... and a mana dork that gets bigger? Yeah, I was always happy to draw this card.

Shefet Monitor - Helped fix me, and is basically the new Krosan Tusker. Seriously, this card is so flexible.

Scaled Benemoth - Yeah, a 6/7 hexproof isn't all that fair. I was lucky not to run into many deathtouchers. 


The set seems really powered down from Kaladesh block, and I think most sealed pools will seem underwhelming, at first. I also didn't see a lot of embalming going on, but I did see a lot of Exert triggers on other tables (especially @Aurian



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