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Episode 5: Brisela in the Ice

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Mox Zirconia


Welcome to the Mox Team Zirconia Podcast! We are so glad you're here.


We are a Magic: The Gathering podcast for everyone, focusing on the Standard constructed format and brewing up a new deck every week. We also talk about current events in the format, and discuss powerful cards and decks.


Here is where you can find our decks on tappedout so you can follow along with our discussions:



We picked 3 decks from the Top 8 of the Star City Open to test out our last deck. The lists can be found here:



And we also played against this Metalwork Colossus deck by Eric Froehlich on ChannelFireball:



The deck we built this week is located at:



You can help us out by upvoting the decks! Also please remember to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, and give us a review! We are also very active on twitter, you can follow us at https://twitter.com/moxzirconia


You can email us at moxzirconia@gmail.com

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