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Episode 35: Fine Tuned, and Tournament Ready

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Mox Zirconia


This week we talk about how our insane threaten and fling deck turned out, and then pick two decks to tune up in preparation for GP Vegas! We talk about how the meta game has changed since we first brewed them, and pack the best artifact removal we can get through airport security.

Here is where you can find all of our decks on tappedout so you can follow along with our discussions (we put cards that we talk about on the podcast in the maybeboard for you to reference as we go):

Here's the link to the deck we brewed last week:

We decided to tune our Nissa, Steward of Elements deck. Link here:

We also tuned our Jund Discard deck. Link to the new version here:

You can help us out by upvoting the decks! Also please remember to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, and give us a review! We are also very active on twitter, you can follow us at https://twitter.com/moxzirconia

Read more at http://moxteamzirconia.libsyn.com/#bS6i2H5fProhE8ss.99

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