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[A25] Personal Draft Recap (March 19, 2018)

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I actually got a chance to draft Masters 25 (A25) last night. A generous fellow let us draft from his box, although we had to give the cards back. No Jaces cracked, but I saw an Ensnaring bridge.


I ended up with a fairly aggressive black-green deck, although I waffled and had picked some early blue cards. The signals were hard to read, and both of my colours were being picked a lot. Still, I managed to get enough cheap beaters, removal, and pump spells, to cobble together a decent curve.

I ended up going 2-1, losing the first match by just 2 life and quickly dispatching the next two. Aggro decks seem to work well when I draft, rather than cute things. That said, I didn’t get multiple Timberwatch Wolves, nor did I think my deck was great. 

The cool story bro moment happened when I attacked with My Kavu Predator, the 2/2 that gets +1/+1 counters for each life an opponent gains. Thanks to playing the two Invigorates for ‘free’, I had a 16/16 trampler on a single attack :P

From what I’ve watched on stream, and from playing it once, I think A25 is a pretty good draft format. Not many solid archetypes, but some good 2-card combos and lots of depth and playables. It’s just a shame that paper drafts are twice as expensive as they should be. 

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