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Episode 023 - Don't Drink Spring Water.. Trust Us.. We're From Florida.

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VCR Gaming Podcast


This week Matt and Matt Talk about: The easter bunny pooping presents and staining Matt's fingers, Matt is in a gaming rut, Matt and Matt announce thier first local event, Urine doesnt get mentioned until 6 minutes and 50 seconds into the podcast this time, Matt played Far Cry 5 and you should too, New Mario Kart Monoploly Gamer coming out, Arcade Punch Out get ported to the switch, 3rd party docks bricking Switches, more fortnite, Matt played Super Hot on PC, Matt cant talk a local store into selling him a Turbografx, and lots more!

VCR Gaming Podcast can be found at:


Twitter: @VCRGaming

Butler’s Twitter: @Killabeezz2T

Zuby’s Twitter: @Zubatron


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