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Glimpse of a Legacy

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Zuby discusses Standard, EDH, and even Legacy on today's episode! Be sure to take a listen! You can find Zuby on Twitter @Zubatron as well as Magic with Zuby @magicwithzuby. If you wish to email us any questions send them to mtgzuby@gmail.com We are on Facebook as well at facebook.com/magicwithzuby. Enjoy the episode!

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Sorting: I find it a chore to sort all of our cards, but we do it thusly now

1. We have a big box (2 long rows) for certain blocks, including the original and returns, such as Ravnica, Innistrad, and Zendikar. We have a similar box for Lands, misc/old stuff, and smaller sets (Khans might be together with Mirrodin). 

2. We then sort simply by colour and then split into creatures vs. spells. Artifacts are split between creatures and non-creatures, generally. This narrows it down enough to find what we need without being overly picky. We used to have more subcategories, but the benefits didn't outweigh the time cost.

3. We have two big binders: 1 is for cards we want to save for deck building (bombs, utility, fun stuff), and 1 is for trading

4. I also have a 'Work in progress' box that has cards to put into existing decks or new decks I'm brewing

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I separate boxes by set.  Then separate rares, artifacts, artifact creatures and artifact equipment.

For common and uncommon colored cards they get sorted as spells and creatures.  

This makes it easiest for me to find what I need when deckbuilding or trading.

Two fat pack boxes with cards I get deck ideas for but mostly forget what the idea was.

I have one binder for higher value cards but I havent taken the time I should yet to sort it.

Don't really see the situation where Wizards would allow another company to do coverage on big events.  They would lose too much control over how their product is presented and they probably want certain people/products given more time and attention for business reasons.  They want to plug their products during these events, not allow another company to plug theirs

@MTGZuby let me know how to get on your list on places to find Magic with Zuby!

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