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Draft Report (Guilds of Ravnica) #1

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I got a chance to do my first paper draft of a competitive format in many months (Unstable being my last, if you call that competitive), as I drafted Guilds of Ravnica this past Friday.
As you can see, I ended up with a very low-cost Dimir deck that was thick on control and thin on beefy win conditions. 

RECORD: 2-0-1 (amazingly…)

DRAFT – My first pick was the Price of Fame over the rare blue copy spell. I figured I wanted to be Dimir or Golgari and hard removal is a good first pick. It was obvious that black was wide open at the table (other people were publicly commenting. This was a laid back draft with talking), so I made the right choice. Given how many Dimir cards I saw going around, it was easy to slide into that seat and I really didn’t budge from that, apart from a spec on a white card early on. I also figured I might have put the drafter to my left on blue with passing the rare, so I might get cut on that colour in pack 2.

What I wasn’t seeing was any real beef. I didn’t get the 5-mana 3/4 flyer, nor did I see much for big black dudes. I was glad to see the surveil pay-offs, at least, and  THREE(!) artful takedown, but very worried because… well, less beef than a vegan restaurant. My second pack had a Temple Garden (took for $), and Pack 3 was the rare blue copy spell (I honestly don’t know what I took over it, but it wouldn’t have been great for my deck, I think). I don't know if I made any big mistakes, and drafted my seat well, but I am sure there were 1-2 picks I missed that could have made the deck have more oomph. 

The deck was mainly banking hard on the Snitch (bleeder), Sprites (Flyers), and Spybug (Evasion). It took a lot of mental energy and each match was grindy.


Round 1 – I played against the guy on my left I was passing to. He ended up doing Jeskai with a weird blend of spells and mentor.
He smoked me in game 1 by curving out and focusing on mentor. Games 2 and 3, his mana base bit him a bit and he durdled a bit much. The lack of deck focus allowed me to use my removal effectively and bleed him out. I actually won in turn 5 of extra turns. I was the one guy making the draft run long :P

Round 2 – I played against a lady playing Grixis spells. It was a really cool deck that had the big 0/8 cyclops and a lot of jump-start spells and removal. I somehow was able to pull out a game 1 win by bleeding and attacking for 1 like 10 turns in a row. The 1/3 that makes dudes unblockable was big game, and she knew she screwed up by not killing it and killing the surveil bleeder, instead. 
She won game 2 easily, and then we drew in extra turns. I honestly think she had Game 3 easily, and considered giving her the match win, but I guess I wanted to end up .500, so I didn’t quite do it. 

Round 3 – I played the Dimirror match. Opponent had the bigger spells and flyers, but didn’t have quite as much removal and none of the surveil payoffs. I guess I ended up cutting him off of the stuff he wanted, so I managed to take this match 2-0 as I could remove his beefier stuff and bleed him out.

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