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Prossh, the Degenerate EDH



Prossh, the Degenerate

Have you ever wanted to have an EDH deck that wins turn 4? Or just wanted to bash someone's face in with a dragon? Well, I believe you're at the right place. 

The Deck:

This is one of those "fair" decks. It dies to multiple, consistent removal, but can win big if it's not dealt with. It utilizes lots of ramp (30-some cards!), 1-sided board wipes like Crux of Fate, extra combats, and cards that double Prossh's power like Beserk and Temur Battle Rage to deal 21 damage to the face as soon as possible. 

Core Cards:

These cards can be split into 3 parts: Card advantage, Win Cons, and ramp. each one is crucial to how the deck functions. 

Card Advantage:

Skullclamp: This card is amazing. It's banned in modern for a reason, and paying 1 and saccing a creature to draw 2 cards is great.

Fecundity: For a 3-drop, this consistently draws 6+ cards. It's an investment that is well worth it. 

Sylvan Library: It is at least, a brainstorm every turn. Library manipulation, especially in a deck with tutors, is amazing.

Demonic Tutor: A 2-drop tutor. Gets an answer, wincon, more ramp, etc. Does much more need to be said?

Rhystic Tutor: what good commander player isn't going to be playing something turn 3? It's another cheap tutor.

Diabolic Tutor: It's a perfectly fine tutor, even if just to up our consistency. 

Harmonize: Draw 3 for 4. Outside of blue. Seems great, amirite?

Catacomb Sifter: Ramps and lets us scry. It's a great card, usually underestimated. Brings 2 bodies, ramps, and is an investment. 


Veteran Explorer: With Prossh being a sac outlet, and playing Skullclamp, this card gets really good. Getting 2 lands is amazing, especially t1-t2.

Cultivate: Basic ramp. Helps us fix, too, being a 3-color deck. 

Collective Journey: It's a good card, especially when people have 3-4 open mana, and are like, oh, what the heck. Might as well get some more lands.

Birds of Paradise: Basic 1 drop mana dork. It's a great card, allowing us to play more ramp t2-t3, and stay fixed.

Sylvan Caryatid: Same as the Birds, but more resilient.

Shaman of the Forgotten Ways: It's a bigger Birds. 

Tempt with Discovery: It's a great card, getting our Kessig Wolf Run, which switches us to a more tempo deck, Skaarg, the Rage Pits or Rogue's Passage, allowing us to get through, or Strip Mine to kill opposing Maze of Iths.

Cryptolith Rite: This is a great card for pumping out more things and paying for more threats after we drop Prossh.

Win Conditions:

Aggravated Assault/Sword of Feast and Famine: Infinite combats is great, and so is discard. The sword is great by itself, too swinging through with our mana dorks. 

Savage Beating: Knocking out 2 players with 1 spell is amazing. It can be played after blockers, too!

Sieze the Day: Kills 2 players, just like Savage Beating, as well as giving 2 possible Xenagos triggers.

Beserk: Easily one of the best win conditions we have, being a 1-drop AND giving trample. 

Temur Battle Rage: It's a 2-drop, played during combat, that one-hits and gives trample. This is what we want in this deck! 

Relentless Assault: Basic extra combat spell. 

Assault Strobe: 1-drop double strike. It's our 2nd copy of Beserk. Not as good as Beserk, but, well... Not much is.

Pathbreaker Ibex: It's AT LEAST giving our tokens an Overrun. 

What do you think? This deck does amazingly, even against control!

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How can it be fair and degenerate? :P

Is this simply built around commander damage with Prossh? Maybe a hexproof (barf) spell or two? Ranger's Guile or Vines of Vastwood would help protect Prossssssssssshhh

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