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[COTM] Card of the Moment #3: Divine Intervention

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Divine Intervention


Today's Card of the Moment is one of my favourite 'win' conditions, and a card I've mentioned in the past: DIVINE INTERVENTION.

A very old, and expensive-to-cast enchant from Legends, this is the type of card that causes players to pause and read the card about 2-3 times before it kicks in. I also love the old-school art. 

To put it bluntly: You have two turns to kill me or remove this card, or the game ends in a draw! :)


I have a deck that I built called "How to Make Friends", and it was built before EDH Group Hug decks were a thing. With cards like Truce and Hunted Lammasu, I gift opponents cards and life and try to make friends with all players at the table. It also has an Archon and life-gain subtheme, to keep me alive.


Hunted Lammasu

The idea is to make everybody a winner by ending the game in a draw. Only my wife @Aurian seems to actively hate the card. I doubt R&D would ever reprint a card like this, outside of Conspiracy. 



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Lol group hug decks?  At what point in the game would you cast this card?  When you're low on health or just anytime cause making friends is fun?


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He likes to cast it when I am about to win and I am playing colours that don't deal with enchantments :angry:


Or when the game is getting exciting. LET DOWN! 

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