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Pro Tour Changeups: What this means for modern



As you all have probably heard, Modern is no longer supported as a Pro Tour format. This means many things for Modern, both good and bad. I'm here to list the Pros and Cons of this.


A more varied meta. Without the Pro Tours to netdeck from, there will be more of a varied meta, but there will still be a majority of the meta playing a certain deck. It's just that there will be more homebrews.

More reprints. Hopefully, once Wizards realizes what has happened, they'll start reprinting more cards (Tarmogoyf and LotV in Standard?). This ties in with my next point, by helping new players start Modern.

Price drops. After Modern isn't played in big tournaments like Pro Tours, prices of key cards not played in Legacy or Vintage will drop, due to a drop in demand. This allows newer players to enter the format more easily. 


Less/More competitive play. I hope that Grand Prixs will become the new Modern Pro Tours. They were already pretty big, with one of the meta's most influential decks, Lantern Control, showing up first at GP Oklahoma.

Price drops. The other side to this is that it will anger collectors, especially those with 4-5 of the top modern decks, just like reprinting Vintage stuff. Hopefully there won't be another reserved list. Please, Wizards! No Reserved List!


Overall, I think this was a bad decision, but I'm happy to see how it plays out. What do you guys think? Where will Modern go?


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I am genuinely sad that Modern is not being supported as a Pro Tour format. The tournament play and seeing what's currently good made for interesting discussion and conversation at my lgs. For me personally, standard is too short and dynamic of a format to get too invested in one deck, since rotations happen every half year or so. Modern made for a better meta-environment since you could see the people who know what they're doing put their input on new cards. Also, watching modern is what drove me back into MTG when Return to Ravnica was released. Modern will almost turn into a MTGO format, as well as only watching Modern at GP events, like Legacy once a year or so. I do feel like Modern was way too competitive in terms of decks and prices, that it was almost as out of reach of low end Legacy decks or even reaching as high as average Legacy decks. In terms of net-decking, the internet will always exists. Just because Pro tour won't cause the net-decking, people are always discussing on other forums and tappedout. It will add more player-player interaction though, which is always nice. It's just sad to see a big part of Magic not supported anymore.

My feelings:

Modern was way to competitive, so speculated price drops will make it easier to access

Less coverage streaming, which I personally will miss

More player-player discussion about decks

OR, Modern could lose life, considering it won't be supported at the PT level (which I don't want to see).

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I am not a Modern or Standard player, but I do watch coverage.

To me, Modern is a very boring format for coverage. Apart from the last pro tour, there is little true innovation, but rather tweaking and inbred metagames. With each PT matching a new set, we are always going to see more innovation and lots of new stuff.

That said, this is hardly the death knell for Modern, as a format. It is popular, and doesn't need a Pro Tour to support it.

1. Modern will still be supported at GPs, SCGs, and even PPTQs. Plus, some store do FNM Modern, and that won't change. This is just one less Modern event covered. We saw how SCG took away Legacy and inserted Modern. If the players like the format, it will do just fine.

2. This will help the format by not causing sudden bannings just to shake things up, just for the hell of it. 

3. I doubt this leads to more Standard reprints, unfortunately. WOTC is never going to want Tarmogoof, Path to Exile, or Kitchen Finks in a Standard environment. Modern Masters will still have to be a thing. 

4. Modern is still also quite popular on MTGO :P

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@JesGolbez I first got into Modern by watching Pro Tours. They were a great way for people to learn what the cards do, and GPs don't have enough or detailed enough coverage for people to learn the things that I learned from the Pro Tours. 

@InherentComboPlayer I hope to hell that Modern doesn't die. If it goes out like Extended did...

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Well Jeremy, there will still be Modern GPs and SCG events on stream. As long as the format is popular, which is likely, this just means *one* less event on camera per year.

Pro Tours always have a split of draft and constructed, while a GP is dedicated. If you really want to see a format at its best, GPs seem to make more sense. You also don't have teams of pros all playing the same deck :P

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Between streams, YouTube archives and new footage uploads, GP and SCG open coverage, and many professional and amateur sites having deck techs, playthroughs and playtesting videos there's still tons of modern information out there.

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I'm not a fan of the changes to Modern.  Watching the Pro Tour this year was the first time I've really cared enough to watch because it was my favorite format and there is such a large card pool you never know what you'll see.  In Standard it's more predictable (not totally predictable but there's only so many cards).

The card prices is what I'm most curious about.  Will demand drop for Modern cards?  If demand for those cards drops then so does the interest in Modern as a whole.  So what does that mean for the long term future of Modern?

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Demand only drops if popularity drops. I am willing to wager $1 that it won't drop significantly due to the loss of the PT. Modern is a semi-eternal format, after all, so players will have their pet decks and we've seen how large Modern GPs are

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It's a real shame to lose the top level modern coverage- I enjoyed even this last modern PT with the mono-grey top 8 since it's cool to see modern decks in the hands of the best players. It would have been nice to hear something in this announcement about overall live coverage of modern GPs to get an idea of the exposure pro level modern will get. As a relative newcomer to modern, it might have a short term positive effect of bringing down the cost of building modern decks, but if that is ultimately down to reduced exposure and reduced popularity of the format then longer term that's a problem

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In the case of Wizards' approach, and less so SCG, it's not just a question of numbers of events, but of numbers of events people can watch online. There've been a lot of modern GPs in the last few months but only twitch stream coverage of a small number

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