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[COTM] Card of the Moment #4: Wood Elemental

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Wood Elemental

In the list of the worst cards in Magic's history, Wood Elemental is an easy inclusion into the Top 10. After admiring the goofy picture (I love it), read the text and just soak that in.

Yes, you pay four mana for a 0/0. You then have to sacrifice untapped forests to give it any power and toughness. UNTAPPED!!


Play this on turn 4 without ramp? Umm, OK... Play it early with some ramp? Great, you might get a 1/1 or 2/2. Play it late? A 4/4 that makes you sac your lands is hardly a great investment.

This card doesn't even have any evasion or extra ability to make it even considering. Even if you could sacrifice tapped forests, I can't imagine I'd ever play it. 


WOTC did eventually make cards that tried to 'fix' Wood Elemental, such as Fungus Elemental.

Fungus Elemental

It's not a great card, but at least it's a Hill Giant, if nothing else.  

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4 hours ago, Aurian said:

Is there any way you could abuse it? Ie, a card that makes your opponents sacrifice things if you do? 

That would be fun

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