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  3. What were the embalm and energy decks?
  4. There has been - it's playing dramatically better! Here are all of the multicolour guilds as I didn't want to spam up the screen with loads of embed links. Azorius: Boros: Dimir: Golgari: Gruul: Izzet: Orzhov: Rakdos: Selesnya: Simic: Multicolour (Shards and Rainbow):
  5. Hey if you haven't seen this week Modern Deck Tech check it out and give us a sub, much appreciated!!
  6. Now that is useful.
  7. Keeping my eye on this one. It seems like the kind of game I may like, but I'm definitely not buying it before the official release.
  8. I still check in LOTRO now and then, mostly to collect hobbit presents and ingredient packs, but I'm also offline playing Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen as I get the chance. Despite being a console port and having a slightly clunky interface for a PC game, it is done well and has its good points.
  9. ... and to continue the theme ...
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  11. It doesn't reach your hand but it is removed from play and returns immediately. The original iteration of the creature has been declared as a blocker so the opposing creature still tries to hit it, but imagine it as your creature sidesteps the swipe and opponents 2/2 hits air. No damage happens. Same as destroying or otherwise removing a blocking creature the block still happens but damage does not.
  12. I still consider myself to be playing lotro, but it has been like 2 weeks since I have had a chance to do anything in it. Summers are busy busy. Somehow I have gotten into Dragon Age Inquisition multiplayer with the family. Weird.
  13. Oh damn I must have missed your Pauper Shadow Black deck you played
  14. Found this crop planner. Love it!
  15. I have actually recently been turning my draft or sealed decks into organized 60 card decks. My best version of this has been my Werewolf deck from Innistrad. I added some of the werewolves from the recent trip back to that plane but the deck is almost entirely flip werewolves. An very recent I built a embalm deck and an energy deck.
  16. MMO's have already dropped so far in popularity (other than WoW maybe) by then will anyone care?
  17. That's a problem, too. Sometimes I think this could use card XYZ from another box
  18. The most optimistic projections land it in 2019.
  19. This is a mockup of a translated spoiler...and...damn, do I want this!
  20. That is what I do with pauper decks, sometimes, and even casual decks, but I wouldn't say I make 'limited' decks... why limit myself when I have too many damn boxes
  21. Because I have so many cards from old sets, I've started going back a few sets and building Limited decks from certain ones. This helps me build more casual decks to play with and maybe I'll get lucky and have something to play in Frontier or Standard if I ever make it to the night they play at my LGS. Do you ever do this? What are some fun mechanics, creatures or spells you've gone back and realized are more powerful and fun than you thought? I'm going to try putting together a green energy Stompy deck from Kaladesh and maybe a Cohort Allies build from Oath of the Gatewatch.
  22. Angel of Condemnation is pretty sweet. Driven can lead to some massive card advantage
  23. Seems as though the developer is making progress on the game but they are behind schedule. Are we any closer to a release date?
  24. I do have a Sphinx tribal deck called Sphinx of De-Nile......
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