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  2. No ... I don't think that is something that either country would want. I think California has a better chance at becoming its own country than Mexico does of joining the US. Even Puerto Rico isn't a state. This is my opinion ... People come here for several reasons. Some just want to work. Some want a better life. Others are escaping violence (more on that later). And others make a living off the open border by trafficking in narcotics or people. The trafficking of people is a massive industry. It is especially brutal to woman and girls. A large piece of the issue is drug violence. There is a massive amount of money in selling illegal drugs in the US. It is a problem that has existed since the 60's. Numerous administrations involving both parties have tried to solve it, we've thrown billions of dollars at it, there are countless charitable organizations with both public and private resources available to combat the problem. You take all of that and I don't think we've made a dent in the problem. And to be honest, I don't know what you can do any more. I think it is a problem with no solution. Drug Violence Mexico Report This is a random report I pulled. I've seen numbers north of 30k homicides. Regardless, its a huge number. This violence has began to hit tourist spots in Mexico. Its also a massive problem impacting Central America (Google northern triangle). (World's most dangerous cities) In its simplest terms, its a supply and demand problem ... money and guns go south and drugs and people go north. All of that functions around an open border. I'll also say the culture of corruption that exists contributes to the problem. I know of several first hand accounts of Americans pulled over in Mexico and having to pay a fine of whatever cash they had in their pocket. Also know of people being roofied. There is also a gang problem. I do not know what to do about those issues. But I suspect its all intertwined. We've tried and failed to combat the supply issue. Mexico, in cooperation with the US, has and is trying to curb cartel activity ... and is failing. The only constant in this equation has been an open border. So when you hear someone like me (read conservative) advocate for a closed border. Its not because I am some heartless prick. Its actually quite the opposite. I'm all for anyone that wants to come here and make a better life for themselves. Not only that, but I love Mexico ... the people, the culture, the food. I've traveled there numerous times and have even taken my children there. What is happening there (and in Central/South America) is absolutely horrible. But in my mind, an open border where anything goes creates a whole host of other issues and actually makes the problem worse. You can agree or disagree, but that is how I see it and the math I use to back it up.
  3. Opening the shiniest pack in the universe. -------------------------------------------- More Pack Openings!!: Subscribe: Twitter: Outro: Jahoda by Djjaner -------------------------------------------- This video is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.
  4. Nice. You've clearly been thinking about it for a while. I love the idea of number 1. I suspect the long term implications of doing just that would be far reaching. Your action summary drives me to consider a whole heap of new questions: Has the US ever considered asking Mexico if it would like to become a united state? Would that just shift the problems along to the next bordering countries? Isn't the core of the issue that you have stuff that other people want? Be that as basic as wealth and access to resources to buy with that wealth. If this is the case, can there EVER be peace while those huge differences exist? Won't those without ALWAYS be looking for ways to take it from those with?
  5. Both Fin and i loved the first one. I'm really looking forward to #2 (yeah. I went there).
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  7. I never knew people referred to it as the pound key, thought it was an age gap thing for a moment there.
  8. Nope nope nope. A seriously misplaced sense of "centre-of-the-fucking-world"...ism is quite aggravating for the rest (read the real majority) of the world. You're seriously lovely people on a seriously beautiful continent. But you really are just one of many peoples on one of many continents. Get some humility. I know of the systems to which you refer, and we simply say things like "when you've finished, press the Hash key". I've heard US systems say Pound too. Which usually makes me smile.
  9. I hadn't appreciated it wasn't new. Whilst that does make a difference, it's still a great price. Unfortunately for the seller, the mining market has both bumped new prices and killed 2nd hand, as everyone assumes it's been killed. His loss, your gain. Great job. I can heartily recommend FC5 for the most breathtaking beauty of the Montana wilds, on the 1080. I would be interested in hearing your framerate tests on the last Tomb Raider. I stuck everything on max and was surprised how low it was. But that was 3440x1440 to be fair.
  10. Curious ... what do voicemail menu systems say in the UK? Here in the good old U.S., we hear something along the lines of "please enter the password number followed by the pound sign". btw .. it's ok to not step on that soapbox now and then, and just enjoy teh funeez as intended.
  11. Incredibles 2 10/10 The original was one of my favorite movies and the sequel might be better. The characters are great, there's something everyone can relate to, the progression of the story is outstanding, I laughed, like gut rolling laughter, I was on the edge of my seat and the audience cheered. My kids loved it, my wife loved it and I loved it. They did an outstanding job.
  12. If it were up to me, I would do the following: 1. Legalize marijuana - the drug problem, immigration policy and the border issue are closely intertwined. Legalizing it would take that market and bring it out in the open, create legitimate business opportunities in Mexico and be a direct hit against the cartels. 2. Close the border - the flow of people, money, weapons and drugs has to stop. An open border has spawned numerous underground industries that are dangerous and bring untold misery to countless people on both sides. I don't think you need a wall, maybe in some spots, but I'd be open to building military installations. Immediately detain anyone that crosses and deport them. I'd set up family detention centers as well as ones for minors. I'd also expedite the deportation process. 3. Amnesty - grant citizenship to those that have been here and demonstrated they are productive members of society. Maybe 5 years, with a job and a clean rap sheet ... something like that. This would create peace of mind for those that are here. This cannot happen without #2, otherwise this issue will come up again and you really dont solve anything. 4. Visa reform - reexamine this aspect because its not working. H1-B's are having unintended consequences. There is also a group of people that just want to come here and work. We should accommodate those folks especially for jobs that Americans don't want. I'm talking about landscapers, produce pickers, cleaning services ... stuff like that. Let them come here, work and send the money home. 5. Eliminate Cartel leadership - When the border closes, I would work closely with Mexican authorities to eliminate the cartel leadership. The double whammy of a closed border with a loss of leadership in the drug trade might be what Mexico needs to finally become a peaceful country. The people of Mexico deserve peace and this drug violence has to stop. I would be open to US military involvement. 6. Immigration policy reform - clearly what exists is not working. I would be open to giving the president the authority to classify war zones and accepting refugees from those countries. I'd give priority access to our neighbors, both in Mexico and Central and South America. We are the most wealthy, welcoming, diverse and generous nation in the world and our immigration policy should reflect that. I would also see what could be done to curb the drug trade in the US. We need to somehow decrease the demand for illegal drugs. There's your Dunnar 1.0 plan. Something for the left, something for the right, but a well thought out, logical approach to a complex issue. At least in my mind
  13. Honey I Shrunk the Kids 6/10 The mrs. was out this weekend, so the kids stayed up late last night. We watched this. It is hopelessly outdated, but the kids didn't seem to mind. The intro cartoon had them in stitches already. We had a good time.
  14. A Lithuanian seller (99.6% positive feedback) on Ebay. The card was originally purchased in Poland 6 months ago. I suppose it could have been a mining card, as the same guy offered a bunch of them. But perhaps not either, as 1080's aren't the number 1 choice for miners. Those that are are usually underclocked, which would be good news for me. This card is sold here new for €650, and second hand for around €550. So even though this one might have a bit of mileage, it looks very nice and new still. And it's a young card. Was worth the gamble for me.
  15. The more I read around the better your deal seems to be. Cards here are still retailing not much sub £500. What was the deal? Why is it it so cheap? Who is the seller?
  16. It feels like these episodes happen every month now, but here it goes! Core Set 2019 is fully spoiled and we’re here to talk to you about the commons in the set. As usual, we’ve excluded reprints and vanilla creatures. Enjoy! Support us on Patreon: You Can Buy Playmats with our Logo on them here: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Website: Our theme song is courtesy of Ell, whose music is available at View the full article
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  18. Don't worry, I lay the groundwork. I start complaining about my pc not being able to play games at the best resolution about 2 years after building it. So I've been muttering about it for over a year now. On top of that I started mentioning GTX1080 prices for about as long now. So the mrs. was fed up with the complaints to begin with, and then when I secured a 1080 for a bit over half the price she thought it'd be; I was home free. "This is múch better than building an entire new pc. That'll cost over a thousand!" Your EVGA has an OC right? This one is not overclocked. The Gainward is, which was my first choice. But I was unable to find one under €550. And I didn't want to pay a 1050GTX for 150MHz. The cooler is great and incredibly silent. It's sold as a 2 slot card, but it's easily 2.5. Which in practice means it is 3, it is massive. My monitor is an Acer XB270HU 2560x1440/IPS/G-SYNC. It's great.
  19. ...again guys. The rest of the world IS NOT THE US of fucking A. Most of the world have always called it a "hash" or "number" symbol. The US has (not uniquely, but really quite unusually) always called it a pound symbol. To the rest of the world this: £ is a pound symbol. 30 years ago, pound was also "lb" as a pound in weight.
  20. Wow. Someone has either had a birthday, been saving their pennies, or is due some marital violence from their other half in the near future... Congrats man. And that price is amazing. £125 cheaper than mine. That's like a free GTX 1050 The Jetstream is a little o clocked too, if i recall? 1440p? What's your monitor?
  21. What do you think should happen?
  22. Taken in isolation, a child being forcibly separated from their parents is absolutely heartbreaking. But that is not the complete picture. The complete picture encompasses a much bigger issue and that is a tangled mess of often polar opposite feelings. It is further complicated if you want to talk about real solutions to existing problems. On one hand, this is heartbreaking to see. No person with any heart wants to see a child forcibly taken from the arms of their mother. On the other hand, there is the very real issue of children being used as a free pass to gain entry. This has led to a black market of children being bought and sold, kidnapped, often abused and smuggled across several international borders. That is causing untold misery across Central America. How much misery did the child incur before they even got to the border? They aren't riding a Disney ride to get from Central America to the border. They are often trekking though hot deserts or jungles, smuggled in hot containers, sleep deprived, hunger, thirst ... did you know farmers along the border place water stations because of deaths from dehydration? Imagine finding a group of people on your property dead from dehydration. There is suffering at every stage of the journey, not just at the border. But again, that is not represented in that picture. What about the personal responsibility of the adults involved? Are they not committing a crime? And as with any crime, there are consequences to those actions. Just like when an adult commits a crime anywhere, the children often suffer. And often, that is not the only crime that is committed but the start of a string of illegal and illicit activity that can lead to and often does end in death. As always, its not a simple issue and not something that can be summed up in a tweet or captured in a picture. Like everything in politics, its not something that most people can rationally discuss. Most people can't say you have a good point or I hadn't thought of that or discuss something without name calling. That's kind of where we are right now in politics. Even the Time Magazine photo of the little girl was a complete farce.
  23. Guess what I bought. I thought my 780 was beefy, the 1080 adds a whole other layer. It took some fiddling with the drivers to get it running, but we got there in the end. All in all I'm ecstatic with the outcome. Kingdom Come looks so much better now. Can play it on 1440p & high quality settings and still manage an average of 59 fps. BF1 never was prettier either. And all that for €425, from Lithuania. So, anyone in the market for an Asus GTX780-DC2OC-3GD5?
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