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  2. Unsanctioned cards have been previewed. It looks like Timmy, Power Gamer is being reprinted with new art and I think this is absolutely the most PERFECT depiction ever. 10 out of 10.
  3. That would be green, ya?
  4. Colour me jealous.
  5. Yeah, as I wrote earlier ... the story is anime fodder without the cartoon graphics. It isn't anime, but the script could have been written for one. Graphically, the game seems like it was produced primarily for a non-English-speaking audience. The lipsync to the voiced dialog reminds me of a foreign film overdubbed in English (especially the budget Japanese monster classics from the early 1970s) ... the dialog stops but the lips keep moving ... or vice versa. I haven't progressed far enough along to meet the women depicted in the trailer. The basic story goes something like this: make your way deep into enemy territory, rescue a damsel imprisoned in a tower, meet up with the resistance, and kill the human emperor. I'm still in the first phase, possibly the beginning of the second. Again, it's an inexpensive diversion. How do I find the time? /looks out the window ... Outside temperatures have been well below zero F (in the minus 20s and 30s) for the last several weeks. Going outside to play is just not as fun as it might seem at these temperatures. I don't watch TV because I like to keep my mind busy ... which I do by gaming or other computer-related diversions. It's what I do. Lots of down time this time of year.
  6. Where do you find the time!!!! What's your secret? Thanks for sharing. Not really me, but appreciate seeing it. From the trailer you'd be forgiven for thinking there was a human female as a main character. But you don't mention her at all? Also, the breasts don't bounce enough, the waists are wasp-like enough, the eyes aren't saucer sized enough, and the weapons aren't bigger-than-the-wielder enough, for it to be anime
  7. The next episode of the Theros Beyond Death Complete Set Review! This episode we discuss all the red cards in Theros Beyond Death. Hear my thoughts on each and every red card and whether or not you should play it in limited or constructed! This is intended more for casual players. You can support Magic With Zuby on Patreon here: Magic with Zuby can be found at: Twitter: @magicwithzuby Gmail: Magic With Zuby is sponsored by the following: Order any Magic singles or sealed product that is over $2 and get free shipping to anywhere within the United States! View the full article
  8. Been playing this since I picked it up on sale over at GoG (Chinese New Year sale: $2.99 sale price vs. $14.99 normal price) late last week. I don't know how far into the main story that I've accomplished, but it has been well far enough to feel like I've gotten my three dollars worth of entertainment. The game has interesting mechanics. You play as both an orc and a goblin working together as a duo (when you control one, the other is controlled by AI), and you can switch between them at will. You can slow down time in combat so you can make tactical decisions on which skills to use (and queue) for both the goblin and orc. The two characters have vastly different skills and abilities, but they complement each other well. The goblin is a sneaky rogue assassin type, whereas the orc is melee brutal. Most scenes thus far have involved making their way from one end of a map or path to an objective at the far end ... the tricky part is the two cannot be separated very far or progress stops until you catch the lagging one up to the lead. There is a lot of gratuitous combat, often with large numbers of enemy combatants. To give your characters a sporting chance, you have to utilize all of their available skills ... including using the goblin to assassinate selected targets from stealth to whittle down the initial enemy numbers. While this is an obvious console port, it is easily played with mouse + keyboard. The story seems like it is Anime-fodder but without the Anime cartoon graphics. The voiced characters present wildly different personalities ... many of which are stereotypes commonly found in Japanese cartoons. Oh yeah ... and lots of gratuitous f-bombs among other curse language in voiced dialog ... like it's done to be edgy or something (really? titillation from an f-bomb and the occasional sh*t?). It's annoying sometimes, but only if you're not into that sort of thing. Minor graphical glitches can be found, but they're not terribly too distracting ... not that I'm an apologist for the developers. Lots of cut scenes interspersed with player-controlled activities. Launch trailer ... mostly showing in-game footage ... albeit all out of order (and relatively clean dialog): Although you won't pick it up from the launch trailer, the goblin is named Styx, and he has at least two sequels to his name: Styx: Master of Shadows ... and Styx: Shards of Darkness Both of these are also currently on sale, and after a cursory glance, they look to be more stealth-type survival in the fashion of the original Thief series. I picked them up as well while they're on sale seeing as how I'm enjoying this first title. And way back in the day, I really enjoyed and played the heck out of the Thief series. We'll see how that goes ... but for now, I'm enjoying this one as a cheap, entertainment ride.
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  10. That's interesting. The devil is always in the details. If they develop the game too rigidly to the MTG rules, the game may only appeal to a niche audience. On the other hand, they risk alienating not only their base audience, but they also may violate CRPG norms and alienate that audience. To be successful, they'll have to develop with both audiences in mind, but risk losing both by not capturing and mixing the essence of both genres well enough to satisfy both audiences. I've played a few games where card-based combat was implemented, and that mode is comletely foreign to me. I'd rather circumvent that part of the game if allowed as an option. Just my opinion. I've never given much stock to the belief in predetermined fate, and card-based combat in a video game suggests just that ... especially if the card order in a deck is fixed or not able to be adjusted in response to changing conditions as new information presents itself. YMMV
  11. Hey look, it appears as though we have some overlap between the 2 groups who visit this forum. A Magic: the Gathering video game. It's an isometric action RPG set in the MTG multiverse. The gameplay, in my opinion, looks pretty solid, though I'm not sure how I feel about the deckbuilding aspect of the game. Instead of creating a character and grinding levels, you build a deck and then get fed abilities randomly as if you were drawing cards. I feel like that could be a serious pain in the ass, and I also imagine playing the game will involve staring are you ability buttons to see which card is going to be cast with each button. You see, after you use an ability (or cast a card) that ability disappears and is replaced by the next card/ability. I get they are trying to make the game feel like you're drawing cards from a Magic deck...but I personally would much prefer a more traditional RPG skill tree where the skills are based on Magic cards. I feel like people outside the Magic community would appreciate it more, and it wouldn't less my own enjoyment when I create a Rakdos mage and fling Lightning Bolts and Dreadbores.
  13. The 3.5 bays are called the LFF option. Mine has the SFF option. The LFF is 3-4 times the price (i suspect it's a supply and demand thing). You can buy an LFF upgrade for the 380 G7, but it's like £300-£400 just for the upgrade. So i've bought an Icy-Dock caddy 2nd hand, which is 5 drive bay 3.5 inch caddy. It has Sata power and data ports on the back. I've bought 5 Sata power and data extension leads, which i'm going to plug into the ports at the rear of the 2.5inch bays on the server, and then into the back of the Icy-Dock. That should work.
  14. No, the other doors are like normal doors that swoosh open when you approach.
  15. The next episode of the Theros Beyond Death Complete Set Review! This episode we discuss all the black cards in Theros Beyond Death. Hear my thoughts on each and every black card and whether or not you should play it in limited or constructed! This is intended more for casual players. You can support Magic With Zuby on Patreon here: Magic with Zuby can be found at: Twitter: @magicwithzuby Gmail: Magic With Zuby is sponsored by the following: Order any Magic singles or sealed product that is over $2 and get free shipping to anywhere within the United States! View the full article
  16. Thanks man. Some good ideas that i will try. But not tonight: Family just back from the weekend away. I couldn't say for sure. The repairs on the other frigate were not in the same place IIRC.
  17. Yeah, that door should be solid and it should open (two panels split, one to each side frame, from a seam in the middle) as you approach ... like many other doors in the game. Couple of things you may try ... Warp out of the system, and then warp back or summon your freighter to you in the new system. This may force a geometry rebuild. I suspect since the problem persists after exiting the game and then relaunching it, this didn't work. This is the equivalent of turning it off and then back on. Land on another trade frigate (if you have one) and see if the problem persists there. Update any graphic drivers that may be needed. Repair or verify install files in case something is corrupted Try entering the room in 1st person mode vs. 3rd person mode. And if finally push comes to shove, you can download then launch the save game editor (made by goatfungus), and repair the frigate in that program. Feel free to also deduct the appropriate repair materials from your inventory while you're in there, just so you don't feel like you've cheated your way through an obstacle. The save game editor was made specifically to work around bugs/glitches like this. Just curious ... do all the doors on the frigate look the same as shown in the image, or just the one door? The answer may indicate whether the problem is local to the game or a translation somewhere between your machine and the game.
  18. That layout is exactly the same as mine, which one main difference. "The platform forms a Tee intersection with the two ramps, and the straightaway part of the Tee (pointing to the front of the frigate itself) heads toward a door behind which is a room containing three consoles." The door that leads to the room with 3 consoles is transparent, yet you can see the metal struts. The door neither opens, nor allows me through. Here. The thin blue bars are the bars of the blocked door. I cannot reach the consoles you can clearly see in front of me.
  19. OK ... I landed on one of my trade frigates (well, two of them actually ... one each in different characters thinking the ship on an older character still retained an older layout ... it doesn't). I'm not sure where you're having difficulty. Did a reload solve the problem and allow you to get past the doorway? It sometimes does with these types of quirks. On my trade ship, there are two ramps down from the flight deck, and both ramps lead to the same platform. The platform forms a Tee intersection with the two ramps, and the straightaway part of the Tee (pointing to the front of the frigate itself) heads toward a door behind which is a room containing three consoles. One space before the door, there are two ramps both headed downward, one to the right, and one to the left, which then lead to perpendicular ramps headed downward toward the front of the frigate. These lower downward ramps each lead to a platform that immediately curves either left or right depending on which ramp you went down, and then heads straight for a door. One square before the door, the platform splits to a path leading toward the front of the frigate whereupon a console sits at the end. Inside each door is a common area where they meet at an isolated platform running fore and aft of the frigate ... in the forward direction, there upon sits a single console, in the aft direction is a window to space behind the ship. I know this seems confusing, but that is my trade frigate's layout. Yes. The refiner recipe is 1 gold + 1 silver = 1 platinum. I even verified in game that the recipe still works.
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  21. yea, they are nice. We have an HP 380 at work that we use for file storage. It looks a different from this one, has 3.5" bays. Surprised it uses so little power with the Xeon's,
  22. I liked the first 3 on Syfy, but don't have Amazon so can't watch.
  23. I'll try to remember to take a tour on one of my trade frigates tonight to see if I can help you find the correct path to fix yours. It has been a while, and a few updates, since I've been on one so my memory is not clear on where to go. Your freighter will accommodate all six ships in your fleet. Freighters have nine landing pads (three in each of three bays), so your fourth ship may be in one of the other bays (?). Used to be, unless they fixed this, that when you had all six ships on the freighter, NPC ships would no longer land there. [edit: are you able to summon the 4th ship while on a planet, or is it in too much disrepair to fly?] In regard to your question about bases and ships at each base ... You only get up to six ships in your personal fleet, and out of that fleet, you can have only one active primary ship at any given time. Each time you summon or enter one of your ships, that ship becomes your primary. You can, of course, summon multiple ships to a planetary location, but only the most recently summoned or entered one will be your primary that stays with you when you teleport. All others will return to virtual storage and will be available without need to summon them on your freighter (you can still summon them elsewhere provided your primary ship has enough fuel). Exocraft have a slightly different mechanic because there are only a finite number of them assigned to you (one of each type - the Pilgrim is a fun one) ... and you can leave them at a base (even though you can summon them elsewhere provided you have built the required stations). I'm sure there are ways to refine platinum, but can't recall them off the top of my head at the moment ... something, something gold plus silver plus something. Again if I remember to do so tonight, I'll look through my refining notes to see if I can find the/a recipe. I'm usually awash in the stuff and haven't needed to make any.
  24. More videos:
  25. Great response. Loads of f/up. I've only used the spaceship terminal by accident. I'd realised you could breakdown modules for components, but I hadn't realised you could break ships down there. Good info! If you have more than one base, can you have a ship at each base? That might be a goal worth pursuing. I've completed Artemis ans yes, it was quite a heart-rending ending. I chose to let him live out his life virtually, but i did tell him the score. It's what i'd have wanted - i think... So Atlas is one that i could take on next. I've done a fair bit and my current mission is to visit the galaxies core. Not sure how far through that is. I've completed the dreams of the deep quests, and that's where i got the £15m ship from and a wreck - although it's confused me that although i claimed it, it hasn't appeared in my Capital ships docks, along with the other 3 claimed ships that have. Is there a limit of 3 spaces on the capital ship? I'm not really interested in underwater habitations - having killed Subnautica. I am interested in a second base, and have even found a nearby planet that seems a likely candidate. No storms and the atmosphere has no nasties. I'm still looking out for the "GOTCHA". It's probably a Purge planet at night, or something. Easter eggs and finding new stuff only works for me if there is an end-goal motivation. Not just money, but money because i want to do some that needs money. I'm not rich, but i'm no longer looking for money to do stuff and i can't think what i want to do, aside for Atlas and another base, of course. Regarding the repair, aside from jumping of the edge of the ship to look for doorways underneath, i've search high and low. There are only two ways into the ship i can find and both lead off ramps at the landing point. They branch symetrically into 4 more paths, 2 of which go to other consoles. But none of them go to the place on the other side of the blocked doorway. If i look right or left through the blocked doorway, i can see another door at each end of the short corridor that the console is in, but i can see no way to get to the other side of those doors. The frigate i'm talking about is this type, where you land on the rear deck and the entryways are just ahead of that. It's the one bottom left in this image. Very modern looking. Really great idea with the platinum. Those crystal are not common, but i have found them before.
  26. Sooooooo .... The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Fransisco 49ers will be playing in the Superbowl. But perhaps the most anticipated question is ... how will the New England Patriots cheat to win it again this time?
  27. Oh you have plenty to do. And yes, while you can't sell ships directly, you can disassemble unwanted ships for scrap goods which you sell for units and nanites ... this is where the free money you thought you had with the derelicts comes from. But you're right; you have a maximum of six spaceships you can have in your personal fleet. The trick is to repair the unwanted ones just enough to fly it to the space station (or make it your primary ship on a planet base and teleport to the space station), and use the spaceship terminal there to break it down into scrap (don't worry, another of your ships will take its place in the hangar so you won't get stuck on the station). Disassemble any installed mods to reclaim those components before you scrap it. If the ship that you scrap is an A-class or possibly even a B-class, there is a chance you might get rewarded with a ship augment ... which allows you to add a slot to your daily driver ship's cargo or tech areas. You may want to concentrate on completing the Atlas path after completing the Artemis path, and then the Dreams of the Deep path so you can explore or build a base underwater (a different set of excitement and thrills). The Atlas path is repetitive, but at least has some interesting lore (for those of us who actually read it). The Artemis path is a bit sad in a way ... can catch you in the feels. The Dreams of the Deep path is just ... wet ... and different ... kind of a poor man's Subnautica. You can also see if you can find and collect all the goodies (i.e., base decoration objects) from each of the exotic-biome planets. Some of them are hard to spot ... No Man's Easter Egg Hunt. There is always a clear pathway to the consoles to repair your frigates, but they tend to be a bit of a maze to figure out. Good thing is there are very few variants, so after you've learned them, finding the consoles is a lot easier. 100k platinum ... ouch. Look for asteroid fields with crystalline clusters. Those crystals net platinum. But yikes, that's still a lot of mining. Used to be that you could send a damaged frigate off on missions so that eventually it would die and never return; I think they fixed that and you can no longer send out a damaged ship. This just emphasizes the importance of sending out a fleet that is rated at least one star greater than the mission difficulty rating. If you do that, you'll rarely have to repair frigates again. Oh ... also match the frigate type to the mission type (support ships can always accompany other types). Sending a trade frigate out on a combat mission and vice versa is pointless.
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