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  2. Well my state has not gone on lockdown, but no groups larger than 10. Although most people are staying in, making the drive to work nice. Yea, I still have to go into work. It is a skeleton staff of 3-4 security and me locked in the surveillance room. So at least I am not around alot of people. I am also very anti social so the staying at home is right up my alley. The kids have been out of school for just over 2 weeks now and we get the online school work done in a couple of hours so they have the rest of the day. The wife is out of work but so far she hasn't gone crazy being home with the kids 24/7. Glad to hear everyone is safe, and Pas you better be giving your wife the royal treatment. Anyone in the medical field in these times deserves it.
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  4. Is she a Browns fan, too?
  5. Glad to hear it fella.
  6. My fault!
  7. Liked this for the detailed response, not for the bad stuff in it.
  8. PM and Health Minister with the Chief Medical Officer also showing symptoms. That's the three who were most visible and spearheading the response. So yeah, definitely could, though with Boris Johnson I'm not sure we'd notice his lack of leadership, may not be much change from before.
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  10. ... ummm ... grats?
  11. I understand your PM tested positive. That could get interesting.
  12. My state (Ohio) was one of the first one to go on lockdown. Kids have been off for a couple of weeks and most everything has been closed for 10+ days. I worked from home anyway. I am well stocked for the long haul. Even still, I went for a walk yesterday and to the store ... just go get out of the house. Our offshore staff in India is going through lockdown now so we have lost over half our staff. Meaning all non essential project work has ground to a halt. Its kind of nice as I am having less meetings, less changes going in so less stuff breaking. I spend 3 or 4 days a week at my place and 3 or 4 days a week at my girlfriends ... yes, found someone and its working out extremely well. While I miss my friends and it sucks ass that there are no sports, I am spending less money, I am dealing with less BS at work, I don't have to drive all over to various events and I get to spend half a week with someone that really wants to be with me ... what more could I ask for, life is good.
  13. I take it your Pres has stopped calling it a hoax. Fucking Numpty.
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  15. My response is off topic in another thread. But then, who would expect anything else?
  16. dbl post
  17. Yes. Moving from Fairbanks to Juneau. It's a big change even if in the same state. Fairbanks is known for its deep, cold winters and hot, dry summers. Juneau is known for its rain, rain, and more dreary rain (but it is gorgeous when the sun shines) ... and that it is the state capital, and the only state capital that cannot be driven to from the continental road system. On the bright side, internet access will improve in the new location. I hear they have gigabit widely available. /drool @Molimo will soon be the northernmost member here (afaik). Yes. Exciting new opportunity in some ways; scary in others. The new position is far more technical and in an area that I really haven't practiced much for the past decade. But it can lead to new professional licensing and career growth which will make me more marketable (translation: more income potential) in the long run. Lots of panic leading to government orders to hunker down and quarantine in place, and the public responding by going out and buying up all known stocks of toilet paper. To be honest, I haven't moved or started the new job yet due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. For a while there it seemed like we were getting a new restriction every day. Just as I was able to find a way to work around one travel restriction (e.g., no "non-essential" travel), another would pop up ruining the last plan for transition (e.g., temporary housing backing out of reservations). I will be teleworking, as soon as we can get that set up (hopefully by the first of next month - i.e., Wednesday), until such time as the restrictions ease up and I can finally migrate to the new location. I'm in the process of purchasing a home in Juneau, but closing the financial documents won't occur until sometime during the end of April/beginning of May ... slowdown also due to COVID-19 restrictions. Things are moving forward albeit very slowly. There is a lot of fear in remote communities with strong memories to back to the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic that totally wiped out many villages (due to lack of immunity). Also a lot of self-isolation for similar reasons.
  18. How's it affecting you. Most countries are stating they are either x weeks ahead or x weeks behind everyone else. Here in the UK, we're about 2 weeks behind Italy and a fair bit of mainland Europe. We started working from home at the beginning of last week and locked down Tuesday of this week. People are now being stopped by police if it's suspected they are out without a good reason. Although shopping and exercise are good reasons - so not so strict. If you don't have a good reason, you need an exemption certificate for being a key-worker from your employer. I'm waiting for mine, as I'm facilitating remote working for University staff, which means distributing laptops to staff at home. 8pm this evening all of the UK stood outside their houses to applaud NHS workers. My wife is a acute Nurse, so went to be applauded directly by our neighbours. So nice. Microsoft Teams has been a real godsend (for most of the world i'd guess), it's allowing me to work vary much as i would have done at the Uni, and i'm an antisocial bastard who hates meeting other human beings f2f at the best of times. Many are using Zoom too, but i heard Zoom had some ugly technical difficulties last week. I'm hearing my team saying they're suffering from isolation, missing their teams mates and the usual banter. From a personal point of view, and for now at least, i'm absolutely loving it. It feels like Christmas every day. I'm at home every day working next to my new server, which is humming away next to me, waiting to be tidied up and put away. My baby!
  19. Are you still in Alaska? Had to move for the job i guess? How is covid out there? I'd expect it to be either far less of an issue, or a far greater issue. Both due to remoteness.
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  21. We're practicing social distancing in episode 3 of Magic for Normies!! This was a special Saturday evening stream where Zuby and Pixie hung out discussing many of the changes surrounding Magic the Gathering during the self-quarantine including changes on Arena, changes to MagicFests, and more! As usual, they played a few fun games too and even opened some Theros Beyond Death booster packs! Leave a comment and let them know what you thought of this episode! The show was live-streamed on Twitch, but here's the replay for your viewing pleasure! You can also find an audio-only version of the show on the Magic with Zuby podcast, found on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, and most other podcast platforms! To watch the streams LIVE, follow on Twitch! You can find Zuby on twitter: and twitch: Be sure to visit my sponsor, Cardsphere! Hands down, it's the best place on the internet to buy and sell paper MTG cards! Also, check out my sponsored affiliate, Inked Gaming, for all your gaming supply needs at or Follow me on Twitter! Enjoying my videos? You can send me a tip and let me know! Love my content? Check out my Patreon and consider becoming a patron! All my links in one place: View the full article
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  23. sxm? I'm not 100% sure but guess it stands for Sirius XM (satellite radio stations). I recently rented a brand new Chevy Malibu, and those stations worked in my new city in that vehicle, whereas those stations don't work (in my 2016 GMC truck) in my old city. Thanks. Looking forward to the new job ... not so much the new location. We're still in the midst of working out all the logistics of getting a lifetime accumulation of stuff from one place to the other ... and then what to do with it once it finally gets there. So many memories, so much crap. 😄
  24. I was thinking of Elovia as I surfed his place, touching up his radio. Any stations you recommend me trying out Elovia? Still trying to find one that speaks to me like that. Whole world, and yet not one that seems right for me. Hmmm, maybe the world is trying to tell me something? I've barely been present for about a year so I can't complain! What are sxm channels? Good luck with the move! And congrats on the changing of jobs.
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