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  2. Survey can be found here: They usually aren't up for that long, so be sure to take it and mention the site on places you visit
  3. I'm a surprised, not because I think anything should be banned but surprised because I thought Standard would have some kind of problem by now.
  4. Welp, Squadron Vampires is an obvious one, as is Opt. I think Pirate's Cutlass, and Siren's Call(?), if you are making a pirate deck, are great additions. The Cutlass is a pretty good card in limited, from what I've seen.
  5. Oops! I thought it was in the original post
  6. Only when someone downloads the file does it count towards your download total? I'm guessing with streaming and podcast radio it's really more about total listeners. Part of it might just be that weird time of the year for MTG and some burnout, (seems like everyone has been a little burned out lately) but your overall numbers are up so that's fantastic news
  7. You make it sound easy on the podcast, didn't realize you have so many takes. I could never do a podcast or anything that requires silence for more than 10 minutes without someone coming into the room, glad to see I'm not the only one It helps when you get your wife to chat during the cast, so that helps
  8. Nice lol. Do you have a deck list?
  9. By some billionaire. Yes.
  10. I'll be playing around with Wight of Precinct Six, I think it has some potential
  11. I crack a pack of Oath. FNM Promo card........really Wizards? Some EDH rambling. Hope you like the build
  12. I you don't want the hassle you can also buy it framed. Costs a tad more, but still quite affordable.
  13. Every single media outlet is owned by a wealthy Saudi? Blimey!
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  15. Hopefully they keep printing the expensive cards to help the prices come down so they will fit into more of our budgets. But like you said, cards like Path should keep getting reprinted too to help the prices of those cards come down as well. It's a fine line they have to walk between tanking card prices with too many reprints and not enough, but that's why they have the reserve list. Everything else should be fair game.
  16. Dôh! Don't you know anything?!
  17. Through all these years I still keep some precons and crappy decks I used to play for nostalgia
  18. Ixalan spices up my Mono Green Stompy brew!!
  19. It is affordable, only like 30$ because you have to mount the canvas on the frames yourself. There is a small version takes 6 1/2 feet or so of wall space and the larger one is 9 1/2 feet. I think you could build your own frames for another 20-30 bucks.
  20. That's lovely. Not as much i would have thought either. I just need to be sure there will be enough wall space.
  21. What cosmic crash confirmed: Einstein was as good as gold
  22. she sounds hot. Dunt matter what she looks like.
  23. There he is ...
  24. Hey! Just because I am an abusive tyrannical monster in real life doesn't mean that I don't like to roleplay the civil, reasonable nice guy occasionally... just before I murder them in their sleep...
  25. It didn't bother me until you pointed it out to me. Now it's all I see!!!
  26. Hey everybody, Does anyone here have a ridiculous themed EDH deck? I don't mean weird mechanics or tribes (although I'm down to hear about them), I thinking more along the lines of the "Ladies Looking Left" deck, (I've also heard of Chair themed and Beard themed decks as well). I tried to make a deck like these, but couldn't even get deep into the construction phase, because I hated the lack of synergy. Currently though, my girlfriend wants to make an underwater theme EDH deck (probably mono blue), so I might have fun with that theme, but that might be the closest I'll get to these ridiculous themes. So, any crazy themes?
  27. Wolph's meme game is in a rut.
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