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  2. Is Guardian of the Guildpact still played?
  3. What playsets are a must to have (even multiples of) as a paper Pauper player? I would like to compile a list, so looking for suggestions. So far I have: Blue: Counterspell Ponder Preordain Delver of Secrets Hydroblast Augur of Bolas Red: Lightning Bolt Smash to Smithereens Pyroblast Lava Spike Electrickery Goblin Bushwhacker White: Sunlance Soul Warden Souls Attendant Journey to Nowhere Thraben Inspector Disenchant Circle of Protection(s) Green: Mutagenic Growth Rancor Vines of Vastwood Llanowar Elves Groundswell Gleeful Sabotage Nettle Sentinel Quirion Ranger Fog Young Wolf Giant Growth Black: Distress Gray Merchant of Asphodel Chainers Edict Gurmag Angler Disfigure Shrivel Multi-Colored: Burning Tree Emissary Artifacts: Bonesplitter Chromatic Star Relic of Progenitus Prophetic Prism Lands: Darksteel Citidel Evolving Wilds Terramorphic Expanse
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  5. Another bonus game with Restore Balance, against a deck that can counter our things. Fun.
  6. It’s the live episode. Watch in horror while our flesh forms writhe and shout at you through the magic of the internet! We discuss the possibility of bans in pauper, and whatever wound up coming up in discussion! Support us on Patreon: You Can Buy Playmats with our Logo on them here: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Website: Our theme song is courtesy of Ell, whose music is available at View the full article
  7. Hi B!
  8. Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers, The final article in the GP Birmingham series is now up at Take a look and let me know what you think! Yours, GenericBadMagic
  9. Have you folks heard about the new Plex privacy policy? You can read it here. They are removing the opt-out for collecting telemetry, which raised a lot of eyebrows. People are concerned about their privacy. Theoretically it could be possible to derive which media files are watched from its size & bitrate. So Plex scrambled to address it over the weekend and issued a new statement. I'm still not 100% reassured, and this mandatory opt-in goes very much against the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, which will come into effect coming May. They might be forced to roll it back, atleast in the European Union. Untill then I might get myself a Pi-hole.
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  11. I take it you haven't been to Paris? Just a heads up, it smells like piss & is full of Frenchmen. I'm not a fan. But I know it's one of those cities everyone wants to visit, I did too. When visiting Paris, all the stuff you listed are good stops. A few additions you might want to consider are: Tour Montparnasse - A skyscraper in La Défense, higher than the Eiffel Tower. Added bonus, no stairsclimbing but turbolifts. La Grande Arche - In the same business district as Le Tour Montparnasse, it's 50m high and you go to the top in a glass lift tube. Hôtel Les Invalides - It holds Napoleon's tomb. Cimetière du Père-Lachaise - A cemetary. But with the graves of Jim Morrison & Edith Piaf. I myself didn't care much for Le Sacré-Coeur, Montmartre & Centre Pompidou. But they are often mentioned as good places to visit, so I didn't want to leave them out. Why don't you want to visit Disneyland btw? Figured it would be right up your alley. You mentioned you didn't speak French. A lot of French people don't like to, cannot, or sometimes simply refuse to speak English. They suck, seriously. Be polite. Ask them, in French, if they would please speak English to you. Starting off in English will often cause them to dig in and rattle on in French like there is no tomorrow. Three cities in one trip does sound a bit much, especially in that timespan. But at that time of year it isn't usually that hot still. (I find little worse than being on a city-trip when it's 30 degrees or more.) If you end up driving through France: The Loire Valley is supposed to be good. So is the Rhône Valley/Provence. S/W Germany is also very pretty, and it has Europa Park. Unless I'm mistaking, the biggest Theme Park in Europe. We visited it late April this year.
  12. The grandstanding never ends.
  13. Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers! Part 3 of the GP Birmingham article series is now out at Let me know what you think and if you would agree with my proposed change to the list! Last instalment to come out in about 12 hours. Until then, have a good one. Yours, GenericBadMagic
  14. I have read a Yale professor suggested Trump will stage a coup. But I don't know. Seems far fetched. What I meant was that Trump's unwilingess to denounce these people makes them stronger.
  15. Just a small giveaway to say thanks for eveyones support, subscribe and comment on the video for a chance to win!
  16. Absolutely! Can't wait to get to France!
  17. I can see it now ...
  18. I have many hobbies, but one of my favorites is doing vacation planning/research. I will literally dump hundreds of hours of reading and researching this trip and I will enjoy every second of it. With 2018 vacation booked, I am setting my sights on 2019. After some discussions, my family decided they want to go to Paris. As their only requirement was going to Paris and shopping in Paris, this leaves me a lot of room to plan. Before you respond, there are a few things you should know. My family are not museum people. I could spend all day reading every little detail on every exhibit, not so with my wife and daughter. We like going to the beach and enjoy going on hikes. We are pretty fit, so long walks don't bother us. We'd prefer to go it alone rather than be attached to a big tour group. I like to explore. We do not speak any language except English. I am willing to rent a car, take a train, or hop a plane anywhere. 0 interest in Euro Disney. Most likely stay in the 10-14 day range in late May early June. Also, this is not a once in a life time trip. I plan on going back to Europe numerous times to different places over the years, however, this might be the only time we go to Europe as a family. Kids are getting older 12+15 now, 14+17 on this trip. My must see list in Paris: top of Eiffel tower, visit The Louvre, Notre-Dame, top of Arc de Triomphe. I also want to see the Palace at Versailles. Probably shopping at Marais. Trip Idea 1: London, Paris, Amsterdam: Fly into London, 3/4 days there, train to Paris for 4/5 days, train to Amsterdam 3/4 days. Based on Iceland Air layovers, we could work in a half/full day in Reykjavik. Pros: 3 awesome cities. Cons: jamming a lot of cities into one trip. Disappointed to hear that Big Ben will be silenced for a few years. Trip Idea 2: Paris, Rome: Fly to Paris for a week, train/plane to Rome for a week. Pros: visit my top 2 cities in one trip. Cons: visit my top 2 cities in one trip. Trip Idea 3: Do France. Fly to Paris 4/5 or more days, drive around France (tbd, Liore Valley?, Nice?), end up at the French Riviera for a few days. Pros: See France, go at own pace. Beach time. Cons: Not sure as this is my lean. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  19. I tried out Eternal. Not my fancy.
  20. Once I'd spent the small amount of tix I had already, I just found every time I loaded up MODO I felt putting any money into it was not justifiable. Eternal is a game that's easiest to explain as a cross between Hearthstone and MTG, designed by Direwolf Digital, whose team includes LSV, Patrick Chapin and possibly Patrick Sullivan. It looks like Hearthstone, but plays a lot more like MTG, but is also free to play like Hearthstone, with the option for those of you who are more impatient to speed up the process of getting cards by putting money in
  21. Basically by them asking the same question reworded its allows them to get greater accuracy with their data. But i wish they would publish the data for us all to see.
  22. It's out of beta now, can be downloaded from Steam
  23. Agreed, that is reserved for DnD. MTG is all about strategy
  24. It was basically the same questions on each page but re-worded. They do that because some people can hinge their answer on a single word in a question, so if you rephrase it and re-ask it multiple times people's answers can change. I know my answers were different on each page despite the fact that I noticed they were basically the same, so I think that helps getting a more grounded, less-erratic result. *shrug* I agree though, I answered all the "how important is it to feel like you are playing a character" questions fairly low. I wonder if that is an attempt to gauge enthusiasm for the MMORPG that's supposed to be in the works.
  25. I did it, too. They were asking way too many questions about basically roleplaying as a wizard. As much as MTG is an escapism hobby, I don't go around dressing up in my robe and wizard's hat, pretending to chuck fireballs at people.
  26. A streamer I watch plays Eternal from time-to-time, but I find it hard to watch as I don't know the cards well. I may give it a shot when it's fully released, as it seems similar enough to Magic.
  27. See, we're good We just disagree on some things ... shocking right?. I have no idea the influence of the KKK. Not sure who is influenced by psychopaths running around in Halloween costumes. But its a free country and there's a club for everyone lol. I am well aware of the history of Hitler. Any comparisons of Trump and Hitler are complete ridiculous. Any thought of the US being over run by someone that will take over as a dictatorship are complete nonsense. Sure, we have our issues, but there is no way that someone is going to take over as a dictator and start ruling the US. Rest easy, its people will never allow that. Remember, we have lots guns
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