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  2. Your lack of faith disturbs me... You totally would love it, I know it.
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  5. I wish.
  6. Mate. Nobody understands it.
  7. On today's episode we discuss the best ways for new and veteran players a like on how to play their DnD 5e character! Character Turn reference: You can support Magic With Zuby on Patreon here: Magic with Zuby can be found at: Twitter: @magicwithzuby Gmail: Magic With Zuby is sponsored by the following: Order any Magic singles or sealed product that is over $2 and get free shipping to anywhere within the United States! View the full article
  8. I told people at work my larping was "Wizarding" since that was about the level they could get. I explained it as kind of like re-enactment. I still don't think they understand it.
  9. It's Day 1 of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths previews and we have A LOT to talk about!! In this episode of Magic for Normies, Zuby and Pixie discuss the Ikoria trailer, some new mechanics, and of course GODZILLA! Also, they play a couple of silly games because it just wouldn't be Magic for Normies without that, would it??! Leave a comment and let them know what you're most excited about in Ikoria so far! The show was live-streamed on Twitch, but here's the replay for your viewing pleasure! You can also find an audio-only version of the show on the Magic with Zuby podcast, found on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, and most other podcast platforms! To watch the streams LIVE, follow on Twitch! You can find Zuby on twitter: and twitch: Be sure to visit my sponsor, Cardsphere! Hands down, it's the best place on the internet to buy and sell paper MTG cards! Also, check out my sponsored affiliate, Inked Gaming, for all your gaming supply needs at or Follow me on Twitter! Enjoying my videos? You can send me a tip and let me know! Love my content? Check out my Patreon and consider becoming a patron! All my links in one place: View the full article
  10. More Godzilla-themed cards:
  11. Another new mechanic is Companion: So you can completely ignore the Companion text and just play these as normal, however Companions give you the added bonus of using them as pseudo-commanders in regular Constructed. If you decide you want Lutri as your companion, you can start the game with it in exile and cast it like you would a Commander. The drawback is you have severe deckbuilding constraints, like you see above. The card doesn't count towards your 60 cards, so you can't play 59+Companion, and it will actually take a slot in your Sideboard, so you lose sideboard slots as well. It also doesn't have a Command Zone or a tax, once you cast it, it behaves like any other card. The restrictions are pretty severe, but if any of these are playable the amount of consistency you get from always having your build-around card in constructed could be pretty crazy. Not to mention, as I saw MTG Goldfish mention on Twitter, Keruga is just straight-up playable in Jeskai Fires without making any changes to the deck, which is pretty insane.
  12. Ah, so that is how you and the wife are keeping an arm reach apart.
  13. Ikoria previews begin today, and since preview season is shortened to just 1 week we are getting a TON of information. However, none of that matters, because Godzilla. These are indeed real cards, however they are unique in that they aren't part of the main set. WOTC teamed up with Toho to bring us the "Godzilla" series, which is like a Masterpiece series, and if you look below the titles of these cards, you'll see their ACTUAL names. Here's an example: And here is Luminous Broodmothra, which is converted to Mothra for the Godzilla series.
  14. Russia looks suspect too IMO.
  15. My willy is going to be the first to catch it.
  16. Tomorrow Mount Pleasant SC (Charleston) goes on "lockdown". The police have begun to stop people at the 3 mile connector to the beach near my home. Overall it's been pretty quiet and people were already staying home except for essentials. But then there are the knuckleheads who were still flocking to the beaches, thus the mandatory stay at home.
  17. Heat from cooking will kill it. And just make sure to transfer the food to clean containers once home and then wash hands before eating. Also if the container is microwavable then you can just nuke them for 30 sec to kill the germs. Takes a little more time and effort but if done right it is safe. Just don't forget which hand touched what...
  18. I'm all about supporting small businesses and ordering take out, but we're getting mixed messages. Don't touch the Amazon package from the delivery driver without gloves. Throw the box away immediately and wash your hands after. But have a stranger make your food and eat it.
  19. That tracker is pretty cool. And I don't believe a single number coming out of China.
  20. This might help. It's a great resource developed by a neighbouring Uni. John Hopkins Tracker
  21. Funnily enough she was treating someone who tested positive on Sunday, so we've agreed between us to try and be sensible about personal contact. Just keeping a bit of distance when there's not need to be physically close.
  22. We have run into that. I am dealing with user performance issues all the time now. Normal people (read non technical folks) don't seem to understand their wifi+Netflix+YouTube=slow speeds. I know Netflix and YouTube have degraded their picture to cut bandwidth in some counties. WebEx has issues at the top of the hour and asks users to limit video. Everyone is having bandwidth capacity and speed issues now and it will only increase as more folks get set up from home. I am actually trying to order take out because of this. Want to help our local businesses and also make sure we have the good places open when this is finally over. Just have to wonder ... when do we give the all clear? The only solution is enough people have to get sick for this to stop. And if we are slowing the spread, we are dragging that out. Not sure what the answer is, but what is the all clear criteria?
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  24. Probably doesn't help that everyone is online doing stuff all day, every day. I'd like to see how much the traffic for PornHub has spiked over the last few weeks
  25. *please-don't-let-it-suck* *please-don't-let-it-suck* *please-don't-let-it-suck* *please-don't-let-it-suck*
  26. We're finding that working from home is inefficient and slow compared to working together in the office. We don't really have enough capacity for as many people as we do using VPN access to the network. And some of our design software doesn't run well over VPN connections (e.g., Civil 3D AutoCAD). But we are still moving forward if at a snail's pace. That's gubmint fer ya.
  27. Same, I usually say it's a card game just because I don't have the patience to explain it.
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