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  2. I essentially think that's what is going to happen. Channel Fireball is looking like they are going to take a swing at it, and I think side events is where they are going to probably fit it in. I personally hope that they at least stream a bit of it if they do. I'd love to see that go down.
  3. I would be over the moon if this happened. It's fun to talk about but let's be honest: it's never going to happen on any kind of official level. There's no reason for Wizards to recognize Pauper as a paper format, there's no money in it for them. They make their money off of Standard. It would be great if players would organize Pauper side tournaments at major events.
  4. Bungie is on a roll with bad PR and bad decisions.
  5. Thats what I'm worried about too. If it does take off though, I'd be more interested in going to these events, especially if the lower prices hold.
  6. Really laying into that thing lately, eh @Lasraik?
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  8. My thoughts are the same, I'd love to watch it but the price would probably go up, and there is a chance the format could be warped a bit. The great thing about it right now is that it's mostly a bunch of average plebs playing the format, and who knows what would happen if groups of pros took some serious time to "figure out" the format like they do with modern/standard. Still, I'd interested in watching!
  9. I think its cool and all.. but honestly if given the choice between Pauper and Modern.. I choose Modern.
  10. This set is turning out to be bonkers fun. I still have about a box and a half unopened, but I might grab some more so I can assure that I have plenty to draft!
  11. So... There is some talk about pauper being brought to the big time. What do y'all thing about this? I'm digging that I might get to watch some pauper when they stream, but I'm not too keen on the idea of the price of pauper going up. Thoughts?
  12. My kids B-day is the 12th. So I am hauling a crowd of his 14 year old friends out to see it.
  13. I'm not even watching the trailers when they come by on tv.
  14. I am not coming here till I see the movie. Thinking the soonest I can get there is Sunday. I don't even like it when people theorize on what was going to happen.
  15. SW: The Force Awakens was released on my Son's birthday so I took him to the first morning showing. Since then it is starting to become a regular birthday event for him. This year he wanted to invite some school friends so we are waiting til Saturday. So don't come here Friday after seeing it and post spoilers. ;o
  16. Plz no ban
  17. That's the part of rooting for a bad team. You want them to succeed but not too much that they don't make sweeping changes.
  18. I gave in. Your project looked so much fun, I splurged for our own. I have finished the construction, mine seemed to go a bit quicker than yours has. I got a better deal on it too. Pretty epic!
  19. I was happy to see a different Bears team. I hope none of this saves Fox.
  20. Got tickets for Friday. The reviews are giving the movie a lot of love. That is quite encouraging. I have not been this excited to see a movie in a long time.
  21. Prediction: Nick Foles is going to pull a Jeff Hostetler, take the Eagles to the Super Bowl and win.
  22. Got a generous package from @Breakfast with Nerds yesterday, Christmas came early this year! Thanks guys!
  23. Well said, I think that gets lost in the outrage recently and labeling people because of the content they enjoy. It's OK to disagree or not all think alike, we can all have different opinions and still get along and have fun.
  24. I get where you're coming from, but like you said WoTC is a private company. Just like I don't think a bakery has to provide their services to someone they disagree with for religious reasons (or any reason really), WoTC has the same right to deny service to whoever they want.
  25. From what I hear this set is selling pretty well and looks like people are enjoying it. Players enjoy sets like this because they are goofy and fun, the same reasons people enjoy formats like EDH that they can mold into what they want it to be.
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