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  2. Today's video is up - taking at a look at the Vehicles, Elzdrazi and Artifact Creatures in my mass update!
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  4. I wonder if Claim to Fame could see play in Modern Grixis Shadow decks... Rhonas's Last Stand is perfect for any Selesnya/Populate, and Uncage the Menagerie... for any toolbox creature deck
  5. Lots of goodies. 1. As spoiled by our fellow Kitchen Tabler, YoungMage: A good body and a great mana sink for the late-game. I can think of a casual deck or two that would like this.
  6. Some good stuff out of last week, hopefully they deliver
  7. I gotta say I am pretty excited for all the Skyrim clones coming out over the next few years.
  8. There's a good way to start a cube
  9. What were the embalm and energy decks?
  10. There has been - it's playing dramatically better! Here are all of the multicolour guilds as I didn't want to spam up the screen with loads of embed links. Azorius: Boros: Dimir: Golgari: Gruul: Izzet: Orzhov: Rakdos: Selesnya: Simic: Multicolour (Shards and Rainbow):
  11. Hey if you haven't seen this week Modern Deck Tech check it out and give us a sub, much appreciated!!
  12. Now that is useful.
  13. Keeping my eye on this one. It seems like the kind of game I may like, but I'm definitely not buying it before the official release.
  14. I still check in LOTRO now and then, mostly to collect hobbit presents and ingredient packs, but I'm also offline playing Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen as I get the chance. Despite being a console port and having a slightly clunky interface for a PC game, it is done well and has its good points.
  15. ... and to continue the theme ...
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  17. It doesn't reach your hand but it is removed from play and returns immediately. The original iteration of the creature has been declared as a blocker so the opposing creature still tries to hit it, but imagine it as your creature sidesteps the swipe and opponents 2/2 hits air. No damage happens. Same as destroying or otherwise removing a blocking creature the block still happens but damage does not.
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