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  2. This week we brought on Magic Youtuber, Mr. Bevers! Mr. Bevers mainly does pack cracking videos and loves the game of Magic. We talk about content creation, computers, and much much more. Please help me in welcoming Mr. Bevers to the show! Mr. Bevers can be found at: Twitter: @Mr_Bevers Youtube: You can support Magic With Zuby on Patreon here: Magic with Zuby can be found at: Twitter: @magicwithzuby Gmail: Magic With Zuby is sponsored by the following: Order any Magic singles or sealed product that is over $2 and get free shipping to anywhere within the United States! View the full article
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  6. commander decklist

    Well, you identified one card to trim on your own. Kothophed is dangerous. Downright unplayable in my groups. Too many crazy token decks.
  7. commander decklist

    thank you for your suggestions guys. something i was never good at is choosing what to take out of the deck to make way for other card ideas.
  8. commander decklist

    Mycoloth could go along with that strategy pretty well too.
  9. I'm confused. If there's 20 cards in a pack, how is it possible to come up with "121 20-card lists inside any given pack"? What did I miss?
  10. No one has anything? Not even a "it's gotta be 60 cards or ye shall hang"?
  11. commander decklist

    Jarad likes to eat big creatures. Check out Herd Gnarr. There's lots of ways of making big numbers of saprolings. Verdeloth the Ancient is a favorite. Verdeloth with a big kicker can make Herd Gnarr fairly huge. Ashnod's Altar can make big mana for the kicker cost, plus bonus damage if you've got Slimefoot out. Not a huge pricetag for any of them. Well, I guess Ashnod's Altar's price has creeped up since I last checked. Primalcrux can also get huge pretty quick. Especially with it's best friend Khalni Hydra.
  12. Article: Jump Start is looking like a booster wars...thing. If you aren't familiar with the concept, in normal booster wars (or booster battles) you open a booster pack face down, shuffle it with some lands, and then play against another player. There was nothing wrong with doing that with regular sets, but WOTC seems to want you to do it with product specifically designed for that format. They're even going to hold a prerelease for this...I wonder if anyone will show up?
  13. I don't really have any issue telling people what I do in my free time. Though when it comes to Magic, I'll usually gloss over the details and just say "It's a card game," not because I'm embarrassed by it but mostly so I don't have to spend 10 minutes explaining to them what it is.
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  16. All I can say is holy crap! It's been over a year since i was last here, i guess i forgot about it sine i started working way back then. but i want help with my golgari commander deck. i think it could use some better cards and i'd like a combo play or two in there as well. a combo to win play, that is. are there any good plays i could have with my deck as it currently is though? i mean, the whole point is to call jarad out, use bonehoard, and then use jarad to sacrifice the germ token and kill everyone at the same time. but for that there needs to be creatures in everyone's graveyards, and that's what i'm having troubles with. this deck just seems a bit slow and unable to generate any kind of advantage in playing against 3+ people. commander jarad, golgari lich lord deck creatures carnifex demon archfiend of ifner scourge of nel toth basilica screecher generous stray herald of torment grave titan gatecreeper vine izoni, thousand-eyed rhizome lurcher abhorrent overlord mindwrack demon risen executioner bontu the glorified swarm guildmage rhox festering mummy cemetery reaper abyssal persecutor cryptbreaker drainpipe vermin midnight banshee kraul swarm kothophed, soul hoarder (self-death is very easy with this card lol) tormented soul daggerdrome imp servant of nefarox molderhulk eater of hope deathbringer regent sedge scorpion kalastria highborn slimefoot, the stowaway necroplasm farhaven elf eternal witness archfiend of depravity korozda guildmage planeswalkers liliana of the dark realms vraska the unseen instants doom blade cremate gift of strength splendid agony wretched confluence crypt incursion (has saved me from death a few times but still lost :P) fog scarab feast artifacts spellbook chromatic lantern sol ring elbrus, the binding blade bonehoard sorceries profane command prey upon jarad's orders diabolic tutor commune with the gods enchantments feral invocation bad moon palace siege grave betrayal cartouche of strength non basic lands golgari rot farm rupture spire golgari guildgate foul orchard basic lands swamp x17 forest x15
  17. Welcome to a new Magic the Gathering live stream/podcasts with Pixie Kitten Plays and Magic with Zuby where they discuss all things NORMIE! What does that mean? Well, essentially, it just means casual, but they thought Magic for Normies sounded cuter than Magic for Casuals! In this very first episode, Pixie and Zuby had to overcome some technical difficulties, played a few fun games for "normies", and discussed some Magic news from the perspective of a filthy casual! Please leave a comment and let us know what you thought of this new show! The show was live-streamed on Twitch, but here's the replay for your viewing pleasure! You can also find an audio-only version of the show on the Magic with Zuby podcast, found on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, and most other podcast platforms! To watch my streams LIVE, follow me on Twitch! You can find Zuby on twitter: and twitch: Be sure to visit my sponsor, Cardsphere! Hands down, it's the best place on the internet to buy and sell paper MTG cards! Also, check out my sponsored affiliate, Inked Gaming, for all your gaming supply needs at or Follow me on Twitter! Enjoying my videos? You can send me a tip and let me know! Love my content? Check out my Patreon and consider becoming a patron! All my links in one place: View the full article
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  19. People having perceptions of me because I game is their problem, not my problem
  20. Hey everyone! This week we discuss the Magic Legends MMO as well as mental health relating to Magic the Gathering. You can support Magic With Zuby on Patreon here: Magic with Zuby can be found at: Twitter: @magicwithzuby Gmail: Magic With Zuby is sponsored by the following: Order any Magic singles or sealed product that is over $2 and get free shipping to anywhere within the United States! View the full article
  21. I have always admitted to gaming when asked. But I don't get into alot of details, unless it is a fellow gamer or in most cases a parent asking about details for his/her kid that games.
  22. We wrap up out Patron's openings for February with some great pulls, some great mythics, and even a showcase mythic! And the Build-A-Pack box passes out some great stuff, too! Then we crack a pack for a random comment from last week!
  23. We wrap up out Patron's openings for February with some great pulls, some great mythics, and even a showcase mythic! And the Build-A-Pack box passes out some great stuff, too! Then we crack a pack for a random comment from last week!
  24. New update 2.3 is out. Patch notes below ... just in case you're interested. There are some nice QOL fixes.
  25. I used to not tell anyone except friends that i gamed. Kept it completely quiet at work, except to a few who i used to actually play DAOC with (in fact, they introduced me to DAOC and help level my first char). As i've gotten older, a few things have happened. 1. I care less about what people think. 2. I've stopped reaching higher in my career, and am not concerned about any perceptions of gaming in a professional sphere. 3. Gaming is cooler and more appreciated generally (in line with geek-cool and nerd-cool). 4. More people are playing and therefore find it acceptable. P.S. Loved Animaniacs.
  26. Subject line question really ... How do you describe your hobbies to others who may not share them? For example, do you shamefully - or proudly - admit you like to play video games, or do you avoid the subject altogether? Do you substitute in other less-judgementally neutral hobbies such as "hiking, biking, or camping outdoors"? (note: they're not full time exclusive) When a co-worker asks what you did last weekend, and you spent it wallowing in your virtual-digital slime pool - whether on some elaborate MMO raid, exploring the galaxy one planet at a time, attempting to slay an evil Sith Jedi Master (redundant, I know) in a light saber duel, or trying to survive solo in a hostile virtually frozen landscape - do you paraphrese-quote The Brain and explain somewhat melodramatically that you "did last weekend what you do every weekend, Pinky ... try to take over the world!" ... cleverly passing your benign mental affliction off with humor? Honestly curious how you and others treat the subject in your individual/collective social circles.
  27. Thought some of you folk might be interested in this:
  28. Finished this game last night. Overall, i'd give it a solid 70%. It really felt like an SW game of old. If you were of an age to have marvelled at Dark Forces, you'll appreciate the feel of a SW game (i suspect the music score has as much to do with that as anything). I will confess that half way through i found the many boss fights to be too difficult on Jedi Master level, and decided to complete the rest on the next notch down (the bottom notch). Which was still difficult enough to be challenging and but not so difficult that it was no fun. It's not a long game. There are 5 main locations that you go back and forth to as the story unfolds. But the locations are rather large. As mentioned before, it plays out VERY much like the last 3 Tomb Raider games, and was built using the same, or similar, engine (Unreal). It is a superb engine, that made me gasp from the first few scenes. The characters are good. Your two main crewmates, are mostly dressing, but good dressing in that they contribute to the story, but not the action. The voicing is all brilliant - notably here is the captain, voice superbly by Daniel Roebuck (didn't know who he was). I have developed a soft spot for the sexy-voiced Mirren, a Russian-sounding witch, who appears later in the game. I would love to see more of her (no, not in that way). There's a lot to not be so proud of here. The game feels disjointed and too heavily scripted. As with TR, you are dumped in large spaces, but still on rails within that large space. Fighting mechanics can be a bit button-mashy at times. And there are a few bugs that don't destroy the game. I quit after several hours play due to losing too much progress between no-choice save points. But having restarted, found out that you can skip some of the bits a 2nd time round. Once it drop below £20, it's worth a punt. Graphically played great on a 1080 with a 4-series i7 and 16Gb. I'll leave you with a pic of Merrin.
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