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  2. Yeah, the one positive thing I took from the video is he said he gets so much fake information that he doesn't know what's true or what isn't until after the fact. So in this case, he didn't know it was true until i twas announced, and we still don't know if the list is true. So that's good I guess. However, if a content creator or trader made a connection with a reliable source, they'd have a constant stream of inside information. And considering we see these mass buyouts and sellouts days before announcements all the time, there is definitely some shady stuff happening behind the scenes.
  3. If that list is true it's good news, at least. If this kind of insider trading is this common, imagine what else goes on behind the scenes with some of these more popular content creators.
  4. Oh yeah, I read that article, there is definitely a lot of bullshit happening behind the scenes. Rudy also posted a video recently about people emailing him leaks for Double Masters in February. He even lists some cards in the set that haven't been spoiled yet. I guess we can't confirm that the cards he shows will be in the set, but if they are, yikes!
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  6. I must have missed it when it was first posted, but I read the Wired article about MTG finance and insider trading. The Stockbrokers Of Magic: The Gathering Play for Keeps I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but some of the information in the article caught me off guard. Especially the insider trading and shady MTG finance practices of "community" members.
  7. Yes. So we show our support by liking your post instead.
  8. It's Episode 7 of Magic for Normies! In this episode, Pixie and Zuby talk about all the different formats of our favorite game, Magic the Gathering... including a new player-created format, Gladiator! Hint: there are A LOT of ways to play this game! They also discuss all the new products that have been announced: Double Masters and the summer drop of Secret Lairs. And an episode of Magic for Normies wouldn't be complete without a few games! They play a booster pack opening game called Booster Sleuth (check out this how to play video: and together draw their very own Ikoria monster by mashing two different Ikoria creatures into one! The show was live-streamed on Twitch, but here's the replay for your viewing pleasure! You can also find an audio-only version of the show on the Magic with Zuby podcast, found on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, and most other podcast platforms! To watch the streams LIVE, follow on Twitch! You can find Zuby on twitter: and twitch: Be sure to visit my sponsor, Cardsphere! Hands down, it's the best place on the internet to buy and sell paper MTG cards! Also, check out my sponsored affiliate, Inked Gaming, for all your gaming supply needs at or Follow me on Twitter! Enjoying my videos? You can send me a tip and let me know! Love my content? Check out my Patreon and consider becoming a patron! All my links in one place: View the full article
  9. This week we brought on Lesley and Shawna of the youtube channel TapThatMTG! Turns out, Lesley also owns a gamestore up in Canada called Pandora's Boox! We discussed their content creation journey as well as what it's like opening a game store and so much more. Please help me in welcoming Lesley and Shawna to the show! Lesley and Shawna can be found: Twitter: @TapThatMTG Youtube: Podcast: LGS: You can support Magic With Zuby on Patreon here: Magic with Zuby can be found at: Twitter: @magicwithzuby Gmail: Magic With Zuby is sponsored by the following: Order any Magic singles or sealed product that is over $2 and get free shipping to anywhere within the United States! View the full article
  10. ... Would it be wrong to like this???!
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  12. Well, this is the pre-order price on Amazon, though in the past these have been a little bit higher than the actual price so I'd take this with a grain of salt. It doesn't look great, but when you consider each pack has 2 rares you're technically paying $8 per rare, which is less than many previous Masters set, and the rare slot is all that really matters anyway in terms of value. There are rumors that it's $300 per box. With 24 packs per box and (at least) 2 rares per pack, you're paying about $6.25 per rare, which is less than ORIGINAL Modern Masters at $7. None of this really matter until we see what's in the set, of course. If we have the cheapest price-per-rare ration ever but also have no value in the set it doesn't mean anything. We'll have to wait and see what's in the set and see how the EV shakes out.
  13. On today's episode we do a look into the differences of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition and Pathfinder 2nd Edition. We take a deep dive into the differences both games offer for players and try to explain what each one does differently. You can support Magic With Zuby on Patreon here: Magic with Zuby can be found at: Twitter: @magicwithzuby Gmail: Magic With Zuby is sponsored by the following: Order any Magic singles or sealed product that is over $2 and get free shipping to anywhere within the United States! View the full article
  14. Wouldn't it be racist if the brown eggs were sold? To white people. So they could beat them. Or whip them.
  15. Sounds about right.
  16. Yeah I was like wha??! Had not realised until now it had gone.
  17. My mate jumps back on every now and again. Claims it's greatness once more and stops a week later.
  18. Gosh. I grew up with an equal quantity of brown and white and hadn't even twigged the white ones had disappeared.
  19. 'Cause you is rascist bruh.
  20. Wonder what the price of packs will be
  21. Well, sign me up for that non-foil Atraxa. I wonder how hard the original will get hit, value wise? Shoulda, coulda, woulda sold off that and Kaalia while I had the chance. Here's hoping for a second go-around for Assassin's Trophy and Heroic Intervention.
  22. Not only that, but they're being destroyed because the hens are laying eggs faster than our crippled shipping infrastructure can move them. It's pretty sad. So, does the UK do dyed eggs on easter? How do you dye a brown egg?
  23. And yet, here in the US, white eggs are the majority sold whereas brown eggs are fringe.
  24. I honestly haven't seen anyone talking about that, but yeah, I guess they did.
  25. Rare white-shelled eggs available in UK supermarkets for first time in 40 years! Sorry, it's been slow around here and I saw this...
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