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  2. Could it be because liberal arguments and theories can't ever stand on their own?
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  4. He hasn't been in contact recently, but i suspect that every time he got on here, he ended up having strong arguments, and got a bit fed up of it. It's the second or third time that cycle has happened. So it's possible he might have given up. Following in submerged footsteps, one might say.
  5. Damn only just noticed. Thought it had been quieter around here, guess I'll have to take up the slack...
  6. He's been MIA lately.
  7. Hang on, I just noticed, what's happened to Wolph's account??! He's just showing as a guest now.
  8. Funny you should say that, apparently this may be true for plants at least.
  9. It's so refreshing to see how well people know you. I'm going to save that for ease of use later.
  10. We've done intros to the format, looked at unique takes on classic decks, but today we're talking about what makes the difference in specific archetypes for their respective sub-archetypes. What differentiates the million and one tron lists, the various boros lists, or even the different delver lists? Learn all this and more on this week's episode! Support us on Patreon: Can Buy Playmats with our Logo on them here: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: theme song is courtesy of Ell, whose music is available at View the full article
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  12. Hey everyone! In this video, we briefly go over our Pack to Power a Cure binder, then we open a few packs for some people who commented on last weeks videos, and finally, we open up a variety of packs to help restock our Patreon Build-a-Pack box with some solid hits!
  13. Hey everyone! In this video, we briefly go over our Pack to Power a Cure binder, then we open a few packs for some people who commented on last weeks videos, and finally, we open up a variety of packs to help restock our Patreon Build-a-Pack box with some solid hits!
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  15. This is huge news, and definitely the right path for MTG, but it does feel extremely rush and not fully fleshed out. They had already made changes to the Pro Tour back in November, and one month later.. .BAM!
  16. "Blue Passportses". Cracked me up. UK passports used to be royal blue. EU standardised on red.
  17. My thoughts went to Avatar and the connectedness of the planet. In spite of our arrogance, it would be so great to learn that we're all connected above and below ground.
  18. 4. Could life have been brought to the Earth by a passing asteroid or other space faring vehicle? Did life originate on Earth or was it brought here?
  19. Yep that video. Also, lots of arseholes shitting on other arseholes and scoring points for unleashing the most farty shit on the other side as possible. Swimming in the shits. But don't worry, regardless of what happens now it seems apparent that Britain will become a tax haven for big businesses and the mega rich. So they'll be okay, thank god!
  20. Link Couple of things I take from this: 1. The quote at the end of the article ...“We must ask ourselves: if life on Earth can be this different from what experience has led us to expect, then what strangeness might await as we probe for life on other worlds?” This was my first thought, how much life is really out there. 2. How does this world interact with ours? Are there yet to be discovered treatments that could help humanity? Conversely, are there yet to be discovered pathogens that could wipe us clean? 3. There are thoughts that life started on the surface, in tide pools. Or in the depths of the ocean on the sea floor. Could life have started deep within Earth itself? Or is life restricted to starting one way?
  21. That is brilliant!
  22. I've had my PSU over 10 years now. It's my oldest component. I bought an Antec TruPower 650. Although there was a point where GPU's were starting to rocket upwards in power consumption, that trend died off, and, if anything, it's been going down ever since. So, yeah. Good PSU is a good idea.
  23. This sums it up for most people, i'd say. It's also brilliant.
  24. What is going on with Brexit? From what I gather, May has a deal, but it won't pass. Now she is trying to renegotiate, but the folks she has to talk to said they will not renegotiate. I hear this is over a backstop with North Ireland. I don't know what the backstop is. The vote was in June of 2016 ... seems like an awfully long time has gone by with very little progress.
  25. The game would freeze up for a couple of seconds quite regularly, regardless of how much or how little was going on screen. I haven't run any actual tests but once I got 16GB the issues went away, I feel that it was probably just at the edge and going up to something like 12GB would have been enough as well but not regretting having the extra headroom now. I think 8GB will be enough for most things at the moment but the newer stuff will be pushing it and it is only going to get worse. When I built my system originally I planned on upping to 16GB later but never got round to it and it seemed 'enough' for a while. Then the bit currency miners drove the price up and it was still a lot higher than it used to be (when I built my system originally the RAM kit cost £40, now the exact same kit costs £69) and so was waiting for that to go down but realised I could be waiting forever. I found 8GB was quite enough for a long time, my previous system that is about 10 years old (and still runs most games) was on 8GB, it was definitely not like the old days when RAM doubled every year or so. It just suddenly crept up on me though that may be because I spent the past year with my leg up using my old system for most of it. My current system is running a 970 and seem fine with most games on high too, was going to buy a newer graphics card during Black Friday but I realised that not only was the discount for Black Friday rubbish but that I didn't care enough about any small upgrade in performance to put down the amount of money they were asking. And I agree completely on the PSU and even add that without a decent quality one you risk not only not going anywhere but actually going backwards and having to buy new hardware. I never skimp on PSU these days, not even about the power for me but the quality, the risk of damage to hardware is too great for the savings you make on a shoddy PSU.
  26. It’s because Aurian panics when it’s Dec 1st and there’s still shopping. And she wraps gifts early because there’s nowhere to hide them around here
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