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    Americans who get more than 2 weeks of vacation in a year? We have a big river cruise in Mid-April: Prague->Germany->Austria->Slovakia->Hungary
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    Big year for vacations as this will be the first time that I have ever left North America. Spending 8 days in Iceland: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SjQuaECbjIruRluTr6IjZRVzlygLAz75&usp=sharing Spending 2 weeks in France (need to update some more, but you get the gist): https://drive.google.com/open?id=19EqJbw1TetZMvNe9zsW-vlzwrzm5EwhP&usp=sharing Few things have come together for us as a family to enable these trips. We've expanding our vacation budget as my son is a junior, so we only have a few more family vacations left. We have made a conscious decision to start seeing exploring the planet. And I've gotten better at stretching our vacation dollars.
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    Enjoying it a lot. Yeah, it's a little grindy, but that can be a good thing for mindless relaxation. Except, it isn't quite mindless at the same time. Hard to explain. You have to always be conscious of your inventory levels and empty inventory slots. There are more types of things than slots available ... until you get multiple hauler ships and exocraft, and until you expand your exosuit inventory ... but that's another story ... The early game is a challenge, and it can feel like you're flailing trying to keep your head above water. Mid-game is fun because there is so much to do. I haven't seen late game yet, so no word on how that will play out. I've got well over 60 hours in with many, many more to go, so I'd say at $30 price point there's good entertainment value. I've mentioned elsewhere here, that I can spend a lot of time, or just a little in-game, and still accomplish goals. So it isn't necessarily a tedious grind ... it's the busy kind. Later on, when you get a refiner, you can actually multiply materials by looping them through selected recipes (e.g., 2x -> 1y -> 4x, repeat). This cuts down on the need for roaming and gathering stuff, but also puts a bit of a squeeze on available inventory space. I dropped by tonight because I had to say goodbye to an old friend - my third fighter ship purchased with hard earned money from the early days (the first two were not very memorable or notable: the first was a free starter, and the second was a minor upgrade to the starter). This ship (shown below) is perhaps one of the coolest little fighters that I've seen in-game, was a class upgrade (i.e., from C to B), cost me a cool 1.35 million units, and I haven't seen another quite like it around the trading posts or space stations. Unfortunately it didn't have very many slots for inventory and tech upgrades (it had only 17+3). We downed a good number of pirates, that ship and I, and found multiple planets in multiple systems together. I kept it as long as I could until I finally acquired the max number of ships I can have (6), and had to pass it off in favor of another model (a shuttle, no less) with more available space.
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    I think i mentioned some time back that my old box room was running out of space as a study. I've been planning to relocate it to our spare bedroom, as it's hardly ever used and twice the size. We started the move on Friday, and making good progress. I have a couple of pics to share and comment on. It's a wide-angle lens, so the proportions look a bit odd. The room will contain my gaming PC, the main file server and Fins PC. In the first photo you can see Fins desk on the right and mine straight ahead. There's still a triple wardrobe in the room, which is going to disappear. If you note the window on the right and look at the wall space just to the left of it, it has a small painting on it. That's the spot where the Lego Falcon is going. There's a power socket just below it, to plug the engine lights in. I gave Fin my old, but still decent, Cambridge Soundworks 5.1 speakers and bought myself the Logitech Z906 late last year. I've just installed them and they're wonderful. Can't see them in the photo, but the sub is huuuge. This room is in our newish extension. when it was being built i opted for sound-proofing to go into the floor of the room. That is now paying dividends, as sound is very effectively dampened down to the kitchen below. The second photo is a work-in-progress of the shelving in the room. There's an extra 10 points and stacks of street cred for anyone who can tell me the name of the model on the top shelf on the far left, or even where it's from. There's a few more models to go up there, including the Jawa's Sandcrawler, which i haven't built yet. I'm thinking of buying the Lepin Super Star Destroyer, but am a tad sceptical abut the lego-alike. I also have two picture to go up on the walls. One i bought last year, but haven't put it up yet: https://bottleneckgallery.com/products/mark-englert-she-s-got-it-where-it-counts The other is a star destroyer triptych, probably from Etsy, which i haven't bought yet. Something like this: https://goo.gl/images/6gnxtU I think the idea came from Dunnar. I've also discovered that, over the past few months, the puppy has chewed both the cable to the rift and the surround sound headphones. I can buy a replacement for the Rift, which is £50, but I suspect i might need to replace the headphones. That's £120 worth of damage by the little fucker.
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    Finally... After a year on the kitchen island, the Falcon has been mounted. Repeat... The falcon has been mounted. Considering that it was just a Lego model, it was a mammoth project, requiring a special mounting bracket, as a i wanted to mount it twisted, and it's heavy - very few brackets fitted the bill. Secondly, my walls are block covered with dot and dab plasterboard, which means there's plasterboard, then air and then a block. So i need to buy special longer coach-bolts. 15kg when extended on the bracket arms, creates a high weight load on those bolts. But it's well fixed. And it's fully adjustable, both in and out, swinging right and left, and it can tilt 15 degrees and rotate 360 degrees. A few bits exploded onto the floor, struggling with my wife to get the model up on the rig, but 30 mins rebuilding in place should do it. Finally, i attached the electrics to a Echo compatible electrical socket, and renamed the socket "Falcons Engines". So now i can turn on the engine lights by asking Alexa to "turn on the Falcons engines". Woo-hooo. I will be tidying up the electrical stuff at some point.
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    I don't know what my exact list, but I play Affinity in modern and several cards were made into Kaladesh masterpieces, so blinging out my deck with those would be cool!
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    Basically, we're relatively broke after shelling out north of £10k on the US trip last year. So we've decided to take shorter, less expensive, but more frequent breaks this year. So far, we have 2 planned. We're going to a holiday resort on the North Devon coast in March for 4 nights. Here. It's not particularly glamorous, but it's dead cheap and they allow dogs. Then during the week of the late may bank holiday, we're taking Fin to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour just north of London, and staying in a hotel for a night either side. Very expensive for what it is, but he is quite enjoying the whole HP thing right now. I'm reading the books to him before bed, and we're both loving that TBH. I'm also going camping with Fin, a mate and his two boys, which we do every year, in early May. But i don't count that as a holiday, as Caren can't come - no chicks! What have you guys got lined up?
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    I want to hear all about that cruise. I've looked at those cruises and that's a route through Europe that I'm interested in. I am fortunate enough to get a lot of vacation time. One of the reasons I have stayed with my employer for such a long time
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    I think WOTC definitely wants as many people playing Arena (or Magic Online) as possible, as the profit margins are so much higher. With that said, MTGO didn't kill paper Magic, and I doubt Magic Arena will either. Certainly it's a million times better, but the grindiness of it will probably ensure there will always be paper players. I've already gotten a little bored with Arena. I don't have any interest in dumping money into the platform and this has led me to be unable to build the decks I want. The system just isn't flexible for budget players, and I've felt pigeon-holed into the one deck I've built because spending my precious wildcards on other decks just isn't feasible. On MTGO, I can build and brew to my hearts content. Anyway, what I'm getting at is Arena isn't perfect for every type of player, and because of that, it won't completely destroy paper Magic. It would need to include all formats (or at least modern) and have some sort of secondary market or trading system - and until that exists, I think paper Magic will be fine.
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    What's the difference between a pacifier, rattle or some other toy? Parents have been giving their kids something to occupy them since the beginning of time. My kids are teens so its a little different. But I had the same thoughts when they were younger. All my daughter does is watch YouTube. My sons time switches from playing video games to watching YouTube with the occasional GoT. He's been playing games since he was young without restrictions ... much to the disagreement of mom. Many times I will hear my daughter on FaceTime with her friends. Or in direct contact with their friends via SnapChat or in my son's case, game chat. I have a couple of rules, do NOT go over your data and put the phone away while we're eating. Outside if that, I don't have many restrictions. I do worry about content ... but lets face it. In this world, they can access anything they want, anytime they want. So, I have to trust them. And as long as they do good in school, aren't getting in trouble, and doing what they need to do ... I am not going to restrict things. If I find drugs, grades slip or something else ... that will change. Couple of things I notice. 1. Its normal behavior for them and their friends. For many parents, I am the only adult they know that plays video games so many will confide in me when they have concerns. I have had more than one friend say all their kid does is play video games and they are worried. I make a distinction between playing something by yourself and playing with your friends. I hear my son playing a lot and he is usually on with his friends. So ... its something he and his friends do together. Do you wish that they would be outside shooting hoops, yes. But that doesn't happen. Hell, me and my friends didnt always do that either. 2. I make a distinction between normal and abnormal behavior. Its the abnormal kids that usually have problems or are socially awkward. For my generation, it was normal to watch a lot of TV and at the time, the adults were worried. 3. There are benefits to this behavior. My kids look at all kinds of crap on youtube and some of it is actually educational. Sometimes I will be very surprised at what comes up. For instance, my son was watching a video on Brexit. My daughter looks up all kinds of how to stuff. So when compared to me and what I watched growing up, there are advantages. 4. My kids talk to their friends more than I could have ever imagined. They do things with their friends in a way that I couldn't even conceive of. Sure, both kids are in their bedrooms, but they are doing something, together. In my book, that counts for something. Same with Xbox or PC games ... they are with their friends doing something. They are safe and not getting into trouble. There are chat groups and other things. My daughter has a chat group for her basketball team. There is another one for all the kids that live in the neighborhood. Which is why boys show up when my daughter has a sleepover. So while I may not like curtain things, I would be more worried if my kids were on their devices and NOT with their friends. 5. Last but not least ... I disagree with the kids not learning. They are learning a skill, a very valuable one. Kids today better learn how to interact with tech devices. How many of us have had to help an older adult with something tech related? I have had to help an uncle open his hotel room door by swiping a keycard. My father inlaw navigate the menu on his cable box. Some random stranger navigate a touch screen at a gas station. I have been surprised at what my kids know about their phones and other devices. So as a kid, growing up in 2019, you better know how to work these devices ... because they are only going to get more prevalent, not less. All that being said, I'm with Jazz ... I don't understand watching someone else play a video game. Now get off my lawn!
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    RNA Draft Recap #1

    I finally got a chance to do a paper draft of the new Ravnica set, although it was bittersweet as the LGS (Core Games in Richmond, BC) is closing. It isn’t THAT close to me (25-30 mins away), but my friend plays there almost every week. Thanks to rising rents and another LGS pilfering players away, the store is closing as of Feb 1st. 12 of us were there for the final draft, split into two pods of 6. I took Forbidding Spirit (Hey @MTGZuby ) with my first pack, as the rare was rubbish. For most of pack 1, I could not get a clear signal on what was open. I waffled between Orzhov and Simic (seeing both open), but also seeing solid blue spells. It wasn’t until pack 2 when I got the clear signal that Azorius was where I should be. I ended up with this deck, which was a little light on playable dudes. I ended up 2-1 with this deck, despite my first pack basically being wasted. The idea was to utilize some control elements and win via the flyers. Round 1 was against a Rakdos/Orzhov blend. They had 2 of the 3/3 life-drain thrulls, Electrodominance, the spell that makes you sacrifice the highest-power creature (Amazingly good against the Azorius 4/3 flyers), as well as a Rakdos Guildmage and the usual ground pounders. I was trounced in Game 1, especially after he returned 2 thrulls from his graveyard to his hand and slurped my lifeforce. Game 2 was quite close, as I barely got there with the remaining 4/3 flyer that didn’t die, plus the 2/5 unblockable beater. I sided out the Bring to Trial and something else for 2 Quenches. Game 3 wasn’t too close as I curved out with both 4/3 flyers and he draw no removal. Round 2 was against a very good Simic deck. He had Chillbringer, Sharktocrab, the rare druid, plus lots of other beef. He also had the clone spell to copy Chillbringer. Yuck. Although I won the match 2-0, I won both games by the slimmest of margins. Again, the flyers and unblockable did just enough, and Dovin’s Acuity was drawing me enough cards and giving me JUST enough life to get me over the edge. Getting acuity down on Turn 3 pretty much assured that I would keep drawing enough gas. Round 3 was against a brutal Jund deck. He had the mythic dragon, lots of riot creatures, and just enough removal. Giving green haste makes these decks hard to fight, especially if Azorius wants to cast spells on the main phase. I did manage to get the opponent down to 3 life in game 2, but I still felt like I was always on the defense. Once the dragon came down, I had no answer other than Bring to Trial, which was hiding in my library. All in all, I love how balanced this set is for draft. I just wish I had decided on my guild/deck earlier in Pack 1, although the signals were very muddy. If I could watch the draft on replay, maybe I could learn how to pick up things earlier.
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    Yesterday, I happened upon an extreme weather, fiery storm planet in a new star system that I explored a few light years away from my home system. Extreme weather planets are mostly a PITA with their rapidly recurring storm events, where if you're short on exosuit hazard protections (like me), you need to hunker down in your ship or other shelter for the duration (could be several minutes real time). But they also provide decent risk vs. reward. I took time to setup a phosphorous mine during the calm between a couple of the raging storms ... aaaannnnd ... look who showed up. Yes, it was as mean as it looked. On the bright side, I got the phosphorous I was after (I needed it to recharge my thermal protection), and as I flew around in the storms, I found quite a few storm crystals (translate to fast, big bucks) which enabled me to pick up a new fighter later that day.
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    Yes. The bolt is screwed into a wall plug (wikipedia says you call them anchors or rawlplug). I used 8mm coach bolts , which felt really sturdy. In the UK, power for sockets on floors above the ground floor is supposed to be fed directly from below the socket, in a vertical run up to the socket. On the ground floor, it's supposed to be fed vertically down to the socket, directly from above. So in a two storey house, all the electrical runs are centred on the cavity between the ground floor and the one above (we call it 1st floor, you call it 2nd). With a dot and dab wall, or a cavity wall, yes, it would be run, more or less, in the cavity. When the wall construction is solid, plaster directly onto block or brick, you use a technique called "Chasing", when you cut a channel into the wall using a chasing cutter. Walls of older houses were built to last better than the newer houses. Anything older than, say, the 1960's would be more commonly built of brick, for both external, and internal walls. More modern houses would be built of brick or cinder block external, and for internal walls, often just "stud" walls, made of wooden frames with plaster board covering. The beer is my current favourite (and it's been my favourite since last Summer). It's called "Life & Death". It's an American style IPA, made from citrus hops. Quite strong in alcohol. Quite stunning on a hot day, when you've built up a thirst.
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    1.) Liliana of the Veil - for a Modern Jund Deck 2.) Tarmogoyf - see above 3.) Cavern of Souls - to finish my Legacy deck 4.) Chalice of the Void - see #3 5.) Goblin Game:
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    Hey, we haven't had a Top 5 in awhile. Today's topic? The top 5 cards you wished you owned. ***THAT DON'T INCLUDE THE POWER 9*** Yes, let's make it more interesting than just the powah. For moi: Karakas - Idiot Jes remembers seeing a Legends Karakas in a store glass display case at $15. I wanted the card, but thought "Why would I spend that $ on a casual card?". Of course, it became a Legacy powerhouse and I missed my window. Biogenic Ooze - Yes, from the newest set. I have always wanted an ooze lord, and never managed to crack one Illusionary Mask - One of the most complicated cards of all time, this would pair so well in my Phyrexian Dreadnought deck (one of the older wombo combos). A card on the reserved list and never made it to Revised. I also love the goofy art Nicol Bolas, the Ravager - I never did manage to get Daddy in his latest form. I have played against him, and he is rather mean in multiplayer, so I have to be careful what I wish for. Robot Chicken - Yes, this is a real card! Sorta... it was made for the creators of Robot Chicken, and only in an oversized version. My chicken deck (BAWK) would absolutely want 4 of these.
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    I am one who had Dark Age of Camelot ruin every other mmorpg that came out. It had tons of shit, too long to list, that put it above every other one out there I tried. (And I lost a ton of money looking for a replacement, and WoW was one) I got one great real life friend out of DAOC and a ton of others who I really enjoyed being with in game. A great guild is huge. But also for myself, it was the ability to really mold "Avatar Me". I died alot playing my character out of norm for it's traits, but WE also won battles due to my setup that allowed me to play with a team who understood what I was doing, and allowed for them to support me in my weaknesses. A leather wearing hunter, high in toughness, pet, and strength and wielding a 2 handed sword, while low in "bow" and extremely low in stealth almost to a point I had none. Lol A bow wielding stealther toon with few points placed in either. What! I loved it. Opponents - "Oh look, I popped a hunter, let's get his ass". I'd smile as I'd smack them for damage from a hunter, like they never experienced before, with my claymore, while confusing them with why they couldn't put this stealther down. (Too many HPs and points in toughness) I could hear them through the computer as their cries of "WTF", turned to "That Bastard!", as my stealther shadowblade friend(s), came out of what seemed like nowhere to slaughter them with backstabs and poison as their focus was on this hunter with the "upside down character creation". Props also to my pet and the ability to use him in ways other games don't allow. Its 2019 and I'm playing NBA2K19, which still put limitations on individual character development. You would think by now developers would have come a lot farther. But no. In summary, DAOC allowed me to create a toon more freely than any other, leaving behind the cookie cutter designs and allowing me to truly be the toon I wanted to be. (Hey Pasanda, let's go fuck some people up like the old days!)
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    Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqjQcdrhMFyZdS1sT3yv9bQ
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    The Bard's Tale came out in the early '80s, and just released a new version last year. Arguably, they had a huge time gap between releases, but there was at least one between BT3 and the latest BT4. Would Final Fantasy count? What version/episode are they up to these days ... 20-something? I also vaguely recall mention that they might be working on a new Ultima. Might have just been a rumor. The games industry is turning into pretty much like any other entertainment media ... lack of imagination and creativity of new concepts and IPs. They would rather keep churning out the same slop, or re-boot older slop hoping for a wave of nostalgia buys.
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    Ahh, Leisure Suit Larry. Good fun for the whole family
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    I have not tried that one, although I did try my hand at Multiplication (i.e., with similar results as Leisure Suit Larry).
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    I don't know how many of you have played this game, but if you like survival/sim games, The Long Dark is one of the best out there. Pretty balanced system for hunger, thirst, ect with great gameplay and an amazing story if you want to play out the storyline. Or you can just go into survival mode and freeplay to your heart's content. I currently have 225 hours logged into this game. And while the maps stay the same, the location of the items you're looking for change, so that add's to the replay value. https://store.steampowered.com/app/305620/The_Long_Dark/ And for those of you that do not use Steam, here's the direct site http://www.thelongdark.com/
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    It's on sale now on Steam for about $10
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    Young boys that dress like young girls and prostitute themselves out to older foreign men? Just a guess ... More seriously ... I think his father retired and lives there.
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    Reminds me of an old (!) joke ... First guy: "The other day my wife took off for a cruise through the Carribean." Second guy: "Jamaica?" First guy: "No. She wanted to go." *Bah-dum-tissshhhhh*
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    https://www.tourradar.com/t/113484 That is the particular route we're taking.
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    My local LGS, Mind Games in Metrotown, held a Chaos! Draft on Sunday, February 4th. I have done Chaos drafts only a few times in my life, and rarely for 1-on-1 battles. I picked my packs first, and went with Battlebond for funsies, Dominaria, and then Ravnica Allegiance. The store decided to not include any Masters sets...and has really only newer/Standard sets, so no Lorwyn or anything like that. The deck: I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of the others players take 1 or more Conspiracy (Take the Crown) packs, which made the chaos draft even more fun. There were a lot of crowns being taken back and forth each game. I opened up Battlebond first, and took Noosegraf Mob. It’s an army in a can! My second pick was a Plated Crusher, and then I figured a ramp strategy would be viable. It was apparent, early on, that green was pretty open for me, and I was getting solid black cards. The second pack was Dominaria. The rare was Cabal Stronghold (bleh), so I had a choice between Slimefoot and Settle the Score. I really needed removal, so I took the Settle and prayed nobody else was GB and I could wheel Slimefoot. Luckily, I did wheel Mr. Slimey! I was able to pick up two conspiracies (which help when you have multiples), one that allowed me to make zombies with the Satyr Wayfinders died, and one to give +1/+1 counters to the Entourage of Trests. The third pack was more of the same, with a few small additions to the curve and some sideboard cards. I picked Hallowed Fountain more for the $, and just had a few additions. I did find that I wasn’t getting any more removal, which was a bit concerning. After the draft, I could see why… 5 players in total had black cards in their deck. It was obvious that the packs were deep in black, and each deck splashing had a good # of playables. It also meant I was being cut off from the removal. I know I was passing a lot of good red, and the two players on my left picked red-blue and red-black-green. At least they got those signals. ROUND 1 – I played against that red-green-black player. His deck had a LOT of removal, plus the limited bomb Avatar of Woe. Woe was me, alright. I won game 1 thanks to Noosegraf Mob. Game 2 was tight, but he had resolved Avatar of Woe and I didn’t draw removal for it. Game 3 wasn’t close as I started with 4 lands and drew nothing but lands. His deck was very good, so I needed to draw perfect and I didn’t. He ended up 2-1 and lost in the finals to a UW Control build. ROUND 2 – I played against the UR player I had passed to. He had a lot of tricks, Charmbreaker Devils to get them back, and counterspells. Game 3 was another Noosegraf Mob win, as I had the army out to go wide, plus Plated Crusher to ram through. An FLUNGE! for exactly 12 was the deciding factor. This was his first chaos draft, so he wasn’t sure how he did. I think he drafted a pretty decent deck for his first time. ROUND 3 – He had the Conspiracy that made his creatures deal damage equal to their toughness, which turned his 0/4s into essentially 4/4s. Ouch. This was another tight match, with me winning in 3. Game 1, I had Slimefoot making 2 saprolings a turn, and basically pinging him to death with value. Game 2, he had the Hexproof ‘3/2’ flyer and the 1/3 flyer dealing 3 damage to me each turn. I could not deal with the hexproof guy AT ALL. Game 3, he didn’t get blue mana, which helped me get a good start. His deck was good, and on theme, but his mana base was a bit tough on him. The draft didn’t seem to have much mana fixing. So, a 2-1 record with 3 tough matches. I am fairly happy with how I drafted, and was able to jump on the right colours early, especially green. I just wish I had a bit more removal to go along with the beef I ramped into. Monarch, especially, helped grind out some longer games. *BONUS* The winner got a UMA box topper, and there was a random draw for another. I finished 4th, and my # was drawn. I ended up with a shiny Mikaeus, the Unhallowed
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    Hey SoulRider, Forum isn't dead, it just ebbs and flows. Plenty of helpful people lurking around just waiting to respond.
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    Sounds amazing. I'd like to visit Iceland at some point. I hear it's pretty pricey though. So i do hope you're as good with your bucks as you think you are. That French trip looks amazing too. Is that you're planned route? If so, I have a couple of observations. 1. The Dordogne is just to the east of Boardeaux, on your route. It's a river valley region, with a number of medieval towns, such as Sarlat and riverside camps, that are just lovely - especially in good weather. And awesome canoe trips. 2. At your southernmost point you will be only be a couple of hours drive over the Pyrennees to Barcelona - one of the finest cities in the world, and the home of, in my humblest, the most beautiful building in the world - the Sagreda Familia. It would be practically criminal to be that close and not go.
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    https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/mythic-invitational This was the big news item. This is big news, and great for the game, but it's coming at the expense of WOTC 1. Cutting text AND video coverage of GPs 2. Laying off contacters: Photographer, coverage staff, judges, etc... 3. Not communicating very well (hence, more worrying) Arena has obviously been a big hit, but it feels like Hasbro is turning the screws onto WOTC and this is all being rushed. Why not promote both the online and paper events?
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    Arena seems to have actually pushed people into paper Magic, if some stories are correct That said, WOTC is certainly killing paper coverage and putting all of their eggs online. It's so weird that they hold large events, but barely cover them. Why not both?
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    See there's your first problem - wanting to play with others. If history is any indication, GoG and Steam may not offer cross-platform play (nor with XBox or PlayStation). It's worth checking into if you want to bear the presence of others in your fortress of solitude.
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    It's been on my wishlist for a while, just one of those games I haven't picked up. I'm happy to hear there's a storyline to play through, and not just survive as long as you can.
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    I only asked because I originally had it on GOG but refunded it and got it on Steam when they couldn't confirm whether it would be cross-client or whatever the fuck you call GOG and Steam, and didn't want to take the risk since I had already suffered that issue with Grim Dawn (GOG and Steam versions cannot do multiplayer together and wound up having to buy the game again to play with people).
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    The latest patch/version on GoG (within the past week) enabled multiplayer. The first thing I did after patching up was to disable all the multiplayer options in order to preserve my single-player experience. A lot of requests for MP were made from the beginning, and when it finally arrived along with the inevidable accompanying griefers, most people either turned off the ability or heavily modified permissions to restrict who has access to their bases and stuff. Rumors abound of griefing players destroying bases, or shooting other players on the ground from their spaceships. Be careful what you ask for, because you might get it. I don't personally care for PvP anymore, and it sucks that you have to work hard for resources to better your experience in this game only to have some socially inept mouth-breathing turd destroy it on a whim. The game (NMS) is a great exploration/survival/sandbox from which PvP takes away rather than adds. It is not like DAoC where PvP was/is expected and encouraged in certain areas. Imagine if PvP-ers were allowed to freely roam DAoC housing areas and how disastrous that might be. Co-op exploration, on the other hand, might be right for some, but not me. I'm too much of a anthrophobic misanthropic curmudgeon these days to tolerate others in my sandbox. If I were benevolent dictator of the world, I'd remove all traces of other's explorations from my universe. Alas, the NMS universe is shared, and we're not meant as individuals to selfishly explore and discover it all - let alone the physical impossibility of doing so. YMMV [edit: word change, anthrophobic vs. misanthropic ... I'm not afraid, I just don't like]
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    Well, like any draft, if you can't decide on a path early enough, you end up thin on playables. It hurts a bit more in a multicolour set because if you draft Orzhov or Simic cards and end up Azorius, you may have dead cards you can't play without good fixing, even worse if I had picked up Gruul. The lack of 5 guildgates (from the other set) means splashing only works for certain combos I also probably ended up passing good Azorius cards. I was the only true Azorius player, but the guy who went 4-colour gates had a few of the cards I would have loved to have.
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    If you don't decide on a guild and spread out a little, does it spread you too thin?
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    Just to clarify, is this game you're playing NMS, of NMSN a different game altogether. I have NMS on PS4 and haven't played for a year or so. If i start it up, will i get to play this game?
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    It's a fun way to pass the cold, dark winter nights. My mind stays sufficiently engaged, and I control how mindless or complex my adventures will be. For reasons expressed in another thread on this forum, this game seems to hit my sweet spot for entertainment. The Steam and GoG community forums are still active (Steam more so than GoG), and the NMS community seems more helpful and lightheartedly fun than toxic or bitter like some others degenerate into. So ... yeah.
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    Well, I ended up going 3-1 with Gruul. A fairly mediocre pool, but it had an aggressive/consistent curve, and two of my opponents got mana screwed Faced @Aurian in the finals, and she rekt me This card is an absolute beating.. (as she noted above)
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    ALL PRAISE THE SYNDICATE YOU FILTHY DESERTER I did ok. 2-2, one of my wins was the bye. But last game, went against a Gruul deck and I got lucky on my draws. My store does packs each round for prizes. I made each one of my matches fight for the pack. Promo was Kaya's Wrath. Saved my ass a couple of times. All in all, 10/10, good set, all praise our lords and saviors of the Orzhov Syndicate.
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    Went Orzhov in my ore release and had crap fares with the exception of Etherial Absolution which was a game winner every time I go It out. I also had 3 of each the Grasping Thrulls and the Syndecate Messenger, a bunch of low drops with afterlife and an amazing removal suite of 8+ ways to kill oppenents’ stuff. I steamrolled the whole events and went undefeated due to the amazing number of fliers I pumped out.
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    Is it just me, or is this card pretty ridiculous? Probably won't see pro play, but man it's going to be fun in casual.
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    Welcome to Action RPG's. The loot is great at the beginning, because you have nothing so it all looks good. But later as you get more advanced, you'll target hunt for a specific type of drop with a specific type of bonus to complete your outfit, and suddenly the fun will turn into a grind as you find everything except the one thing for which you're looking. Pray to the great RNGesus and everything will be fine.
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