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    Hey guys! I'm thinking about doing an on-going series in which I offer in-depth decks techs for previous world championship-winning decks. I have a bad habit of starting a series and then never finishing them, but when I do finally decide to film one I'll be posting it here.
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    Fin (my lad) was 9 years old on Tuesday. I though i'd share these images, sent by members of this rag-tag fleet of fugitives, nearly 10 years ago. You guys....
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    Here my humble attempt to redo the old "Magic: the Gathering Forensic Identification Flowchart" that has been circulating on imgur (and others) since 2001. Originally made by Mediadesign.net and now 'revised' and modernized by Edwin (108Bits). Feel free to share. Dimensions: 17 x 22 inches (@2 US letter size). It should fit in the Ultra PRO binders. Direct link: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1MRBXHna3LXZ2W_TEHBkBGSWm5UeWillfqwevMm6emKg/edit?usp=sharing MTG-Card-Identifier_v3.pdf
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    Hello Everyone! I created a new series that explains janky MTG Combos. Here is the first episode: Niv Mizzet. Enjoy and there will be more to come!
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    Was curious if anyone has played EDH with hidden role cards? I’ve been working on a game like this all year that offers full art cards that remain hidden until you reveal them and the roles each unleash unique and fun abilities that can alter games. There are factions which offer hidden alliances, and twisted win-conditions (like winning a game by being the first to die). www.RegicideTheGame.com is where you can go to see all the roles/rules and to play for free.
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    On this date, 35 years ago ... I Had A Funny Feeling in My Gut
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    google trump photoshop queen ... look at the images
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    Looks close. Maybe walker needs to be bigger. Your backsplash is identical to my fireplace. And your wife is a very patient lady
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    I forgot that the Emmys existed, but apparently it aired last night. Not surprisingly, the ratings were the worst ever. Hollywood is so out of touch and don't realize most people are tired of having politics shoved down their throat 24/7.
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    Sensing a theme ... women and education. When I was younger, my biggest regret might have been a women. But as I have gotten older, I see things differently. The way I see it now, all of those prior relationships prepared me for my current one as I would not be the man I am today without that collection of experiences. Hell, even my marriage has been a journey. We had some ups and downs ... and more downs. But we eventually grew into what we have now. Its not what I envisioned my marriage would be. We wouldn't call each other soulmates or anything like that. But a partnership, where each of us has our roles, where we are comfortable with each other, we know our limits and have formed a bond over 18 years of marriage, raising 2 kids, and all the other joys and crap that life throws at you day in and day out. I have never regretted a relationship as each was an opportunity to learn and grow. My only regrets are things I didn't do. The people I didn't talk to, the places I didn't go, the work I didn't put in. Unfortunately, I have been to a lot of funerals in the past couple of years. Every single eulogy had 2 things in common ... family and travel. The people you meet and the places you go. Kind of rambling ... there's a point in there somewhere.
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    Update: I was able to downgrade our hosting plan to the lowest plan they have available. Just to give you an idea, the yearly cost is now $143 when it used to be almost that much for 3 months. I'll have to pay that in a few weeks. That's the good news. The bad news is with a lower hosting plan means we'll have less resources for some of the features we enjoy (or not). I've already started deleting pictures in the Gallery (to clear space) and I'll be cutting others soon. If there are features you'd like to not disappear, please let me know and I'll try to spare them if possible. Because the site is being downgraded, we may see a little bit of downtime when the changes take effect. There will probably be a transition period where the site gets warnings for exceeding resources and I'll have to cut back on some to meet the new limits. So please bear with me for the next month or so. If the site has downtime I'll do my best to get it back up ASAP. A domain change may be coming, I'm still considering moving it to something more general but let's get through this first Any questions, comments, suggestions?
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    Getting back together with someone who had hurt me. I had dated this girl sophomore year, and then found out that she cheated on me. November of senior year, I got back together with her. We went to Hamilton, a nice dinner, and were planning on going to prom in spring. Then it all came crashing down about 2 weeks before prom. I was at FNM playing Draft and had some time between rounds. I said bye to her, and she said bye to an acquaintance that we know. I think I said something along the lines of "you've been good to her, i'm her bf, etc." He looked shocked and wouldn't tell me what was wrong. Eventually, he said "She and I have been dating for a year and a half." That felt like shit. I went home, pulled my bottle of Fireball from under my bed, and knocked back most of the bottle in one night. It felt fucking terrible. And she had played me all along. I called her brother on Discord the next day to talk with him. He and I are really good friends, and, if we had more time, would hang out more often. We were playing Magic on Untap when she texted me and said "Hey, I'm so sorry, I didn't know what was going on with X". I just texted back and told her to leave me alone. Yeah. That hurt. A lot. And currently, it's my greatest regret.
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    My biggest regret was letting my ego get in the way while transitioning to adulthood. After high school, my parents tried to get me to enroll in community college before entering university. I opted to avoid what I called "High Scool 2.0" and entered university directly (pre-Medical course of study, no less, to mate with my love of computer tech - I had visions of studying to create robotic prostheses, but technology was not sufficiently advanced). At that same time, my parents recognized that I needed a vehicle to get to and from class, and so they provided me with one of their choosing; it was practical and very fuel efficient, but gutless and ugly. I would have none of it, and so, on my own I went out and purchased a slightly used, very low miles, two-seat sports car (1980 Mazda RX7) that I could barely afford (the bank loan payments let alone gas and insurance). Faced with my self-imposed set of responsibilities in paying for my own vehicle, gas, and insurance ... along with taking a full course load at university ... while working a minimum wage job flipping burgers at a local mom-n-pop type of restaurant ... I struggled in burning the candle at both ends and in the middle. I burnt out after a year of virtually no sleep (i.e., close the restaurant at midnight, do homework and study for class quizzes and exams, crash to bed by 4:00am, up at at class starting at 7:00am, classes and labs through to the afternoon, go to work, and repeat ... sleep long and hard on weekends but still put in a few hours at work). Me and the Dunkin' Doughnuts night baker often shared a bottomless pot of coffee; because that's where I studied after work ... it was conveniently near the restaurant, and the doughnut shop was open 24/7. I cut my losses and dropped out of university and, in making my life's worst mistake, began the hard road toward success by working to make ends meet. I switched careers several times over the next 30+ years, each starting at the bottom rung and working hard, late and often, to reach the glass ceiling through which I could not pass without a degree. I worked in restaurants from busboy through head chef; I worked in oil field construction support from expediter to lead technician; I worked in contract inspection from frontline welding inspector to quality control to quality assurance and on to chief inspector and test lab branch manager. I always regretted not taking time to complete my degree ... by making a different choice in which loss to cut. Once I started working, I put on the golden handcuffs ... you know, you either have the time or the money to go back to university, but not both simultaneously. Earning over six figures with no benefits, a mortgage, car payments, and with a wife and kid to support, will do that ... not to mention my computer hardware and game playing expenses. Eventually we were able to put aside enough savings to allow me to stop working long enough to once again pursue a college education. And I'll tell you that the degrees are all that much sweeter. And in the end - in hindsight - all those hard times forged who I have become, and make my (current) work seem easy by comparison. While I did not end my path where I originally set out, I have no regrets for where I've arrived and the road upon which I now travel. Would life have been easier had I made different choices? Maybe. I might even have been richer or more famous. But I don't (and won't) know if I'd have been as satisfied.
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    Marrying @JesGolbez Buying a condo together in a new part of town 3 years ago, one that expressedly allowed pets. It was also newer and better built than our old place where our upstairs neighbours sounded like tap dancing elephants every night. It really feels like home.
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    When we bought our house, we decided to keep the condo we were living in. We never really made a profit on it to start out ... but 15 years later, it is paid off and still being rented. I'd also have to say choosing to take the family on vacation to Yellowstone/Glacier. Up until that point, every single one of our family vacations were beach trips. My original (selfish) motivation for booking that trip was to take a trip that my in-laws couldn't go on. Going there changed me. I cannot discern one beach trip from the next, but I will never forget the sound of cracking branches only to have a moose appear in front of us at Glacier. Or the smells of the hot springs at Yellowstone. Or the feel of the Yosemite granite after a light coating of rain. Vacations are no longer a destination, but the beginning of an experience. Something to carry with me. In a strange way, it lifted a veil and expanded my horizons.
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    Of all the combos in Magic,one is the fiercest above all others: the instant win. Two cards, either innocuous or powerful on their own, combine into victory for the controller. These are the flashiest of combos and highlight the divide between players who play to win and those who play to win. They were also among the fewest, categorically speaking, of combo types sent in. I'll let you speak for how they work. - Glissa, the Traitor - Executioner¹s Capsule There are two things I always love to do in Commander: clear the battlefield of creatures, and add even more land to my control. This is a combo that does both at once. (In so many words, I'm going to be adding this to something soon!) My favorite two-card Commander combo is Glissa, the Traitor + Executioner's Capsule. This simple combo plays off Glissa's strengths in a very effective, and often devastating, way. Sac the capsule, something dies, Glissa returns the capsule; repeat for as many times as you have mana, and it's ready to go again next turn. If your opponent isn't playing black, this can often clear his or her board, removing resources/threats and allowing you, and/or other opponents, to attacks freely. Not the most powerful combo in the game, but very effective nonetheless. Having it ready to go can be a good ³rattlesnake" tactic, too, encouraging opponents to attack somewhere else. - Triskelion - Magic 2011 - Mikaeus, the Unhallowed Nature's Will is another way to turn on the devastation. My favorite two-card Commander combo is Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Triskelion. Why? You can use Mikaeus as the commander, ensuring you always have access to one of the pieces, and it can dominate any number of players in a single game. Short of something like Rest in Peace, Tormod's Crypt, Stony Silence, or Damping Matrix you win. - Leyline of the Void - Helm of Obedience My Favorite two-card combo is Helm of Obedience and Leyline of the Void. Why? Because I love making opponents mad (in a Vorthos way). Exiling their library from the game is the perfect way. - Strionic Resonator - Masters 25 - Sands of Time - Visions Here¹s my favorite two-card combo‹Strionic Resonator and Sands of Time. I love this combo because it taps/untaps everything infinitely, including everyone else¹s permanents. The catch is it only works during upkeep. It's great to help people and easy to use to combo off with things like Eye of Ugin. The pieces alone are also great: Resonator is nuts and Sands is an obscure card that messes with combat but is like a Seedborn Muse for everyone. I use it in my deck and it's been great.
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    So I ended up going 3-1 in the prerelease with my Boros deck. Honestly don't think I deserved it, My pool was missing key cards like the Lifelink Hawk and Skyknight Legionnaire, but it still worked out. I did pack the Legion Warboss that turned out to be an all-star. I only played against two other decks: 2 Boros decks (1 splashing blue), and 2 Dimir decks (1 splashing green). Tajic and Aurelia were terrible to play against and it was Aurelia that handed me my losing round after a intense game 3 in round 4 (I was at 7, he was at 3, killed my blocker, and had 9 power on the board. My removal spell in hand - Final Justice, couldn't kill Aurelia because she was a 4/5). Cosmotronic Wave also single handedly won me a game by allowing to swing 18 damage for lethal. All in all I think it was a great prerelease, and the games were fun. Much better than the Ixalans or Dominaria.
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    I don't know if anyone else has notice, but the prices of Modern decks have finally climbed back up to where they were before (good) Masters sets were being printed. For awhile, particularly after Masters 2017, most Tier 1 modern decks were hovering around USD $650-$1,000. A year-and-a-half after Masters 2017, prices are already over $1,000 for almost every Tier 1 deck, with a few exceptions. Naturally, the prices have rebounded after not being printed for so long, but the decks have also evolved over time, so cards are driving up the average cost simply because they weren't worth anything when the last Masters set was released. I think this is pretty definitive evidence that it's PERFECTLY OKAY to print valuable modern cards on a regular basis. The prices will always creep upwards if they are heavily played cards, and with the way decks evolve there will always be fresh, new cards to capitalize on with the next Masters set release. For anyone curious, here are MTGGoldfish's prices for the current meta: 5c Humans: $1,450 UW Control: $1,130 Burn: $730 Hardened Scales: $1,100 Bant Spirits: $1,300 Mono-Green Tron: $785 Hollow One: $1,070 Jund: $1,920 Storm: $320 Jeskai Control: $1,460 Bridgevine: $1,300 Mardu Pyromancer: $1,100 Since Masters 2017 was released, 5c Humans, UW Control, Hardened Scales, Bant Spirits, Hollow one, and Bridgevine weren't even at the top of the list. The paranoia about "breaking the secondary market" is NONSENSE!
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    As a 6'5" fellow as well... My current dog is a Boerboel, a South African Mastiff. I think I will get him certified as an emotional support dog. Just thinking about it brings up such difficult emotions. (sniff, sob)
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    Everyone has collected something at some point for whatever reason. I have seen players collect sets, a binder full of the same single card (usually a "goblin" of some sort for whatever reason), or just whatever caught their eye on any given week. I on the other hand, started a "Wall" collection back in the day, because the art back then was cool & because no to walls are ever the same. My collection starts in Alpha and ends around 8th edition or so I believe. I will list the walls and the edition in which I have them from and then I will add pictures. The list is as follow: Wall of Air (Beta) Wall of Air (7th foil) Dark Maze (Homelands ver 1) Dark Maze (Homelands ver 2) Glacial Wall ( Ice Age) Wall of Kelp ( Homelands) Illusionary Wall ( Ice Age) Thunder Wall (Ice Age) Wall of Vapor (Legends) Wall of Water (Alpha) Wall of Wonder (Legends) Wall of Tears (Stronghold) Vodalian War Machine (Forgotten Realms) Fog Bank (Saga) Stinging Barrier (Masques foil) Quicksilver Wall (Prophecy foil) Floodgate (Mirage) Mirror Wall (Judgment foil) Mistform Wall (Onslaught foil) Hover Barrier (Return to R) Wall of Diffusion (Tempest) Cinder Wall (Weatherlight) Wall of Razors (Stronghold) Wall of Heat (Legends) Wall of Earth (Legends) Wall of Lava (Ice Age) Barrier Rampart (Masques foil) Flowstone Wall (Nemesis foil) Pitchstone Wall (Torment foil) Wall of Fire (Alpha) Wall of Stone (Beta) Wall of Dust (Legends) Wall of Opposition (Legends) Blistering Barrier (Mirage) Whip Vine (Alliances ver 1) Whip Vine (Alliances ver 2) Wall of Roots (Mirage) Carnivorous Plant (Dark) Vine Trellis (Masques foil) Wall of Brambles (Alpha) Wall of Pine Needles (Ice Age) Tinder Wall (Ice Age) Mindbender Spores (Mirage) Wall of Blossoms (DCI foil) Wall of Wood (Alpha) Wall of Ice (Alpha) Sunweb (Mirage) Wall of Essence (Stronghold) Alabaster Wall (Masques foil) Wall of Caltrops (Legends) Wall of Light (Legends) Prison Barricade (Invasion foil) Sunscape Familiar (Planeshift foil) Wall of Nets (Exodus) Shimmering Barrier (Saga) Wall of Swords (Beta) Angelic Wall (Odyssey foil) Wall of Glare (Destiny foil) Ageless Sentinels (Scourge foil) Wall of Hope (Legions foil) Steel Wall (Mirrodin foil) Wall of Resistance (Mirage) Wall of Corpses (Mirage) Wall of Tombstones (Legends) Wall of Putrid Flesh (Legends) Wall of Souls (Stronghold) Cemetery Gate (Homelands ver 1) Cemetery Gate (Homelands ver 2) Drift of the Dead (Ice Age) Wall of Vipers (Prophecy foil) Wall of Shadows (Legends) Wall of Bone (Beta) Wall of Bone (7th foil) Carrion Wall (8th foil) Wall of Blood (Mirridion foil) Wall of Distortion (Masques foil) Wall of Spears (Antiquities) Necropolis (Dark) Shifting Wall (Stronghold) Shield Sphere (Alliances) Snow Fortress (Ice Age) Wall of Shields (Ice Age) Crenellated Wall (Masques -need foil) Walking Wall (Ice Age) Wall of Junk (Saga) Mobile Fort (Saga) Jungle Barrier (Apocalypse foil) & The Crown jewel that started the collection... Living Wall (Alpha, signed I am looking to trade for walls that I don't currently have.. I only want walls from their original appearance as well as the first edition that they came out in foil.. Promo foils walls as well. Thanks for looking..
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    You could always ask around here or make a thread with specifically what your wanted cards are. But in your position, I would start looking at CardSphere for available trades. Big pool of players and cards to choose from, and more likely to get the cards you wanted. @AlbyMTG has a really fun CardSphere series on YouTube Out of curiosity, which cards are you looking for?
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    While I can respect what some professional players are doing in protesting the state of professional play, I have to ask: does Wizards need professional players at all? I know it's an unpopular stance, but I'm not convinced they do. Do they want their player base at large to care about professional play at all, or do they want most players to focus on their play group and other events? Should they let other companies handle professional play and just focus on new material?
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    MTGGoldfish did an excellent video/article on the topic, I recommend checking that out! https://www.mtggoldfish.com/articles/brewer-s-minute-ramp-math
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    IM going to be building a deck based round Felidar Sovereign and I want to know if anyone has any advice?
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't the Emmy awards for television shows (actors, etc.)? If so, New York and other such places are just as complicit in the show's low ratings. It might be better stated that the entertainment industry is out of touch with what general consumers want. They're currently pandering to their own select audience. I don't watch television hardly at all and couldn't care less about their mutual admiration society. Hence I willfully contributed to their low ratings.
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    You should still frame the construction of your next one. Fixed camera, time lapse, making sure the constructed piece is in the same location, oriented in the same way. Then speed it up as a video. That would be kind of cool.
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    If you are a "Guest" and looking here just to see what was in here for you to see, then it's a welcome from a new member. If you are actually a member that isn't signed in, then let me know that you were here so that I can gauge "How many members browse the site without signing in". To all the "actual" Guests: tell me what it is that you are actually looking for in a "Mtg" site... You might actually join in order to post... To anyone, Guest or member: What is it, that you would actually like to see more of on this site? Deck suggestions (aside from the normal decks that everyone is playing), perhaps advise on how to play against specific decks? Maybe just more postings about Mtg related events and such? Whatever the case, I am curious to know. Thanks for stopping by
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    English is such a complex language ... sometimes beautiful, other times frustrating. In this case, when you say eagle, without any context, 100 out of 100 will think the bird. If you said I shot an eagle, 90 out of 100 would think you were golfing ... depending on the rest of the conversation. He said he got his Eagle, which 90 out of 100 would think he was a scout. In addition, he capitalized it ... which wouldn't be done for the bird. Unless something was named Eagle. Maybe you name your dog Eagle or something. my two cents
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    Another deck in the series! And this is the oldest one yet! White Weenie from 1996, check it out!
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    The flowchart has been updated to v3. - Added Guilds of Ravnica Mythic edition - Grouped cards without/special borders - Added 1994 promo cards explanation - Added 1995/1996 Intro/Rivals Sets and Alt. 4th Edition...
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    I think there is improvement from what I can tell. The only exception is the tokens. The tokens feel significantly more flimsy than the other cards in the set, but it doesn't really matter because they're just tokens.
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    At least your Modern deck will stay playable for a long time, and not rotate out... expensive, but if you are competitive, it's the better avenue.
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    Early returns give Boros quite an edge due to its aggressiveness and ability to curve out. I do well with aggro decks, but when I am having fun, I like to durdle around
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    I'm going to one this weekend. I chose Boros, even though I find it rather boring, I think the mentor mechanic will be good in limited. And that limited generally has little ramp, so the disadvantage of going R/W is minimal compared to constructed. The surveil mechanic seems better in limited than I originally thought. Playing useful limited cards with an additional scry affect is going to be nice to get rid of late game lands on the top of your deck.
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    I don't really play EDH, but this sounds like a fun an interesting twist on the format!
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    Ok... I see that a few people on here do some trading, and that's good. I haven't traded in a while (in literally in about 10 years), typically I will just sell some cards on EBay, and then buy whatever I want.. I also have plenty of store credit at the local gaming store, although they usually don't have whatever it is that I need. I have decided that I want to expand my "Wall Collection", so I would like to know how it is that I go about trading here.... I only want walls from their original edition (meaning if it came out in alpha and then was reprinted in 4th, I only want the Alpha edition). Secondly, I want walls in their "foil" form, when foils began. Thirdly, If a wall only came out in foil by like DCI, FNM, or Deck masters, that is something that I would be interested in as long as I didn't already have it. Lastly, but most important I only want walls in Near Mint/ Mint condition. So, let me know what I need to do. Thanks
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    Bet he feels better than I do about Dak……..
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    I'm kind of on the fence with this one. Here's the thing. You're not entitled to make a living just because you're a pro at something. You can be a professional Monopoly player and that doesn't mean Hasbro is responsible to giving you a living wage. A "Grand Prix" in any other form of competition typically just means "come and compete, and possibly win some money." The fact that pros think they should somehow be able to earn enough money to live on is a misconception on their part, in my opinion. Certainly if they can do it, then AWESOME, but no one is entitled to it. But here's the thing, just because I don't believe anyone is entitled to make a living playing Magic doesn't mean WOTC can't make it easier for pros to do so. It's like making Youtube content. You aren't entitled to earn a pay check, but certainly Google and Youtube can do what they can to help you make a living doing what you love. I think it would be AMAZING if pros could earn a living playing Magic, and I absolutely believe WOTC should do anything they can to make it happen. But it all comes down to 1 thing. Money. The reason professional NFL players make more than professional NHL players is because the football is more popular than hockey in the us. It makes more money, and so it has more money to distribute among its players, and teams are more willing to pay players more money because its more lucrative to have a winning team. So basically, the whole discussion is kind of moot. At the end of the day, prize pools will grow with the popularity of the game. But of course, the more popular the game becomes, the more people play professionally, and thus the less money there is available per capita. So....where does that leave us, really? It leaves us right where we are now, where if you want to make money you need to seek monetization through sponsorships. *shrug*
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    So, the set is spoiled fully now, and quite early: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/card-image-gallery/guilds-ravnica-2018-09-19?n I guess this is due to the LRR having their pre-pre-prerelease today.
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    Cardshpere is everything Puca should have been. I have an account, but havent really had time to do much with it. I plan on becoming active once the winter lull hits.
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    Anybody have any tips for a 3 booster draft. I Already have my cards selected, and I'm planning on making a red black agro. Any advice would be sweet.
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    So how was everyone's experience? I just joined the site recently and started adding my Haves just to see what kind of value I have sitting in boxes and binders. I've only added cards that I don't have any use for, and it still adds up to over $560. That's excluding modern staples and dual lands! I'm very tempted to start sending things out and acquiring pieces to an actual modern deck (or 2.) So, how have you guys been liking the site?
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    So ... I'm probably about three-quarters of the way through the game having spent quite a large number of hours playing. I want to like the game, really I do. It's been a while and I've been wanting to give an update, but haven't yet quite found the right words to describe the game .... or enough positive ones to recommend it to others - and I don't have sufficient confidence I am going to. Quite the opposite. If you haven't already bought a copy, don't; if you have, YMMV. The entertainment value just isn't there, and won't be there unless you have nothing better to do and you happen to purchase this on sale for a dollar or less. The game is more tedious and frustrating than fun due to some very bad development decisions. Playing the game feels almost like the developers set out to punish people for playing their game. Gameplay is not so addictive to put up with tedious grind for the sake of tedious grind only to reach a dead end or unlock a useless tech. I read a review posted on Steam, which summarizes my feelings pretty well, and I've copied it below. Unlike the reviewer, I have encountered a few bugs which were show-stoppers. They probably weren't bugs so much as not-well-thought-through implementations with regard to ramifications. I mentioned before potential two-block moments (chicken vs. egg situations), and there are too many such potential pitfalls for coincidence. Do yourself a favor and avoid this game. I'll be uninstalling it myself, and that is quite a feat since I almost never uninstall games ... ever. I usually just throw them on the "ignore" pile. /meh ... On second thought, I'll just toss it on the "ignore" pile for now and save the trouble of uninstalling it for later.
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    The short answer is... I am just now, trying to get back into playing. I researched to see what was on its way out and then bought 2 booster boxes of M19 and pre-ordered a box of Guilds..Hopefully I can build a Great deck and then go hit up the local gaming shop to see how I do in a small tourney... Then, who knows. Never stopped collecting. My next post, I will put up my "Walls" collection. I have walls from each original edition that they appeared in, and then the foil versions when foils started. Unfortunately, I stopped collecting foil walls after like Prophecy edition or so. I should start it back up, just for fun.