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    I'm here at the behest of the Rhino. If he says this is a great place for Magic The Gathering, then I believe him. He's just not old enough to have ulterior motives. I don't know what I have to contribute here unless you need a smart aleck girl that is mostly quiet but when I get started I don't know when to shut up. As far as MTG goes, I play some Standard, Commander and Draft. I win because guys under estimate me.
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    Well hello there! Just found out about this site through my buddies, Breakfast with Nerds. Wanted to take a haste moment and briefly introduce myself. I'm a huge fan of the game although if we had a conversation about it, you might see my eyes glaze over. I started playing when MtG first came on the scene in the early 90's. I stopped playing before the turn of the century and just got back into it about 2 or 3 years ago, so there was an enormous disconnect between some new rules, abilities, terms, and general game play for me. The first time I saw a Planeswalker, I basically hid under my bed for three days - I thought it was too powerful and there wasn't a way to win without one, and I had none! I'm more of a collector than active player, although, I'll never turn down a draft! I got inspired to play again after watching some content creators on youtube and also decided to start my own - https://www.youtube.com/c/CasualWizardMTG I basically talk a bunch of nonsense about my favorite art and try to have a little fun with the artwork that doesn't always align with other aspects of the card. Thanks people. Stay Casual. Stay Magical.
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    Hey all, Dan here. I am a budding content creator as the host of Planeswalker Radio. PW Radio is a (mostly) weekly esports podcast focusing on bringing the latest news and info on the various Magic: The Gathering players and teams grinding it out in the Multiverse! I noticed a lot of today’s content focused on the cards and decks and wanted to provide some material highlighting the great players that make up this game. I’m still very much in the learning and beginning stages of this journey, but it’s been a lot of fun so far. I look forward to interacting with everyone!
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    I am a fledgeling youtuber who plays all formats as rougey as possible, I play all styles but am most at home with base black control decks. follow my channel for budget standard and modern along with no limits of the rail commander. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCjpp8j8wd42_Y7ZvUtvP0Zg also hit me up if you want to play commander with me for my channel as I am verry intrested in getting a playgroup together.
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    I'm going to start a new segment on the podcast called Rants with Zuby or Zuby Rants whichever I named it. Basically will be an off topic rant that I need to get off my chest and what better way than putting it on my podcast! Like many of my other segments, who knows how long it goes because I'm terrible with keeping up with my older ones (lack of time and then I get new inspirations). I may release the rant separately as well on Youtube after the episode it was on aired. So look forward to them on Magic With Zuby now! Also yes, if you follow my personal account on twitter, I will be having a rant about hiring people for a job
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    Damn, this is a bombshell, but I like most of what they've got going for the future To sum it up No small sets. Large sets in Winter, Spring, Fall. Revamped Core Set in Summer Less focus on Gatewatch (thankfully) No real 'block' format... Less Masterpieces (not in every set) New Play Design team (we knew that already)
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    First announcement is up and its a doozy! Actually very happy to see these changes, that's for sure! What do you all think? http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/making-magic/metamorphosis-2-0-2017-06-12
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    Hello Planeswalkers! I'm Pigeon, co-host, co-creator, co-editor, and kookoo for cocoa puffs! 😂 My favorite colors to play are green and black, but don't doubt my abilities to play red! I'm stoked to get to know more of you and to be a part of this community! I'm happier about playing the game now more than I have been in my last 10 years of playing! If anyone ever wants to chat, don't hesitate to contact me! 😃 (If you listen to 311, that's a pretty good topic to start on with me. 😉)
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    I'm new to the Forum so here we go... I make bad alters through foil/nonfoil peels (don't have enough foils). I love modern and play random decks that I can't afford in real life on untap.in. Splinter Twin should be unbanned. Ummm.... that's it.
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    Any friend of @Rhino is a friend of ours Welcome!
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    I'm very excited to announce that the channel is now Sponsored by 5 Color Combo! It's a partnership which I believe will improve the channel and help to improve the production value of my content. The referral and discount code for any of their amazing products will be "LifeBeginsAt20" which will get you 5% off. Personally I love the tokens and the new god playmats. Certainly will have to get my hands on them! If you haven't tried their app out for drafting on the go and deck building it's definitely a good experience!
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    Wow, 3 spoilers out of the blue, and all of them really potent Samut, the Keyworded, is now a Planeswalker, and she has even more words! WORDS! Play this with some trample creatures and keep bashing in. A THREE MANA WRATH! WOT! It does Time Walk you, but a three mana wrath ... goddamn... I can imagine using this with some storage lands or mana rocks, and negate the downside. Oh, and I love the image of a big Crocodile rampaging over the plebs and...lastly DADDY'S BACK! Stop, I can only get so erect! Four abilities, and all of them nasty and painful. Also, he's one mana cheaper than he was before...right into my Molasses Bolasses deck!
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    Lands are played, not cast, grafdigger prevents creatures entering from graveyards and spells played from graveyards. Crucible of Worlds allows the land and Grafdiggers Cage in no way contradicts it. Hope this helps.
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    I added a new application to the forum called Links Directory. It allows users to submit their links (or other links like helpful websites) for others to find quickly and easily. There are a few categories now: YouTube Channels, Blogs, Patreon and Resources. As always, I'm open to ideas on what other categories would be helpful to have so let me know and I'll be happy to add more. Let me know if you have any trouble with it!
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    Recieved this a few days ago from @Mark_LifeBeginsAt20 thanks again!
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    Vanquisher's Banner is gonna be fun in tribal decks
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    Haha, my thoughts exactly. I also shared copies of these images on facebook, but slugged them with a SPOILER ALERT - IXALAN to ward off those who don't want to be surprised. Still, the images are blurry enough that you really have to actively try to read them to get anything out it. AND if you turn the second image sideways, it makes a great banner graphic
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    Rebel Galaxy (mentioned here before) is free with first purchase. Go go go ... you know you want to ... DRM-free goodness.
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    I think they are real because none of them are that good. These all seem like cards that WOTC would make. Spyglass is the only card here that I really like. Spyglass will be a sidebaord staple for Standard and possibly some modern decks as well. Banner and Adaptation will go in EDH tribal decks. I also like the reprinting of that land cycle. They are going to be dirt cheap since they have been printed a million times already, but those lands have always worked great in standard.
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    Hey gang! creaYTors is a new series that I've put together. In the series, I've found 4 smaller Youtubers and will be challenging them to create some specific types of videos. These videos will be open to feedback from myself and a fellow YouTuber who has agreed to join as a series Judge! Here's our introduction video: Would love to hear any feedback, comments, suggestions, etc! There will be new videos each Wednesday on the creaYTors channel documenting the challenges and the videos created, so make sure to subscribe, and follow on twitter! Don't forget to tweet @creaYTors and your favourite team with your teams hashtag to show your support **(SO MANY) Links** creaYTors Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/creaYTors YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5uL3SL0I7rbIJor9IkBCoA MPNumbers - Host: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Numbers_MTG Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/MPNumbers Orc's Head Magic Twitter: https://twitter.com/OrcsHeadJordan YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/orcsheadmagic #TeamOrcsHead MTG Canuck Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mtg_Canuck YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/MTGCanuck #TeamCanuck Jake and Joel Are Magic Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jakejoelmagic YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/jakeandjoelaremagic #TeamJakeJoel MTG & Me Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MTGandME YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/mtgandme #TeamMTGme
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    Best news day ever- new Un-set, and a return to Dominaria, the true home of Magic Did the announcement yesterday not specifically acknowledge this idea? Maybe it was just how I interpreted however it was phrased, but I thought this is pretty much the reason they gave for not including them in every set. Either way, I agree with you guys, Masterpieces need to be more special. I can't decide which has been the most disappointing inclusion so far, Divert really sticks out in my mind right now but Kor Haven (and to a lesser extent Tectonic Edge) was a questionable choice too. Who, apart from people trying to collect a full set, would want an Expedition Kor Haven? Sure it's cheaper than the Nemesis foil, but so what, the same applies to those foils too
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    MaRo always hinted that he really wanted to do an UN set, so he probably had to be coy until this announcement week Here is a picture summary of the new products
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    I like the new changes. I'm glad Core sets are coming back and love that sets will only be large sets. Small sets usually felt kind of a dud when it came to EV.
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    They said no more block format, but they did say that if the story/game required it, you might see back to back blocks on the same plane (so instead of two blocks with the second block showing some changes as a result of events, it would be two large blocks that are not designed to be drafted together). I think its good to have less Gatewatch and break things up a bit. I can understand for Innestrad and Amonkhet, but there really was no reason to have everyone on Kaladesh.
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    I don't know, some people have curated a following by being trolls.
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    Hm. Okay. I mean I guess I get the point, but there are already games that fill these niches. Even a single-player game sounds cool until you remember that Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online are a thing, and so there is really no need for another game unless it's going to be better and more immersive than those. The MTG fanbase is made up of people who collect and trade the cards, and play the card game either online or in paper. That's not the same audience that necessarily drops $60 on a triple-A video game (and those of us that do, would probably not buy a worse version of an existing franchise just because it has Jace on the cover). This will be interesting to watch develop.
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    Hey all, hope you are well I have uploaded a Vegas tips video for saving money on hotels upgrades, dining, transit and the like. Save your money in those areas so you have more for Magic! Cheers
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    I don't visit my LGS often and I've only played at my LGS once. Usually my work schedule doesn't line up well with the Pauper tournaments they have so I rarely visit. But I have noticed that some people will go and just hang out there, spending all day playing or chatting with the other people and employees. Made me wonder if this is common. How much time do you spend at your LGS?
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    Thank you all for showing interest in the cause! After learning more of this young planeswalker I'm so excited we were able to help her. She has been in America for 2 years, adopted from Israel. Which makes me even more stoked to say she is now loaded and I can no longer receive more for the young walker. Everyone went above and beyond what I could've hoped or dreamed, so thank you for sharing it in the forum as well guys! I would love to do this again! So if anyone meets a new planeswalker lacking funds or supplies to start into the game or even an existing walker that had a rough time with Mother Nature (natural disaster, home fire, etc) please shoot them our way we want to make sure they get to join us in the multiverse ^.^ We are awaiting 2 more packages still for her! So soon the game of Tetris to a single box for her will ensue! Thanks again!
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    It was great last weekend when Wedge called out some of you guys. Can those of you whom he featured last week encourage him to use #FridayMTG today?
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    I thought you said I needed to learn to be more assertive. DRAGON. MINE.
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    I use it to my advantage. I also play with unsleeved cards too. Adds to the "cluelessness."
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    I think @Aurian may have scored some wins early on in her Magic career because of this. Honestly, when I was a young lad, and played against a female player, I instinctively thought "This will probably be easier." Once you get your ass handed to you, you quickly learn otherwise Of course, Aurian is the sneaky vengeful one, but our table still doesn't listen to me when I say SHE is the big threat!
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    Greetings from a fellow lady planeswalker! Casual, sealed and draft here.
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    Generally we build the deck with the cards we happen to have and play test that first. If we think we need other cards, we will proxy them and try it. If it works, we place an order or see if anyone has those for trade.
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    It's up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPuyJGcrGCA
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    5 premium basic lands by artist Mark Poole (known as the "Shooting Star Lands") 2 premium creature cards (Metalwork Colossus and Kari Zev, Skyship Raider 3 booster packs (XLN, HOU, AKH) Spindown life counter Exclusive mini-poster (Featuring art from Hour of Devastation) Release Date: 10/20/17 MSRP $19.99 https://wpn.wizards.com/en/products/gift-pack
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    Seems she was defeated, after all! --- Chandra's Defeat {R} Instant (Unc) Chandra's Defeat deals 5 damage to target red creature or red planeswalker. If it was a Chandra planeswalker, you may discard a card. If you do, draw a card.
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    For a long while I never paid much attention to the cards in my deck past 60. But after getting in a few games at my LGS and planning on hitting a GP eventually I started getting into the habit of having a side board. Since I play casually 99% of the time, I started putting cards that I was on the fence about adding into the main deck into a side board. So between games I would switch back and fourth to help the deck evolve. Most of the time cards come in and out of the main deck trying to find the best combination. Plus it helps me get into the habit of paying more attention during game play trying to figure out what should come in and go out. What about you all, do you side board your casual decks?
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    In my high school days, I always dreamed of an MTG-themed real-time strategy. I spent a lot of time playing Age of Empires/Mythology and Warcraft III, and thought it made perfect sense to have 5 color-themed "civilizations" in which you collect mana to summon armies. Doesn't seem like that much of a stretch, really. Nowdays...ummm, are RTSs still a thing? Don't remember the last one I played. Heck, I guess it was Warcraft III, actually...
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    umm ( I was pretty little so the names are a tad difficult to recollect don't judge me!) Legend of Zelda Super Mario RPG The Lion King Earthworm Jim Zombies Ate my Neighbors Mortal Kombat Bust-a-Move Battle Toads Double Dragon I cant think of the others, a lot of these I couldn't quite grasp how to do it XD I was a video game noob pretty much 'til Ocarina of Time & FF7
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    Marvel seems super easy to build against. I'm surprised so many pros are taking to social media to complain instead of just brewing to beat it. Don't get me wrong, I'm no pro player and have no right to judge, but it's disappointing to see how ban-hungry we've become. =/
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    Hello everyone. I was on the forums and realized that no one had mentioned Game Day this weekend. Did you attend Game Day? If yes, what deck did you play and how did you do? If not, why not? Game Day attendance was down significantly when I was running the Game Day events at my local game store this weekend. There was only 4 players on Saturday and 4 players on Sunday. I won a Game Day playmat, but it just doesn't feel like I earned it as much as I did my other 2 Game Day playmats. I played Bant Aetherworks Marvel on Saturday and lost and I played Blue White Tempo today and won. I'll be posting a deck tech video for the Blue White Tempo list that I played today on my channel soon. But enough about my experience, let's hear how you all did at your Game Day events and I hope several others here on the forums were also able to bring home a Game Day playmat.
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    We will be releasing a new webseries pilot on June 7th, once it's out, would love it if you could help us promote it. (but only if you like it, and think it's good)
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    Congrats to @Breakfast with Nerds for reaching 100 subs on YouTube! Here's to 200 and beyond!