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    I hope you have a great weekend! This guy seems happy. This must be Peter Cottontails long lost cousin Peter Hammerdick.
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    Press coverage of Trump in first month of office: 88 percent ‘hostile,’ says new study When we talk about media bias, this is exhibit A. Any semblance of journalistic objectivity has been thrown out the window. I really try to read/watch different sources. NY Times, Post, LA Times, Google News, Yahoo News, NBC, ABC ... all of them are so out there and out of touch. I still think they are digesting the results of the election. Everyone in the media thought his candidacy was a joke. Think about that, the people covering the election, ALL thought he was a joke. Then he started winning and everyone in the media thought there is no way he can beat Hillary. After all, their own polls all but assured a victory. Then election night came, Wisconsin went red and their entire house of cards crumbled. Instead of accepting the results, we started getting the stories of impeachment, Russian hacking and stories of the electoral college members switching their votes. Jan 20 came and went and the image of Obama, their guy, their chosen one, their model president ... sitting in the White House ... with Donald Trump. Over night, they went from a guy who loved them and actively worked to win their adoration ... to someone they thought was a complete joke, have no respect for and to someone who doesn't give 2 shits about whether they like him or not. The media is still in shock. In fact, a majority of columns I read still refer to him as Mr. Trump. Think about that for a minute ... they can't even type the words President Trump. (NY Times article from today President Trump 1 time, Mr. Trump 4 times ... I never saw Mr. Obama) This is what children do. This is how children behave when they do not get their way. We are in the midst of a full blown media temper tantrum. And as time marches on, they will soon come to accept him. Given all of that, I can see where your impressions are somewhat jaded. Its the news you get, its universal in its outrage, and its always negative. Hell, you can't even watch a single late night show without them ripping Trump. All the award shows rip Trump. Even our own Funny thread is a constant negativity about Trump. I guess its funny ... if you want to alienate half your potential audience. Its a constant stream of negativity on all fronts. Are you proud? Sometimes Are you ashamed? Sometimes Are you afraid? No Are you hopeful? Yes, I like the direction and overall policy guidelines, save for a lack of entitlement reform. Are you defensive? A little. The endless parade of negativity is nauseating. Are you excited? A little. Lets see what he can get done.
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    Well, not much of anything: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/april-16-2018-banned-and-restricted-announcement-2018-04-16?ac As an observer of formats, the only real ban I'd want is Deathrite Shaman in Legacy...other than that, Modern and Standard seem to be healthy.
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    So you know that feeling when you've sunk £100's into some new tech, thinking it will be amazing, and it never turns out to be quite as good as you hoped? Well that was me until last Sat PM. I'd seen Lone Echo around for months. The reviews, it has to be said, were stellar (pun intended). But i've read stellar reviews before. The game has never dropped below £30.00. The fact that i wasn't prepared to risk £30 on a rift game yet, gives you some idea of what I thought of the risk of rift gaming right now. Several weeks back, there was some issue with the Oculus store and they gifted all users with cash, in my case £11. Last weekened, they took a few quid off the game, and i ended up committing £16 on it - the most i've spent on a Rift game to date. You play the role of a robot - a kind of semi-sentient humanoid maintenance robot. You start the game assisting Olivia, a human commander of the space station, parked adjacent to Saturns rings. Occupants of the large station are the Commander, you and host of other, slightly creepy maintenance bots. Some unexplained anomaly occurs on the surface of Saturn, and your commander decides to investigate, but you need to effect a range of repairs first. Movement is achieved well and comfortably, giving a great sense of freedom, while not inducing sickness. There is no gravity anywhere so far. You have small thrusters on your wrists, and can wear a jet propelled backpack from time to time, for faster movement. You can also pull yourself along walls and handles. All of your tools are accessible from your hands (cutter, quest and comms console, scanner) and your head (torch and mask). You tap areas of your wrists and the sides of your head to activate the functions. Whilst undertaking these repair tasks - which also involve leaving the station, jumping on a type of shuttle and visiting places dotted around the main ship, such as an asteroid, upon which a radiation shield has failed and other worker droids have malfunctioned - you witness other strange occurrences. This is about as far as i've got. It's a bit like participating in an isolationist sci fi movie, akin to Silent Running or Dark Star (without the Sarcasm). Plus I finally have my Holy Grail of immersion with this game. I had been playing for about 3 hours on Sat afternoon. I went down stairs to cook and stood by the island talking to my wife. When i had to move around the island for something, i swear i grabbed the surface to pull me forward, then remembered my legs work here, felt giddy whilst trying to get my legs working. This feeling stayed with me for about 10 minutes, while i adjusted to this new reality. Worth the £400 for the Rift, on this game alone (well, not quite perhaps).
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    Happy #FridayMTG! Don't forget to give your favorite content creators a shout out today on social media using the #FridayMTG hashtag. It's a great way to search and find new creators you haven't had a chance to catch yet. Share in this thread the content you've enjoyed this week!
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    Shaping up to be a sweet set, good to have Richard Garfield back on board. I might even pick up a booster box for the first time since Shadows over Innistrad
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    As usual, new Masters set means new powerful cards for Pauper, and this one is looking interesting! You can check out the full list here: https://scryfall.com/search?q=new%3Ararity+rarity%3Acommon+set%3Aa25 Some of the spicier new additions is Relentless Rats. It's problematic because pauper is so control-heavy, but on the flip side there are no good board sweepers in the format so if the deck can keep a couple rats in play they could get out of hand quickly. I think Court Hussar is pretty sweet too. Comparable to Sea Gate Oracle, a format staple, and it's pretty much strictly better in UW decks.
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    I was not expecting that in this post, spit coffee all over my desk. 11/10 worth it
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    Its pretty standard for an app to ask for call and text access among other things. You never know what they are doing with that information. Hopefully this brings a lot of this out and there are some changes made. I find it odd how this is being reported. I keep hearing the media use the term data breach. It is NOT a data breach. It was data that was freely given and access was consented to. It doesn't make it right, but the inaccuracy of what is being reported is scary too. And the analytic piece of it was a survey that was taken within Facebook. Again, people gave that 3rd party permission to receive all of that data. Not saying its right ... but its definitely not a data breach.
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    It's not enough to just avoid Facebook and not install their app. If a trusted loved-one does, your information is collected through them. This shit just pisses me off. It's one thing to give consent to having your personal information tracked; it's another to track personal information without that consent. This business model needs to die ... fast.
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    Well this is a mish-mash of feelings... Hexproof from a colour - Not a fan. Just use protection. I guess this does allow it to be blocked though. I dunno, I like hexproof and this just seems like the end of it. Kicker - meh, never really liked it as a mechanic. Historic - I agree, it does seem forced. I think it kind of just adds confusion. I wonder if it will stick around after this set. Serra Disciple seems like a cool card for pauper. I could see it being played in some Kuldotha or Affinity builds. Flavour separator bar - Meh. Legendary Border - Wow, thats disappointing. I was expecting something exciting, this just looks like tacky decorative molding. Vicious Offering - Thats some nice removal at common. Feels akin to Dismember. "Any target" change - Ok, cool I guess. I am butthurt that spells that damage "each player" or "each opponent" can't be redirected to planeswalkers. "Their" change - Makes sense to save card space. People will try to make this political, but honestly, who gives a fuck? "This spell" change - Seems logical. Removing "to your mana pool" - I don't like this. I think this is a mistake. Floating mana is an advanced technique, but with no reference to the mana pool this is just going to hurt new players in the long run. It makes it seem that if you tap a land, you have to use that mana in the moment.
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    Today marks the two year anniversary of the community, thanks to all who make this as great a place as it has been. With all the negativity out there it's nice having someplace where people act like civilized human beings to each other even when they disagree. Here's to year 3 being our best. Cheers
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    New deck on the channel! Soul Sisters, a boros tokens brew in pauper, built around Soul Warden/Soul's Attendant and Impact Tremors! Check out the deck tech, and the series if the deck interests you. Soul Tremors Deck Tech Soul Tremors Playlist
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    Do you want to play a deck that costs less than $100? Want to experience the finer things in life in Legacy? Then look no further than Mono Green Stompy! http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/18-12-16-mono-green-stompy/ There are definitely upgrades it could use, such as Berserk (which has gotten wayyyyy cheaper than it was). I've taken this deck to FNM and even a SCG IQ and have won a few games surprisingly. Very fun and pretty casual. Another is my Colorless Eldrazi List here: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/budget-colorless-eldrazi-1/ It is pretty expensive but the land can all be replaced by budget options. The Eldrazi Temples and Eye of Ugins are almost a must though but replace them if necessary.
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    As some of you may or may not recall, I broke my ankle in three different places about 7-8 years ago. Aside from not going to those places again (ba-dum tish), I had to have metalwork put in to hold it all together, plates and wiring and the like. Anyway, my ankle had never felt right since, I figured it was just the way it was going to be but then found it actually getting worse over the last few years. Turned out the metal plates (which only have an effect for the first six months, after that the bone is supposed to have healed up enough to not need them) had broken, and it had broken when the bones were still healing, resulting in one of the breaks to still be there along with broken plates rolling around in my ankle. This, naturally, was Not Good and I have been on the waiting list to have it sorted. Finally got my date of operation last night, 9th April. As they don't actually know what they will be doing until they get in there and take a look around to see the state of things I don't know how long I will be at the hospital or how long the recovery will take, but the absolute minimum they will do is take the metalwork out which if its the only thing they do will require me to stay overnight and be recovering for two week. Considering that they are considering a bone graft to sort out the break it may be a lot longer. So I thought I would tell you all! Considering the pain its been putting me through and the effect its been having on both legs its none too soon too! So, anyone want to take bets on what they do, how long it takes, how much I cry, etc?
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    If you could change only one thing about MTG, what would it be and why?
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    Just picture him as transgender. It helps. Kinda.
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    I decided to start a new character (you're not at all surprised a bit, I imagine). I selected Englishman John Strong as the character, and I bumped up the difficulty to (4) Lieutenant. I got a bit of a lucky start in that one of the available officers in the tavern was one who specialized in fighting. Also lucky in that the local governor's first quest had me head into the jungle to take out a one-man pirate gang. I also did the "find a lost gem" quest for the moneylender, and in doing so saved a frightened young lass from an assault by three hoodlums. Not a bad start. John Strong starts with a Class 6 ship, the Pride of Boston, which provided an initial platform for trading. I decided that this playthrough I would try the good and honorable way. I'm starting to reconsider. I can easily upgrade my reputation to Heroic, but even though my officers are also good, raising their loyalty has become a chore. Playing a good character with a suite of loyal officers is quite a challenge. Scratch that; it's only a challenge if you like having money and if you don't like hauling cargo for a pittance that could be made compared to the more swashbuckling lifestyle of taking ships as prizes. Actually, I'm starting to wonder WTF I even need loyal officers ... and then I remember I need someone dependable to drive the prizes home to be converted into sweet, cold, hard cash ... errrr ... a portion of which gets donated to the church, of course. I'm up about Rank 10 now, and climbing. I think the worst of the new game HARD challenge has passed, and I can now concentrate on more than the simple "hand-to-mouth" earnings and steps ... and with the possibility of sailing more freely sitting on the event horizon. I've stashed about 100k PoE in savings, and I picked up a treasure map along the way ... and if it leads to treasure similar to the one found by my Nathanial Hawk character, then I'm set. Hint: these are well worth doing, if they pan out ... easy couple or three million PoE worth of treasure ... I had to make many trips back and forth to my ship's chest just to haul it all away ... and we're talking piles and piles of coins of every denomination, and gems and jewelry (the expensive kind) in large stacks, too. As of this writing, I've just acquired my first Class 4 ship (to much disapproval and derision from my officers ... hey! screw you, man! ... they started it). It isn't quite as good as my current Class 5 (yeah, the officers didn't like me trading up for that one, either), stat-wise, except that it has a few more guns (same size) and can hold a slightly bigger crew. It isn't quite as fast, nor as maneuverable, either. Cargo space is on par, as are hull and sail ratings. I'll probably keep it as a second, just in case ... scratch that ... nah, I'll probably just sell it and use the cash to buy more skill-bumping trinkets. p.s. a recent minor update is available for download (same place).
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    I have a secret weapon when it comes to books. Public libraries. I'm actually lucky in that regard, I live about 10 minutes from a small town library (the kind of town with a gas station, a diner, and no stop lights) that is part of a massive inter-library loaning system that spans over a large portion of my state. They also have an online database where you can request books. The end result is I can have pretty much any book in existence sent to a library down the road from my house. It's great!
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    Good. Keep your shitty format to yourselves Honestly, I just want draft/sealed before anything else, and I bet the majority of players feel likewise.
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    A friend and his wife have been asking my wife and I to start playing D&D. It's something I've thought about before but never really appealed to me. After listening to @MTGZuby podcast I started considering giving it a go. After doing a little searching I found that some people suggest 4th Edition to start because it's a little easier (from what I gather) while 5th Edition is a little more complex and in depth. For those of you who are familiar, which would you suggest starting on for new players? I'm leaning towards 5th edition just because I'd rather learn it now instead of having to learn more stuff later.
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    Hey everyone! In this Deck Tech FLASH! we go over The GOONIES, which is a black/green standard build and is a revamped version of the Dora and Friends deck we featured a few weeks back. This deck is no longer a budget deck, but is also brings in an element that Dora was missing and is a bit more competitive. And don't forget to check out our latest contest video where you could win a FREE entry into the prerelease event of your choice!
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    Your nevers go down your leg? No need to boast fella. We're only human. Glad to hear you're still with us Jazz. Good luck with the recovery. On the plus side, great excuse for loadsa gaming.
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    My wish would be to remove the planeswalker card type. Their introduction had overall been a negative influence on the chances of a typical constructed game being balanced and interactive, the first player to land a planeeswalker too often goes on from there to build up an insurmountable advantage
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    Hey everyone! Earlier this week, I took a mini vacation so we didn't have a video for you on Tuesday. So, we decided to make it up by doing an extra awesome video for you today. We cracked open a Mirage Starter deck, and it did NOT disappoint! Come check out our pulls! And be sure to share this one!
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    The first rule to being a DM/GM is be entertaining. Definitely learn the rules of 5e but know that most of them are just guidelines.
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    I just started D&D too, with a large group of people. I hated it. It was just boring for me. But then I took a crack at being DM/GM and I loved it. I probably do stuff that would make veteran D&D players' heads explode, but my group loves it so whatever. We are using 5e, and it is complex, but we're slowing learning the stuff we want to implement.
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    You're right. Fuck Merfolk. Surprisingly though Merfolk are not my least favourite tribe. I hate them, yes, but I also love to hate them. Elves seem to easy to hate. I hate them too, but they're too mainstream of a tribe to hate #HipsterOfJank Honestly I think I dislike Wizards the most. It's weird, I don't even really know why. I think they're just overkill. Do you really need a tribe for Wizards, in a game about Wizards, made by a company called Wizards? Just seems like a bit much. Also I think they're range of power is too absurd for something that is, well, a fucking wizard. Some are amazing, others complete shit. And Snapcaster. Fuck that card. That being said, I almost made a Wizard tribal EDH, but I found it too boring.
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    Of all the tribes, which is your least favorite? I had to pick Merfolk for 2 reasons: 1.) Merfolk means playing against a blue deck 2.) Just look at their smug little faces. Not only that, they like to stab innocent fishermen in the back when they least expect it. Just ask @King of Jank
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    To celebrate Dominaria coming out, I'm giving away a Dominaria bundle! Open to everyone worldwide! Contest ends 4/27! https://gleam.io/B66hU/dominaria-bundle-giveaway
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    I love Merfolk...especially dating back to the original Lord of Atlantis. Least fave? hmm... Elves are haughty, but useful. I'll have to go with the Kithkin, especially the Lorwyn bunch...they look like a bunch of Stewie Griffins. Honourable mention to Specters. They aren't really a tribe, but I loathe them anyway
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    I think you mistyped, you mean a Fat Pack right?
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    Slimefoot will be in a casual deck of mine Set is looking good!
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    Here is BELZY BOB A good card advantage dude, but somehow... a lot less EPIC than I imagined
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    Just warned my wife that i'm about to be spending more time gaming. I tend to flip between gaming and films twice per annum. I've just acquired a GTX 1080. Not intending changing anything else on my gaming rig for now. I have 16gb RAM and a 4770k (which is admittedly fairly old now), unless you think this is a silly idea??? In terms of bought but unplayed games, I have Metro Redux, Borderlands 2, the Metal Gear Solid series, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Elite Dangerous, Just Cause 3, Lords of the Fallen, Mad Max and Subnautica to play of the top titles and probably 30 other games of lesser titles. Anyone think i should be ditching that lot of games for something else?
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    I don't delve into politics in my mtg world. But this is so spot on that I can not let it go by without applaud. There is no such thing as journalistic integrity anymore. It's all about the ajenda you want to push. I no longer watch the news past local events as I know I will not be getting the entire story. So kudos to you for calling a spade a spade.
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    I am listening to me! Well, the band is "SoulBeast". Seriously though, I know our music may not be everyone's style but please check us out. I have currently put up 4 of our songs on our website and we have 3 more done that I release in the coming weeks. www.soulbeast.rocks
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    Jokulhaups + you having indestructable stuff... Ok, not really a combo, but an easy won to build If you want to be a real asshole, maybe this will give ideas: https://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/commander-edh/204260-the-stax-primer
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    Wizards matter!! Lightning Bolt and Counterspell are back!! Kinda Gerrard's...daughter? Easy saga to play.
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    The unfortunate thing is you are technically consenting when you download the app. Android and, I assume, Apple both give you screen that looks similar to this: The problem is, pretty much every app requests permission to personal data, so if you refuse to use apps that request it then you might as well not have a smartphone. I'm not defending it by any means, it's very much NOT okay, but technically you are giving permission to track you when you click OK.
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    Please check out how we did, enter in the contest, and let us know how we're doing! Thanks and good luck!
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    I'm excited about Relentless Rats, but I'm not sure how competitive it will be. Crimson Mage will see some play in red aggro decks that I'll make
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    The video will be below, but I recently went to Walmart and found a foil, promo-version of Bristling Hydra in booster repack-thing. It had the same art, but it had a unique foil mana symbol design over the text box. These have been standard at Walmart for years, but the rare is usually some big, clunky, timmy-friendly creature with no real value. This is a standard staple though, played in one of the best decks in the format - Temur Energy. Is it unfair that big box stores get these promos to help sell their product and local gaming stores don't? Or is it a good thing that a standard-playable rare is getting extra printings, because it drives the price down for Standard players? I know technically this isn't a "money rare," it's a standard-playable bulk rare, but maybe this printing contributed to that bulk status, and maybe that makes it the perfect candidate for this kind of printing? Something that players want but LGS's aren't making much money on anyway? I don't know, what do you think?
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    Goyf is selling for £50-60 here, which I think is closer to around $80, though that is partly due to the terrible state of our currency right now
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    Today I learned about a reality show where the contestants take as many drugs as possible and then try not to get caught. It is called the Tour de France. I am a lot more interested now.
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    Are you proud? No Are you ashamed? Sometimes, especially when he makes an ass out of himself while meeting with world leaders Are you afraid? No Are you hopeful? A little. Hopefully some positive changes will be made. Are you defensive? Only when he's compared to Hitler and called a Nazi. He's an arrogant prick but he's not a Nazi. Are you excited? Not really, it's like watching a reality TV show. I'm excited to see what he does during his Presidency Are you meh? Starting to be. The media freaks out over everything he does so when he does do something bad (he probably will sooner rather than later), most people are going to be tired of the constant panic from the media and ignore it.
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    I am neither proud nor ashamed. Trump was the best choice among the available tools. I am not afraid, I am indeed more hopeful than I have been for some time. I am very excited to see what changes come to pass, I was terrified of where we were heading. I have nothing to be defensive about. I care very little for anything other than what results or changes may come to pass. I don't need Trump to be a role model, I need him to get the job done. Meh? Yeah. I am Meh about twitter, and all the fear mongering, name calling, rioting, and general child like whimpering of the liberals.
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