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    Orlando was both anticipated and a surprise. I sought out loads of advice from folk in the uk. Florida is a major destination for the british and looking at the population maps shown by some rides, indicating the source countries of ride participants, UK was easily the 2nd most populous after the US, and even then, only 2-3 parts of the US beat the UK. The one key bit of advice that no-one thought to mention, was around Disney past passes. We had booked them to spread across the full day. We did not know that once you'd used your 3, you could then go and book more. So we couldn't book additional until the end of the day. Saying that... I suspect the parks were unnaturally quiet. They were busy, and we've nothing to compare our experiences too. But judging by queue lengths and what we'd been given to expect, we did well. Although US kids were on vacation, we took Fin out of school 2 weeks before the end of the year, and suspect that lack of UK holiday-makers made a big difference. With the exception of the 7 dwarves ride, which was 90 minutes (we didn't bother) the longest queues were under hour. Our longest was 55 mins. We did every ride we wanted to at least once, and some 2-3 times. Fins favourite ride was rip ride rocket. Just an intense roller coaster, into which i only barely fit. My two favourites were the Mummy, which was just very well produced and included several surprises, and probably the Gringotts ride - mostly because of the overall setting and experience. I found Diagon-alley the best part of the parks overall. It was just so well done. None of us are particular HP fans, and my wife in particular has now resolved to watch the movies with us, as a result. I was somewhat and relatively disappointed by Hogsmead. The school building was amazing, but the rest of the area, was only OK, and the rides not as good. Another favourite of us all, for a completely different reason, was the evening show at the Animal Kingdom, Rivers of Light. It was both lovely to watch and technically awesome. In quite a large lake, they control boats and floats full of light shows and actors. Both the floats, boats and shores had very powerful water-cannons that created a complex and huge array of water mists. On these mists the projected huge 3D images and film. It was quite magical. Other highlights were the Hulk coaster, and A mention should also go to the safari tour at the Animal Kingdom, which was well done. Fin loved it. There was a tendency towards the newer rides opting for simulators of several different types, some 3d, some imax. Some mixed coasters with simulators, with varying degrees of success. The fast and furious ride did this mix quite well. But we weren't blown away by any of it. I found myself comparing the experiences with what i can get on the rift at home and, apart from adding a sense of real motion, they were sometimes sub-par. Both Universal and Disney parks had failures to their central AC systems, which effectively closed the parks for half the day on each occasion. Storms also stopped the major rides from operating for several hours on two of the days, which then made all the other rides too busy to bother with. This would have been disappointing, but for the fact th by this point, we had all agreed we are not theme-park lovers. It was very hot, and very humid. In hit the mid 40's on a few days. Half of the queues had AC, a quarter just fans (some slightly better with misters)and a quarter neither. This should have been better. Often our favourite experiences were the slower tour-type rides, that took time to show and explain stuff. <I'll post some pics related to this post later.>
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    I've been debating whether or not I should make this post or just let things fall into place as they will. But I figure I've been pretty transparent up to this point, so why stop now? After I decided to make this post, then I had to decide what kind of tone it would have. Positive? Negative? Or just the facts? I'll go with facts. After all, I don't want to be this guy: Last year I changed the hosting plan for the website due to activity and traffic. To prevent any downtime, I had to get a bigger plan to support the demand. Since that time, demand has dropped pretty significantly. I'm lucky to have so many great people who support the site and the community, but to continue with the site we'll need to get more support. I'm not naive, I knew going into starting a forum that there were so many other places to consume and have conversations about MTG and gaming; but I thought there was an empty spot for a place without drama or toxicity for people to talk without trolls. Let's go over some statistics for new topics, posts and bandwidth usage: In other words, we have a hosting plan that is basically a private jet to transport people when we could be using a school bus. So, where does this leave us? A few months ago some very generous members donated to help cover some of the hosting costs. With their help, I just renewed the plan until the middle of October. If traffic and activity continue on the downward trend, some major changes will happen in October. Because of the cost and lack of traffic, I'll downgrade to a much smaller hosting plan. But to fit into a smaller plan, I'll eliminate anything extra the forum currently has to save space and bandwidth. This means we'll just have a forum, not the extras like videos, RSS feeds, downloads, and so on. The website will change domain names and will no longer have an MTG focus, but instead be a general gaming forum for whoever wants to stick around and keep in touch. I've been friends with the folks in the TGA usergroup for almost 15 years, so I'm not going to leave them or any of you and disappear overnight. We'll still have a forum, but drastically different. No topics or posts would be deleted, but everything will be moved around and consolidated. You might be asking yourself what you can do to help, well I'm glad you asked! Here's what we need: Be active on the forum! Make posts, reply to topics, add a blog or submit your videos. Share the site on social media. Even if it's just a quick mention, it really does help. If you're a content creator, give the site a mention. Even if it brings one person it's worth it! Tell your friends and your grandma about it. Submit some ideas you have to me about changes we could make, I'm always open to ideas. Not everything can be done, but it still helps to make improvements I may not think about. TLDR: The site doesn't have enough activity to justify costs, if activity doesn't improve the site will change drastically in less than 90 days. I appreciate all of you for your support, I hope this is just a valley we're going through that we will come out of; but I wanted to let everyone know the current status of the site. I didn't want it to be a surprise in October if everything changed overnight, and I can't do this alone - I need your help. Thanks again.
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    For those of you who use Twitter - I don't know how you do it. The only time I use it is for FridayMTG and here and there through the week, but whenever I open the site I'm met with someone complaining about someone else doing something they don't like or don't think they should have been doing/done. And it's not civil conversations, it turns nasty and into some unhinged rants. It seems to be getting worse. How did everything get so toxic? I'm not even calling any one group of people out, it's almost everywhere you look. Whatever side people are on, there is just awful things being said about and to each other. Jeremy vs. Wedge, Jeremy vs. TCC, TCC vs. Alpha Investments, MTG Lion vs. whoever it is this week. Why does it matter? Who cares? What does this have to do with MTG? Why is does their ridiculous personal drama always seem to seep into everything online? If I were a non MTG player I would think most people who play this game are at the least unpleasant to be around. What's funny is whenever I play at my LGS or with friends 99% of the people there have no idea what's going on on Twitter, YouTube or in the so called 'community'. It makes me happy that the nonsense and drama hasn't really manifested itself here. Let's have fun, talk MTG and making each other miserable playing the game using cheap janky infinite combos or awful cards (even control), not online with insults and demands on how everyone else should prescribe to your way of thinking. Nobody fucking cares and the people who hang onto your every word are weak minded people who would believe almost anything. Think for yourself. Agree to disagree. Recognize not everyone believes what you believe or thinks what you think, and that's OK. Be a good person. Don't be an asshole. Help each other. Have fun playing this game and have fun playing it with people you enjoy being around.
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    Unfortunately Sundial of the Infinite/Glorious End corrects that exploit in their rules text. They say "Until end of turn effects end" at the bottom so the crewed vehicle would, indeed, become an artifact again.
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    So I thought I would start this running blog/thread/record of my journey back into MTG and my attempts to get good at the game. I will mostly focus on standard as that is where I want to improve with the aim of attending a GP next year. Although my favourite formats are EDH and Pauper so that will show up as well. I plan on posting decklists, reports of how I am doing, practice progress and requests for help so please feel free to follow, comment and give advice. Hopefully I will post fairly regularly but I am with family and work I don't have much time for hobby and when I do have time spare I would rather play than write about it. Anyway, a bit of history. I first got into MTG a few years ago during Battle for Zendikar. I started playing on MTGO, attended pre-releases, a couple of FNM and some game days but I was very causal. Then my LGS closed and my head was turned by other games, Kings Of War, Age of Sigmar, Shadespire, etc and MTG got put aside. I still played online a bit but nothing serious. Then I moved jobs, there is now a store, well 3 actually, close to where I work and I thought now would be a good time to jump back into it. I signed up for a M19 league and last week managed to get 7 fantastic games in and came away with 3 wins and 4 losses, which when the only removal I had was one shock, I did far better than I thought. So I went away and decided that if I was going to go back into MTG then I would put some effort in and try get good. This will be my record of that journey. So that’s enough for this post, I am currently building a Standard deck and will post that list below in the next few days and then I can start practicing and playing standard again. Thanks for reading.
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    Other observations: Points to note on affordability. Pretty much everything is more expensive in the US, than in the UK. Except petrol (Gas), which is about one third the price. In NYC we tried to buy Fin a standard size snickers, for which the chap wanted $5 - about £3.50. In the UK, you can get a pack of 4 standard snickers routinely for £1.00, around $1.40. So literally 10 times the price. Bottled water is 50% more. A bottle of Soda, was a real surprise, costing typically $2.99, twice what we'd pay in the UK. While eating out was more expensive, it is relatively less expensive than the UK - where shop ingredients might cost you 10% the cost of eating out. In the US, it might be 40% the cost of eating out, if you catch my drift. One thing that was good value was the clothing outlets in Orlando. We're not really the sort of folks to make that most of that, as none of us are fashion conscious (as i'm sure you can see), and we don't care about labels. Vacation accommodation varied loads. As you might expect, the cost for the 2 bed 3 bathroom resort townhouse, with hot tub and pool, was around £94 per night. The cost of the single room with 2 beds and one bathroom for 8 nights was £175 per night. This would be a similar case in the UK. So, if you want to visit the UK, as long as you don't drive loads, and plan to eat in a bit more, you should find the country very inexpensive. Culture of waste: Both of us noticed, really quickly, that the US has a culture of disposability. It seems that everywhere you go to eat or drink, you are given it in am abundance of things designed to be single use and thrown away. When you buy anything, it is always super-wrapped, then put in a bag, which goes in another bag. We saw very little recycling, except the occasional token gesture at segregated bins that everyone seemed to ignore. The people on checkout who do the packing put zero effort into minimising bag use, usually half the bags would have done, as they were packed so lightly, and double bagging anything resembling glass. We counted the carry-bags we threw out after 17 nights, and there were over 50. Buy some fries in restaurant? Get the fries on some tissue paper, in a cardboard boat, with a full complement of knives, forks and spoons made of black plastic, in a plastic bag, all on a sheet of paper, on a tray. The tray in reused. considering your culture of eating out, and how many of you there are, there has to be a change. I think the UK, as with most of the West is still terrible at this too, but even before the whole waste thing became an issue 20 years ago, we were never like you guys are now. If nothing else it must add a lot to the cost of food.
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    New york We spent 5 days in Manhattan about 15 years ago (Coincidentally, after visiting Mykhal from this forum, in SC.). TBH, i was so blown away by the architecture of the city at that time (not the new stuff, that's mostly shyte), i didn't really spend much time experiencing anything else. It was different this time. we spent 8 days there. In spite of staying in a Hilton, it was a massive downward tumble from our resort townhouse in Florida. I won't bang on about our accommodation, but just to say that a mini-fridge would have made a big difference. We stay in in eastern mid-town Manhattan, about 8 blocks north of ESB and 8 blocks south of Central Park, on Lexington, on the junction of about 4 different metro lines. I couldn't fault the neighbourhood for it's central location, although next time i think i'd go for something a bit more on the outskirts, in a more residential part of the city. We were directly opposite a big eatery/food court shared by around 10 different take-out outlets, a bar selling fab craft beers and seating if you wanted it. We eat out here in the evening, more then anywhere else really. We had a range of traditional diners within 2 blocks, which we enjoyed pretty much every morning. Fin and I enjoyed our pancakes, waffles and french toast most mornings, while Caren was usually disgustingly sensible. Portions were good and prices reasonable. Probably around 10% 15% more than UK when you factor in the tip. Both of those plates were part of his breakfast. One thing we did early on, that I would recommend for anyone on a tourist-tip, is the buy the 5 day bus pass from Top-view. You get two big guided loops of jump-on and off for North Manhattan and south Man. You get non stop tours of Harlem, the Bronx and Brooklyn. You get a 2 hour harbour ferry tour incl. SoL and you get 2 hours bike hire in CP. We paid just norht of $50 each, which i found to be a real bargain. We used that bus to just get around the city and only made two trips by subway. The ferry tour included some very interesting weather that had us imagining the end of the world was nigh. One day we got the bus to Battery park in the far south of the island, walked up to China Town for our evening meal and then walked back to the Hotel. This took an hour from the restaurant, and the hotel is about 1/3 up the island. You could probably do the whole of Manhattan in 4 hours walk - and it's a great way to see the city. Fin had asked me earlier that day why they were called skyscapers. On the long walk home we passed the ESB, whose top was disappearing into cloud. I point up and told Fin "That's why". He got it far better than my earlier explanation. NY Supermarkets are lovely places. They seem to have perfected the art of having a wider choice and higher quality, than you find in shops 10 times the size. We decided to have a picnic in CP after visiting one. We happened to find a spot, just in front of a covered seating area, where a group had decided to have their wedding. So our picnic was accompanied by a cello, violin and soprano ensemble, (and a cold can of Stone IPA). I must say, it was just lovely. Most of the 8 days, were doing typical touristy stuff like going up the ESB, which i won't bore you with. The only other day of note, was a Saturday, when we were on the way to pick up the bus from Time Square, which you cannot really get to without crossing the Avenue of the Americas. What we didn't know was on Saturdays there is a half mile long market lining both side of the avenue for the day. We quickly changed plans and spent a fab few hours soaking that in. I would recommend it to anyone in the area. My one bad experience. One day we tried something other than Starbucks for a break (my wife loves the almond croissant in Starbucks, but i wanted a change). We went to somewhere even posher (can't recall the name, something lie "Roast"). There were two service points, one marked for online pre-orders only, and the other marked for counter sales. I duly stood at the counter sales point for a few minutes, noting that there was no-one else there. All the time, other folk were being served at the "online sales only" point, for what i assumed was online sales. After 5 mins, I asked a gentleman who had just walked up. He told me that i should have been waiting in his queue. Another sales person turned up, and this same chap started putting his order in. I cut across explaining that i'd been there far longer. His response was "Yeah, but you're in the wrong queue". I just glared at him and continued giving my order to the person behind the counter. This chap kep grumbling under his breath. So i gave turned to him and said if it was so important to get ahead of me, then go ahead. He continued to grumble, but did nothing more. I informed the person on the desk that their signage was poor and misleading. They couldn't give a fuck. So i placed my order and waited at the pick up place, where I watched. The same chap who who served me, came out with 2 almond croissant. One he placed on a small plate, this was much darker, it looked almost burnt. The other on a plate, which he put on a tray, this looked pale, as they should. This was mine - i had other things in my order. The other 3 drinks i ordered too several minutes (icy frappucino stuff always takes an age). While waiting i watched a pretty young girl came up to get her croissant. She looked at hers, then looked at mine and talked to this guy behind the counter. He then swapped my light one for hers. Several minutes later, he completed my order. I went up to collect it. Put my hand on the croissant, which was clearly going to be cold, which it was. And i said, that's cold. The guy said he couldn't change it, because i'd touched. I said how would i know it was cold, without touching it. We had reached an impasse. He had to get the permission from his manager, who said just to re-heat it. I then said it was burned, and another argument ensued. I ended up just putting up with the burned, cold croissant, which i will confess i would rarely do - i'm usually well up for a fight. But i just wanted some peace. I wish i'd remembered to remind him that he's already swapped it for someone else, and i wish i'd remember the name of the coffee shop, so i could write a stinky review. This remains my only poor experience out of a month in the US.
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    I'll start at the end. At the start of our way home, we got the E train from Lexington and 43rd to Jamaica stn, to change for the AirTrain to JFK. It's really tough to get through the barriers with large cases and a small child. Some random young chap paid to let my wife through with his own ticket, then opened the service doors for us. Lady on the platform noticed our obvious British tourist-ness and confirmed (without being asked to do so) that we were on the right platform for JFK. Without realising it, i really appreciated that gesture. We got on the train. The driver was making some half-understood announcement about someone being sick at a station we had stopped at. Halfway between the next few stations, a lady sat next to me told me (again without being asked) that the train had to take a different route and wouldn't be going to JFK. She told us the station we had to get off, to get the train behind us. We were so grateful, as those facts had completely missed us, in the announcement. At the station before our new stop, the lady who had helped at the platform was leaving another carriage and stopped at our doors to tell us the same thing, that lady next to me had just said. On the 2nd train. a very pleasant young-ish chap in a suit struck up a lovely conversation about our travels. I appreciate this may all seem rather trivial, but at that time, with the stress of travelling and being responsible for ones family, to have all of that assistance, and especially as we didn't ask for it or expect it; it was offered with generosity and care. Both Caren and I were genuinely moved. I honestly do not think you would see that in the UK. I certainly haven't in all my years here. Not without exception (i'll get to that later), but, in general, we found Americans to be generous of spirit, pleasant and considerate, they seemed to be anxious but excited about the future, upbeat and not depressed. Caren, especially, noted how much she thought of the people we met and saw, and she is not at all given to offering such opinions usually. P.S. In Orlando I was slim and tall. In NY I was fat'n'short. A nation of contrasts.
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    Today marks the two year anniversary of the community, thanks to all who make this as great a place as it has been. With all the negativity out there it's nice having someplace where people act like civilized human beings to each other even when they disagree. Here's to year 3 being our best. Cheers
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    One of the cards I am looking forward to getting in Commander 2018 is the Sower of Discord. For multi-player games, this is a great political card stapled on a big flyer. Now, while thinking of synergies and combos for this card, my mind raced to a card I've been meaning to abuse: Heartless Hidetsugu. As long as you have two opponents, this combo will be brutal. Choose Opponent A and B, and have the Hidetsugu out. Activate Hidetsugu's ability. Both opponents take a load of damage. The Sower of Discord sees that both opponents have taken damage, so the Demon will do that much damage to the other opponent... creating a 1-hit kill for 1-2 players, depending on rounding
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    Recap of our trip - San Francisco is a cool city. Very diverse, alive and so much to do. However, I am not sure if I will be back. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it ... but everything is dirty. Nothing looks like it has been cleaned in a long time. Homeless are all over the place and its common to get a whiff of urine. Our hotel by union square was the perfect location to take in the city, however, we paid for it ... the room was VERY expensive. One highlight of mine was the food ... coffee and pastry at the farm market, clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl, going to In-N-Out Burger for lunch (sorry, I like 5 guys better) and walking next door to Crispy Cream donuts for dessert ... then going to the Ghirardelli factory for chocolate. We were scheduled to leave on a Sunday morning, I walked about 1-2 miles to the rental car place through China town. Sunday morning walk through a major city is a fun experience to see everything. We packed up and went nowhere. Unbeknownst to us ... the SF marathon was going on which closed every East West street except 2. Turned out not to be a big deal, we just had to be patient. On the way to Yosemite, we stopped for lunch. My friend that I play Xbox with lives there. Our families got together, kicked back and enjoyed the company. Saw that Yosemite Valley is finally reopening today after being closed for 3 weeks. Several of the areas we went to during our trip were impacted by the fires. I know that sometimes the fires are necessary, but never the less, I hate seeing it. We did some hiking ... our first was the Upper Yosemite Falls hike. It was the toughest hike I have ever been on. Straight up, canyon to rim, gained 2000 ft of elevation in just over 3 miles all on a granite trail. To make it tougher, we experienced something of a rarity in Yosemite ... rain. it rained a little while we were on the top of the trail. It served to make the granite slick for the hike down, forcing you to secure every step over the entire length of the trail. It was absolutely beautiful. Glad we did it, won't be doing it again. Next day we hiked the 4 mile trail which is another canyon to rim hike that ends at Glacier Point. Also a tough hike, but not nearly as bad as the previous day. The views are spectacular. You could see Half Dome and Yosemite Falls. We had discussed doing the Half Dome hike, which requires a permit. We ultimately decided against it. On our way down we saw a chopper ... found out the next day someone died on Half Dome. They scaled it during the rain. You can see Half Dome in the first pic background ... and my son is at the age where he doesn't smile. From the valley, we went south to stay at our next stop. That area was (maybe is) closed due to the fires as well. We took a horse back ride My old man joints were beat and needed a day off. From there we went to Sequoia. I was simply in awe of the size and mass of the trees. To think that some of them were over 1000 years old when Christ was born is mind-blowing. Interestingly enough, almost every sequoia has fire damage. Some of them have extensive damage, yet continue to thrive. Mother nature designed them to withstand intense fires. We continued hiking. Here is me standing on Mt Baldy ... oh the irony. Did another hike in Sequoia, Lakes Trail. It was foggy, which obstructed some of the views. Speaking of fog ... we had lots of fog in Sequoia which dampened the panoramic views. Anyway, it was Memorial Day weekend when we did the lakes hike. We encountered something unexpected ... snow. We were hiking on it. So much snow that the last of the 4 lakes was inaccessible. That hike is why I love doing this, why I plan these trips and why I continue to desire to explore and see the world. Me and my family might as well have been the only 4 people on the planet. It was us and nature. We could hear the water falls, see animals, and explore to our hearts content. I spent about 10 minutes laying on the granite right beside the lake just relaxing. Did a cave tour which was really cool. When we got deep into the cave, the operator stopped and turned out the lights. The whole group was encouraged to sit in silence. It was darkness on a whole different scale. Couldn't see my hand in front of my face. If you have never been in a cave, it is an unworldly experience. Really gave me some perspective when we heard about those kids stuck there in Thailand. From there, we left the parks and drove to Santa Monica. On our way to SM, we stopped in Hollywood. One of the main goals was to find a good spot to take a pick of the Hollywood sign. Mission accomplished: I loved SM. Beach, shopping, the pier, good food, excellent people watching. Great place to kick back, relax, and and wrap up the trip. We loved California. Its such a great place full of diverse landscapes and great people. Everything was fantastic. Driving around the state, I can understand why there are so many fires. Darn near everything was brown. I was also struck by the number of farms. Acres and acres of tree farms, oranges, lemons, almonds ... all over occupying every square foot. Like Florida, its a great place to visit but I would not want to live there. Way to many people and traffic and congestion and everything is expensive. Again - I share because I enjoy seeing others trips and experiences and hope people enjoy the same.
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    I've been tepidly watching this one for a while ... and it is finally getting closer to release. Obligatory GoG and Steam links provided. I know I sure as hell will not be pre-ordering a copy (homie don't do that), and will probably wait until the price comes down quite a bit. I'd like to see some post-release reviews as well, and wait on a couple patches to fix the most egregious bugs. The premise seems interesting, but I'm not sure even now what kind of game it is, nor what kind of gameplay to expect. Video possibly NSFW
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    Man goes into a Cafe and reads the menu: Cheese Rolls £1 Ham Rolls £1.50 Egg Rolls £1.50 Wanks £10 He ponders for a minute and then sees a buxom, attractive assistant walk out from the kitchen. Not believing his luck he asks: ‘Are you the one that gives the wanks?' ’Yes I am', she purrs. ‘Wash your hands then, I want two cheese rolls!’
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    With GP Orlando quickly on the way, Zuby decides to talk about some stuff close to the heart, depression and burnout. Not your typical episode but it will be explained why when you listen. Zuby is scheduled to be at: Grand Prix Orlando August 10-12 Grand Prix Atlanta November 2-4 You can support Magic With Zuby on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/magicwithzuby Magic with Zuby can be found at: Facebook: facebook.com/magicwithzuby Twitter: @magicwithzuby Gmail: mtgzuby@gmail.com iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/magic-with-zuby/id1082227660?mt=2 Google Play: Google Play Link here Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/magic-with-zuby Tune In Radio: https://tunein.com/podcasts/Podcasts/Magic-with-Zuby-p875986/ Magic With Zuby is sponsored by the following: Legitmtg.com: Order any Magic singles or sealed product that is over $2 and get free shipping to anywhere within the United States! Manatraders.com: Tired of buying singles in order to play in events on Magic Online? Manatraders allows you to rent any cards and decks you want for a monthly price! Be sure to check them out and use coupon code "MTGZuby" when you check out and get 15% off your first 3 months! View the full article
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    I'll be doing the opposite. I'll be keeping my eye on modern playables and gobbling them up before they start creeping back up in price due to no longer being in print.
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    In another thread @Lasraik mentioned buying a bottle of scotch. That and the podcast I listen to ... http://czabecast.libsyn.com/72518-bourbon-scotch-and-whiskey-oh-my What is your beverage of choice? I keep a bottle of Johnny Walker in the house for my uncle when he comes over, a bottle of Captain Morgan for my other uncle, a bottle of Crown for my brother in law. All of them have a glass on ice. I drink Bud Light and red wine, usually Cabernet or Merlot ... nothing sweet. I'm not a beer connoisseur and actually don't care for the flavor. If given the choice, my wife would pick an ice cold beer. I would pick an ice cold Coke. If you drink something like Scotch, or Bourbon, or Whiskey ... I am genuinely curious how you developed a taste for it? Does it really taste good to you? I am such a sissy when it comes to hard spirits and cannot stand the taste of any of that stuff. If I do it, it has to be in a shot. Wish I could order something and sip it, but it just tastes like ass.
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    On a more personal note, British Columbia is experiencing a second straight year of record #s of wildfires and the air quality is, by far, the worst in North America. Ugh "As of Aug. 14, there were 566 wildfires burning in B.C., with 29 evacuation orders affecting approximately 3,050 people (1,521 properties), in addition to 48 evacuation alerts impacting approximately 18,720 people (9,359 properties)." It's hot as balls outside, but we have to keep windows closed, or we end up breathing in smokey air. With each passing summer, I wonder if this is the new normal... dry, hot tinder and not enough rain. Here is a picture of Edmonton. Vancouver is more grey, but you get the idea...
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    Here's a Goblin list I'm working on. Sometimes explosive, sometimes not. https://www.mtgvault.com/magonista/decks/red-earthquake-goblins/
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    Not sure what you mean by "ripoff", but if you mean "a derivative work", "copy", or "clone" ... it is not. It shares a simple 8-bit (16-bit) graphic, isometric perspective, art style and there are similar things to do, but the entire plot and mechanics are very different. Stardew Valley was very tame, and I'd guess the target audience was pre-teen (even though adults can like it, too). Graveyard Keeper looks like the target audience is much older ... perhaps still not full adult tho (but we can enjoy it for multi-layered humor and ethical dilemmas). I think of Stardew Valley as "a unicorns and rainbows kind of nice" whereas Graveyard Keeper looks like "dark humor with a touch of morbidity".
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    "Orange juice, Pineapple juice, grenadine syrup, mango rum, all into a glass with ice, a pineapple wedge, a cherry, and a bendy straw" He also made like 16 parts of itall into a big ol' jug. That's where the Jack came in when we ran out of rum.
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    Has anyone noticed an increase in prices of singles? I know stuff is bound to increase in price after print runs end etc, but it just seems that the lows of cards keep increasing. I've noticed this recently when trying to build some decks, or when I'm just checking out the prices of sets. I'm not talking about massive spikes, but cards that you'd think are <$2 being worth more. For example: Zendikar Resurgent from Oath of the Gatewatch. High CMC, nice payoff, but solely a EDH card. I wouldn't be surprised if it was $1. I remember when you could probably get these for a quarter. Now: $3 USD. Cryptolith Rite from Shadows over Innistrad: A better card for sure, I'd expect a bit higher like $2-3, nope $4 USD, and big stores in Canada marking it for $6. Deflecting Palm from Khans of Tarkir: Cute combat trick, but ultimately a bulk rare. $2 USD. I'm not expecting cards to be free. But I remember building decks for dirt cheap, EDH or Casual or Whatever. But now, even when janky cards are a couple bucks, it adds up quick. I build my paper decks slowly, I want to test everything out. But I find the longer it takes me to make a deck, it now costs me more, and thats pretty disheartening. Has anyone else noticed this?
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    Guys and Girls, I have a confession. I love mill strategies. I will play them in commander, modern, draft, sealed, and basically any format I can jam a mill deck into. As you can imagine when I saw psychic corrosion I knew that I had to build a deck around this super spicy enchantment. Something that mills people while you draw cards is one the perfect magic card for me. This enchantment basically wants you to draw as many cards as you can as fast as you can to finish off your opponent. Well as luck would have it we have one of the most broken draw spells in Standard in the form of "One With The Machine". A simple 4 cmc spell that lets you draw cards equal to the highest cmc among artifacts that you control and magic players we have the card that makes the deck hum. Enter Metalwork Colossus. An 11 mana 10/10 that will let us mill our opponents for huge chunks of cards in a single blow. This deck takes advantage of the discount on artifacts given by Metalwork Colossus to play both a Colossus and a One With The Machine in a single turn. Am I dreaming too large? Not at all because this deck is packing wraths for days to keep those pesky creature decks off of our backs. The basic strategy is to set up a board state where a wrath will set our opponent so far back that by the time a Colossus comes down they will either lose to Colossus beats or to the comboesk mill strategy. Find the deck tech video here: Find a link to the Deck Tech here: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/colossal-mill/?cb=1533928778 Wanna see it in action? Check it out below: Happy Milling Everyone!
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    Yeah ... last weekend I installed the original Might and Magic through the magic of DOSBox to see how it has aged. Not good. I backed away after about a half hour because the graphics and gameplay were much too rough. I remember playing it for hundreds of hours back in the day on a monochrome screen CRT... from 5.25" floppy disks. I guess I do have standards after all and have been spoiled a bit by the modern-day state of gaming. On the other hand, I installed Might and Magic 2 and found it to be much more tolerable. I played it for a few hours, and will return again soon.
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    The 2 highlights of our Florida leg were as follows: Fossilised shark tooth hunting at Venice Beach, Fl. I have a friend who is a massive fan of all things sharkey. He had advised us to take the time to go, and he'd lent me a locally produced guide book on the subject. Allegedly, for literally millions of years, the gulf of mexico has been concentrating and washing up shark teeth onto the west coast of the peninsula. Teeth can range from microscopic, to megalodon teeth as big as an adult hand, and worth £1000's. They are at least 20,000 years old and metallic black, although new teeth wash up too. We left relatively early on a Monday. It was about a 2.5 hour drive from Orlando to Venice Beach. I must admit, i was very anxious about the trip. I knew finding teeth was hit and miss and we'd been building up to this for several months. What if we didn't find anything? It is a lovely place, regardless of the epic quest. Reminiscent of CA. Lovely white/grey sand. Open skies and fab weather. We parked at a place that was well known locally and talked about with my friend, called Sharkeys on the Pier. It's a restaurant, bar and shack/shop. We perked a few hundred meters north, but a public toilet. The toilet itself was just lovely (i shit you not - pun intended), it was like a small clapboard house, raised above the dunes, with shaded picnic benches all around. It was being superbly maintained by a team of cleaners, when we arrived. We walked north up the beach from that point. I was trying to distract my son from not having found anything, by teasing him that i'd be the first to find anything. My friend said he'd had most success about 1km north of Sharkeys and pretty much exactly 1km north of Sharkeys the call went up from Fin "Found one". It was the first, the largest, and the finest - a Tiger Shark tooth. Very distinctive as the edges are wickedly serrated. Now we were getting our "eye", over the next hour we found around 6, and were all finding them. The sand on the beach is a lovely grey white, which makes the teeth easier to see. You can find them in the wash-up - the bit at the highest point as the waves come in, which more foamy and contains the debris. The sea was lovely and warm and the beach was practically deserted. But it was too hot and after an hour or two, we decided to head to Sharkeys for lunch. Having an enviable spot and something of a monopoly in the area, I expected Sharkey's to be very pricey. It was surprisingly reasonable. My wife and I shared the seafood combo platter, including Grouper, which was lovely. I treated myself to a Pina Colada, which was possibly the best Pina Colada i've every had - and i've had many - and ridiculously cheap. I think the last piece is fossilised wood, or perhaps one of Washingtons teeth? JFK space Centre Actually, the space centre was just OK, but the Saturn V blew me away, as i suspected it might. How do we continue to expend so much energy on hate and wars, when we are capable of what i can only really describe as a miracle. Not only the feat of engineering, but the fact that it took the combined efforts of so many people from so many countries, and it was half a century ago. I don't believe humanity has ever surpassed this achievement, and am saddened to think that it is quite possible that we may never do so again. I've just realised the perspective on this photo is misleading, as we're standing several meters forward of the rocket, it appears smaller than it actually is. If you want the true sense of the size, look at the man in the navy t-shirt and cream shorts walking by the blue support framework much further back and to the right of the photo. Each of the 5 nozzles is about 3 adults high.
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    I will counter that argument. I post, relatively, quite a lot, and i don't want to have to trawl through the forums to find where we're at with the various topics. The Recent Activity gives me that in one stop. I find it very useful. I can live without it, but i'd rather not as it helps me. If folk don't feel they want to contribute, i would suggest that making it more long-winded to find out what's been updated isn't going to change that. It feels like a counter-intuitive move.
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    1) doesn’t shower / wear clean clothes (sorry but there is always THAT person or two) 2) cheaters 3) those who belittle others (especially new players) to feel better about themselves
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    I don't watch national news because it's pointless...but does CNN really actively call for Trump's impeachment? I know the incessantly criticize him...but then, so does Jeremy of everyone he doesn't like. As someone who isn't biased by partisan politics it all seems pretty fair to me. Assuming, of course, you believe in freedom of speech. To get back on topic, BIll Burr - a conservative comediant - had a famous bit about "why women are assholes." While I'll refrain from commenting on the piece itself, I think if you replace "women" with "internet liberal/conservatives" you'll get a pretty good idea about how I feel about all this.
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    Does glorybringer have any real use outside of Standard?
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    After playing decks like Goblins and Infect, I realized I have the most fun playing aggressive decks that attack early and often. I used to try forcing myself to play different control decks, but I just got bored and it felt like a chore. Playing decks that make my opponent uncomfortable and make them think about how they are going to deal with my creatures instead of what they wanted to do is fun for me. What decks make you the happiest?
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    I know the Commander 19 decklists look fairly 'meh', and don't have a lot of value reprints, but there are some cool new toys I want to get! 1. SOWER OF DISCORD - A strong demon that creates some great political situations. Yes, you can take 6, and your friend can take 6, too. 2. PRIMORDIAL MIST - Goes right into my UW Manifest Destiny deck. Allows you to play non-creature spells that have been manifested Nice. 3. ARIXMETHES, SLUMBERING ISLE - Such beautiful arts, but this card is going to lead to so much confusion. 4. XANTCHA, SLEEPER AGENT By far, this is the card I want the most of. Seriously, you can create a lot of chaos and stick it to somebody... give them a 5/5 for 3 mana? OK, attack somebody else...and then allow us to draw cards at your expense. *CACKLE*
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    I want 1) Whiptongue Hydra - windstorm on a stick that fits into one of my two Hydra tribal decks? Yes please! http://mythicspoiler.com/c18/cards/whiptonguehydra.html 2) Nesting Dragon- clog up the ground while my dragon flies to attack, and nice fast Wrath recovery? Nice! http://www.magicspoiler.com/mtg-spoiler/nesting-dragon/ 3) I have a Vela deck built around creatures leaving play so this elemental evokes my interest! http://mythicspoiler.com/c18/cards/nightincarnate.html 4) did I mention my Vela deck also runs Ninja?? http://mythicspoiler.com/c18/cards/yurikothetigersshadow.html
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    This is part of the reason I choose Matte Sleeves. No Matte Sleeves just tend to stick together over time and make shuffling annoying. Does anyone know how to get rid of this stickiness/griminess? I don't eat food or anything while playing, it just slowly accumulates after months of playing. No visual grime, just the feel.
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    I really like decks with the "blow stuff up" mentality. Blue control isn't my thing, but Rakdos board control decks are the most satisfying for me. Basically, kill all the things while ensuring my heavy hitters get through to my opponent every turn. The best example in modern right now is probably Mardu Pyromancer.
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    Creatures, big creatures, big flying creatures...so dragon decks. I like building up a big board state ofor massive creatures. Favourite colours are red, green and white.
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    I like the recent activity widget; without it, it would be difficult to find new posts. I skip over posts with videos though- can’t watch at work and can’t hear them anyways. Those posts also just seem to be a link to a video and no invite for a conversation on these boards. seems like all the new posts have a video lately though
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    1.) I liked the Top 10 lists, too. I just had problems keeping up. Any volunteers to keep that going every Friday or whenever they choose? 2.) Interesting perspective on the videos. We have noticed that it really helps get traffic to YouTube channels, and if the creators support the site I like to help them, as well. 3.) I've thought about a subreddit, it's a possibility. Although the forum will still be around so not sure if it's worth having another place to go and start over. I don't use Facebook. The forum has a Discord integration. I'm trying to prod!
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    Yeah, @Aurian and I have noticed the lack of Magic-related content here ☹ Personally, I’ve been consuming a bit less MTG content. Oh, I’m still playing and into the game, but also taking a bit of a mental break. I haven’t been doing as much building, tweaking, posting, and trading. A few thoughts. 1. I liked the Top 10 lists. That, or a question of the day, helps spur conversation. 2. I think videos have actually HURT more than help. When I am at work, I can’t really watch videos, but it’s much easier to read on a break or on the train. I see a lot of videos posted here, but don’t necessarily want to, or can, consume them. Any conversation that might take place would also do so on the YouTube channel. I get the feeling it’s a bit of a dumping ground for their content. When you watch TV, do you really interact? The old pump-and-dump 3. Alternatives? a. Reddit/CasualMTG, but I find reddit very imporsal b. A Facebook Group, except it can be hard to find new members, unless you allow new applicants in from searches c. A discord server…again, this is kind of invite only. d. Prod some peeps to post/reply more
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    That's the upside, finding creators you probably wouldn't have otherwise.
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    I found a spanish copy of Al-abara's Carpet. The rest were some decent finds but nothing that blew me away. I was deep into organizing my whole collection and to be honest I just got burned out on it and had to stop. Now that it's 100 degrees outside and my backyard projects are coming to a close I'll probably start organizing these again. Most of them are done, though. Overall I'd say it's probably $200 - $300 worth of cards
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    Yup, exactly! Sorry I should have included a example in the answer. And if she some how then gained 10, she would then go to -45.
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    It seems like you have all the cards that initially come to mind. Have you considered Wayword Sword Tooth or Exploration as repetitions of Azusa. Angry Omnath could be a finisher in this deck as well. Eternity Vessel is janky card that could save you late game. It might be nice to bring in some creature recursion and sac effects to fully get use out of Worldshaper and ETBs like Whip-tongue Hydra
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    I need to read more often. The last book I remember that was significant in size was Atlas Shrugged. Good book, but LONG. @Dunnar if you liked the modern day aspect of Dresden Files, you might like another series called The Iron Druid Chronicles. An old Celtic Druid walks the earth, fighting off ancient love gods and Thor himself even. It's a good series.
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    You heard right folks! Check out this spice! Deck Tech and Deck List coming soon
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    1. People who have "jokey" custom playmats. 2. People who eat at the table while playing. 3. Any one who has an island in their deck. 4. People who just get salty after loosing 5. People who play lands in front of their cards Ok, they were jokey ones, my real five people are: 1. Anyone who makes someone feel bad, magic should be a fun place where anyone is welcome, anyone who doesn't understand or want that should find a new hobby. 2. People who eat at the table while playing (that was also in my joke one but it sticks) 3. People who can't shower before coming, yes you may have just come from work but at least put some deodorant on and wash your face and hands in the bathroom. 4. People who constantly tell others how to play without being asked. Yes I made a mistake in my gameplay, I realise that, I don't need you to spend the next 20 minutes telling me how to be a better player, if i need advise/help I will ask for it. 5. People who cheat/bend the rules in order for them to gain any advantage they can. If you need to win so much then tell me when I st down, don't try bending rules
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    Too bad Frontier is dying a slow death, it would be good there. Maybe EDH or casual decks. Don't think it's playable in Modern or Legacy
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    Saw this while shopping