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    Hey everyone! I'm Mac and I've personally been on a 17 year hiatus from MTG but am getting back into it in a BIG way! My crew and I have secured a ton of boxes, singles, and are constantly researching to give viewers amazing content and as well as fair singles prices! It's just hobby for us with no real expectations as it is for most of MTG fans. Our channel just launched on YouTube (DangerUs Investments) and we would love if everybody gave it a watch, subscribed, and commented so we can continue to make content as desirable as possible! That's also why I am getting into these forums. Like I said, WE RESEARCH and want to be on top of hot topics to discuss with our viewers. For instance, I have a question that we've been discussing... Who thinks Rivals of Ixalan is worth the box price? Are there enough power cards in the set? I ask because we have 2 cases arriving in 2 days and boxes are going to be opened and broadcast via the youtube channel (DangerUs Investments)!! I know it's a little early but most of what I'm hearing is that the set is pretty solid. Foil's can make or break it too so hopefully we get something sick! -DangerUs Investments-
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    I finally thought I'd give this a shot and try it out I've been playing magic since Theros block and making videos since Journey Into Nyx. I can't wait till my Baby Chandra is a little older and can pilot her own deck!
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    Hey guys! I'm thinking about doing an on-going series in which I offer in-depth decks techs for previous world championship-winning decks. I have a bad habit of starting a series and then never finishing them, but when I do finally decide to film one I'll be posting it here.
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    I'm looking for some help on a video I plan on doing in the near future. I would like to do a video addressing the salt in MTG. I'm not talking about someone being upset because they made a misplay that caused them to just miss that pro tour invite, but more of FNM and low comp REL tournaments. I would like to hear anyones stories about how another player tried to degrade them, their deck, their playstyle, ect simply because they were not winning. I see this a lot and it will quickly turn a player off from playing competitively ever again. I won't be using any names in the video, and you can feel free to DM me if you don't want to post here.
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    Can they do an Unstable run that is just a booster pack that contains 15 basic lands.
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    I've been playing Magic for a long time, 95% of it casually and until last Saturday had never played a game of Commander. We have another husband and wife couple in our playgroup and their birthdays are close together so we always celebrate them on the same day. We took the opportunity to buy Commander pre cons for everyone and finally try Commander. I think most of the people in my play group have been hesitant to get into a new format after all these years but they were curious. So my wife and I bought two decks for us the C17 Dragon deck for me and the C16 Stalwart Unity for my wife, and we bought our other three friends a C17 Cats deck, the C17 Vampires and a C15 Swell the Host. It took us a while to get all the decks because they were sold out pretty much everywhere but luckily found some as they were being stocked at a retail store. After going through the rules and sleeving the decks we gave it a go. I've only played one game, but to me it seems like the Monopoly version of Magic. Long, drawn out games that someone can go from 2 life back to 30 in a turn or two, or someone plays a sweeper and clears the battlefield with everyone around 30-40 life and you have to start over again basically. Now I realize we were playing precons and there are decks out there that go off in a few turns, but the game lasted a long time. I guess this can be good and bad. Sometimes it can be fun to have a long drawn out game, but it got to the point where I was trying to find a way to finish everyone off as fast as possible or help someone else help me kill the other 4 people. Overall it was fun, I can see why people enjoy the format. I'll play again but it won't be something I play exclusively. Hope to play some games with more experienced Commander players locally ( @Magonista66 ) to see if maybe I'm doing something wrong or get some tips on how best to play the format. I did like that it's a format that is loose with the rules and lets the players establish how they want to play, making it open to customizations.
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    Hello Everyone! We are Haus of Magic, a YouTube channel starring us, a married Magic the Gathering-playing (addicted?) couple. Our content is geared mostly towards beginners, but we try to keep things interesting for the pros too! We do openings, story talk, informative things, and a lot of opinion pieces. I am Cassie (the "Haus Wife) and will be doing the majority of management on this account. However, I'm working on getting my dear husband, Erik, to get active too.
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    Sets not even been partially spoiled and the cards are curled...
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    Maybe we should create an official M25 spoiler thread, but in the meantime, dang, this is looking legit. (Found the picture floating around on Twitter.)
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    I think the above 2 posts nailed it perfectly. A combination of the fact that every deck needs them and they are a way people can express themselves and individualize their decks.
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    Full article here: http://massivelyop.com/2018/01/18/camelot-unchained-investment-mark-jacobs-interview-vr-beta-one/
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    I'm sure some of you already know about this channel, but just in case here's the link for They Said, We Said on YouTube. With all content creators taking a hit today let's try to support all the channels out there and raise their sub count. They Said, We Said reviews TV series like TWD and American Gods, has MTG Deck Techs and even does interviews with other MTG creators that are excellent. He even interviewed our friends @MTGZuby and @Breakfast with Nerds in the past. In addition to all that he loves craft beer, so you can't go wrong. So if you have a minute click the link and throw a sub his way, along with all the other creators you enjoy and are on this site!
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    Jon is one of the best dudes on YouTube- we could not have been more proud to be on his show. He definitely deserves the support.
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    The easiest Tier decks to play are probably things like Bogles or Burn. Slivers are a good starting place too but it's not Tier 1 by any means. Right after that is probably Green Stompy and maybe Mono Black Control, perhaps?
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    "The Monopoly of playing Magic" Best, most accurate description of Commander I've ever read!!!! (Spoken as an occasional commander player)
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    We did it! We reached Episode 100! Thank you to everyone who has ever listened! I really hope you enjoy the episode as I talk about Magic story, Magic 25, to MOBA's and more! Plus YOUR Q&A as well! Here's to 100 more episodes! You can support Magic With Zuby on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/magicwithzuby Magic with Zuby can be found at: Facebook: facebook.com/magicwithzuby Twitter: @magicwithzuby Gmail: mtgzuby@gmail.com iTunes, Google Play, Tunein Radio, Stitcher Sponsors: Legitmtg.com View the full article
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    An article was posted today on The Mothership displaying the packaging and a couple spoilers. An interesting quirk of the set is that almost every card will have a watermark in it's text box featuring the logo of the original printing, which is kind of cool. Article link: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/masters-25-packaging-2018-02-02
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    Moving on from the last budget MTG Cube build a long episode where we looking at the cube's skeleton. In this episode we are building upon that and put some meat on the bones by looking at the colour roles in the cube and pushing that further into archetypes. This stage will determine the primary and secondary role(s) you want each colour to achieve. Whether this is Aggro, Midrange or Control. From here we look to diversify these to really add some individuality to your cube. We also look to see what I will be doing for the channel's pauper cube. What the colour roles I've set and which archetypes I'll be trying to achieve. Missed any of the previous episodes you can find them here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzzvJQXrkTSqZSGDEDgM6a2_CEu2BQSSX
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    What do you do to grow your audience? For me, I try to stay frequent on relevant social media websites. Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and Instagram. Also consistently post on my blog and (try to) upload to YouTube consistently. Is there anything good I'm missing? I've never done paid advertising, or really advertising at all. If anyone here has that experience I would love to hear it.
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    Keep in mind I'm not a Star Wars fan, I can appreciate episodes 4, 5, 6 (or whatever they are) I don't think they are the best movies ever. I went into the Last Jedi expecting to like it because I've heard so many people complain about it, and usually when most everyone hates a movie I end up liking it.
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    During the weekend I mostly saw people complaining about Lantern Control, but after looking at the deck lists this one caught my eye: Did any of you catch the coverage or keep up with updates?
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    I wanna remain optimistic but until I see more spoilers I will hold my reservations. I will say though I love the set icon.
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    Magic players: Fix the cardstock problem Wizards: Here's a MOBA
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    Kept forgetting to do this Website: http://Sylvanmtg.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5tt4K5SuClo2gKzSEjWAvA Social media: http://twitter.com/sylvanmtg http://instagram.com/sylvanmtg http://sylvanmtg.tumblr.com https://facebook.com/Sylvan-MTG-442189822838417/
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    Did anyone think to check the trunk for a dead hooker? Cuz that is pretty smart if they let him get away with that.
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    As many of you don't actually know, I been taking up gardening. I tried growing strawberries this year, thought I had messed them up as they barely produced that many strawberries but found out later that this was normal for first year production and should do better next year, so all's good. For my birthday this month my girlfriend and her mum got me a greenhouse, or 'planthouse' or 'grow house' as it should really be called. Should also call it a cabinet rather than a house too, but that's what you would say you pedantic bastards sod you all I love it! Finally got it finished though it's been sat in the hallway mostly finished for a week with my peas and herbs in it. When I saw that the peas had sprouted this saturday though I realised I needed to get them outside, and so my girlfriend got to finishing it (since she insisted on building it too for my bday) and now its outside! Herbs probably won't last but I thought I would try them out in it anyway to see, and I also moved a couple of planters of garlic I got growing in there too to see if they grow any better compared to the ones I got growing outside. Here's some pics for you to slobber on.
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    After the Unstable lands hit the market, I started to wonder why most of us get so excited about land cards. Whether it's full art lands, white bordered, Unstable ect. what makes it so exciting. Is it because lands are usually always on the battlefield? Is it just because they are different than the usual lands? What is it about land cards that make them so exciting?
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    This book is nr.1 on my wishlist, it was released yesterday. Apparantly about 10% of the German soldiers carried a photocamera, so there are a ton of photos. Especially from the early days of the war. A few pictures: German engineers just before the German invasion in the Netherlands around a signpost on the Reichsstrasse 59 in Germany, 15 kilometers from Roermond. Machinegun-position of German soldiers on the corner of the Hilledijk and the Putselaan in Rotterdam-Zuid, May 1940. Wounded German infantrymen are being treated in an emergency hospital near the military airfield Valkenburg. On 10 May 1940 heavy fighting took place there. Dutch soldiers KIA. The top photo's location is unknown. The bottom one was taken at the Grebbeberg. Dutch & German soldiers fraternising after the capitulation. German soldiers under fire in Deventer. One of the few photos of the Rotterdam bombing. German soldiers taking cover near Roermond.
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    Son: "Can I eat this apple?" Mum: "No. That's not an apple, but an onion." Son: "It is an apple!" Mum: "It's an onion." Son: "Apple!" Mum: "Fine. If you really want to, just eat it."
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    Probably because literally every deck save for dredge variants need them. Also need them in high quantities. If you're gonna need something for years of playing, may as well use your favorites.
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    So... There is some talk about pauper being brought to the big time. What do y'all thing about this? I'm digging that I might get to watch some pauper when they stream, but I'm not too keen on the idea of the price of pauper going up. Thoughts?
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    According to Mark Rosewater, it looks like we're getting another printing of Unstable Even though I'm not the biggest fan, I'm happy this set is doing so well.
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    So luckily I haven't dealt with any extreme salt. But to be honest it doesn't take much to make the people uncomfortable. These examples might not be exactly what you asked but I'll post them anyways. I see it a lot in prereleases, which is disappointing because they are the most fun limited MTG, in my opinion. 1. When I first started going to pre-releases, I wasn't fully aware of all the etiquette, but still decent enough with the game to win, and move up to the competitive end of the table. Eventually, I got paired against one guy and we went to cut, and I shuffled his deck. Side note: I suck at shuffling, like really bad. So in order to shuffle I normally hold a deck sideways, cut the deck, and slowly mash/wiggle the two piles together (If the deck is sleeved). But the moment I did this the guy goes "HEY!" and accuses me of trying to peak at his bottom card to figure out his deck. I say sorry, and that I'm trying to shuffle, but he cuts me off and says "Don't think I don't know what you're trying to do" and then doesn't to talk for the rest of the match. Not so much salt, but un-needed aggression. I get he thought I was trying to cheat, but if he did that to someone who was just starting, it would've scared them off. 2. Theres a guy at my LGS, who seems decent, but if you play him in pre-release, holy shit is it a task. He never degrades you or your deck, but he'll sure as hell let you know that you got the "god kit" if he isn't winning. If he's down and you don't let up, every removal you play "Fuck another!", every bomb creature "God, you must have gotten the best kit!", every time he draws a dud card "Fuck, c'mon deck!" *throws hand on table* "pass turn...". Its so awkward to play against, you almost want to let up so you don't have to listen to it...not fun. 3. This is something I've seen more than happened to me, because I don't draft. But when drafting/cube, the one person that says "Wow, someone drafted that trash, what an idiot!", or "You must be stupid if you picked that one!". Seriously dude? You need to say that? fuck off.
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    I agree with you that WOTC should shoulder this burden and they won't because they don't want to send mixed messages. But the way WOTC has handled this whole situation has been a complete mess from start to finish. Wow, that paragraph lol. This is why everyone is so upset. Instead of just stating that it's come to their attention some judges were guilty of crimes and this is for the good of the program and the game, they claim they were loosely veiled accusations. They weren't accusations. But I think they worded it this way to keep the Judges who were upset about this whole situation happy and not seem like they are bending the knee to U.M. This is the right thing to do, but they aren't going about enforcing it the right way imho.
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    Episode 3: https://youtu.be/bL5p682ReL0
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    I'm Ryan. The guy behind SylvanMTG. I've been meaning to sign up here for a while but kept forgetting. So here I am.
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    I would agree. As your channel grows, so will your prospective.
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    I think it is all in perception, especially in the mtg community. We are a vast group, but nowhere near as big as like say video game streaming and such. I think anything over 1k is solid for me personally. I hope to reach that goal some day.
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    I think everyone has a different definition of small. Some people consider the 1k subs mark when people start to think of you as making it. Most people probably only consider a couple creators as being big, TCC, Mana Source, Unsleeved Media and maybe Alpha Investments. For me when someone is around 100 I think it's a pretty big accomplishment.
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    I signed a NDA, so I can't say much other than I haven't logged in much
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    I found a better way to deal with energy.
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    The response this morning has been interesting, to say the least. Liberals are suddenly defending pedophiles, despite the fact that they always claim to stand up for the vulnerable members of any community. Now they're talking about "rights" like conservatives. Conservatives are suddenly virtue signalling and acting all altruistic, patting themselves on the back for standing up for the vulnerable members of the community. Very liberal of them. I love and/or hate it. I'm not sure. It's all kind of adorable really. Fun to watch. Much entertainment. KIll me.
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    I thought it was an okay movie. 5/10
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    Some random pictures from our Yellowstone + Glacier trip. That's me at the foot of the falls.
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    It really depends how you play EDH, what your group's play style is, and what deck you build. EDH is also a format that is heavy on politics. Most games with pre-con decks will be long and drawn out as not many can pull off wins out of nowhere and it takes time to set up; but on the polar opposite, if you build a legit "competitive" EDH deck you can easily pull off wins turn 4-6. EDH, in my opinion, is one of the most diverse formats. Yes games will last longer than modern or standard of course, but overall it is much more fun for a group of friends in my opinion. Experiment with different commanders, you will have a blast.
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    If no one has combos that end the game quickly, or if everyone is playing a lot of counters and removal, the games go super long yeah. Also, if you have more than 4 players, the games get stalled pretty hard more often.
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    Yup, the long drawn-out aspect, plus the focus on haymakers and rares/mythics makes Commander a format I'm not keen on (though will play it at times). That's what happens when you double the starting life total and give the weird Commander bonus (ie free card).