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    Hi everyone! Can't believe I've only just found this wonderful community, guess that's what happens when I forget about twitter for a year or two! So I'm Tim, but you can find me on various places across the internet as dijital llama. I've been a long time on/off mtg player, since way back in time, but recently started again with Kaladesh, and am loving it. So much so that I started a youtube about it. (There's also a bit of games workshop stuff on there, as that's another passion of mine) I am playing quite a lot of standard at the moment, but my main format of choice is commander. I really enjoy budget and janky builds, odd combos and alt win-cons, and am still a fan of tiny leaders! I don't really have a kitchen table group at the moment as we almost exclusively play at the lgs, but I always play in the spirit of the kitchen table! Anyways, I'm really looking forward to meeting you all, contributing what I can, and definitely checking out everyone else's channels
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    Apologies for the little delay with posting another help topic - been very busy at work with swapping sides of the shift, so thanks for your patience. In this topic we are going to talk about the last of the major reasons why people may or may not subscribe to your channel (outside of your content) with a bonus information about how you can make the most out of your videos. Channel Layout So first up we have some popular youtube channels: The first thing we notice between these two channels is that SBMTG hasn't got a channel layout, it's just showing his activity feed, which is the default setting for youtube channels. Now for someone new coming in to find out what he does, could be a little bit of an issue. Especially if it was more than just posts for his videos. The other side of the coin is boogie plays games. Now he has created a channel layout, with his trailer there for new and existing subscribers. Plus two playlists visible with uploads and popular uploads (which again is default when you tell youtube you want to enable channel optimisation (which we will get to how in a sec). The problem we face with both channels really is, we don't know too much about what they do without diving into the channel, which isn't optimal for a new viewer stumbling across the channel, but boogie is doing a lot more to help. This could really be taken advantage of a lot more with a little bit of time spent and will pay dividends in the long run. Better option: My channel isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination but you'll notice so key differences. First of all, there is a different layout for the new visitors (left) and the returning subscribers (right) - which with only minor changes being made helps to grow the channel. For the new visitor this is where you would put your channel trailer (potentially a key aspect for a viewer to find out what you do - but not the focus of this topic). Whereas for the returning subscriber you can have it set up as your most recent uploads or promote a video that you want everyone to see. The next aspect is big here, especially for new visitors and that is playlists. Showing what your channel does in a clear way will enable them to navigate your content easily, plus there are further benefits which I'll explain later on. From these examples, which channel from the initial view, would you automatically know what is going on and be able to find a topic easily? Should really be a no brainer. Enabling Channel Layout To enable customizing the layout of your channel you will need to do the following: 1. Click on the great icon next to the subscribe button on your channel page. 2. This will bring a dialogue box up, here you will need to select the toggle for customize the layout of your channel. 3. Once done, head to the bottom of your new look channel page and find the add section button. 4. This will open up a section for adding in either a specific video or playlist. I would recommend putting playlists together of useful content and the main ones that are helpful to a viewer or bring in the most traffic to add. Once you've picked one, click done. 5. This is now added to your homepage, but it will be at the bottom of the page. To move it higher up or move alternative section, use the Up and Down Arrows in the Top Right of each section until you're happy with the layout. 6. Repeat this process until you're happy with the layout of your channel. You can always add more sections, change playlists and so on when you bring out more content and to take the older content off the front page. Playlists Playlists play a significant part on youtube for the following reasons: They allow you to organise your content together in relevant ways for the viewer. The additional metadata (through the use of the playlist description and playlist name) enables videos to be found in search and suggested content. This means that if someone is watching your content, it'll have a greater chance to be recommending other videos from the playlist to be watched next, which you'll see in the right hand sidebar when viewing a video. (Video titles, tags and descriptions play a key role here but that's for another day) I can't recommend titling and using the description of a playlist enough for this reason. Please don't leave the description blank as you're wasting valuable metadata opportunities, plus it'll tell a new viewer on your channel what they can expect from each one. Playlists's can also rank in search meaning that a viewer could potentially be going through multiple videos rather than just one. You can also make a playlist into a series, so that the videos need to be watched in a certain viewing order, this will tell youtube to suggest the next or more likely be the upcoming video when watching. (Note each video can only be be in one series playlist - but can be in as many normal playlists as you like) An example here could be that you create deck techs on a specific day. You would have a playlist for all of these to go in, but if you create deck techs for multiple formats too, then you could also have a playlist for standard deck techs, modern, commander and so on. Meaning your videos spanning multiple (relevant) playlists and greatly increasing the chance of having your content being suggested. Playlist creation and adding videos to a playlist works as new content id to YouTube. This will then react in a similar way to if the video was just uploaded, allowing it to be pushed out to more viewers for a period of time (determined by the view velocity the video receives). Recommended strategy here is to upload the video. If you know it's going to go into an existing playlist, add it a few hours later, or even next day. Or create the playlist later on and add it then. It does affect the views of a video, but it may not be as noticeable at lower viewer levels. I can't recommend using playlists enough. They provide such a huge importance on youtube and will undoubtedly help your channel layouts as well as more of your content being seen. More views hopefully means more subscribers and channel growth Hope that is of some help to you all and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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    I think the general idea is that Jeremy posts hateful videos about everyone in the community and then his fans follow suit and harass everyone he decides to hate this particular week. Beyond that, I don't know, I stopped watching Jeremy's videos months ago. As for the Twitter stuff, yeah, honestly, there is no place right now for an intellectual discussion over there. It's just a parade of barbaric grunting and fist-raising, I'm staying way the out of it. At the very start of it I made a post in one of The Prof's threads saying that responding to bullying and harassment with more bullying and harassment was only going to make things worse. After an inflammatory comment or 2 I just deleted the tweet and stepped out of it. Since people are a bit less emotional here I'll just say that I think Sprankle was super cool, and the fact that she was bullied out of the community is absolutely not okay. I definitely think that the people directly associated with her harassment should be condemned for their actions, and the same is true for anyone who harasses someone to that extent. However, I don't like the concept of "We should make our community as inclusive as possible. Let's start by driving the people we don't like out of it." Not because I think bigotry should be tolerated, but because if you encourage a group of people to drive out the ones that they disapprove of then the entire community devolves into chaos. I'm sure every single person could be justifiably driven out of the community in another person's mind, and if we tell people "you're allowed to hate certain people because it's justifiable" then all it really does is encourage people to harass and bully the people that they specifically disapprove of. Since everyone has a different opinion about who should or shouldn't be in the community, you're basically opening the floodgates of hate, which will end up drowning the lot of us. Again, not saying bigotry should be tolerated, but when your message is "Kick out the people who are ruining Magic" when everyone has a different definition of who is doing that, it's just a slippery slope to do gown. Although, as someone who only plays MTGO, none of this really affects me regardless, so you guys have fun with it.
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    Hi Everyone, Welcome to the second instalment of my YouTube Channel Optimisation series and moving on from Channel art with the banner we come now to the main reason why a new viewer watches your video. Which is your thumbnails. There are various things that need to be addressed here, but the thumbnail is the way you advertise your video. Something eyecatching, yet informative is the way to go here. I've really taken a good look at the videos of mine that have been doing well and which haven't. As you can probably guess, the new updated thumbnails are being clicked on more, but I'll dive into more reasons what was wrong with them later on. First up we have 2 thumbnails here. Which are you more likely to click on? Unsurprisingly (unless you watch boogie and can recognise him in the top corner) Total Biscuit's thumbnail excites the viewer a lot more and personally I'd want to click on that. It tells the viewer what to expect, what the topic is without having to read the title of the video. Again with this example, TCG player one does make me want to click on it's cube video more, due to the professional nature and ease of reading, although the click bait aspect of Paul Cheon's (if you are able to read the text at the image size being a little smaller than this on the youtube page) may draw you, although it is difficult to read with the busy background and the interesting colour choice for the text. A thick White stroke may have been a little better Here and a drop shadow. But I'll leave that decision to you. The key thing with Click-bait is that make sure your video delivers what you are baiting the viewer with. Like I said in the previous article, making the life easier for the viewer is imperative to getting them to click on the video. Whether this is big bold text, contrasting colours, and an exciting image. It's all needed, especially as your thumbnails are never viewed at the 1080p you may well create them at. A general rule of thumb is when creating a YouTube thumbnail. If it looks good and you know what's going on at 1/6th of the 1920x1080 size you create it at, then your job is done. Common Issue Another big issue, which I had with my channel and I'm sure a lot of other people's is when you create your thumbnails you forget about that pesky clock in the bottom right. This really does cause anything there to be unreadable and again, a general rule of thumb is to keep that area clear. It's detrimental to you and potential clicks. Take a look at your video page like this for yourself and you may find something similar. As you can see, now I've made sure that the thumbnails on the channel don't touch interfere with that bottom right. Now I'm not saying go back and change everything, but it's something that you can look into more as you go on with your channel. It's really easy to do and will make a big difference. I've still got some changes to make with some of my evergreen content, but I'm slowly but surely working through that. Branding The next thing here dives into a bigger overall topic, but your channel is your brand. I won't dive into this too much here as that's a whole other topic itself, but making sure viewers can distinguish your content when it's uploaded on their YouTube home page is imperative. Whether this is a style of thumbnail or branding. As you can see from my thumbnails here and those from the images above, In every thumbnail (bar inside the cube on the bottom right which I'm fixing) There is a white frame, my Logo in the top left and the MTG Logo in the top right. This consistency will allow anyone seeing a thumbnail by itself no matter the size will know it's mine. I would urge you to put your logo's onto your thumbnails at a minimum in the same place each time to keep consistency. You know what an apple product looks like, so taking this idea into consideration, doing the same with your thumbnails allows the viewer to learn what yours is at a split second glance. These thumbnails are all from different series and you'll be able to tell that, but you can also see the consistency of branding too and that they all belong to me. Colours Now the viewer's eyes are drawn to the brightest part of an image, most contrasted or the most saturated. Plus typically as we read left to right, the top left corner is also an area looked the most. Now we can make the most of this as thumbnail designers. We can utilise a suite of colours to add consistency, but at the same time brightness/contrast is an aspect that we can all utilise. I'm sure many of you have seen Taken 2 or any other recent action film (too many to count) - but you'll notice how the characters/highlights are slightly orange, whereas the shadows are more towards cyan/blue. Well this is done on purpose (often overused these days, but not the point). Like I said earlier, our eyes go towards the brightest/most saturated areas. Well this shown here distinctly. Lighter colours like yellow/orange appear to come forward in the image, whereas the colder colours like blue/cyan appear to be further back. You can utilise this idea in your thumbnails by drawing the viewer to where you want them to look. Whether this is with a high contrast between the text and background. Thick black stroke around a light colour text, or like you can see in my thumbnails above, using the yellow colours, with the text cut out darker to increase the contrast and draw the viewer's eyes here. Summary There are plenty of things you can do to make the life easier for your potential viewers to want to click on your thumbnail. Create your thumbnail at 1920x1080 and zoom out to a 1/6 of the size. If you can still read it, you have a winner. Create a brand/consistency in the thumbnails - not for all series being the same, but if you have your icon in a similar place or at least on the image it'll help the returning viewer recognise yours from the rest. Make sure you create your thumbnail with that annoying timestamp in the bottom right. Avoid this area at all costs with meaningful information. Utilise the Top Left corner as this is often the first thing a viewer will look at. Make use of contrasting colours, light/dark and saturation/brightness to tell your viewer where to look, plus ease of reading. Don't worry if the text is massive at full 1080p resolution, it's never going to be seen at this size bar on a tv. Think of it being seen on a desktop or mobile device. Don't use difficult to read fonts. Stick to one font. This goes back to consistency and returning viewers knowing what is and isn't yours. Italics, Bold and so on are more than fine here, but multiple fonts can cause issues. Hope that is of some help to you and if you have any further questions, feel free to leave them below.
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    Just to offer up a counter-point since this discussion is fairly one-sided, let me say this: I like extreme music, particularly extreme forms of death metal, and I'm not talking about pop bands like Slipknot/Korn/whatever. This music that I listen to is horrifically violent, glamorizing and glorifying very dark aspects of humanity that I won't specify here in the event that our younger members happen upon the post. Suffice it to say the lyrics are incredibly offensive, alarming, and hateful, and despite all that the music has always held a certain appeal to me. So, with that said I am not in any way condemning someone for enjoying Jeremy's content. If someone were to tell me to my face that Unsleeved Media is there favorite channel, I'd likely just nod and say "Cool, I like MTGGoldfish." There is absolutely nothing wrong, in my opinion, for liking whatever content you want to consume in your free time. If you like the more emotional, outraged, and pessimistic nature his content, I understand! I like those very things in my music! It's just that, when it comes to this banning, the thing we all have to realize is that DCI membership is a privilege, not a right, and it's completely understandable that WOTC would revoke that privileged from someone who makes a living belittling the company and its fans. In the same way that death metal bands are frequently banned from venues with prudish owners who disapprove off their lyrics. It's kind of bull-crap as a fan, for sure, and so I can see why Jeremy's fans would be defensive. Still, the whole incident seems perfectly sensible to me.
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    The site renewal is coming up in January, so to help with the costs I decided to try being an Amazon Affiliate. The way it works is you follow one of the links with our affiliate number on them, and whether you buy that particular product or another, a small portion of the sale goes to us as an affiliate - the price stays the same for you. Some of you asked if I would be starting a Patreon account but I don't consider myself a creator necessarily or need monthly patrons, so I don't think that would be for me. Any little bit to help with the costs of renewal is fantastic, even clicking the links helps. So if you're planning on buying something from Amazon, follow one of the links below before your purchase it helps the site costs - every little bit helps and it all comes out of Amazons end. (stick it to the man) Ultra Pro Deck Box Tower Ultra Pro Deck Boxes Ultimate Guard Boulder Deck Box Dragon Shield Matte Sleeves KMC Perfect Fit Ultra Pro 9 pocket binder sleeves BCW Z-Folio Amonkhet Booster Box Ixalan Booster Box and Bundle These are just a few examples off the top of my head, but if you want a link to something specific I'll create one. It should work just by clicking the link and doing your shopping. Thanks again, I appreciate the clicks and help!
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    Our friend @Rhino got a mention on DailyMTG today! It's unfortunate timing that all the drama and nonsense on Twitter buried what should have been an awesome gesture but thankfully the word is getting out. Keep up the great work Rhino!
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    I am no fan of SJWs, nor the fact WOTC loves to cater to a very small clique, but is Jeremy Hambly the hill you want to die on? Let’s face facts, this boils down to the fact that Jeremy Hambly is a piece of shit. Full Stop. He’s a bully. He repeatedly insults other players, creators, and is jealous of anybody else who has more success than he has. He also gets his troll army to continue the assault. Look at what he tried to pull at GP Vegas. He’s a coward. If any of his stuff gets too much heat, he’ll delete, apologize, and claim ‘it’s a prank, bro!’. He can’t even stand up for the views and things he says. Some ‘alpha’. I might have an inkling of respect for him if he simply said “Yeah, this is what I think, deal with it.” He doesn’t bring anything positive to the community. Hell, I used to watch a bit of his content, and it was obvious that he doesn’t even play the game, or know what the cards do. He is a clickbait artist, like Milo Yiannapolis, who jumped on to a product simply to ride the wave. If you want to really support a contrarian who is smart and doesn’t need to resort to petty insults, read Matt Sperling’s content. Of course, it’s easy enough to avoid twitter, reddit, etc and just play the damn game. I can’t recall ever going to an LGS or my playgroup and being beaten over the head with identity politics. It only becomes an issue if you actively look for it. My life is so much better now that I just let the idiots fight amongst themselves.
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    The thing with Jeremy that many people forget is that when he lost his sponsorship with WOTC, he stated that WOTC had "made an enemy" and he would "make them pay for it." His agenda since losing his sponsorship was to degrade and belittle the company and everyone who works for it. I know he likes to play the victim and his fans buy into that, but he publicly stated he was going on the attack and he has done so for the past several months. I'll have to try to dig up the video, but I'm sure it's private/deleted by now.
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    While I respect your opinion (and the MTG subreddit is pretty terrible), I don't think this is a freedom of speech issue. Wizards is running a business and have rules that they can enforce as they see fit. We can choose to support them or not because of how they enforce those rules but it's ultimately their decision. I will say I think they should have given Jeremy a chance to cash in his collection on MTGO, but again they have a TOS for situations like this and those digital cards are their property. It's one of the reasons I can't see myself putting much time or money into MTGO, I won't own those cards like I will paper products. The whole situation got out of control pretty fast, people from both sides got pretty nasty; especially on Twitter. Jeremy has said some things that just comes off as hateful and for the sake of getting under peoples skin. Intentional or not I support his right to say whatever he wants, but I'm not surprised Wizards decided to drop the hammer. Not saying Jeremy intentionally got banned but his status online has rose to heights that he never would have seen just being an MTG YouTuber. Wizards turned him into a martyr for people who support him.
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    So during my weekly #FridayMTG posts on Twitter, I started checking some of the tweets in my time line (or whatever it's called) and the torches and pitchforks are out. I didn't realize or maybe I forgot how much hostility and toxicity (to steal their buzzword) there is on the "Twittter MTG Community" Looks like Jeremy did something that resulted in Sparkle to stop cosplaying, I'm still not 100% sure what he said because I'm too lazy and uninterested to track it down. I made a tweet that was something to the effect of lets all help each other, spend our energy on positivity and don't give trolls what they crave: attention. Of course that was met with "he's toxic and a harasser and has to have his DCI banned and banned from never using social media again!" Both sides are hurling insults at each other, and it made me glad I'm ignorant to all the drama that goes on. I focus on having fun playing MTG and meeting new people/fostering the friendships I have online and locally in MTG circles. Don't feed the trolls is some of the best advice you'll get when you're on the internet and on social media. Papa Mage said it perfectly: Look, of course I'm not in support of people who shitpost and are hateful to other people but those people thrive on the chaos and attention they get. Don't give them what they want.
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    WOTC/Hasbro could very well file motions to YouTube to remove any of his content featuring MTG, or pepper him with enough legal annoyance to affect his wallet. Honestly, this is reason #100+ that I barely use twitter any longer... very little of positive value, and so much hate, whining, bullying, and other nonsense. I appreciate this forum much more.
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    Howdy folks, For those who have been watching me since the beginning of the year, you'll probably remember I was doing a decent number of random/lot/collection type buy videos. I never stopped buying cards, but over the summer I was focused on creaYTors content and getting my house back in order after an unfortunate spring flooding incident. So I've got a back catalog of random buys that have been filmed but not edited, and at least 3 or 4 more that have to be filmed, and starting next week we'll be uploading again! I'm excited to be sharing these with you all and hope you enjoy them. I know I love going through these lots, and I'll be sure to post the video here on kitchen table mtg forums! Thanks for watching!
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    #FridayMTG got a mention on Daily MTG, I appreciate Blake Rasmussen obliging my request https://twitter.com/KitchenTableMTG/status/921309463025475584
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    From the perspective of a person who didn't know who he was until this all went down, his videos are very condescending toward several different groups of people who play MTG. My question is why are those videos needed? What did this cosplayer do to you? What did WOTC do to you prior to this situation which caused you to comment on the different groups of people playing or supporting the game? It all seems like he made these videos to make himself and others feel better by belittling others. If I'm missing something there please correct me. EDIT: Some of his videos (when he sticks to actual content about the game) are good such as the card quality.
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    This has been coming to Jeremy for a long time now. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech or having the wrong opinion. He has a platform that he utilized to instill hate and harassment. He can say all he wants that he can't control his followers, but when he makes video after video about MTG community members (and he has for a few years now) and his followers harass said community members, he's going to be blacklisted by WoTC and other companies. There have been others in the community that have tried to reach out to him and just talk to Jeremy but he just ignored it. He plays the victim very well and his followers eat it up. Bottom line, you can be an asshole but don't expect people to like you.
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    I mean is anyone really surprised? Mainly about Jeremy. Let's say for argument's sake he didn't personally harass Christine Sprankle. Let's say the tweets and videos he did were just "memes" and "jokes" and "criticism" as he likes to call it. He has to understand that he has a big reach and has lots of followers on twitter and youtube. He gave them the platform to harass her. He made it seem it was ok. A common comparison I've seen is Trump. Trump says a lot of dumb stuff and it gives those people power to keep spreading those dumb things Trump likes to say. Jeremy has power and didn't use it wisely. He is facing the consequences of his actions. This isn't a recent thing with him either it's been ongoing and building up for a few years now. I just hope we can put this behind us now and move forward.
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    Um, excuse me, @King of Jank insulted me and he should be banned immediately.
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    Fin, You don't know me, but your mom has several times. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that things are going to be OK. I know that big lego set looks like it is a toy, but it is most certainly not. These things can sometimes be confusing. Here are a couple things to keep in mind that might help you through this difficult time. 1. You are just as important as your Dad's lego set. I know he has spent more time with it than with you over these last few weeks, but I promise he only loves you a little less. 2. When you touch his expensive toy, it is like you are touching his special place. It might seem OK at first, but it is NOT. He isn't really angry at you, he is just scared. Don't touch it. 3. If you want him to love you again, stand by his side while he is playing with his legos and offer support. I know you will be bored out of your mind as he frets over the proper placement of those little colored blocks, but be patient. If you stand there long enough he will come back to you. If that doesn't work, then while he is asleep, sneak down and take just one piece. Hide it very well in the general vicinity of the work table. When he loses his shit, wait a while and enjoy the show, then help him find it. You will be his hero again. I know this is hard on you. Tell everyone you know that your Dad has become lost in his star wars toy, and that you don't even know him anymore. Someone will be sure to take you and give you the life you have dreamed of. Good Luck Son (maybe, I don't really remember that night), Jag Darktide p.s. If you did happen, by accident, to touch his special place, tell your Mom you need penicillin ASAP. Trust me.
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    I'm sick of the repeated targeted harassment! Now you're sending me mixed messages. Do you want me out of the community or not? That seems to be the case with people like Boogie2988, who tends to be very moderate in his views and constantly faces criticism for not being angry/offended enough.
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    Its amazing that people you don't know or associate with can cause so much turmoil in a game you play with friends. The kitchen table players, casual players, and children that love this game are blissfully ignorant of whats going on, and I envy them for it. Honestly I started dreaming about the drama last night, even though it had zero effect on me, or so I thought. But Lasraik is right. Harassment is going to occur to anyone in any situation. I in no way condone what happened this weekend, and being harassed strictly on your gender, sexual preference, race, religion etc etc is unacceptable, but no matter where you go, you're going to run into an asshole...in MTG, in sports, in school, work, everything. Being in the public eye facilitates this easier, unfortunately. Although anecdotal, I can 100% say that in my playgroup, no girl or minority has been harassed based on their identity. It wouldn't be allowed, by the playgroup or the current LGS we play at. I feel like the community needs a Moderate voice. People would argue that TCC is that voice, but I think he already leans to the left, and even if not to the extreme, has been painted as such by the right. WotC and the creators they endorse all lean left, some to the extreme. If you have a game dominated by straight white males, and then have the loudest voices of the game (WotC, etc) say all straight white men are shit, what is going to happen? You get a sizeable amount of people who use MTG to escape the world, gettin shit on by the the Company that fuels there escape. They don't feel like they can rally behind TCC, Wedge, etc because they just got shit on by that "team". Enter Jeremy who leans right. A toxic right extremist, yet someone that still pushes back against the others. Thats where his following is. Now he is literally just pure shit and profits off harassment of his critics, but he still has the support of those that felt pushed out by the initial Left movement. If there was a moderate voice, that said "Hey, don't be an asshole. Play MTG. Girls, Guys, Blacks, Whites, Gays, Straights, Trans, just play MTG. I you have a beef with a group, don't play in public, play in your home. Don't prioritize one group over another. Just play MTG." and WotC got behind this moderate voice, then power would be taken away from both extremes, and de-politicalize the MTG community. But this probably won't happen. The extremes will still be louder, and accuse the Moderate of being blind, or a cuck, or a bigot-sympathizer.
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    In all honesty, it's getting to the point for me that either I delete twitter and carry on making content or think about stepping away from this game. I'd still create content but probably for another hobby of mine, but ever since I've been creating there really hasn't been many days where drama or politics hasn't taken over my twitter feed. This forum has been a safe haven and I've met and talked to a lot of great people, but in all honesty the current situation is getting out of hand and it's hard to want to stay connected to a game with a community that is this problematic (again I'm talking about twitter not this forum or the people on it).
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    So to quote Mark Twain, "Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated." My new 1050ti video card arrived as scheduled, but I didn't get around to installing it in my machine due to recent holiday family festivities (and tryptophan-induced laziness, from over eating turkey and all that other good stuff). I decided that today would be the day that I would do the ol' switcheroony to once again be able to use my side monitors (I missed their functionality). So, I cleared off my desk to create some working room, and then hauled the case down from its high shelf above my monitors. This is an awkward, non-ergonomic maneuver which generally requires lifting heavy items at odd twisting angles, and all sorts of other OSHA violations, including but not limited to standing on a chair. On a whim while the box was down and open, I decided to verify that it was the 660ti video card that was bad and not the PCIe slot in which it sits. So I pulled out my good 980ti and then removed the 660ti. As I prepared to install the 660ti into the 980ti's slot, a small brass hex nut fell out of the 660ti's fans into the palm of my hand. "Huh, that's weird" thought I. So I gave the ol' 660ti a vigorous shake and I could hear a faint rattling [disclaimer: don't try this at home, kids; the author is a professional and sometimes knows what he's doing]. After a little investigation, which consisted of poking and prying random bits with a long plastic pointer thingy, I found a screw that was missing its nut. Fortunately, the screw was still in place after all of the shaking, poking and prying. For two brief moments immediately thereafter things looked bleak indeed; I dropped the tiny nut on the floor where it instantly entered supreme ninja-mode, and just as I found it and breathed a sigh of relief, I bumped the video card and the screw dropped to the floor out of view. Several frantic minutes later with me on my hands and knees flashlight in hand, I finally found it. Did I mention this screw and nut were really teeny-tiny? Then with a bit of lip-biting and the ritual utterance of a few dirty words, I finally got the nut back on the screw by holding it in place with a set of tweezers in one hand and tightening the screw with a miniature screwdriver in the other. I gave the 660ti another good, two-handed shake and, just like the image on an etch-a-sketch, the rattling was gone. I installed the "repaired" 660ti in the machine in the slot where the 980ti usually sits. I plugged in all the relevant cables at the back of the case (note: the 980ti at this point is lying on my desk uninstalled). And I cautiously hit the power on button to fire up the machine (with hope that it would not literally "fire up"). After a few beeps, whirs, blorks and other nerve-rattling startup noises (along with a few "blinks" of the monitor screen), a familiar Windows 10 desktop stared back at me. "Huh, so it wasn't the video card," I thought, "Could the loose nut in the works have been the problem all along?" The short answer is, "yes ... maybe? ... well I don't know." The screw that was loose is the one that is supposed to clamp the card's circuit board to the slot metal bracket (you know, the weirdly "L"-shaped metal bracket that screws inside the back of the case at the slot), and I suspect that it maybe caused some sort of grounding issue (or lack thereof) when the nut loosened and fell off into the radiator fins. A casual inspection reveals that there is a metal contact trace on the circuit board under the screw head. In the installed configuration, there are no electronics below the location from which the nut would have dislodged that would have then cause any sort of short ... there are just the fan blades, radiator fins, and plastic housing. The symptom that led me to believe I had a bad video card was that as long as I had a second or third monitor plugged into the 660ti video card, the main monitor would go blank. When the two side monitors were unplugged from the 660ti video card, the main monitor would once again show the familiar desktop. Weird, yeah. Testing out my theory that it was the loose screw all along, I put the machine back together again with the 980ti in its rightful slot, and the "repaired" 660ti back in its slot, I plugged in all the appropriate cables, and for good luck I even closed the case by attaching the side door ... and there it is, Bob's your uncle. The system is back to the way it was a week ago. And the 1050ti sits unused, still new in a box. I'll keep it for a spare just in case the "repair" doesn't take. Because I refuse to take the system down yet again just for a marginal update to a card that appears to work (for now). The 660ti is a silent one that uses passive cooling, whereas the new 1050ti has two fans, and thus would increase system noise.
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    I thought several of you might get a kick out of this... The future is looking bleak. Last week I mentioned an old sea-fairing friend of mine, Captain Jag Darktide. I’ve known him since childhood as the popular kid in town - you know the sort. He always knew exactly which pockets held the best pickin’s. He also had a great knack of controlling the other kids into creating a diversion to allow his hands to be the ones that would lift the purse of the merchants’ hip. Saying that, he was generous to those younger kids, often giving away more than he filched. And of course he had his good days and his bad days… I distinctly recall, with no small level of satisfaction, the day he stole a handsome looking leather bag of what turned out to be manure and other wretched filth from a wry old gentleman who obviously knew what was coming. Anyway it was a long long time before he stopped being known as ‘Jag Darkturd’ by the local boys after that. But few said it to his face, and he did manage to overcome that nickname and earn the respect that he now musters from those at his side and those on his ship. Testimony to his character is that today he still commands several of the former kids from those days in Beggars-Alley, and I think he has a special soft-spot for ‘Tiny Dave’. No-one else would have taken on that 6’6” lummox for the brain he doesn’t have and the rations he gets through, but Jag found a place for him guarding the grog and moving the cannon-shot around the ship. ‘Tiny’ now has a fierce loyalty towards Jag and considers himself protector-in-chief as well, but doesn’t let Jag know. Where was I? Oh yes. So I spoke to Jag about the strategic papers he’d managed to intercept, that I wrote you about last week. Remember? Well at that time, he’d hinted at a journey he was about to undertake. So what, you ask. Well it turns out his first mate is down with the clap (again), and he remembered that I could pull a turn from any decent crew, from our days together on the Drunken Girly-Man, and he asked if I would consider a tour with him. I was about to turn it down, when he called in some favours I owed him. I’ll tell you about those another time. So I had no choice but to accept and now I find myself on my merry way to Port Royal next week. What’s worse is that reports are coming in that Pirate activity has more than double on that exact same route. I haven’t been to see proper for ages, and what’s more, what am I going to do with Molly while I’m away? What with her rampant philandering, they haven’t made a belt of leather strong enough to last two weeks with her tenacity for doggie companionship! I’ll have to ask Cap’n Darktide if I can have her holed-up on ship somewhere out of sight. So, to the point… I’ll be writing to you again this time next week with a full run-down on how the journey goes. Keep an eye out for the letter, it’s likely to be blood-stained… Onto other business. No entry, on pain of death – It seems many of the locals have had trouble entering the Caribbean of late, using the express passport service touted by the East India Company. I understand that some bright spark decided to permit entry only with secret passwords, and then neglected to issue passwords to the travellers! Well the bars have been full of moaning ‘Lobsters’ (that’s what the locals call those new to these parts, due to their over-sunned pink faces)...
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    Yeah after a fresh reinstall all has been well. I was a little concerned with temperatures but so far everything has been in range.
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    <stands silently and respectfully with fingers linked in front and staring at the ground>
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    .... who you calling an..... If possible proxy cards so you get an idea of how they will play - it sucks to shell out money and then have to cut the card because it doesn't work as well as you hoped...you can buy the card once you finalize the deck.
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    Hey All! Al (Cheshire Plays Games) and I have started up a podcast on Thursday nights (8pm AEST) under the MTG AUStream banner. There a few more of us associated with MTG AUStream, MP Numbers, Silarasary and hopefully the pod cast will give a voice to Aussie based MTG content creators. We will look to cover off current events, news and upcoming products etc as well as talking all things MTG. We have asked on twitter for questions and engagement from the community so if anyone has a question about say the new UN Sets or the upcoming PT it would be awesome to have it shot over to as https://twitter.com/MTGAustream or with the #MTGAUStream We are also touching on around the web styled stuff so if you have any upcoming cool/unique/awesome videos etc that you want a plug on drop us some details about it. All the love - Coops
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    I think its cool and all.. but honestly if given the choice between Pauper and Modern.. I choose Modern.
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    A couple of spoilers for the spring set... promos, mainly, but here they are Silvergill Adept is a great reprint... Ghalta? Big dumb beater...
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    This is not the USA, it's the internet. Each country as it's own laws in regards to what can and cannot be said across all media. You don't have Freedom of Speech. The 1st Amendment exists to protect publications such as newspapers from prosecution by the government for printing anything that criticises it or its members. The US Supreme Court extended protection for opinion against the government to most US citizens in the 1970's. No, you can't. There are laws against saying anything that incites hatred, persecution &/or violence against groups of individuals. You cannot say anything that endangers public safety (the infamous "can't shout fire in a crowded movie theatre" statement) nor can you say anything that would otherwise cause affray or offence (such as swearing loudly in public). What you are entitled to is having an opinion but everyone else is equally free to criticise that opinion &/or tell you to piss off. XKCD covers it best here: WoTc & Hasbro are corporations, private entities, who are allowed under law to remove or ban any individual who damages their brand (see my early note about the 1st Amendment). They are entitled to the full extend of the law to protect their brand/product if a group or individual is bringing it into ill repute through their behaviour or are using their brand/product as a means to incite violence, hatred, bigotry, et cetera against an individual or group. The 1st Amendment doesn't product groups or individuals against business enforcing their legal rights. It only applies to the government.
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    Cant say Im surprised with either of the bans. The Jeremy thing spiraled out of control and he's only made it worse with his responses. He could have issued an apology and avoided a lot of this mess. I stopped watching Travis Woo's content a while back because he embraced the shit posting persona and bragged about his Facebook groups and what services he could sell you to not be a "noob". When you embrace a persona like that it will eventually come back to bite you. A year is a bit much for what someone else was posting. I do give him credit for taking responsibility. The worst part about these bans is the precedent it sets. If someone posts something on these forums wotc doesnt like does that mean my DCI will be banned?
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    Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of Magic With Zuby! Today I am joined by two awesome guys, Randy and Paul from Breakfast With Nerds! A Magic the Gathering Youtube Channel! We discuss all things Magic the Gathering and what it's like starting a youtube channel and being a content creator! I hope you enjoy the episode! Breakfast With Nerds Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9LQK2_ocVcsQKM7O3LdpKg Magic with Zuby can be found at: Facebook: facebook.com/magicwithzuby Twitter: @magicwithzuby Gmail: mtgzuby@gmail.com iTunes, Google Play, Tunein Radio, Stitcher http://podcastradionetwork.com GonnaGeek Network: https://www.gonnageek.com/ Sponsors: Legitmtg.com View the full article
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    I posted about this in another thread, but just to update on firmed-up developments... Flying to Orlando on the 6th July via Thomas Cook - not expecting to be treated like royalty. As long as we're sat together, fed and watered, we'll be happy. Picking up a rental at the airport, from Budget rentals. Again, we're not fussy on the car type. As long as there's room and AC, and there is. We have a villa booked at this place in Kissimee from the 6th to the 23rd July: http://www.clcworldflorida.com/regal-oaks/ We haven't booked any resort tickets yet, but are looking at Universal, Disney, Discovery Cove, and if possible, Kennedy and Legoland. We are also driving to a place called Venice Beach in Florida, which i know very little about, but my friend tells me you are guaranteed to find both recent and petrified sharks teeth along the beach. On the 23th we're flying from Orlando to Kennedy Airport, NYC via Delta. We're staying at the Hilton Doubletree Metropolitan, from the 23rd July to the 31st, here: http://doubletree3.hilton.com/en/hotels/new-york/doubletree-by-hilton-hotel-metropolitan-new-york-city-NYCDTDT/index.html Whilst in NYC, the only thing we've booked is the Empire State Tour, as it was on offer on Black Friday On the 31st, we fly home to London Gatwick via Norwegian Air. For me, this sort of trip is stressful. It's all about minimising the number of issues we'll face. But assuming that we will face some. It's not the relaxing holiday I would prefer, but we face a perfect storm of having a child at the right age, and enough bucks to pay for it (which won't last long). My wife is not great at taking responsibility for stuff like this. So most of the work organising tends to land on my shoulders. Or perhaps i accept it too easily, who knows. Looking back, i know it will have been a great trip, that my Son will remember forever. I'll send you all a postcard.
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    Yeah, when Eric Froelich, the saltiest of all pros, wants to form a 'committee' (aka Thought Police Lynch Mob), the alarm bells go off. That said, MTGHeadquarters is clearly well beyond reproach, and his behaviour has affected quite a few people. It's not just his videos and other media, but the fact his army of alt-right trolls brigades these people with abuse. As for Boogie... I used to watch him, and he is a very kind-hearted guy. His problem is that he always takes these tepid positions and refuses to really ever take a side. It’s kind of annoying that he’s so afraid of pissing anybody off that he won’t take a real stand on most any issue, even if it is obvious what side he is on. That said, he doesn’t deserve this brigading. Notice how both the SJWs and Alt-right idiots have a ‘with us or against us’ mentality? The moment you don’t agree with them, they will attack you and harass you. This is the abusive behaviors Jeremy’s army of morons has put Sprankle and others through.
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    Yeah, saw it on Twitter, way to go dude!
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    I've had moments myself this weekend (I shouldn't have tried to keep up with the drama as much as I have) that I thought maybe I should just walk away from it too because of all the hostility. Before Friday I had no idea any of this was going on, but the level of nastiness goes from 0 - 1000 on Twitter in a matter of minutes. Maybe some of it is deserved, but I think most reasonable people can agree both sides are getting out of hand. Usually I stay far away from Twitter and if not for it helping (wondering if it helps at all now) promote the forum and #FridayMTG I would delete it right now. It's never been a fun place for me to visit, and it's one of the reasons I started this forum. Then I saw this tweet from @MirrodinTech I try to remember why I play this game in the first place and all the great people I've met because of it. The Twitter "community" is a small representation of the total number of players, most players don't know about this drama or who these YouTubers are; they just enjoy playing Magic. Some stores just aren't inviting or full of cliques. You're always going to have those players who aren't friendly, but I've thankfully found an LGS that is pretty welcoming. When I go there it's people talking about what they've done the last week or the new deck they've built ect. I credit @Magonista66 for helping foster that environment. The rule I always try to follow is: don't be an asshole, treat everyone with respect. One of my old bosses used to always tell me "be the change you want to see" and I used to think she just read it on a motivational poster somewhere but the older I get the more it makes sense.
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    Your post was too long @Affinity for MTG. I want you the fuck out of my community.
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    I think this point is missed by a lot of people in the community. Yes harrassing/bullying people is wrong, especially if they end up feeling so bad about it that they leave the community, but being tolerant is not the same as being intolerant of intolerance (it's that old classic "2 wrongs don't make a right" basically) Nobody should be excluded from playing Magic because of their opinions expressed online. Actual harrassment at an event, or during a match on MODO, is already covered by DCI/MODO rules and should be punished. Other than that, all players should walk through the door into an event equal in the eyes of Wizards and TOs- unless you are already suspended for some reason, you can play until we have evidence you have done something wrong while participating in an event
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    Well said. I always try to stay away from the nonsense and had a lapse in judgement by making a tweet about it, ended up deleting mine too. Im hopeful Sparkle comes back, shes getting lots of support. Ive never been a fan of Jeremys videos, he thrives on the drama and outrage. Just want to give some credit to @MTGZuby for having his wife on a recent podcast of his when she spoke about her experiences at game stores. It gave me a different perspective on the situation.
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    Today I am one happy gamer. My list of all time favorite RTS-RPG games includes the Kohan series: Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, Kohan: Ahriman's Gift, and Kohan II: Kings of War ... mostly the first two, but also the last. I've spent many, many hours playing these over the years. They were produced by TimeGate Studios starting back in 2001, and unfortunately TimeGate is long since out of business. That said, you can still purchase them on Steam (unfortunately, not on GoG at this time). Anyway, whatever Microsoft did, they broke the games and made them unplayable when they released Windows 8+. And since my forced upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I lost the ability to play them. Until today when I discovered the greater internet and Kohan community found a fix and we can all resume marinating in the goodness of all things Kohan. The first two games are basically the same ... the second being a standalone upgrade to the first (i.e., more units, different AI, new mechanics, new strategies, etc.) ... but they're both worth getting if only for the campaigns in each (the first is not redone in the second). The first two are isometric 16-bit sprite-based graphics, and I know that will turn some off, but the graphics do not seem to detract much from game play. Kohan II, on the other hand has 3D graphics ... but the story and game play somewhat departed from the originals. Don't get me wrong, it is fun and stands on it's own merits, but it isn't necessarily a true extension of the first two. There are plenty of reviews and descriptions out there about these games, and I won't repeat them here. The games are good entry level RTS-RPG fare, and may be played either single- or multi-player. Originally multiplayer was through GameSpy, but I understand it still works with manual connections; I don't ever play this way, but just letting you guys know the options are out there if you want to try a co-op v AI, team v team (v AI), or total death match family night. Anyone else ever played? I'll be taking a break from my current game play list to sink some time back into these again ... My favorite time waster is an 8-person custom map (dragon pass), me vs 7 other random AI in a death match plus diplomacy options. Good times ...
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    My 5: 5.) Meekstone - it always comes out when I don't have artifact removal and ruins my day 4.) Grave Pact - another one of those cards that comes out when I can't get rid of it and ruins my plans 3.) Emrakul - the Aeons Torn - one of those cards that are just ridiculous, takes me back to some almost table flipping days back during RoE 2.) True Conviction - one of those cards that can just be bonkers at the right time 1.) Nivix Cyclops - I always end up playing vs. Izzet Blitz in Pauper play and it almost always goes off and beats my face in. BAN CYCLOPS!
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    What cosmic crash confirmed: Einstein was as good as gold
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    Legion's Landing is a good add as well. If your cats get fried before they become indestructible it offers a nice backup for lifeline. That way you can keep the horse production up.
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    Ghalta probably isn't great competitively, but I think you can reliably get it to be something like a 4GG 12/12 trample, maybe. I feel like it's going to be like Metalwork Colossus, where you can curve out perfectly and wreck face one game and then the in the next you just have it clogging up your hand with no way to cast it. But hey, speaking of curving out perfectly, it'll probably never happen in a real game but it's fun to think about. Turns 2, 3, and 4.
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    I haven't posted here in awhile. A lot of things going on with me right now. I'm a mess. I need to get my life in order, so I'm taking some time away from MTG and social media. I still love magic and everyone here. Thank you.