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    I had previously made Call of Duty YouTube videos when I played competitive COD. After switching spending all of my time on COD to all of my time on Magic, I decided to create a new channel based on Magic. My initial goal was to get more subs on my MTG channel than on my old COD one. The old COD one had just over 220 and my MTG channel now has just over 2260, so I've achieved my goal! I think my love for this game is what keeps me motivated the most. This game has pretty much become my life at this point, but I'm having a ton of fun with it, so all is good!
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    A guy at the local game store told me he had a youtube channel so I checked it out and thought to myself, hey I can do that! So I did. I'll admit, my interest is waning in the creating content realm, but I do get excited about a new idea once in a while.
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    Fuck you, Fuck-ass. As a sport, it's low impact. As a casualty, it's very high impact. Very funny though.
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    I'm going to regret this (some of you live in Alaska), but i thought it might be nice to have a Tree-off. Let's post pictures of our Christmas trees. I'd like to get the ball rolling, but i can't. Turns out we're short on lights and can't get decorating until at least tomorrow. While waiting for the lights on the tree in the lounge, we have a smaller artificial tree in the kitchen. My wife started working on this on Sunday, and here is a picture of her efforts with the lights. Aren't i lucky she's a nice person. Because she can't dress trees for shit.
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    I think I've talked about this before, but I started creating content simply because I download a package of editing software, which included a screen recorder. You can download screen recorders for free, of course, but I never really needed one. However, after having one sitting on my desktop for awhile, I randomly decided to turn it on while playing MTGO, just to see how it worked. I didn't record audio or anything, I was literally just recording my screen. Anyway, afterwards I watched the video and thought, "Hey, I could probably commentate my games while playing them and then post it on Youtube, why not!?" And so it began... I had no idea how much time I would spend editing. Currently I dedicate the vast majority of my free time to editing videos, typically 3-4 hours straight at night when I get home, which results in 2 videos per week that get 30-40 view each. I'm not even sure what keeps me motivated at this point. I've stopped doing the things I used to do in my free time (like play video games and read books) to edit, and yet there really isn't a point to it. It's never going to be profitable, Magic: the Gathering content doesn't have the audience to pull in a large-enough crowd for that to ever be a realistic possibility, and yet I still do it anyway! I suppose reading books and playing video games didn't result in profit either. So, it really is just a hobby, like any other hobby. I'm only doing it because I enjoy doing it, plain and simple!
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    Any thoughts on kiteboarding? I hear it is pretty good exercise. Would you consider that low or high impact?
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    No sugar, no carbs. ketogenic works. Other than that, every diet out there is the same damn thing, all that matters is compliance. Get yourself a calorie deficit and stick with it. Make it your new religion, not a temporary "diet" and time will get you where you want to be.
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    Good luck with that. I went from 320 lbs to 195 back in 2000-2001. I am back at 225 now, but I exercise regularly enough. (I am 6'5", for reference) It takes will power, but it can be done with a very basic changes 1. Cut out liquid calories. Sodas, juices...these are insidious and will easily add calories to your daily count. Learn to love water and/or tea/coffee. 2. Muscle burns calories. Even doing the basic lifts (deadlift, etc) will help the metabolism over time. Back injuries make it tough, but try to find exercises you can do...even push-ups from home during commercial breaks. 3. It is hard to re-start a routine, but once you get into it, it becomes easier to stick with it.
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    Me personally? I don't really know, but the motivations and reasons many people voted were... not good, Nigel Farage isn't going away, not only are we leaving but it looks like the whole UK is gonna fall apart while its at it, the pound is nosediving, and no one seems to have the slightest fucking clue. I actually fear whether I will have a job at all now the way things are going.
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    Well, guys, it's official. I need to lose about 40-70 pounds. Let me preface this by saying, I am NOT a very active person anymore. After finishing my MTB season last year, I kinda fell into the gutter. I got fat n such. All that delicious stuff. I tried to do it again this summer, but with work, and me injuring my back, I didn't have much time or motivation to go and work out. But I just got home from the doctor's and he said I need to drop about 40 pounds to be back in a healthy BMI. He suggests a low carb diet and a lot more exercise. Any tips or tricks? I would really appreciate it!
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    I've dropped probably about 10 pounds already. Thanks for asking!
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    Suck it up, buttercup. Punk.
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    Not that I'm trying to one-up anyone ... just the facts. I built my current desktop almost exactly 7 years ago; the components were purchased in December 2011 as a holiday treat. I also used 16gb, which at the time was waaaay overkill. No regrets today. I don't know how much longer this system will last, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon. The only upgrade of note was that I added a second SDD and upgraded the video card from a GTX 470 to a GTX 660 and to the current GTX 980ti. I still play most games on high or med-high graphics settings with respectable frames. Note: I don't count them, because I just don't care enough to keep track of such things. When a game becomes a slideshow, I lower the settings. I don't have to do that most times ... and I regularly game on a 30" 2560x1600 monitor that requires a beefy system to keep up. Today, I would suggest that 16gb would be the minimum to build into, and 32gb as a comfortable future-proof. In graphics-heavy games, or at least large texture graphic sizes, then I suggest a minimum of 6gb dedicated video memory ... more if affordable. Not much beats raw frequency GHz (i.e., clock speed), so more is almost always better than less ... especially when you consider most games are single threaded ... so for example, a 3.2 GHz i5 will outperform a 2.6 GHz i7. In graphics terms, more cores and more base clock speed for those cores is better than lower values. Bandwidth, or the speed at which data is transferred across your system (e.g., from GPU to CPU to RAM to SDD/HDD, etc.), benefits from more is better, too. And finally ... as I prepare to step off my soapbox ... the most critical component in any system is the power supply; if that is shit, then no one is going anywhere either slow or fast. To be fair, the total amount of system RAM is only part of the speed/stuttering issue. The game could be CPU or GPU locked depending on if it is CPU or GPU intensive, respectively. The bottleneck could be system bus speed, video RAM, or HD read/write speed. It could also be a 32-bt vs 64-bit issue. Hard to tell. Just my two coppers.
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    OK. She has redeemed herself with the main tree. I did the lights though.
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    I actually think it's awesome that you can play competitively on Arena. The cost of playing competitively has always been the thing that has put me off of it (and also being terrible at Magic, of course) so the fact that there is a sort-of-free way to make a name for yourself is awesome! I also think this is exactly what Magic has needed. Competitive gaming is on the rise, and "gaming" is a real profession now (and not just as an entertainer on Youtube) so I'm glad to see WOTC is capitalizing on it. We could definitely see a massive influx of new players of competitive gamers take up Magic just because it's a popular competitive game like Rocket League/League of Legends/Madden/etc. I doubt Arena will reach those heights, but if it gets on the same level as Hearthstone that wouldn't be a bad thing. Anyway, overall I think the changes are positive. My only concern is for how Modern will work on Arena if it ever gets to that point. There is no way you are going to be able to build modern decks by opening packs. NO WAY. I've seen people complain about how hard it is to get a 4th mythic in Standard, imagine trying to build a modern deck full of mythics and having to open boosters from 60+ sets to get individual cards. If there is any plan on bringing Modern to Arena, they are going to have to find a new system for Modern cards. Maybe standard is free-to-play but after they rotate out of Standard they become purchasable with in-game currency, which would drive free-to-play microtransactions but allow people to effectively "buy" decks for modern. *Shrug* Seems viable. All assuming Modern ends up on Arena, of course. It might not happen, though it seems pretty likely in my opinion.
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    So this image was released recently, it's a promo mountain that's going to be handed out at GPs. This isn't replacing GP promos, but rather seems to be a bonus promo for playing side events. Anyway, a lot of people are speculating about the art. Technically there is nothing to say that the promo art should be connected to future sets, but it's so WEIRD. Why put THIS THING in the middle of a basic mountain art for no reason? What do you guys think? Do you think it has any ties to whatever set will come after Ravnica?
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    The live-action remake of the Lion King has been canceled due to actor conflicts.
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    Just a quick update on the site and it's new resources. In November we were really close to exceeding CPU usage and having site downtime. I guess this is kind of a good news/bad news situation. As a result, I've uninstalled some mods that weren't being used and started restricting certain features to users who aren't active, namely RSS feeds. Just mentioning this as you'll notice a few things are gone or different. Nothing major, but just a heads up
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    I think it's interesting there are 6 promos........ wastes anyone?
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    There are certainly two sides. also, how dull would the world be if we all liked the same shit.
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    Conversely, I work with a bunch of engineers who, as smart as they are, they are a cultural sub-entity that have barely passable written communication proficiency. Technical reports tend to under utilize the flowery language arts. So I find it the rare treat to come across colorful and imaginative writing that mentally stretches one's understanding of vocabulary and meaning. That just goes to show there are at least two sides to every coin (i.e., the two known ones plus the flat or knurled surface along the circumference - just to be precise). But I agree with you that the Ursula K. Le Guin passage above is a little over the top style-wise.
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    As someone who is playing White Weenie/Boros Aggro at FNM, I'm just glad Rampaging Ferocidon hasn't been unbanned.
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    I dropped 70 lbs in the early 2000's doing Atkins; took me about 6 months and kept the weight of for several years. Fast forward to March 2018; tipping the scales at 255 I decided it was time to drop. Since I was familiar with Atkins, I decided to try Keto. Been doing lazy Keto ever since and I've peeled about 70lbs again (around 185 right now). Honestly, I think calories in/diet is far more important than exercise for weight loss; exercise for health is fine. Jes makes a great #1 suggestion either way; totally empty calories. Whatever you do, find something you can stick with
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    Full set spoiled. Can’t see myself buying much of this at all…maybe 1 draft, if I am feeling dumb https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/card-image-gallery/ultimate-masters-2018-11-19?a Here are the downshifts to common, with new stuff for pauper. Resurrection, Reckless Wurm, and Fire // Ice are definitely ones that could easily see pauper play now. Not sure if any of the others, unless Sparkspitter is part of a new madness deck. Lotus-Eye Mystics - From Uncommon (FRF) - New to Pauper Mammoth Umbra - Fron Uncommon (ROE) - New to Pauper Resurrection - From Uncommon (5ED) - New to Pauper Skyspear Cavalry - From Uncommon (JOU) - New to Pauper Tethmos High Priest - From Uncommon (JOU) - New to Pauper Wandering Champion - From Uncommon (FRF) - New to Pauper Moan of the Unhallowed - From Uncommon (INN) - New to Pauper Offalsnout - From Uncommon (MOR) - New to Pauper Slum Reaper - From Uncommon (BBD) - New to Pauper Arena Athlete - From Uncommon (THS) - New to Pauper Molten Birth - From Uncommon (M14) - New to Pauper Reckless Wurm - From Uncommon (PLC) - New to Pauper Sparkspitter - From Uncommon (FUT) - New to Pauper Groundskeeper - From Uncommon (SOI) - New to Pauper Miming Slime - From Uncommon (GTC) - New to Pauper Canker Abomination - From Uncommon (EVE) - New to Pauper Fire//Ice - From Uncommon (APC) - New to Pauper Vessel of Endless Rest - From Uncommon (AVR) - New to Pauper
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    Update on what is happening over here: Boris Johnson has revealed himself to really be a Deep One, and Cthulhu has arisen from the Thames. People are rampaging through the streets of London in an orgy of violence and sex. The British Military though has it in hand, they are going to use one of our Trident nuclear missiles on it so everything will be okay. Though we are not sure how we will stop the moon from weeping blood.
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    No real need for this, i just keep misreading the "Holiday Treats" thread and thought it would be interesting to see which survived longest. What are your greatest Holiday Threats? So... Visiting Mother-in-laws. Embarrassing footage. Drunken tomfoolery. Hours lost watching shit films
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    Getting called in for more overtime is usually my biggest. As a section lead in retail, I'm usually working every night until they're out of overtime to write off, or until the holiday rush ends. When I do get a night off and there's a party or a concert/gig at a bar, there's usually some drunken karaoke and tomfoolery.
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    Holiday cookie recipe time ... as requested by @Pasanda Biscochos (a.k.a. “Biscochitos” – literally “little biscuits” in Spanish) Biscochitos are the official state cookie of New Mexico (one of the four states along the Mexican border in the southwest United States). The cookies are kind of like a butter cookie or a shortbread cookie, and they should have a flaky texture with predominant flavors of Orange, Cinnamon, Cloves, and Anise. This recipe makes a lot of cookies, so you may want to make only a half-batch if you’re making them for the first time. We like to share as gifts or with co-workers. Ingredients 2 lbs Lard (do not substitute shortening or butter - this recipe has best results with Lard) 1-3/4 cup Sugar 2 Eggs, well beaten Juice of 3 medium oranges (about 1 cup of fresh-squeezed juice – use fresh, not frozen) 2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp salt 1 tsp ground cloves 1-1/2 tsp cinnamon 6-8 Tbsp crushed whole anise seed About 8 cups flour … start with 6 cups and work your way up Directions Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In a kitchen stand mixer, cream the lard and sugar until light and fluffy – about 3 minutes. Add the eggs, spices, baking powder, salt and juice, and then beat it all together well. Add just enough flour to make the dough stiff; it should be similar in consistency to pie crust dough. If you add too much flour, the cookies will not be flaky. Refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes. On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough into a 1/4-inch thick sheet. Use a round scalloped edge cookie cutter (approximately 2-1/2 inch diameter) or a diamond shaped one to cut out the individual cookies from the sheet. Place the cut out cookies on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake them in the preheated oven for 10-12 minutes or until just barely golden brown; be careful not to over bake. Let the cookies cool for one minute. While the cookies are still hot, carefully roll them in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon (1 cup sugar to 2 teaspoons of cinnamon). Let them cool on a baking rack, then serve and enjoy. They’re super tasty warm, but still quite delicious days later at room temperature.
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    For the first time in my adult life, we aren't doing a damned thing. The days leading up to Christmas will be filled with parties and family gatherings, but we decided that Christmas day will be spent watching the Christmas day service from our church's live stream, then watching movies and playing games all day. We even tracked down what restaurants that deliver will be open that day, so no cooking as well. It's going to be beautiful!
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    Could it be because liberal arguments and theories can't ever stand on their own?
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    I know what you mean. I was always searching for something better. Not sure what happened, but I have grown to realize that I have it pretty good. My life has become fulfilling. I have wonderful kids, great wife, my career is awesome and I have a massive number of friends. I am very blessed. I have found that I get enormous satisfaction by spending time with friends, being a dad, and travel. I have this incredible desire to see and experience new places. It started with a trip to Yellowstone and has grown from there. Unfortunately, I have been to a few funerals in the past few years, Usually during the eulogy you will hear common themes ... everyone talks about family, friends, and usually trips. I know you don't want to travel, but it sounds like you need fulfillment. Knowing you, its probably not going to be material. Maybe volunteer? Maybe you need to do something outside your comfort zone. I can relate. I consider that my greatest achievement ... ending the cycle of violence.
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    Hey, if people take my recommendations they deserve everything they get! I have also realised that I have not played many games this year, including new ones.
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    I think there will always be people who want to play Magic in paper. I mean, D&D is pretty antiquated and absolutely should have failed by now yet people still want to meet face-to-face to play it. I mean, heck, people thought paper magic would die when MTGO was originally released, and that didn't happen. If WOTC plays their cards right, they could even encourage more people to play (or at least buy) paper cards. If they push digital players to buy paper cards (with promo codes and whatnot) you could get new people in LGS's, if only to buy packs. And from an LGS owner's perspective, it's probably not a bad thing to suddenly have a wave of people asking to buy those boosters that competitive players never buy. *Shrug*
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    I've been working toward similar goals as well; trading staples I own into decks, then selling extra copies for cash or store credit to fund cube upgrades, other hobbies, and pay ahead on bills. I'm sorting through commons and uncommons in order to distribute those into the community somehow as well. My plan is to donate the cheap, shitty cards to after school programs that teach new players the basics, and trade the more widely playable cards to the regular tournament players at fair rates to help downsize my collection while building theirs.
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    Mentioned in the thread @Affinity for MTG posted about his deck being so cheap on MTGO, but I feel bad for the people who have tons of money invested in MTGO. If the intention is to eventually shut MTGO down, how would they roll over that money to a new system? Is it all just going to disappear? I know Arena can't do as many formats (yet) as MTGO, but eventually I assume it's going to include every format. As far as the professional stuff goes, not sure if it's good or bad. I don't keep up with the pro players or events for the most part.
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    It looks like an advanced yet ruined structure, and I want to say Vyrn, maybe something used for channeling magic,...
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    How can you be short on lights on a 2ft tree? Holy cow Jez, presents wrapped and everything, wow! I don't even know what I'm buying yet.
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    I got a Theros vibe, myself. If I play side events at GP Vancouver, I'd love to score one of these
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    Hi guys, I'm just wondering if anyone here is a pet lover, well if you are like me maybe you can share about your pets on how their welfare is, what they do, their breed or what you do for them. I got my pet this richell which is a modern pet gate. Our dog at home, Artie, is 16 years old. He is a lazy old pooch with poor eyesight and a soft spot for his favorite chew toy. Because of his weak joints and achy bones, we don't allow Artie to go to the upstairs bedrooms anymore, especially when no one is around to watch him. A fall down the stairs or a misstep needs to be avoided for a dog that is his age, so we took the time to install a quality pet gate which is richell to keep him downstairs away from injury.
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    YOU know the truth of it. Oops. Did i write that out loud?
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    Awww look at the two of you liking each other's posts and being all agreeable.
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    I agree, and I hate that card with a passion, but too many EDH fanbois seem attached to it: "Blue needs a way to answer permanents!", as if there aren't 10,000 more answers in the other colours they play.
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    I heard that too, and possibly posted it here a few years back. It's a very attractive fact to believe. But i now believe it not to be true. According to research published by the BBC, we likely surpassed 7 billion dead in 8000BC, and the number dead is closer to 107 billion. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-16870579
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    I do, or did agree with Jag for most of my life. It's hard for me to put this intelligently, but in my own words... - worrying/caring/considering about the health and welfare of another animal is good for me. I don't believe in a soul, but if i did, I would say it was good for my soul. We are/I am selfish creatures and animals can take away some of that selfishness, in the same way as children can. Loving another thing is no bad thing. - Some animals can come across as very affectionate. Our last dog, a chocolate labrador was motivated to do things for us to please us. She was a real pleaser. I didn't realise how much until we got our current dog. I have about 20 fish - Goldfish, Golden Orfe, Sarasa Comet, and a couple of frogs. Current pooch is actually a Wookie in disguise.
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    @aurian and I own a whippador (whippet-lab mix). He's jittery, spoiled, but very smart and very athletic.
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    EDH is a well-played format, that has recently been a strong dictator of prices. Kozilek and Ulamog are $37 and $26 respectively, that can be slotted into any EDH deck, or add a nice money card to a trade binder. I don't think any one will be mad at packing one of these. My top 5 is basically the same as everyone else: 5. Lower Price: I think this goes back to all Masters sets, if all the others were ~$7 a pack, and this big fancy one was $12 then it might be acceptable. 4. Larger print run: My LGS doesn't even think they'll be able to sell loose packs, they might only be bringing in enough to fill box pre-orders. 3. No booster box toppers. I think its a dumb idea that just make the rich get richer. 2. Stick to original rarities for Money rares and mythics. I think Mythics should be allotted to Planeswalkers and Legendaries for this set. Tarmogoyf and Snapcaster could have been rares. This would have allowed Mox Opal a slot. 1. CARDS PEOPLE ACTUALLY PLAY. If you want to make this draft able, add that shit to the commons: Signets, Guild Lands, whatever, but them at common. Uncommons should be PLAYED pricey cards: Finks, Path, Bolt, Eternal Witness, Inquisition, Manamorphose, Serum Visions, Ironworks, etc. If this is their goodbye to masters sets, then it better fucking look like one.