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    Pretty sure I've mentioned before that I've been mountain biking and cycling a lot more for almost the last year. For fun I started using a GoPro on my rides, and even though the camera angle is a little wonky and my editing skills are lacking I created a YouTube channel to share them. So, they are pro quality but it's fun. If any of you are interested in what the trails I frequent here in N.M.:
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    Yeah, I get weird stuff like this from time to time. I want to say it's confirmation bias, especially since I don't have any of those "smart home" devices and basically don't text at all. The weirdest was when I had a pair of headphones break on me, after having been taped for months. I had a verbal conversation with someone that I needed to buy a new pair, and that I was going to stick with the exact model because I liked them so much, and then suddenly started getting targeted Amazon ads for Monoprice headphones - the very brand of the headphones I used. I didn't actually mentioned the brand of the headphones in that conversation either. But again, could be confirmation bias. It's possible I had received those ads in the past and skipped right over them without thinking about it, and only noticed it when it was relevant.
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    Planeswalker cookies. Now you can bite Jace’s head off! I also have misc cookies for prelease food tokens tonite for my playgroup
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    As known in the UK... at least. Caravan - towed behind vehicle. Often transported around the UK to various camp-sites and connected up to services (water, electric, etc) when parked up, but also sometimes parked for years at a time, like a static caravan might be. Static Caravan. Usually stays in one place for many years, or forever. Can only be relocated on the back of a large truck. Permanently hooked up to utilities. This is what i think of when you guys say Trailer. Motor Home - UK style Motor home - US style
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    That's pretty much how campsites are across Europe. Having camped in the Rocky's, i am aware of the other side - log-piles bigger than my house, 132 miles to your nearest neighbour, RV's the size of a small country, etc. The other cultural difference is - what you guys refer to as trailers, along with all the bad press that goes with them, we call static-caravans, which are prized and sought after holiday homes. They tend to live alongside camping pitches. Often exceeding brick-built homes for their elegance and refinements.
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    Talking with one of the young engineer assistants at work today ... Me: "Some days I kind of feel like I'm Rodney Dangerfield around here." Engineer Assistant: "Who's that?" Me: "... - ... - Who's Rodney Dangerfield? Mr. I-don't-get-no-respect Rodney Dangerfield?" Engineer Assistant: "Yeah. Never heard of him."
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    The cookies were delicious. I just wish my sealed deck made more food tokens... only one card did
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    Possible entry photo. PS the pre release cookies are too good. Almost nobody used them for food tokens because they all got eaten before the first round.
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    Note: you will soon be able to purchase a Samuel L. Jackson voice pack for Alexa. I'm sure it'll sound something like this:
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    I look forward to the Great Eldraine Eat-Off
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    I do a lot of baking although more for taste than for looks. (Although my Xmas decorated gingerbread cookies are legendary!). I figure it might be fun to make PW cookies and bring them to share at the pre release for food tokens
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    That's a really great video Las. Surprisingly good to watch. You live in some great spaces for doing that. Although we have good rides, they're almost purely through forest - which have their own beauty, but never as sprawling. I felt sure you were going to come across a meth lab in a trailer at any point.
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    The camp spot looks like it is in a residential area, out on someone's lawn, but surrounded by hedge. Is it as cultivated as it looks, or is there "wild" natural territory about?
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    Almost a month since the last post, and time for an update ... I haven't quite finished Ultimate difficulty with my Conjurer, but I'm very close. I've cleared the Necropolis multiple times (too easy) and all I have left is the final main quest boss and the Bastion of Chaos (oh and still working to finish the super secret quest). Alt-itis kicked in and I started playing my Pyromancer again. This time I reconfigured her skills: I dropped the pets (been there, done that better on the Conjurer) and focused more on using dual pistols, lots of health and energy recovery (combo of high regen rates, proc heals, and leech), and high single and AOE DPS to push through and quickly finish fights ... and amazingly it works! ... almost too well. Currently character level 68 and rapidly blazing through Act III on Elite difficulty. One of the cool things about this character is she's able to use several Legendary items found by my Conjurer, so that helps quite a bit. ... that and I know the maps and quests much better so I know what to expect and have a better strategy going into each one. The reconfigured Pyromancer does something like 16k dps (as reported by the character screen) which is more than enough to insta-gib hordes of trash mobs. My current resistances are all over the place (some overcapped, others minimal) so I have to be careful going against certain boss and hero mobs; I'm still working on optimizing each resistance to near cap. I have backup items that I keep in inventory for a quick swap if I know, for example, I will be up against a poison or cold damage boss. The Pyromancer's health bar rarely dips below half, and if it does, tons of life leech and heal effects kick in to bring it back amazingly fast. I also added augments to equipped items that will allow me to absorb energy from enemy spells. That 16k dps comes at a huge energy cost, but now I can stand in the [insert color] stuff on the ground and blast away because it recharges my energy bar, which is depleted by my damage output, which fills my health bar. Cool synergy. I can also face tank most hero and boss mobs just because of that same reason ... (not yet low enough rep to start seeing nemesis mobs - working on it tho) The character build posted on the Grim Dawn forums that is closest to my Pyromancer build (close but not quite the same) is Cryodacry's Brimstone Pyromancer. Some day I'll have to get back and finish Ultimate difficulty with my Conjurer. Even though she's still missing some top shelf kit, she should be able to finish because the build is just that capable ... almost boring ... almost ... in the meanwhile, other characters may find the gear she wants/needs. tl;dr ... the game continues to be super cool because of the incredible number of ways to develop a viable character, and each new variant can play in a vastly different style from the last.
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    Just picked this title up over at GoG for relatively low cost (on sale for US$6.99 as of this writing representing -65% from base price of US$19.99), and spent a little time playing this past weekend. Players who prefer the Steam platform may find it there, too. I understand this is a console port to PC, but it doesn't seem that bad of a port. For graphic whores, it contains one of my pet peeves regarding "realism" and animation, which is that facial animation on human models during speech appears to be algorithm-based as opposed to hand-crafted ... so basically, the lips move in limited ways, but the rest of the face is woodenly animated if at all (e.g., eyes don't shift focus and faces rarely exhibit emotion). The gameplay itself appears to be combat oriented. I've only played through the introduction (twice) and a very little into the first Act. While characters follow specific archetypes, players are free to develop their characters as they want by spending points in skill trees of the (four!) archetypes and other abilities ... three different weapon type/stances (2h-staff, dagger and pistol, or mace and shield), and the technomancer line which is akin to futuristic magic (or mutant powers, but that's getting ahead of the story). And this video better showcases the game with actual in-game footage. Some of you may find the RPG interesting. Choices appear to matter (or so the spoiler sites claim). Romance options are also available - in both genders if that is your thing (you do play a male character). Bottom line: It's worth a look at this price ... especially if you're hyped about CD Projekt's upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, but need or want a sci-fi RPG fix until then.
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    The idea of buying old sealed packs is fun. Nostalgia and potentially some expensive cards to pull because of the print runs not being nearly what they are today. Do you ever buy old sealed packs?
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    https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/the-great-eldraine-bake-2019-09-20 is anyone else planning to participate?
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    I think certain (most?) apps are listening. Facebook owns Whatsapp so I don't trust it. Recently my wife and I have noticed that after we have a conversation about something we need to buy the ads start popping up for those products. Even if we never searched for the product anywhere, there it is. At my nephue's tattoo parlor he has an Amazon Echo that he uses to stream music in the shop. We've talked about bands while the music is playing, and even if it's playing a totally different genre of music, it will start playing the band we just talked about. It was playing country music (meh) and we talked about the new TOOL album coming out. The next song was TOOL. I've been making a concious effort to stay away from anything Google and Facebook. Instead of using a google search, I use DuckDuckGo. Ditched Chrome as well.
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    I really need to join your playgroup Great job!
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    I'd say it's well integrated into our life. But slowly becoming moreso over time and without any cajoling. The most common use by far is my son using it to read books. Books we've bought on Audible. He listens to it morning and night as he's getting up and going to bed. He's only got about 5 books on it, but he's been listening to those same 5 for nearly a year. He also plays music quite a lot. There are innumerable comedy aspects to it coming out every week, but these are usually 1-2 shot uses, apart from the fart machine, which was my sons first ever online purchase with his own money. Probably the 2nd most common use, which is also every day, is room awakening. In the lounge i have 3 lights hanging off 3 wifi socket and my hifi hanging off one of them too. So whenever we want to use the lounge for TV/Xbox/PS4/Music, we need to ask Alex to "turn on the lounge". The cabin lights are also attached to another outlet, but we don't that very often. Alex-driven wifi sockets have been a bit hit and miss; i've had a batch that I just couldn't get up and running and even the simpler options require tech-familiarity - especially when they don't behave as they should. But being as low as a fiver a pop, they are great value for home automation. In all, i think Alexa is a good thing that we have used to enrichen our lives. But i am also starting to witness invasions into my privacy than can only be down to eavesdropping technology. And that is a little concerning.
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    Oh Monica...not again
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    I don't think it's there yet Dun. We have 3...one upstairs in one each in the kid's rooms. They use it for music, books on tape, alarm, and we use it as an intercom. In short, we use it a lot, but it gets old asking Alexa for everything and feels a bit clunky. Has trouble hearing sometimes and the app can be a mess. Even the 5-year-old has learned to use an angry voice so the bitch will respond. I think it's just trolling us. Wonder where it learned that?
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    I'm lucky to not screw up a bowl of cereal, so I'll have to pass on this one. Are you going to give it a try?
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    It's still pretty hot here, 80 - 90 degrees. I try to wear long sleeves to avoid getting so sun burnt.
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    Nah ... that's just a food truck with indoor dining.
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    That is cool. Thanks for sharing that! I've cracked out my old bike, fixed it up and been cycling a bit myself, though mainly just on streets and the park so far to get the hang of it all. That kind of mountain biking is something I've wanted to do, planned on going up to somewhere like Cannock Chase (a forest near here with loads of cycle paths) but it is starting to get cold and wet here now so may have missed the best time of year to do it. May still be able to cram it in during Autumn though.
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    The price of Animate Artifact just went through the roof!
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    As Aurian mentioned to me, this set does kind of feel like Knights vs. Food
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    That looks awesome. I wish I lived somewhere that could be be a full time hobby. I live in south FL, so not an option. There's trails around, but no elevation, and gravity is the fun part. I've been twice, once in north GA, once in West Virginia. Lots of fun.
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    After reading some of the other reviews of the site, I was going to ask what a "caravan" was/is. The above pictures show what I would call a "house trailer" or "mobile home," rather than a "camp trailer" which would be easily towed behind a light-duty pickup. An RV, or recreational vehicle also called a "motorhome," is self-propelled not unlike a bus having interior living accommodations. Since you added the word "static" before "caravans", I'm more convinced they're the equivalent of house trailers one would find in a "trailer park" or "mobile home park" here in the US. Trailer parks are commercial businesses that rent (long-term) space to owners of house trailers. So, while the house trailers are residential structures, the land on which they sit are not usually owned by the same person that owns the trailer. In the US mid-west, trailer parks are famous for being tornado magnets, because inevitably if a tornado strikes, the damaged and flattened mobile home park headlines the broadcast news. Suffice it to say that, because the pool cue tips were missing, I'll probably pass on making reservations at this location; pool cue tips are simply a must-have item when I go camping.
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    Yikes! Some interesting cards that have been previewed recently. This thing seems a little clunky, but also super explosive, especially in 5-color decks. Also, this! Does anyone get the reference? I didn't catch it at first, but 'tis but a flesh wound! Finally, this is looking like a sideboard card that's going to seriously shut down any spell-based combo decks like Storm, and Izzet Phoenix as well if it survives the Faithless Looting ban.
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    Great setting. 'Dishonored'-style steampunk, but with fantasy creatures instead of technology. Surprising performance with a passable Northern Irish accent from Cara Delevigne, scraping her acting chops off the floor following Valerian. A couple of producers with a good pedigree, including lots of star trek. On the down side, the chemistry between Cara DL and Bloom just isn't there. Could be interesting thought. I watch in hope. Anyone else?
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    Four posts in a row! All Elovia, all the time. I recently took my new character up to maximum level - ding 100! Go me. I've been playing as a Cabalist loosely following this Sir Crunchybones beginner's guide. I still don't have Best in Slot (BiS) gear, but my gear and build are good enough to breeze through the Main Campaign. I popped level 100 a short way into Act II on Ultimate difficulty (starting through Normal and Elite, in each of the the basic game campaign as well as the expansions Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods). Totally fun pet build. I'm thinking of creating either another pet build Conjurer, a dual wield ranged (undecided class) or dual wield melee (undecided class) next. This game is pretty cool in that you can develop many different characters of the same class and be viable throughout. Some builds start to break down at the rarefied upper limits, but I don't usually play to those levels. It's enough for me just to have fun in the Main Campaign and see what loot drops so I can twink a new character with it. The two expansions added a ton of content which greatly helps relieve some of the repetitious tedium of playing through essentially the same game three times (once each difficulty level). The locations are varied in environmental atmosphere and creatures encountered. And there is literally more loot than you can shake a stick at - most of it being vendor fodder - but also tons of affixes on the loot which helps provide creative ways of filling stats, resistances, and other gaps in your gear. So ... yeah ... I've been busy with this one and haven't yet taken the time to check out the new No Man's Sky Beyond expansion. It'll be there come the day I'm looking for a change. But not today. I may spend a few extra hours over this Labor Day weekend (US) blissfully grinding out more areas, finding more loot, and smashing more mobs. btw ... since the Forgotten Gods expansion, GoG and Steam users are able to play together in MP ... if you're into that sort of thing. Not that there's anything wrong with it. btw2 ... Veteran difficulty recently underwent a tweak to make it more difficult. Lots of tears on the game forums. Mmmmm ... salty.
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    And the pop culture thing goes both ways. I thought Kylie Jenner was Bruce's new name until I saw pics.
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    Three year old post necro ... almost to the day! I recently started playing Grim Dawn again. I stopped last when Microsoft decided without my consent that I needed to update to Windows 10, which then through a series of actions required a full system wipe ... which resulted in me losing all of my previous character progress. I was too depressed to continue, but soon found other diversions. In the meanwhile, I kept buying and adding the game's DLC as it came out for the eventual day I would start playing again. Which was yesterday. Re-reading the above thread brought back a lot of memories. Some of the links no longer work, which is unfortunate, but there are still plenty of resources out on the greater internet to get back up and running. I seem to have forgotten most of the things I wrote (as expertly sounding as they were) earlier in this thread. Did anyone else get very far with their characters?
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    They just ignore my voice commands ... and pretty much anything I say ...