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    Just a recent vanity purchase. I don't have it kitted out, and use it primarily for jumping through black holes ... because it isn't kitted out. Things get damaged when you jump through a black hole. Primary colors are white, gold, and black. The lighting in the space station isn't all that great.
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    So who is happy with their teams draft? Dallas is ok, only pick I really didn't like was Pollard in the 4th. Think that messed up the picks following it slightly.
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    Here's an overhead shot of one of my bases with almost all of my toys parked outside (my sub is in a nearby ocean). The image was resized down and converted to jpg to keep file size low enough to post here. In clockwise direction starting at the lower left are my ... large explorer, exotic (shown in a previous image), heavy fighter, second exotic, large hauler 1 and large hauler 2; also the roamer, nomad and colossus exocrafts. My base has extra landing pads so I can attract NPC pilots from whom I can trade; there are also four biodomes for growing crops not indigenous to this planet's biome, as well as a small garden plot of star bulb plants. All of the crops I grow are used to make up to 8 circuit boards at a time roughly 16 hours from harvest to harvest, and each circuit board can be sold for ~1.2M units. My base is also situated between two trading posts, which attracts a lot of NPC pilots. btw ... that's me standing in the top middle of the base's central tower (for a sense of size and proportion). ... and an up close image of my favorite heavy fighter. You can't tell but it's fully kitted with the best stuff. This little guy brutally destroys flocks of pirates (not bragging, just a fact). ... and finally, a gratuitous image of my Capital Ship (i.e., freighter) along with my fleet of frigates. The system is a bit hazy and the sun wasn't cooperating very well. Each frigate hosts several landing pads and can be explored on foot. The sense of scale is hard to describe, but the freighter is simply massive. If you look closely, you can see the green engine contrails from visiting NPC spaceships, so you can see how diminutive their ships are compared to the freigher's bulk.
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    Open up! (loud booming voice) This is MI5. (quiet higher pitched voice) And PETA! We want to talk to you about your Midget-Son-Poodle fetish you sick bastard. Pas - Oh no officer...you misunderstand. Its nude midgets ON poodles. Like Doggy style. Nothing underage. <PETA Official faints> MI5 - Yeah...um... you're still coming with me.
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    Missed opportunity- they will sell less for more money, but I wonder if it is to their benefit, of if they will miss out on sales due to pricing. seems like it’s also targeting casuals and EDH players. i am excited about some cards but a box is out of the question
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    Bears and Browns?! What a time to be alive? What about the Bills? LMAO just kidding...they still suck. On a more realistic note. The Bears are a good team, but so are a lot of teams. So much depends on staying healthy and getting a few kicks to not hit the uprights. The kool-aid coming out of Chicago is so strong. And EVERYONE is drinking it up. +1 for Chicago Bears PR.
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    Browns got OBJ and a good D end for the 17th pick, a safety and a guard, beyond thrilled. Rest were cover guys and lbs. Hopefully a couple of starters. Couldn't be happier!
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    It was the deck of many things. It felt like that's all we were doing. I did not really expect it to be well run, 15-year-old kid doing it for the 1st time, so it was mostly just for him to learn. I think the hardest part of Dm can be managing people and giving them agency, but guiding them at the same time.
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    Yep, just letting you know the normal process if you didn't already and to clarify that I was reading it right about how they were making characters. Yeah, doesn't sound like a well run game and it gets annoying when you get "one of them" type of players who need to derail the game and make it all about them. The card deck sounds like the Deck of Many Things, which is a magical item though I don't know if they were running it right or not.
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    The two best titles i've played in VR, almost make the price of the set worth while on their own. Those being Subnautica and Lone Echo (short but amazing). I played an early release of Subnautica, which got stuck in geometry about 15 hours in, then my Rift cable got chewed. Not played since. Completed Lone Echo, mostly because i just couldn't put it down. So atmospheric, which, considering most of the game is played in a vacuum, is some feat! I have a few humble bundle sets of VR games that i've not played, but i'm fairly sure they're mostly kids games. P.S. They're both floaty-hands games...Get over it P.P.S. I've heard ST Bridge Crew is decent. P.P.P.S. Elite Dangerous has control issues for me, but looks potentially very good.
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    Confirmed! New modern product will feature 254 cards, 249 of which will be "new-to-modern." Those new-to-modern cards will be composed of entirely new cards AND reprints of cards not currently legal in modern. Presumably cards that were printed before 8th edition, or possibly cards from sets like Commander/Battlebond/Conspiracy/etc. There is no MSRP of course, but the packs will sell for $6.99 on MTGO. Here's the link to the announcement article: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/announcing-modern-horizons-2019-02-28 And a couple of previews!
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    Those are fun. I played a few with getting the object a to b and/or catapult engineering puzzle type ones. I have not looked at the pure puzzle.
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    I have a bunch of those that are similar. Challenging, fun and some of them can be very informative. Had a chemistry one that you had to line up how the atoms bonded. I'm not a chemistry guy, so it was good for me. I play solitaire on my phone every day. Similar to what you described. It can be tough to find a solution for one that you know is solvable.
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    It's the kind of game i would want to take to a desert island with me to play for the rest of my life, but could not get up the motivation otherwise. I'm also extremely non-competitive and would feel no compunction to beat anyone else.
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    Did The Government Just Test The Internet Kill Switch? Or was there just a blip somewhere?
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    https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-russo-brothers-next-project-is-a-magic-the-gatheri-1835198867 Means nothing to me, but i guess it might to you.
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    Tectonic Edge maybe will see play? Maybe going in with a few people and doing a draft is what I'm thinking. Seems odd to have these kind of cards in a set that is targeting Modern, as you said it looks like it's for casual and EDH players.
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    Full spoiler is up: https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/modernhorizons/cards?aa I wish this set wasn't so expensive, because it's so fun!
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    Some of the cards have crazy designs! Don't know how competitive they are, but they are really weird and I kind of like them.
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    Version 1.0.0

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    Here my humble attempt to redo the old "Magic: the Gathering Forensic Identification Flowchart" that has been circulating on imgur (and others) since 2001.Originally made by Mediadesign.net and now 'revised' and modernized by Edwin (108Bits). Feel free to share. Flowchart (V4 now). Thanks to Vincent Kuszter
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    If a single player has multiple triggered abilities go on the stack, they go on in the order that player chooses. I was actually able to abuse that with Mono-Red Battlecry, which let me stack Battle Cry triggers with creature abilities that put tokens into play on attacking. HOWEVER, I think there is a special circumstance here. Technically Shrieking Affliction won't trigger at all if a player has 4 cards in hand according to The Gatherer. https://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Shrieking+Affliction So, IF I'M READING IT CORRECTLY, which I might not be, Shrieking Affliction won't trigger at the beginning of upkeep if the opponent starts with 4 cards regardless. That certainly feels wrong, but it might be some intricacy in how it's worded or something, I don't know. *Shrug*
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    The "Horizon Canopy" lands are pretty crazy, and Munitions Expert seems pretty good in 8-Whack.
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    I'm definitely interested in it. I play more competitive Magic than kitchen table magic though. I'm about 95 to 98 percent competitive Magic and 2 to 5 percent non-competitive. I like to watch pro Magic as a way to personally improve my play at the game.
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    So I've recently passed 200+ hours in the game with my current character. And here's a brief snapshot of my progression ... I finished all major story lines, and as far as I can tell, all minor ones too. Most if not all of the quests/missions I have left are random ones distributed by the known actors. I have almost capped out all primary milestones, except guild or race specific ones. My exosuit is pretty well capped out ... meaning, I have upgraded all of the tech while carefully balancing tech upgrades vs. available inventory slots. Speaking of which, I've also enabled the full 48 slots in the cargo area of the exosuit, so I haul around more goods with me than any of my Hauler spaceships have space for in their cargo areas. My spaceship fleet is full at six ships: one exotic, one large fighter, one large explorer, and three large haulers. All ships have max inventory and tech slots available per type, and all are class A or S (the exotic is S by nature, and one of my haulers is also class S). The hauler space is way underutilized at this point. I'm still looking for a nice class S large fighter to upgrade my main ride. Speaking of which, my large class A fighter is stuffed with class S tech mods, and I've capped damage potential with photon cannons and plenty of shields too. Pirate fleets don't stand much of a chance against me (not bragging, just a fact). Not long ago, I finally traded in and upgraded my Freighter from a class C 17-slot run-of-the-mill industrial dumpster to a class S 34-slot imperial cruiser (it's not really called that, but if you squint real hard, it kind of looks like one). I upgraded the cruiser with all available hyperdrive upgrades, and it can warp just shy of 2150 light years in a single jump. That sounds impressive until you realize that a galaxy is easily 1.4 million light years across. I also have a small fleet of frigates that accompany my freighter, or whom I send on various missions as I have fuel available (said missions can take anywhere from a few to a lot of hours in real time - they're a god way to bring back rare materials and lots of monetary units.) My fighter ship can only jump about 800 light years, and my explorer warps up to almost 1180 light years. I haven't fully upgraded the explorer yet, so it has potential to go further in a single jump. That said, either my fighter or explorer is capable of warping through black holes, which is really the quickest way to the center at a cost (one random ship component in the main cargo area always breaks when you travel through a black hole - and repairs cost materials). I've seen more planets and star systems than I can remember (so ... three? *bah dum tish* ), and I'm currently in my second galaxy working my way to the center. *minor spoiler* When I reached the end of one of the major quest lines, I made a poor decision, and now I'm living with the consequences of it. Let's just say it hasn't been all smooth sailing in the second galaxy. Fun game, but I'm starting to feel like I'm logging in just to go through the motions. I should probably take a break, and knowing me, that'll be the last of NMS for a long while since I'm likely to get majorly distracted with the rest of my library backlog. Speaking of which, I just heard a new DLC for Grim Dawn is coming out in March, and I noticed Perisno 0.9+hotfixes has finally been released - so lots of potential for going back to previous time wasters. I have a desktop icon for Aven Colony nagging me that I should come out and play something besides NMS. Soon. Soon.
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    I just don't have the patience for grindy games anymore, I wouldn't be able to sit and play a game like DAoC now.
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