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    As known in the UK... at least. Caravan - towed behind vehicle. Often transported around the UK to various camp-sites and connected up to services (water, electric, etc) when parked up, but also sometimes parked for years at a time, like a static caravan might be. Static Caravan. Usually stays in one place for many years, or forever. Can only be relocated on the back of a large truck. Permanently hooked up to utilities. This is what i think of when you guys say Trailer. Motor Home - UK style Motor home - US style
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    That's pretty much how campsites are across Europe. Having camped in the Rocky's, i am aware of the other side - log-piles bigger than my house, 132 miles to your nearest neighbour, RV's the size of a small country, etc. The other cultural difference is - what you guys refer to as trailers, along with all the bad press that goes with them, we call static-caravans, which are prized and sought after holiday homes. They tend to live alongside camping pitches. Often exceeding brick-built homes for their elegance and refinements.
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    WOTC announced all the main, standard-legal sets for 2020. Naturally there will be supplementary products like Masters Sets/Battlebond/Conspiracy/etc, but we know what the standard sets will be! Winter (Q1): Theros: Beyond Death Spring (Q2): Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Summer (Q3): Core 2021 (w/Teferi theme - probably similar to Chandra theme in Core 2020) Fall (Q4): Zendikar Rising What we know: -Theros Beyond Death will focus on Theros' underworld, and we will PROBABLY see Elspeth again. -Ikora is a monster-focused set, and apparently you can some how "make your own monsters." I'm not sure what that means, maybe it'll be something like those creatures in Unstable that could be combined? -Zendikar won't be focused on Eldrazi. Remember, they left for Innistrad during Shadows Over Innistrad. It will be more like the Zendikar from the set - a Dungeon-and-Dragons, adventure-based fantasy plane. Also, for anyone interested, I talked about it a bit in this video, though it's pretty much 6 minutes of the information you just read.
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    Talking with one of the young engineer assistants at work today ... Me: "Some days I kind of feel like I'm Rodney Dangerfield around here." Engineer Assistant: "Who's that?" Me: "... - ... - Who's Rodney Dangerfield? Mr. I-don't-get-no-respect Rodney Dangerfield?" Engineer Assistant: "Yeah. Never heard of him."
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    I made your meatloaf yesterday. It was an interesting experience. I'd say i followed about 80% of the recipe, with some variances around the bbq sauce - using a little too much of the left over Elovia bbq sauce from last summer. I had no soup, so used a stock cube, but probably too much water in it. All in all, the resulting mix was too sloppy to form into a loaf very well. It sort of collapsed a little in the oven. I also used mozzarella cheese instead of colby, as it's a very good melting cheese. I also covered the loaf with streaky-bacon in strips, rather than a lattice. Mostly because i was behind time and my way took about 15 seconds. Myself and my wife both enjoyed it. My son didn't love it. There was loads left over, so i had it for lunch today with some noodles. Tonight, i chopped the remainder in a medium chop - not too fine, maybe half inch pieces, and rolled it up in wraps/large tortillas. Placed the wraps in a baking dish and covered it with a large jar of bolognese sauce. Then baked it in the oven at 180c 360f for 30-40 mins. We all really enjoyed it. So there's a tip back at ya! Thanks for sharing Elovia. Our first ever meatloaf.
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    After reading some of the other reviews of the site, I was going to ask what a "caravan" was/is. The above pictures show what I would call a "house trailer" or "mobile home," rather than a "camp trailer" which would be easily towed behind a light-duty pickup. An RV, or recreational vehicle also called a "motorhome," is self-propelled not unlike a bus having interior living accommodations. Since you added the word "static" before "caravans", I'm more convinced they're the equivalent of house trailers one would find in a "trailer park" or "mobile home park" here in the US. Trailer parks are commercial businesses that rent (long-term) space to owners of house trailers. So, while the house trailers are residential structures, the land on which they sit are not usually owned by the same person that owns the trailer. In the US mid-west, trailer parks are famous for being tornado magnets, because inevitably if a tornado strikes, the damaged and flattened mobile home park headlines the broadcast news. Suffice it to say that, because the pool cue tips were missing, I'll probably pass on making reservations at this location; pool cue tips are simply a must-have item when I go camping.
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    The camp spot looks like it is in a residential area, out on someone's lawn, but surrounded by hedge. Is it as cultivated as it looks, or is there "wild" natural territory about?
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    Those of you who have been around for a while know that I'm not a fan of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). I think the majority of the movies are mediocre and just not very good. While there have been a few standouts (Thor: Ragnorok) most of the time I find myself falling asleep. They are by the numbers movies that nothing is every in doubt, sans maybe the last two Avenger movies. I enjoyed the DC movies because they took risks, offered different perspectives and didn't cast the heroes as infallible and perfect. I'm the minority, and that's OK. I was excited to see the new Joker trailers. Instead of trying to keep up with a shared universe, they are now making movies that are dark, adult and gritty. I can't wait to see this movie.
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    That''s what you pick out? That? Not the Bat"men"? Or is "men" in quotes solely because they should be Spider-boyz. Last I checked, Spidey was a teenage boy. But that was many years ago, so I won't claim to be an expert on the current crop of Spider"men".
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    and....now it's spoiled! I want the food token to actually be edible, like the gum in old baseball packs!
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    Yeah, you can look at it 2 ways. You can look at it as anti-male because WOTC is saying it's okay to objectify men but not women. You can look at it as anti-female because male characters can be depicted in whatever way the artist chooses but female characters have an enforced dress code. Naturally people will paint the issue in whatever color suits their personal political views. I'm not terribly concerned about that. What annoys me is having different rules for different genders. If you want to cover everyone up, that's fine. And if you want to show more skin, that's cool too. But the rules need to be universal, as opposed to having different rules for each gender.
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    In some respects i'm looking forward to getting old. I am hope the demands on me will reduce. I am looking forward to retirement, but not necessarily the drop in income. I have sooo much that i don't have time to do now. I am not wishing my sons childhood away, but i have been looking forward so much to showing him some of the great games and movies that he just cannot watch today. Actually, the Alien movies are some of them.
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    I have 4 kids haha. Not much changes after the 1st. Although the 4th was interesting because it was in my last year of school 6 years after the last kid. It kinda felt like I was drowning. I reached out in desperation to take hold of anything, and then someone handed me a baby.
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    We crack some packs of #M20 for patron and get some amazing hit both in the packs AND from the Build-A-Pack box! Then we give away a few packs! Plus, a quick little update for our Pack to Power a Cure! #WeAreMTG https://youtu.be/5uSO8ES7s4g
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    That card is going to be fun. With the above list I'm going to swap out the Sanctifiers and use Thraben Inspectors instead. Some digging help.
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    I have a video coming out tomorrow where I got my butt kicked by a UW Angel deck in Standard. They were using Bishop of Wings, Resplendent Angel, and Fountain of Renewal. With the Fountain and the Bishop, they were guaranteed to gain 5 life every time they played an angel, so every angel they played was accompanied by a 4/4 angel with flying and vigilance. Then they duplicated Resplendent Angel with Spark Double and things really got out of hand. XD
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    I'm the same way! I've been gutting my collection on Cardsphere and converting cards I'm not playing into cards that I want to play. It seems logical, and I was able to convert about $300 worth of cards in my rare binder into cards for Tier 1 Affinity...but even though I have a few hundred dollars worth of cards I'm not using, every time I see someone wanting to buy them I find myself passing on the opportunity. For what reason? I don't know. I still need 2 Inkmoth Nexus and I could sell a couple more cards to get them, but every time I have a chance to sell and raise funds I choose to keep the cards instead.
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    I've been doing that a lot lately too. It's hard to let some of that stuff go, even though a lot of it sits unplayed. Using MtG hobby to fund guitar hobby.
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    I've been holding onto mine for nostalgia reasons, but it might be time to say goodbye.
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    Yeah, that card was a rollercoaster ride for awhile. It was in the $50-range for a long time, then it plummeted down to $15 when it was printed in Battlebond, then skyrocketed again when it started being played in that Tron deck that tries to lock people out with Karn and Mycosynth Lattice. I wish I had waited a little longer to sell mine. When it spiked after the Karn deck emerged I thought it was a flash-in-the-pan type of spike and sold out when it was around $30. Turns out the deck is legitimately competitive and it's been holding steady at $50 for awhile now. I guess it's better than the $12 I almost sold it for a couple week before, though.
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    Good stuff... I was thinking using it with Lethal Vapors and maybe something that punishes them when creatures die. Although I'm not sure how long that would last, someone would volunteer to skip a turn.