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    Hi, I am Will! I am a Magic: the Gathering player, and I have been playing since the Theros block. My favorite deck type is Mill. I play what my friends would say is a tier 2 Mill deck, one of my friends says it's tier 1 but I doubt that x.x. I am part of a Youtube channel called the Mana Base, and me and my friends are hoping to get a big group of followers! I have an Instagram account called MtgWillMill too, you can dm me on that for any trades.
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    I was playing a artifact creature deck and someone tried to mill me out. I was almost out when I top decked.... OPEN THE VAULTS. They couldn't mill me out so next turn was very nasty.
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    Yup! It's not 'whenever you cast', although your opponents should gang up on you for playing Deadeye Navigator. Now, here is a Super Reanimator card. It's also what @Aurian and I will look like in 80 years
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    And you'll still be trying to raspberry me.
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    1. Thought-Knot Seer. It's a Vendilion Clique. We all know it. 2. Warping Wail. Just an amazing card. 3. Kalitas, Traitor of Khet. It is this block's Tasigur: an amazingly good midrange/control creature. 4. Goblin Dark-Dwellers. This card just makes jund so much better. A good body with evasion for 5, plus flashing something back for free, probably taking care of a problem. 5. Stormchaser Mage. It's a flying Monastery Swiftspear!
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    Milling is such an interesting tactic; I hate it but I can appreciate it at the same time. I can still remember the first time someone beat me by consistently wiping the board and Millstoning my deck to nothing, it was the day I put Shatter back in my deck Welcome to the forum!
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    Those weapons aren't larp-safe, but then they were used poorly. Kit is also clearly low quality and had very little effort put into it. This is the level of kit we have at our events!
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    I was about to respond with the Top 5 for Shadows over Innistrad...whoops I think Jeremy's list is pretty solid, but my list is different (and pre-ban) 1. Thought-Knot Seer - I think this card could be banned, instead of the Sol lands, and it might hurt the Eldrazi deck enough without killing it. The problem with TKS is that it rips out an opponent's best answer. 2. Reality Smasher - a hard-to-kill hasty beater 3. Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet - Stops a lot of graveyard shenanigans and generates creature advantage 4. Eldrazi Displacer - Used to generate many tokens, advantage, etc 5. Natural State - I think this will be a sideboard staple for years to come
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    Festering Wound is from Urza's Destiny, it is an enchant creature spell that gains a counter every turn. For each counter it deals one damage to the controlling player every turn. Downright nasty piece of work that card.
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    Festering Wound comes to mind, what format are you aiming for?
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    Welcome aboard! Big fan of mill myself, would love to see what you've been playing
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    Thanks, @Lasraik. There isn't a huge number of legacy players at my store, and so I didn't get much advice on this
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    Other decks I'm looking at now are GB Aristocrats, Esper Control, UR mill.
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    The little dice compartment is handy if you're not me and forget it at friend's houses and in public places by accident. In all seriousness, it's not bad for the price tag.