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    Pauper UG Emerge

    Introduction I decided to come out of my creative shell and write again about one of my favorite decks to play recently. The original decklist came from Alex Ullman, one of the premier authors on Pauper. You can find his article here. Funnily enough, it was just a decklist that was at the end of a general article on Pauper and the impact the New World Order has had on it. I was experimenting with the different versions of the Temur Emerge deck that broke out of the Pro Tour at the time that I noticed a Pauper Emerge decklist in Alex's article. After trying it out, I instantly fell in love. I am a sucker for value and this deck simply oozes value. Cost reductions are absurd Cost reduction mechanics have typically been very good and/or downright oppressive in the history of Magic. The immediate one that comes to mind is Affinity. Affinity can be seen in virtually every constucted format since it's introduction in Mirrodin. I doubt we will ever get anything quite on the power level as Affinity ever again, but cost reductions are cost reductions. In the context of Emerge, Creatures become rituals on sticks with added effects stapled on such as drawing a card or fetching a land. That can obviously be very powerful as standard decks have already shown as the pros at the Pro Tour actually had to debate killing Pilgrim's Eyes of all things. The Empath package and other Emerge fodder. This deck features what I like to call the "Empath package" featuring Fierce Empath and Llanowar Empath. Fierce Empath is the single best creature to pair with Emerge. It boils down to being a tutor and a ritual in the same card! Llanowar Empath is a suitable source of card advantage. A notable interaction with the scry is that it goes against conventional wisdom in that you can leave a creature you would normally put on the bottom to ensure that you get card advantage out of it. Spinning the dice is always on the table with decent odds given the 31 creatures in the deck if you have others ways to gain card advantage. The rest of the Emerge fodder are cards like Elvish Visionary and Sylvan Ranger that gain an card or a land respectively. The mana elves can also be used as Emerge fuel if absolutely required. The Chain While playing the deck, the typical game plan is to get a Fierce Empath or another fodder creature and use it to chain into the Emerge threats. There will be times where it will be necessary to chain a number of Emerge creatures. Generally, the plan will be to get It of the Horrid Swarm down first then chain it into a Wretched Gryff. I think a 3/4 flyer is much better than a 4/4 ground creature. It feels similar to a Birthing Pod chain except you can do all the steps in a single turn for a massive swing in board position and card advantage. Other times, the game plan will just be to go for the grind and don't waste Emerge threats into other Emerge threats. The deck plays like a fast midrange ramp deck. Matchups I've found the deck to be well positioned against other fair creature decks. It goes wide just as well against token based decks and the top end threats can match up pretty well against any 3 or 4 drop respectively. The deck is very strong in board stalls because of Wretched Gryff. I've found that most opponents don't have removal for a 3/4 colorless flier that chips away at the opponent's life total. The deck can struggle against Mono Black if the opponent can get Cuombajj Witches going early as a lot of the deck is full of 1/1s. The deck can also be weak to Gray Merchant as the removal suite is light. The deck is fairly resilient to edict effects however. A sizable portion of the sideboard is devoted to the Drake matchup. I haven't had a ton of experience testing this matchup, but it feels pretty bad to me on paper. No instant speed removal or disruption in the maindeck. The goal is to race as fast as possible game 1. After board, options open up with more removal, counterspells, and also graveyard hate. I think the deck will get much better after the inevitable Drake banning. Conclusion I think the deck is a reasonable choice in most metagames and it's a blast to play. I'm surprised that no dedicated Emerge strategy has appeared on the MTGO metagame from what I can gather from my resources. It's possible there's a radically different build that can be successful such as Turbo Emerge including Frogmites and/or Skyshroud Cutters to power out an extremely fast threat or one that has more blue in it with Coiling Oracles, etc. It's still a fairly new archetype that can go in a few different ways, but it feels like it can be a player in the Pauper metagame. It's also fairly cheap comparatively clocking it at $34 dollars on TCGPlayer and less than $30 tickets on MTGO.
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    UG Emerge blog post I noticed that my blog got buried at the bottom, so I figured I should post a link here also. Happy to respond in either place.
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    Thank you! I was apprehensive about writing a blog post about a decklist I got from a article, but I made quite a few changes to it and I am having a blast playing it. I haven't really seen any other builds other than Alex's and mine. I think there were talks about a sultai build that used undying evil to synergize with emerge, but I don't think anything came out of it. The benefit to my deck is that all the lands come in untapped. That is a big deal when mana efficiency is such a big deal in Pauper. Getting ahead of taplands is a big deal. The benefit of Fierce Empath and Pulse of Murasa means you have more virtual copies of the 2 common emerge creatures, but yeah, Abundant Maw would be gas if it was a common.
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    Geth's Verdict or Diabolic Edict are the common replacements.
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    http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/masterpiece-series-kaladesh-inventions-2016-09-12 All of them now spoiled. I love those borders
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    Forget the fatpack, I want FOIL sets of those basics.
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    Making older cards more accessible? One in 144 packs? *raspberry noise*
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    Only as a for-fun deck, really. Too fragile to be of any use.
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    This new artifact/enchantment removal, Fragmentise, looks pretty good. Probably mostly sideboard play but at just W to cast it's hard to ignore
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    Most commons in Eldritch Moon are downright atrocious, bar a few. Grapple with the Past is alright. Nothing to write home about. Contingency plan took a spot in my Sultai TE brew. Selective dredge is nice. Wretched Gryff can give some value, but nothing particularly good. On cast ability also means you can't blink it for extra draws. Meh set. Meh.
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    Remember the ultra-rate Expeditions in Return to Zendikar? They are back, and are now a permanent fixture. Awesome http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/making-magic/masterpiece-series-2016-09-12 Starting with Kaladesh and for the foreseeable future, we're going to be adding a new feature called the Masterpiece Series. Each individual block will have its own name for the Series (the MasterpieceSeries for Kaladesh block, for example, will be called Kaladesh Inventions), but it will be referred to overall as the Masterpiece Series. Basically, we're taking what we did with the Zendikar Expeditions and applying it to every set. Here's what this means:
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    I was just joking around. The original article with the first 4 spoilers had mentioned one of the aims of the Masterpiece series was to make cards more accessible for players of non-rotating formats
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    Can't wait to see some of these in the flesh. Also, kudos to Wizards, making Lotus Petal more accessible to the Pauper players...
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    A lot of the legacy Eldrazi lists I've seen lately have cut City of Traitors to 3 copies or sometimes only 2 even. Seems Ancient Tomb is more important, it's staying a solid 4 of in Legacy (and Vintage) lists
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    Forgot about Cities Was looking at this list or something similar:
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    I was fudging around with my cards on the weekend and thought of doing a GU Emerge. It is a shame only 2 of the emerge creatures were common. I was considering splashing black for the Maw, but then it's uncommon Whoops.
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    Also a note, Chainer's Edict has never been printed at common in paper if that is relevant at all.
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    Agree 1000% They somehow managed to make Carrie Underwood look ... not sexy. That weird dance / hopping thing she's doing looks like she is looking for a bathroom. Edit: Forgot to mention RGIII is on injured reserve. I actually think this makes the Browns better. He was downright awful.
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    The Sunday Night Football song has always been bad but the new one and horrible performance were cringe AF
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    I'll tell a few people once I get my phone turned back on.
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    I don't feel like they have a real sense of urgency, because the money keeps rolling in.
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    You have Cities? I was looking at adding Eldrazi to the Legacy deck collection, foiled again by the manabase. D&T it will have to be. Just got my Conspiracy 2 Recruiters, so time to play around with some new toolbox style lists
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    I like this - even though I bought a fair amount of BFZ and OGW and only pulled one Expedition (which I traded for a box of Origins), I still like the idea of this and that over time more of these cards will be out there to help stabilize the singles prices. Plus, it's fun to pull these, so that will help give the newer players a bit of excitement to look forward to.
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    Not Las but I managed to get: Temple Garden Scalding Tarn Twilight Mire Sunken Ruins Tectonic Edge Sold all but the Temple Garden.
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    This week we return to Coiling Oracle in a great Bant Acid Trip list, then turn to discuss everyone’s favorite Hymn/Bolt hybrid: Blightning. Finishing things up, we’ve got more Kaladesh spoilers to discuss! This weeks deck tech: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/470600#online Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColorCommontary Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/colorcommontary/ Our theme song is courtesy of Ell, whose music is available at http://soundcloud.net/ellellell View the full article