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    I see your posts about the forum on twitter all the time and I kept meaning to join, glad I finally did.
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    Every once in a while I'll browse eBay for collections or lots of cards that are for sale. Most of the time the bidding gets out of hand and I just let everyone else fight over what is probably a picked clean "collection" that isn't worth the shipping costs. Last week I bought a play set of every common from Eternal Masters for $25. Pretty good buy, especially now that I'm brewing pauper decks and learning the format. Feeling pretty good about this purchase, I started looking for more commons from Eternal Masters. Because one play set is never enough, right? I run across an auction that has about an hour left, nobody has bid on it yet. It's $3.57 shipping and I bid $1. The description reads it's a box of Eternal Master commons, for $4.57 how can I go wrong? I'm notified about an hour later that I won the auction, so I pay and wait for the box to arrive. The box arrived Friday and today I started digging into it. Most multiple cards are stuffed in a single sleeve, most commons have at least 4 copies of each, sometimes more. But no foils to speak of. So I start sorting and I run into a some uncommons. Most notably Wall of Omens, Swords to Plowshares, Bloodbraid Elf, Geae's Blessing, a couple copies of Brainstorm and Daze and a few others. Starting to look better. Then I run into some cards that don't have multiples and find a bunch of rares. My best guess is someone bought a bunch of Eternal Masters, maybe a few boxes and sold the chase rares. Stuffed the rest in a box and sold it to get rid of it. The eBay store I bought from mostly sells odds and ends stuff, not a strictly MTG store. No foils of any cards, the really expensive rares are all gone. Even so, for less than $5 I can't complain! Usually I'll buy a collection on eBay and get mostly garbage, but I got lucky this time. Have a time that you bought a collection and ended up getting more than you thought you would?
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    I hope this never changes, it's way too late in the lifespan of MTG to change something so fundamental. If any rule needs changing its the legend rule (and similar planeswalker identity rule). I don't see any sense in the current version where you can abuse the whole limitation of only allowing one such permanent in play by using an ability on one copy then playing a second and using a second ability. Surely it would make more sense to have the rule be that having one legendary permanent (or planeswalker of a certain name) in play means you straight up can't play a second one. It's basically the late 90s version of the rule except not affecting other players (definitely not asking for a return to those glorious days of "first to Lin-Sivvi wins"). In the case of planeswalkers, there would still be a small amount of room to bend the rule in that you could activate an ability which took your planeswalker to zero loyalty and killed it then play a second one, but I still think it's better than the rule as it is
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    The situation is well-put by a CSMonitor comic: Not many people like either, but the hate the other, so they vote for the one they hate less. This is just terrible.
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    They go to eight on second and discard a grave troll or something. It's not really something that makes or breaks the deck, it's just not the first time they changed a fundamental rule because of dredge.
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    I think that is the one thing everyone can agree on ... they both suck.
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    If she wants to really appeal to Bernie and other left-wing supporters, transparency is the only real way to go. Emails, health, anything.
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    Not quite the same but I was able to snag a playset of JTMS on Ebay for $15 apiece when it was first spoiled. People underestimated how good he was... I just wanted them for a janky Lorescale Coatl deck
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    I'm going to have to agree with Wolphard for the most part on this, but I do think Steam and other vendors have some culpability in attempting to profit by selling an admittedly unfinished product. Over the last several decades, I've noticed an extensive amount of erosion of personal responsibility. It used to be that when you traded your family cow for a handful of magic beans, the response was generally, "sucks to be you," most notably from the Giant descending the subsequential beanstalk. Now it seems like whenever something bad happens due to poor personal choices, it is always because of someone else's fault. "Caveat Emptor" is not just a meaningless Latin phrase no matter how much others wish it so. "Everyone wins a prize just for showing up" needs to find its way to the annals of history ... quickly ... because that is just not how the world works at all. YMMV
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    Thank you! I was apprehensive about writing a blog post about a decklist I got from a article, but I made quite a few changes to it and I am having a blast playing it. I haven't really seen any other builds other than Alex's and mine. I think there were talks about a sultai build that used undying evil to synergize with emerge, but I don't think anything came out of it. The benefit to my deck is that all the lands come in untapped. That is a big deal when mana efficiency is such a big deal in Pauper. Getting ahead of taplands is a big deal. The benefit of Fierce Empath and Pulse of Murasa means you have more virtual copies of the 2 common emerge creatures, but yeah, Abundant Maw would be gas if it was a common.
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    Tonight we had our 100th member: @Real_Life_Dad Here's to many more!
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    Competitive EDH can be finished in 1-4 turns, especially in 1v1.
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    Did he pick and snack? You decide! Jim Harbaugh: Seriously, I don't eat my boogers
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    Artifacts and eldrazi. Lots of 'em. Energy "farms," and LOTS of janky combo decks. I'm looking forward to it. Also, VEHICLES. Lots of them. And the new big 11-drop. Yeah, this guy Anyone else excited for SKY-FREAKIN-WHALES?!!?! I mean, seriously take a look at this AEtherpunk! Magic+Steampunk!
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    What if she has terminal lung cancer? Is that not relevant? Should we not be informed of that before November? Or is that privacy? Sorry, but general health is a fundamental qualification and requirement of the job. Especially when we are talking about commander in chief. In what part of my statement concerning Hillary's health did I say anything about Trump? I thought we were talking about Hillary. So your only response to a discussion about Hillary's health and her own campaign giving several different stories about her health is to quote a Liberally biased website to say Hillary doesn't lie as much as Trump? Really? Try to leave Trump out of this for a minute ... Do you honestly believe Hillary and what her campaign is saying about her health? Do you really believe that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday? Only to have the campaign on Saturday say it was allergies? Only to change their story on Sunday to say she had pneumonia? You honestly believe that and don't question it at all? And do you really think it isn't any of our business to know why a presidential candidate would have done a face plant if not for others helping out? You don't think its very odd that after nearly passing out, or getting dizzy or whatever happened, that she decided not to go to a hospital? But instead went to her daughters apartment, then cancelled all events for the next few days? Have you had, or been around anyone with pneumonia? Is her behavior at all consistent with someone that has pneumonia? Do you not question any of this? Or do you really think this is none of our business?
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    That would change the purpose of many cards and may affect how people compose their mana base. My gut feeling is that maximum hand size is a good thing for the game, but I would be interested to hear reasons to change it.
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    It is already. The problem is that the 1v1 format is not accepted as official yet, and 1v1 has a completely different ban list.
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    Where are they going to go? Besides, barring a massive email leak with criminal evidence, Hillary is going to win in a landslide.
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    Only vs. a candidate like Hillary Clinton could Trump have a chance of becoming POTUS