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    Any of the creators on the site (I'm a little biased)
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    Sorry about the delay here, but round 1 feedback went up and a winner was chosen! Congrats to our winner (no spoilers) and all the creaYTors who submitted great videos. We've already learned a lot here at creaYTors and are making small changes as we go - which we will update you on as we go - but would love to hear any feedback on the series so far! Best way to contact is through twitter.com/creaYTors or you can email myself personally at numbersmtg@gmail.com
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    First, sorry for the downtime today. I work graveyard and I sleep during the day on my work days so I wasn't aware anything was wrong until I just woke up for work. Thankfully I was able to get the service restored with a few clicks. The service was suspended because we exceeded the CPU limits on my hosting plan. This is good news, because we are getting more visitors and usage than I expected when I picked a hosting plan. The bad news is the bigger hosting plans are more expensive. We've been getting close to the limit every month for a while, and because it resets on the first day of the calendar month we usually juuuuust make it but this month we didn't quite make it to the beginning of the next month. Thanks to all who tried to contact me. Because it's just me running everything if I'm asleep or unavailable for some reason then things can take time. Maybe I need a bat phone.
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    Alright; So after a brief hiatus we are going to be bringing back our series Around the Community! This time around we are going to do it a little different though im going to take your suggestions on who you would like to see featured and what makes them a great new channel; growing channel etx. Please leave your suggestion and a brief overview of the channel (yes you can do your own channel) Sadly with time restraints i cant visit every channel and look over everything so ill be counting on you guys for some help here!
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    I highly recommend Bearded Nonsense, I am up for doing an interview sometime. What about @AnotherMulliganL have you interviewed her?
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    Drafting HOU So for draft with Hour you will get 2 packs hour and one pack of amonkhet. Today we will be going over the hour cards that i think will be the best to build around and i would pick first in a pack or those that i would only pick if they wheeled. So lets get started Bolas and the Corrupted gods: All four of these cards are first pickable in a pack one. And quite frankly in a IRL Pool i would pick them in any of my packs even if i wasnt in those colors to hate draft Important side note. it is useless to hate draft in Magic online because you dont go against people in the same pool as you normally Samut: She is first pickable in a pack one and if you are in colors i would grab her in pack two/three; she isnt the best walker but she is great in her color pairing Crested sunmare: May not be first pick but if you know you wanna play white tokens go for it I really like this card if you are able to pick up some annointer priest it will trigger every turn after you make your first token; and if you can pick up an annointed precision in one of your amonkhet packs pure gold Unesh: Would not first pick. This card is great in a specific build and if you wanna force blue go for it.. but most sphynxs are rare or unccommon and i dont think this is great card to build around Razaketh: Would not first pick This card is great again it is a bomb but the mana needed in such a fast format is not worth first pick.. if im already in black and it comes pack 2 i might grab it for the late late game Neheb: First pick This card is amazing. Afflict 3 and you get red mana for each 1 life lost by your opponent. Can you say broken! amazing card Majestic Myriarch: First first first pick I love this card in all formats. its power toughness is equal to double number of creatures you control. So its auto a 2/2 if you play it. and it has odrics ability. Huge bomb The Last cycle: First pickable depends on pack Very situational cards. Green is def the best as it can be played turn 2 and make a 5/4. Blue is my second favorite. 4 mana take something is good. Red is late game but gamble The Hour Cycle: First pickable depending on pack The hour cards are all very very strong.Red is strongest removal in format, Blue and white i would not first pick due to triple mana requirement. But the black and green are amazing. Have the oppurtunity to totally change the game The defeat cycle: Would pick third or fourth. There are alot of commons i would take over these cards. Just because they are so situational. The black and white would be my prefered pick ups. Djeru: Not first pickable Yes he is a 4/3 but his ability only has to do with walkers. Also only walker youd play with him is Gideion or Lilly as he is a fourth or third color for any other walker in limited Ammit Eternal: First pick all day Afflict 3 and when he does combat damage remove all -1/-1 from him and he is a 5/5 for 3. In limited he will get threw and your opponent casting spells giving him -1/-1 isnt that horrible Overwhelming splendor: Would first pick Now normally things with this high of mana cost i would not first pick. But with lack of enchantment removal or it being sideborded in most cases. this is a game ender. Torment of Hailfire: FIRST pick x black black repeat.. sign me up. Even if i do this for just three in a blue black deck where i can recure this spell is freaking amazing. Love this card Pride Sovereign: First pick Great green white card and there are plenty of cats in this format. oh and it makes more. Would not let this rotate to another player Angel of Condemnation: First pick Flickerwisp on a stick. Yes please. Also flying and vigiliance. Fraying sanity: would not first pick Curse is amazing. but you have to have supporting cards. mill isnt huge in this format. DreamStealer: First pick Menace when deals damage player discards card.. combos so well.. Mighty leap.. anything that boost it. Yummy Ramunap hydra: first pick Reach vigilance trample buffs itself if i have a deseret (you will have a desert) seems good. espically if we get a myriarch Solemnity: would not first pick What do you mean this card is freaking busted! yes it is but it only helps against specific archetypes unless your going against a -1/-1 counter build.. limited this is sideboard Aftermath cards: Drive/Despair and Grind/Dust is only two i would first pick. The others just are too situational. Mirrage Mirror: first pick all day Probably my favorite card in the set. make a copy of almost anything. clone on a stick God Pharohs gift: Creature heavy decks will love this. But mana cost is high. Risky first pick but a bomb Abandoned sacrophagus: First pick if you know your gonna force blue black cycle. Endless sands: I would not first pick this card but it is very strong. I would be tempted depending what else is in the pack. the ability to exile something and then bring it back maybe they try to destroy your bomb with a final reward save it. Very strong card.. just have hard time first picking coloreless land lol Desert Colored Pay life cycle: Not first pickable. But would pick them up if they are available for your color each one does something by sacaraficing any desert. could be strong Desert cycle cycle: Slow mono colored lands will wheel the whole pack probably be last pick
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    This time the guys have been challenged to make some Top 10 lists! Check out the video for full restrictions, and details on how to win the artist-signed cards from this tweet: Https://twitter.com/Numbers_MTG/status/880231456798154756?s=09
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    "OK, you take over Standard, and I'll try to get unbanned in Modern" But legit that art is dumb, its almost up there with Razaketh's Rite for me (that art makes me cringe hard) This guy however, is awesome! Kinda gimmicky but I love it.
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    I agree with most of what you said here. There is a few where I think you are incorrect, but I think you're right on these for the most part. For example, Unesh is totally first pickable. A 4/4 flyer that is at least guaranteed to get me the best card from the top 4 cards of my library is pretty good. I understand that most people consider blue to be the worst color, but if you choose to draft it when no one else in your pod does, it can lead to an easy 3-0. Being in the open color is better than being in the best color 99% of the time. I also disagree with your evaluation of the defeat cycle. The defeat cycle are all sideboard cards. Would you ever 3rd pick a Plummet or a Disenchant? These are cards that will be dead in your hand most of the time when you could have drawn a card that would impact the board instead. It is certainly correct to sideboard them in during certain match-ups, but taking a sideboard card over a card that would be playable in your main deck is just incorrect as well. You pick up sideboard cards when there is nothing else in the pack that would even have the smallest chance of going in your main deck. The cycle of defeat cards should be taken between picks 8-12. These were the 2 main disagreements that I had with you. Everything else seems reasonable and informative. Well done.
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    Rhino is on my list but i think all my subs already subscribe to him haha
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    It's a series that @Transcendent MTG does where he features members of the content creators community! Basically plugs your stuff man
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    Love the series, hope I have the time to be a part S2
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    Remember, Views > Subs. Views are way more important than subs
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    I don't know how true that is. It's taken me almost 2 years to get my channel where it is. Lot of hard work to get the views and subscribers.
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    I liked that the judges were critical and broke down aspects of the videos most of us non-YouTubers probably don't consider. Great job and it was great to see @TOTALmtg as a judge
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    I don't know man, I guess we have different opinions where that is concerned. If MMOs charged $10 per hour I'm pretty sure I'd play a different MMO. Now, if it was a 10 ticket monthly subscription fee for unlimited phantom events (with no prizes), I'd probably consider it.
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    Wonder Woman - 8/10 - The wife gives it a 9. Very good origin story, nothing original about the plot, similar to captain America. The humor was spot on for this type of flick. The last 10 minutes kind of come out of nowhere, and I thought there was a major plot hole with it. It was a superhero flick that delivered exactly what you expect. Logan - 6/10 - Based on other reviews I wanted so much more from this. It gets knocked a point for failing to meet expectations. I think I am bored of wolverine. Super angry guy that really cares deep down blah blah. It is also a disappointing conclusion to the X-men. No twists or surprises here. I think I just expected too much. New mutants that were trained from infancy to be soldiers were VERY disappointing. John Wick I and II - 8/10 - I love these movies. Both one and 2 are a lot of fun to watch. The world is interesting, none of it makes sense but who cares because the fight choreography is AMAZING! Don't be afraid to spend some time with these and just enjoy a well done gratuitous violence action flick.
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    Earliest candidate for WORST art of the set... so goofy and Comic-y. Great reprint, though
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    But I am happy to come on to the show as cross promotion
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    I could see myself doing a budget/casual brew for the channel with Crested Sunmare, provided it doesn't see a ton of competitive play and remains at a low price. A couple things I'd consider.
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    A sponsorship will be looking for the following: - Well presented channel - Regular content (being key) - A decent average views per video along with monthly views improving. So if you can show you're getting that or improving over time the average then that may stand in your favour. End of the day, they need good reason to be associated with you, while having their ads being put out there for new people to see.
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    Awesome. It's not going to be for a few months, but we'll talk once this series is over!
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    Rhino, Maybe you would be interested in being involved in the next series once this one finished up?
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    Awesome stuff! I'll sort out the first topic later on, but I'll try and add more as often as I can.
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    Thanks this was my first attempt and i def understand the sphynx argument and the defeat cycle argument. And after looking at some of the commons that are coming out with the rest of spoilers i def think the deafeat cycle is underwhelming side board options. sphynx i kinda just would like more sphynxs to go with him i guess but they are most in the rare spot
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    I think its about consistent numbers. ie all my videos get over X views [EXAMPLE] types of videos get over Y views more than average videos How would you feel about sponsoring some amount of Y videos? or, all of my videos for some time because i can guarantee X or more views. At least thats how I would think about it it, but I've never had a sponsership.
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    Did I miss other horses getting spoiled somewhere?
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    For the remainder of this season there will be three judges, with the third being announced later this week!
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    I would love for some critical stuff on my videos. I want them to to get better.