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    I agree with your choices, but we won't know how the set is built until it is spoiled. There is a small chance the set is chock full of goodies at all rarities, and WOTC didn't focus on drafting too much. With that MSRP, I could see them saying "This set isn't balanced for drafting, but go ahead and do it" 1. The FLGS markup is far too high. the MSRP of the box-topper is over $50, given the price of the blister packs at WalMart and the box at FLGS... If you want people to shop at FLGS, make the MSRP of the full box lower. 2. Fetchlands - I think the number crunch has ruled them out 3. Box-toppers: No whammies... too late, but a few of them are worth very little...imagine getting the Stirring Wildwoods while your friend gets Snapcaster? 4. If you want supply to increase, then the MSRP should be half of what it is... but that won't change