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    EDH is a well-played format, that has recently been a strong dictator of prices. Kozilek and Ulamog are $37 and $26 respectively, that can be slotted into any EDH deck, or add a nice money card to a trade binder. I don't think any one will be mad at packing one of these. My top 5 is basically the same as everyone else: 5. Lower Price: I think this goes back to all Masters sets, if all the others were ~$7 a pack, and this big fancy one was $12 then it might be acceptable. 4. Larger print run: My LGS doesn't even think they'll be able to sell loose packs, they might only be bringing in enough to fill box pre-orders. 3. No booster box toppers. I think its a dumb idea that just make the rich get richer. 2. Stick to original rarities for Money rares and mythics. I think Mythics should be allotted to Planeswalkers and Legendaries for this set. Tarmogoyf and Snapcaster could have been rares. This would have allowed Mox Opal a slot. 1. CARDS PEOPLE ACTUALLY PLAY. If you want to make this draft able, add that shit to the commons: Signets, Guild Lands, whatever, but them at common. Uncommons should be PLAYED pricey cards: Finks, Path, Bolt, Eternal Witness, Inquisition, Manamorphose, Serum Visions, Ironworks, etc. If this is their goodbye to masters sets, then it better fucking look like one.
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    What are the 5 things you would change about Ultimate Masters? My 5: 1.) The MSRP. $7 per pack, which was the MSRP of the original Modern Masters set (if I'm not mistaken) 2.) Not reprint jank rares. 3.) Include fetch lands. (they may be in this set, but I'm assuming they won't be) 4.) Opening the extra pack with a single card in it looks like it would be too easy to bend or damage the card. Include a hard piece of cardboard with it so it's easier to open it... and while we're at it let's not make it transparent. 5.) Stop building these sets around drafting. Focus more on reprints. This may be an unpopular opinion, but IMHO we need reprints more than we need more sets to draft. We already get Conspiracy, Un-Stable and so on. Too many cards end up in the draft chaff pile. What are yours?
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    Longevity of Zombie series and games has always struck me as being short. Unless it has something like Resident Evil with super-zombie monsters and creations in addition to the zombies with a mind behind it all then where is it to go? How long before watching or playing someone dodging zombies and trying to survive before it gets repetitive? I know a lot of these shows have it that "Other humans are the enemies!!!111!" but that doesn't need zombies for that and they tend to be rather samey enemies too...