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    Hey everyone! We're bringing you our normal Thursday video a day early! This is our official Ravnica Allegiance #Prerelease Primer! In this video, we go over our top 5 common or uncommon cards from each color in the new #RNA set to be played during the prerelease weekend and other sealed events.
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    Based purely on the review here, I put this title on my GoG wishlist to track for later. I have a lot of games already in the queue, and clearing the backlog isn't helped by me being currently fixated on another title.
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    Are you required to make bastard choices to survive or can you actually get by without enslaving children and eating old people?
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    It's pretty fun, I've been addicted. I kept reading that it's a short game and easy once you get the hang of it, but I've spent a good 10 hours playing and haven't completed the main story line yet. Keep starting over because I get really close to the end and make a misstep, having to start from a previous save or start fresh to avoid some of the mistakes I made in the early game. Every decision matters.
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    Hey everyone! In this concept deck tech video, JJ goes over "The Gate", a 5 color deck that uses all of the new-found love for gates to make absurdly powerful shenanigans. This rotion-proof deck uses some great cards from the new #RNA set. Will this deck topple the Pro Tour? Probably not. Will it be fun to play? You bet your gate it will!