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    Enjoying it a lot. Yeah, it's a little grindy, but that can be a good thing for mindless relaxation. Except, it isn't quite mindless at the same time. Hard to explain. You have to always be conscious of your inventory levels and empty inventory slots. There are more types of things than slots available ... until you get multiple hauler ships and exocraft, and until you expand your exosuit inventory ... but that's another story ... The early game is a challenge, and it can feel like you're flailing trying to keep your head above water. Mid-game is fun because there is so much to do. I haven't seen late game yet, so no word on how that will play out. I've got well over 60 hours in with many, many more to go, so I'd say at $30 price point there's good entertainment value. I've mentioned elsewhere here, that I can spend a lot of time, or just a little in-game, and still accomplish goals. So it isn't necessarily a tedious grind ... it's the busy kind. Later on, when you get a refiner, you can actually multiply materials by looping them through selected recipes (e.g., 2x -> 1y -> 4x, repeat). This cuts down on the need for roaming and gathering stuff, but also puts a bit of a squeeze on available inventory space. I dropped by tonight because I had to say goodbye to an old friend - my third fighter ship purchased with hard earned money from the early days (the first two were not very memorable or notable: the first was a free starter, and the second was a minor upgrade to the starter). This ship (shown below) is perhaps one of the coolest little fighters that I've seen in-game, was a class upgrade (i.e., from C to B), cost me a cool 1.35 million units, and I haven't seen another quite like it around the trading posts or space stations. Unfortunately it didn't have very many slots for inventory and tech upgrades (it had only 17+3). We downed a good number of pirates, that ship and I, and found multiple planets in multiple systems together. I kept it as long as I could until I finally acquired the max number of ships I can have (6), and had to pass it off in favor of another model (a shuttle, no less) with more available space.
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    Yesterday, I happened upon an extreme weather, fiery storm planet in a new star system that I explored a few light years away from my home system. Extreme weather planets are mostly a PITA with their rapidly recurring storm events, where if you're short on exosuit hazard protections (like me), you need to hunker down in your ship or other shelter for the duration (could be several minutes real time). But they also provide decent risk vs. reward. I took time to setup a phosphorous mine during the calm between a couple of the raging storms ... aaaannnnd ... look who showed up. Yes, it was as mean as it looked. On the bright side, I got the phosphorous I was after (I needed it to recharge my thermal protection), and as I flew around in the storms, I found quite a few storm crystals (translate to fast, big bucks) which enabled me to pick up a new fighter later that day.
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    The latest patch/version on GoG (within the past week) enabled multiplayer. The first thing I did after patching up was to disable all the multiplayer options in order to preserve my single-player experience. A lot of requests for MP were made from the beginning, and when it finally arrived along with the inevidable accompanying griefers, most people either turned off the ability or heavily modified permissions to restrict who has access to their bases and stuff. Rumors abound of griefing players destroying bases, or shooting other players on the ground from their spaceships. Be careful what you ask for, because you might get it. I don't personally care for PvP anymore, and it sucks that you have to work hard for resources to better your experience in this game only to have some socially inept mouth-breathing turd destroy it on a whim. The game (NMS) is a great exploration/survival/sandbox from which PvP takes away rather than adds. It is not like DAoC where PvP was/is expected and encouraged in certain areas. Imagine if PvP-ers were allowed to freely roam DAoC housing areas and how disastrous that might be. Co-op exploration, on the other hand, might be right for some, but not me. I'm too much of a anthrophobic misanthropic curmudgeon these days to tolerate others in my sandbox. If I were benevolent dictator of the world, I'd remove all traces of other's explorations from my universe. Alas, the NMS universe is shared, and we're not meant as individuals to selfishly explore and discover it all - let alone the physical impossibility of doing so. YMMV [edit: word change, anthrophobic vs. misanthropic ... I'm not afraid, I just don't like]
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    If you don't decide on a guild and spread out a little, does it spread you too thin?