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    Sounds amazing. I'd like to visit Iceland at some point. I hear it's pretty pricey though. So i do hope you're as good with your bucks as you think you are. That French trip looks amazing too. Is that you're planned route? If so, I have a couple of observations. 1. The Dordogne is just to the east of Boardeaux, on your route. It's a river valley region, with a number of medieval towns, such as Sarlat and riverside camps, that are just lovely - especially in good weather. And awesome canoe trips. 2. At your southernmost point you will be only be a couple of hours drive over the Pyrennees to Barcelona - one of the finest cities in the world, and the home of, in my humblest, the most beautiful building in the world - the Sagreda Familia. It would be practically criminal to be that close and not go.