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    The two best titles i've played in VR, almost make the price of the set worth while on their own. Those being Subnautica and Lone Echo (short but amazing). I played an early release of Subnautica, which got stuck in geometry about 15 hours in, then my Rift cable got chewed. Not played since. Completed Lone Echo, mostly because i just couldn't put it down. So atmospheric, which, considering most of the game is played in a vacuum, is some feat! I have a few humble bundle sets of VR games that i've not played, but i'm fairly sure they're mostly kids games. P.S. They're both floaty-hands games...Get over it P.P.S. I've heard ST Bridge Crew is decent. P.P.P.S. Elite Dangerous has control issues for me, but looks potentially very good.
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    And here I was wondering whether, between this and Subnautica, I should dip my toes into the VR waters. I've successfully resisted the VR siren's call thus far, because I think the technology is too rapidly changing yet still far too crude (although even I will admit it is far better than it was a decade ago). That and apparently I'm much too easy to immerse without it - graphic quality be damned. I play NMS and played Skyrim mostly in 3rd person, because I don't like phantom hands floating in my field of vision (side note: I play the starship flight sessions in 1st person, not 3rd, because of my background with flight simulators). Most VR titles that I've previewed include those same floaty hands - or worse, blocky affairs barely recognizable as hands/controllers.