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    What @JesGolbez said! You only need to worry about what is standard-legal if you are playing in Standard tournaments, such as Friday Night Magic or Standard Showdown. If you are just playing casually with friends, then it probably doesn't matter - though you can ask them if they play any specific format, just in case. If you DO need to stick to Standard, then you just need to avoid certain sets. Standard rotates once per year and the oldest sets all rotate out in 1 big batch. That won't happen until the fall or winter of this year (last year it was Oct. 5th) and the sets that will rotate out this time include Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, Core Set 2019, and Dominaria. Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance won't rotate out until Fall/Winter of 2020, so those sets are perfectly fine to buy into...assuming it matters at all in the first place. Edit: Oh! And here is a convenient site that keeps track of what's in standard and when it rotates out: https://whatsinstandard.com/
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    Kromide, Do you just play casually with your friends? Or do you want to play in tournaments like Friday Night Magic? If you are just playing casual matches, then any cards are fine.
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    Well, they have begun! I recommend checking out Scryfall's preview page since they list the source of the original preview: https://scryfall.com/sets/war?order=spoiled&as=grid It looks like uncommon planeswalkers are indeed a thing. They're basically glorified enchantments though. Davriel actually looks pretty sweet for 8-Rack, it's another payoff for forcing your opponent to discard their hand, PLUS it has a repeatable way to make them discard. Seems pretty decent! Also: Amass is a new mechanic. So there is a "Zombie Army" token. If you don't have on you create one, then you put +1/+1 counters on it equal to the Amass number. So basically it allows you to build a giant creature. Also, remember Fblthp from Totally Lost? HE'S AN ACTUAL CARD NOW!!! Also...he's still totally lost. I actually thought this art was fake at first .XD
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    The two above me said it correctly, so I won't reiterate it. Here is a nice site for people getting used to the rotating format and helps you figure out what will be "standard legal" for how long. https://whatsinstandard.com/