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    It was the deck of many things. It felt like that's all we were doing. I did not really expect it to be well run, 15-year-old kid doing it for the 1st time, so it was mostly just for him to learn. I think the hardest part of Dm can be managing people and giving them agency, but guiding them at the same time.
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    Yep, just letting you know the normal process if you didn't already and to clarify that I was reading it right about how they were making characters. Yeah, doesn't sound like a well run game and it gets annoying when you get "one of them" type of players who need to derail the game and make it all about them. The card deck sounds like the Deck of Many Things, which is a magical item though I don't know if they were running it right or not.
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    The "Horizon Canopy" lands are pretty crazy, and Munitions Expert seems pretty good in 8-Whack.