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    Started playing this a few weeks ago. Developed by Obsidian Studios (Fallout 4 etc.) and it plays very much like a Fallout game. The humour is right there, and not too stale, and the play style is very similar to FO4. The biggest difference i would say is that the open world isn't open enough. From that point of view, it's more like the recent Tomb Raider games - a series of medium sized zones, that you play through. This makes it feel quite a lot more on rails than FO4. Still, if you're happy to be led through an interesting plot. then it might be for you. They've tried to do more with companions, but having played Far Cry 5, it's not a touch on how they interact, and the character interplay dialogue, as seen in the likes of DA:I. I will continue though. Playing on Normal right now, and it's very difficult to die.
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    So, After readying the rulebook and creating my first few cars, I can say that this game is absolutely nuts! The rules are written in a way that you can add or subtract rules to fit your groups playstyle without infringing on the functionality of the game. And, the cars are INSANELY fun to build. Here are a few that I am working on. This is a 2 car team, one being the racer and one being the enforcer. The paint isn't done yet though.