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    I'll go just about anywhere my AOADD (Adult Onset Attention Deficit Disorder) will take me. GoG tells me I have 401 games in my online library. I've been trying to download Greedfall, but it's been failing on the 3rd 4GB chunk download. Meanwhile I still have this plus Grim Dawn, Age of Pirates (Gentlemen of Fortune - Eras2 mod), Din's Legacy, Mount and Blade: Warband (Perisno 0.99 mod), Planetbase, Of Orcs and Men, and Starbound desktop icons staring at me and waiting for me to double-click them. Also currently installed but not actively playing are Crossroads Inn (too buggy) and Pathfinder: Kingmaker (lost interest after a score of hours).
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    Necro thread ... I'll just leave this link to (long) patch notes here for those that are interested: https://www.stardewvalley.net/stardew-valley-1-4-update-full-changelog/