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    I've had a servers for the past 10-12 years now. Mostly used for serving the house with films, TV, photos and music, running Plex media server too. I've never spent much money on them and always expect them to be upgraded every 4-5 years. Such is the case now. I am using a Dell PowerEdge T20 - a small tower server with a mediocre pentium G3220 cpu, 8Gb RAM a small SSD running the W10 OS, then HDD of 1Tb, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB. So 10TB in all. Working in IT, a few old servers came up for disposal recently and i threw my hat in the ring. I was the only person who asked for one, and said i'd have the best i can for £100. Late last week, i was delivered an HP380 G7 rackmount server. Here are the spec. 2* 2.66 GHz Six Core (Xeon) 2 * 146 GB 10K SAS 192 GB Kingston server RAM (yup, you read that right). 6 fans 2 * 750w PSU 2 port 10Gbit ethernet PCI card 4 Gbit ethernet PCI card 2 channel Fibrechannel ethernet PCI card. 2 onboard 1gb ethernet ports. 8 hot swap 2.5 inch drive bays. They basically decided it would cost them money to strip out the extras and RAM, so i got it as was. I'm almost certainly not going to be using the PCI expansions, as the 2 * 1Gg ports are plenty. I put my Windows 10 SSD from my current server into one of the hot swap 2.5 inch caddies, and low and behold the thing booted right up. The biggest issue is that the HDD slots are all 2.5 inch and my 4 main storage drives are all 3.5 inch. The HDD interface is SAS, which will drive up to 4 * SATA. There are also no Molex power connectors. So i've ordered an adaptor for the 10 pin motherboard connector to Sata, and a data adaptor from SAS to 4 * Sata. I don't think the drives will fit into the server housing, so they're likely to be externally and loosely housed. although i have seen 2nd hand "Icy Dock" housing that might work. Without the unwanted PCI riser and 3 cards, the thing runs silent, and chews through a very polite 72 watts when ticking over. With the riser and 3 cards, it sounds like a jet fighter taking off. With room to expand. inherent reliability, lots of RAM, and, hopefully, plenty of grunt to do the video decoding, this thing will hopefully last a while. p.s. I've been chewing over a business idea for the past 5 years, to set up a company that builds, installs and maintains home music/media/AV/automation for people with too much money. It's something i get a lot of pleasure from and i think it's the future.