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    Photos, or it didn't happen...
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    I didn't expect much from Knives Out, but it was really enjoyable and clever.
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    SyFy is streaming Battlestar Galactica for free. So after so many years, I finally get to watch it in it's entirety. Only a couple of episodes into it, but wow. I was a fan of Edward James Olmos before, but now he may be elevated into my top favs list. I had seen enough to get used to Starbuck being female, but wow, it's all done so well. I remember when I was a kid, the Vipers were my favorite of all the starfighters, and while I cringe at the "new new" ones, I Love what they did with the "Mk II" version, especially the flying dynamics, all the flipping around with thrusters and whatnot. I do have some nitpiks, a few "huh?" moments, but we'll see if any of them get explained away in time. Also, having just watched Lucifer (another REALLY good show), I'm kinda stuck on the "Trisha Helfer is a goddess" bandwagon.
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    Damn. I thought this was going to be a porn game.