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    I don't regret not using social media because, for the most part, it is a cesspool of negativity. Sure there are happy bubbles, but in general it is humanity at its worst. This forum is as close to social media as I get, and it is a happy bubble. For all of you here, I've come to know you as you've revealed and let me know you over many years ... you've shared your joys and sadness through great times and trials. And dammit ... I care about each one of you for it. Gaming brought us together, and even though we may no longer play video games together, we're still a community - a community that has grown and matured; we were once kids ourselves, but we now have our own kids, and over the years they've grown. Each loss to this community, whether because of real life events or through disinterest in continuing to participate here, gets more difficult to absorb. I've never met any of you face to face although I've chatted with some while gaming - good times. Regardless, I worry when a member goes silent. Would it be too much to ask to either leave a good bye post (so we can ridicule you), or let us know where your keys are hidden so we can get in to delete your browser history for you?