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    Picked up this title last Friday and have been very casually playing it since. It managed to be the next shiny thing that drew me away from No Man's Sky ... however briefly. It's available over at GoG and at Steam for an easy price/value. Gameplay is often compared to Banished, but that is an overly simplistic comparison. They don't play the same, that is their strategies are not the same ... at all. Perhaps the biggest reason for the comparison is they're both survival games that use the Unity engine, and graphic styles/presentation are similar (but different). Generally reviews are mixed. Personally, I think many gamers these days are just whiners who don't have patience and who try to rush quickly through without considering the consequences or ramifications of their actions. This game is for thinkers and long-term planners. Those who are not in a rush will find it relaxing as well. If you rush too quickly to tech up, or to expand your population, you can set yourself up for a much greater challenge than if you had carefully considered whether and when to jump to the next era or even to build that extra tent/hut. Can you afford to do it? Do you have the infrastructure in place to support that choice? Some criticize that the game is too easy, but also complain that it is a pointless waste of time because there are no longer any animals to hunt, or that their tribe's members kill themselves trekking half-way across the map in winter without proper clothing. That's the thing ... the game is easy ... to recklessly paint yourself into a corner. You can either exhaust local supplies and forage further and further from your home, or you can carefully create a surplus of one of the many commodities and trade for items you need from the periodic traders that visit your village. You don't need to slaughter anything and everything that moves within sight of your camp, but you can. Just don't complain that there aren't any more animals to kill and you're running out of leather or hides when you could have been creating weapons, or logging renewable timber, and trading for those hides. Don't complain when you send your villagers off halfway across the map in the Fall when they're wearing their light clothing, and expect them to return in time before they succumb to hypothermia. Villagers have very small inventories (depending on gender and age) and they don't keep multiple changes of clothes (or weapons or tools) on their person; they store them in the village for use when they need them. The game can be brutal. Children who wander too far from camp may get eaten by predators hiding out in the woods. Said predators also prey upon local game, so it is wise to form up a hunting party to kill them to protect your game resources. Hint: herds of animals will renew as long as breeding pairs survive. But you have to consider whether you have sufficient technology and numbers of hunters to challenge that dangerous predator or prey animal (note to self: it is very hard to kill a mammoth, even one previously damaged, if all you have are little wooden sticks) I started one game and a few years into it, my village nearly went extinct after the one remaining Adult Female in the tribe was struck by lightning and killed. Yeah, bad luck for sure. Fortunately, a stroke of good luck came my way, and a small group of unaffiliated humans decided to join my village, thus adding at least one more Adult Female (and one Young Female) which then prolonged the tribe's ability to survive. For a while there, it was a total sausage-fest. I've since taken that village into the Bronze Age, and the current population is nearing 80 members strong. We've hunted and killed packs of Cave Lions, Wolves, and Cave Bears. We've also tamed wild horses, sheep and cattle for our domestic benefit. We now farm many, many fields of grain, have productive orchards, and farms growing a couple types of vegetables. We have BEER! We've staved off raiders from beyond our lands, and have undergone efforts to construct massive stone circles (e.g., like Stonehenge) to meet our tribe member's spiritual needs. I have one more era to improve and pass through ... the iron age. But I'm not in a rush to get there. I'm enjoying the journey thus far. That and I have a few more megalithic stones to drag back and complete our second stone circle. YMMV
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    Just back from our short Cornish break.We had 5 days and 4 nights in a static trailer on the North Cornwall coast, near the town of Bude. We used a company called Hoseasons. They're most famous for canal barge holidays, but they're also well know for permitting dogs in many of their accommodations. The resort itself (feels like too grand a description for it) was nice enough. IT was all very clean, tidy and well presented. The resort included a bar, which sol a fantastic hard cider, called Rattler, a restaurant, which was nothing more than average, but didn't pretend to be anything else, and a heated indoor pool. As it was out of season, the entertainment was minimal, but again, we expected that. On day 2 we went to an Archery school called Red Elk. It's one of two in the UK that permit the public to walk in and do it without having to had some sort of training first. Peter, who ran it, was an odd sort; didn't stop talking for 3 hours. His background was in the forces, although he made out it was nefarious dealings at the local spy HQ. Incidentally, GCHQ was very close by - interesting place to drive by - dozens of very large microwave and radio telescopes. Two parallel walls of 15ft high nasty looking fencing, and cameras every few meters, pointing every which way. Shows up on Google earth, but no map or sat nav shows it's there. We started of trying to hit targets. We both managed the first 3, but the final target at 100 yards eluded us both. After a break, Peter took us around the trench that circled the installation - and was actually earth works, created during the English Civil war 400 years before. The tour consists of a figure of 8 tour of around 20 animal target positioned at various points. Throughout most of the 3 hours, Caren walked the dog. Fin had a fabulous time and would love to go again. The only other point of note during the break was a visit to Boscastle. It's a very small harbour village notorious for having been visited by a torrential flood about 10 years ago, which pretty much wiped the place out. Cornwall is a different place. Very exposed. All the trees lean in one direction, away from the sea. It has a lovely feel; quite slow. I liked it and said to Caren a few times, it's a place i think i could live. Photos inc.
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    No worries friend! Incontinence is a common problem in the elderly. We don't have to talk about it if you aren't comfortable.
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    Finally... After a year on the kitchen island, the Falcon has been mounted. Repeat... The falcon has been mounted. Considering that it was just a Lego model, it was a mammoth project, requiring a special mounting bracket, as a i wanted to mount it twisted, and it's heavy - very few brackets fitted the bill. Secondly, my walls are block covered with dot and dab plasterboard, which means there's plasterboard, then air and then a block. So i need to buy special longer coach-bolts. 15kg when extended on the bracket arms, creates a high weight load on those bolts. But it's well fixed. And it's fully adjustable, both in and out, swinging right and left, and it can tilt 15 degrees and rotate 360 degrees. A few bits exploded onto the floor, struggling with my wife to get the model up on the rig, but 30 mins rebuilding in place should do it. Finally, i attached the electrics to a Echo compatible electrical socket, and renamed the socket "Falcons Engines". So now i can turn on the engine lights by asking Alexa to "turn on the Falcons engines". Woo-hooo. I will be tidying up the electrical stuff at some point.
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    Shameless self promotion here, but instead of typing it all up I recorded a quick video today going over my thoughts on the decks and their prices. Feel free to watch, or not! (If not, the let me summarize by saying that the decks are totally worth it, and they actually average out to the SAME value as last year's decks, it's just that the value is poorly distributed and too heavily weighted in the Arcane Tempo deck.)
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    My niece was really into this stuff when she lived in LA. There are school-sponsored teams and lots of resources. She won a few competitions and started getting letters from IVY league schools and such. It's very cool stuff. The competitions felt more like dog shows than battle bots. Mazes and tasks and such. Her team won one of them because they used an IR laser to guide it.
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    It's all shit isn't it. If that had gone the other way, they would have said sorry, you missed you window, you'll have a 2nd try, then need to pay for pick up... or worse.
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    Time to dust off this thread! Just started this week, and the game is really well done, and really fun. Builds are endless, especially with mods. The world is interesting with lots of secrets and relatively open. It's about what you would expect for the sequel. I decided not to make the mistake I made in the 1st one and wait for people, so I am just enjoying it myself 1st! I am playing a side game multiplayer, but its well behind at this point. We have played a bit with the GM mode, and it's really fun. They made a design decision to make the game work over LAN with only one copy and I LOVE THAT! So my kid is bringing over his D and D group to play this weekend. I will let you know how it goes. 4 computers around a table should allow for all the same table talk.
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    I don't mean to go so long between uploads for this series, but I keep going months at at time without uploading! Well, today we have Astral Slide, the deck that won in 2004, winning out over one of the most oppressive decks ever in Standard: Ravager Affinity! Check it out!
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    The game hasn't changed, but somewhere along the way we did. As Jazz mentioned, the graphics haven't aged very well. They're still 640x480. The GoG version is compatible with Win10 right out of the box, and has support for widescreens. What that means is you get black bars to each side of the 4:3 viewing area on your widescreen. But the GoG package does not include the Hellfire expansion. I have not tried the classic-classic version. I've been playing the "enhanced" version most of this weekend, and if you can get past the graphics, the game play is as fun as it originally was. Arguably, more modern ARPG's have more QOL enhancements, but the game still has a great sense of progression and still challenges from each dungeon level to the next. I've got a (MP/SP) rogue up above level 20 and she is not quite comfortable on the first level of hell ... she has to creep slowly to keep from pulling more than she can handle which is two or three mobs at once (depending on type). I decided to skip the caves and jump straight to hell after the catacombs. There's better gear lower anyway. Which I need to find cause her outfit is not quite ready for more than she's doing at the moment. Need more resists and a better (faster and more damaging) weapon. I played the hell out of this game more than 20 years ago (so to speak), with multiple level 50 characters of all types (including the new ones in Hellfire). Playing through it again brings back a lot of fond memories. Not all games from this age still have positive nostalgia, but this one does. YMMV
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    via CNBC Add my name to the list of people hoping more studios use streaming services instead of theaters. The downside is every studio will have their own streaming service, so instead of paying for Netflix (or any one service), we'll have 10 to choose from. Even if they are $10 a month it's not bad considering one trip to the theater is usually $40+
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    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Relic Raids at 2am in the depths of Hibernia. I have watched countless zergs collide like 2 handfuls of glitter tossed together in the dark over Hadrian's wall. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die. ~ Dakil
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    I am one who had Dark Age of Camelot ruin every other mmorpg that came out. It had tons of shit, too long to list, that put it above every other one out there I tried. (And I lost a ton of money looking for a replacement, and WoW was one) I got one great real life friend out of DAOC and a ton of others who I really enjoyed being with in game. A great guild is huge. But also for myself, it was the ability to really mold "Avatar Me". I died alot playing my character out of norm for it's traits, but WE also won battles due to my setup that allowed me to play with a team who understood what I was doing, and allowed for them to support me in my weaknesses. A leather wearing hunter, high in toughness, pet, and strength and wielding a 2 handed sword, while low in "bow" and extremely low in stealth almost to a point I had none. Lol A bow wielding stealther toon with few points placed in either. What! I loved it. Opponents - "Oh look, I popped a hunter, let's get his ass". I'd smile as I'd smack them for damage from a hunter, like they never experienced before, with my claymore, while confusing them with why they couldn't put this stealther down. (Too many HPs and points in toughness) I could hear them through the computer as their cries of "WTF", turned to "That Bastard!", as my stealther shadowblade friend(s), came out of what seemed like nowhere to slaughter them with backstabs and poison as their focus was on this hunter with the "upside down character creation". Props also to my pet and the ability to use him in ways other games don't allow. Its 2019 and I'm playing NBA2K19, which still put limitations on individual character development. You would think by now developers would have come a lot farther. But no. In summary, DAOC allowed me to create a toon more freely than any other, leaving behind the cookie cutter designs and allowing me to truly be the toon I wanted to be. (Hey Pasanda, let's go fuck some people up like the old days!)
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    Ahh, Leisure Suit Larry. Good fun for the whole family
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    Hi guys, I made a counter app for my buddy, and he suggested I share it with the community! It’s free and has some unique features that we haven't seen in the app stores yet. The most unique feature is that its session based: users host/join sessions to keep track of vitals across multiple devices. It allows unlimited devices to be connected and is cross-platform supported! App Store listing: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/magic-commander-counter/id1450538726#?platform=iphone Google Play Store listing: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.ionic.magic.commander.counter Or search the stores yourself for "Magic Commander Counter," and look for the green icon. Why online? My buddy requested this feature to be more strategic when he's checking vitals. When checking vitals on pen/paper, or traditional counter apps, his opponents could see who he was checking. Also, traditional counter apps starve for screen space because they want the device to be shared for the entire group. The session format allows individual users to decide what to display, and it allows the device to take advantage of more screen space! The app has several features that you guys should check out! I believe it's the most flexible and non-prescriptive counter app out there. It has tablet support, and all mobile devices have landscape and portrait modes. I hope to make it even better after I gain some insight into how people use it. So please, if you try it out, post some feedback/suggestions. I'm accepting feature requests, and your ideas are extremely valuable.
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    Okay now that is cool. So its literally what you said it is, robots! And actual proper robotics competitions instead of smash 'em up ones! I wish we had that at school...
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    Yep! Charged for the phonecall to arrange it all with them in the first place too! If I don't hear back from their email I am going to have to call them again too. Bloody should be paying me to call tehm! Tell it comrade!
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    The Man always trying to keep us down!
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    I imported all the decklists onto MTGgoldfish. Here are the current values: Arcane Tempo: $122 Lightning Aggro: $79 Deadly Discovery: $71 United Assault: $63 Arcane Tempo: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/1726987 Lightning Aggro: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/1726969 Deadly Discovery: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/1726976 United Assault: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/1726952
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    Hey folks, You may have heard of CreaYTors, a YouTube channel run by a friend of mine from Australia. Well, I was asked to come back for the (sort of) aborted season 3, and as of tomorrow we'll have all uploaded our five videos. One of the challenge videos, number 3, was to conceive of a video with only a title: My Favorite Artist. Well, Johannes Voss is my favorite artist so it's no surprise that I had supported his modern essentials token kickstarter a couple years ago. Because of the stretch goals we reached, I received 3 full sets of tokens, including two autographed sets, and I'm raffling off one set of the tokens for CreaYTors series 3. All you need to do is check out the video, leave a comment (it can be as short as you want) and be subscribed to my channel. I'll draw a name from those who commented by mid-March. If you want a closer look at the tokens, stick around (or skip to the end, I guess) of the video as I open them up and leaf through them. As always, thanks for watching!
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    Ahhh. Crap. We have a saying where I work, that if something is up with it, it is more likely to go wrong in the first few hours/days of use. Better now than when the warranty is up. Don't be disheartened.
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    Damn. That hurts. Sorry for your loss.
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    Set it up last night and took photos, but had to go out most of last night and I can't seem to upload pics from work here (just got loading below for attachments). I did try it out on Monster Hunter World and surprisingly found that it ran at highest settings fine. Feel this needs further testing, good thing I got the weekend continue testing over... Will get pictures up shortly and, hmm editing a post gives the option... Before.. . After..
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    Woo hoo! You're set for a great weekend. How does it look? Photos?
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    It'll feel like a Cody Parkey shank
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    So my last card was a 970, which i loved. Once i moved to the current monitor, i knew i needed to upgrade the GPU at some point, if i wanted to experience things like AA with any decent frame rates. but it's big bucks, so i lived with it for about 1 year first.
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    To beat @Jazz to it ... Like yer mom had last night. *bah-dum tish* I generally avoid twitch-based First Person Shooter games. Can't say I've played any of the ones you mention except Skyrim which I thought was more of a traditional over-the-shoulder third-person perspective cRPG. The Diablos, Torchlights, Grim Dawn, Path of Exiles, Depth of Peril, Din's Quest, Zombasite, and other similar titles are more of traditional isometric view aRPGs. One of their defining features is random loot prefixes and suffixes. I consider the Dungeon Siege line a mix between classic cRPGs and aRPGs because you can pause the real time element (similar but different to Tower of Time). They do have random loot prefixes and suffixes, so they've borrowed that mechanic from Diablo, and they have significant character development like most classic cRPGs (e.g., Baldur's Gate, etc.) The only recent game I can think of that might be along the lines you describe (besides MMOs like LOTRO) is Kingdom Come: Deliverance (?) or one of the third-person fighting games such as Lords of the Fallen (?). I didn't care much for the former (couldn't get into it after really trying - that and the Witcher series), and struggled with the pacing of the latter genre because they tend to be console controller twitch button mashing exercises. No Man's Sky has some FPS elements available, but those are side distractions in an otherwise exploration-builder. Sea Dogs - City of Abandoned Ships (and derivative products such as the Gentlemen of Fortune mod) also had Action Adventure RPG-ish elements, but I'm not sure that's what you're going for either. Same with the Risen series, the Gothic series before it, and the latest in that vein being Elex. Would you consider Dragons Dogma - Dark Arisen or Mount & Blade: Warband to fall within your category?
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    I use a GTX980ti to drive my 30" monitor (2560x1600) and generally am able to play with relatively high settings ... perhaps not ultra settings in visually complex games, but I'm not much of a graphics whore. I found that I can up the settings if I reduce or remove AA altogether ... it really isn't needed on high resolution low dot pitch monitors like mine. You may be able to get away with that too, as a short stop method to higher graphic quality, in the interim until you can afford a more powerful card.
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    There's so much to like and dislike about a specific product, i tend to go for reviews. I can only see 1 review on Scan, and would probably look for more elsewhere before committing. I prefer big 21:9 for gaming. But it's also pretty awesome for watching true widescreen films without bands top and bottom. Actually, i just checked ebuyer. That has a half dozen more reviews all 5 star. So looking good. What card would you be driving that with?
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    I'm of the firm opinion that you can never have too much virtual desktop ... so I tend to go large and high resolution when it comes to monitors. At home I have a 20-30-20 PLP, and game primarily on the 30". I could never drop down to a 1080p monitor because I'm used to so much desktop space. Things are different at work where, over the years I've been able to accumulate a collection of 24" widescreens. I currently have three in PLP, but the portrait on the left is 1920x1080 whereas the other two are 1920x1200. Yes, that extra 120 rows of pixels makes a difference. The 1080p monitor is the newest and the department purchased those because they were cheaper than the 1200p (of course) ... this is a consequence of budget cuts. I prefer a 16:10 ratio monitor for production work, but most games are 16:9 thanks to the popularity of consoles and console ports to PC. You cannot go wrong with the larger. The only thing you may encounter is your video card will need to be robust enough to drive it. In which case, it is still a good idea to go large (monitor) and then upgrade your card when you can. Chances are you'll have the monitor much longer than the card, and your monitor will likely last through many card upgrades over the years. 2c
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    I'm sad to say my LGS has closed, and unfortunately that also means the end of Spoils of War. Apologies to those who were fans of the series. Also apologies for all the camera issues I had while filming this. Grumble grumble. Well, let's open these Magic: the Gathering packs and send this series off with a bang! -------------------------------------------- Spoils of War playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZX5Ly_QRoO3kVBXT16sUXAiafOeDYGf5 Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/AffinityforMTG?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/AffinityForMTG Outro: Jahoda by Djjaner -------------------------------------------- Background music provided by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ This video is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.
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    So there has been a MAJOR announcement regarding the Modern format that WOTC has been hyping up for the last month or so. I made a video about titled "Will WOTC Ruin Modern?" a couple weeks ago discussing it. The announcement is supposed to come later today (2pm PT) but the name of the set was "leaked" early; it's a set called "Modern Horizons." I say leaked in quotation marks because it's very convenient timing to hype up the announcement coming later today, but apparently Channel Fireball released the upcoming MagicFest schedule and had "Modern Horizons" sealed events listed by mistake. So, thoughts? It still sounds like a modern set with new cards that aren't going to be standard-legal. Looks like WOTC might be printing cards directly to Modern, and I do NOT think it's a good idea.
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    Game hens? Sounds... erotic...
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    I am a bit puzzled as to why there are no Modern reprints. Yeah, I get we had Ultimate Masters, but there are many cards that desperately need to be reprinted the hell out of (Manamorphose, Snapcaster, etc). I would love a blend of old, reprints, and new cards. That said, I am excited for new cards for us casual players to have Maybe it'll shake up Modern with a new archetype or two.
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    None of those. You draw the 'u' out. As in stewed. Or b-you-d. Our host went on about the longbowmen for a time. I was using a 24lb draw bow. They used 120lb draw, which seems almost impossible. In terms of game Hens, i think i met a few.
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    Out of curiosity, how do they pronounce that name ... Booh-day, Booh-deh, Bud-ee, Bud (e-silent), Bood (e-silent - rhymes with rude) ... etc.? And if I've learned only one thing from video games, it is that Cornwall was known for their archers (that and their game hens, but that's another info source), second only to the English longbow-man.
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    Sweet giveaway! I'm glad CreaYTors is back, it was a great concept and I hope it continues.
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    I'm new and I've gotten some starter decks from my LGS but I got an email about the new core 2020 coming out and I feel like I should just wait till it does instead of spending money on cards that wont be legal in a few months? Or is that not how it works.
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    What @JesGolbez said! You only need to worry about what is standard-legal if you are playing in Standard tournaments, such as Friday Night Magic or Standard Showdown. If you are just playing casually with friends, then it probably doesn't matter - though you can ask them if they play any specific format, just in case. If you DO need to stick to Standard, then you just need to avoid certain sets. Standard rotates once per year and the oldest sets all rotate out in 1 big batch. That won't happen until the fall or winter of this year (last year it was Oct. 5th) and the sets that will rotate out this time include Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, Core Set 2019, and Dominaria. Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance won't rotate out until Fall/Winter of 2020, so those sets are perfectly fine to buy into...assuming it matters at all in the first place. Edit: Oh! And here is a convenient site that keeps track of what's in standard and when it rotates out: https://whatsinstandard.com/
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    Confirmed! New modern product will feature 254 cards, 249 of which will be "new-to-modern." Those new-to-modern cards will be composed of entirely new cards AND reprints of cards not currently legal in modern. Presumably cards that were printed before 8th edition, or possibly cards from sets like Commander/Battlebond/Conspiracy/etc. There is no MSRP of course, but the packs will sell for $6.99 on MTGO. Here's the link to the announcement article: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/announcing-modern-horizons-2019-02-28 And a couple of previews!
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    Kromide, Do you just play casually with your friends? Or do you want to play in tournaments like Friday Night Magic? If you are just playing casual matches, then any cards are fine.
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    Kids grow fast. Start planning your Man Cave now, so you can have it when they move out.
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    For 3 years or so now I have been using a 43" 4k tv for a monitor. I love the real estate, but of course, is capped at 60htz for a refresh. I have been considering dropping back to dual 27's for maybe something in the 30's that has a much higher refresh rate. I used to run a 27" monitor on the side, but in my current office with a total of 4-5 stations, I did not have the room. Has anyone else made this change? Am I going to miss the real estate I have enjoyed for so long with the 43" or does performance make up for it?
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    I don't have much direct experience with your inquiry. But that hasn't stopped me from giving my opinion in the past ... I don't play games where performance greater than 60 fps is critical ... you may. I have looked into getting a 4k TV plus as substitute for my current 20-30-20 PLP setup, but like you I don't have sufficient room on my office desk, nor would I like dropping from multiple monitors to a single one. I always prefer as large of a desktop I can afford and fit, and more room to spread out information. Large screens are awesome for full screen games, but I usually want extra information handy that comes on an accompanying side monitor (or two). I'm a bit spoiled that way. Two criteria that strike me as the basis of your question: refresh rate (60 Hz vs. 144 Hz) vs. pixel size and density. As TVs get larger (for a given technology), their individual pixels get larger too. An increase in resolution from 1080p to 4k packs those pixels in tighter, but they can still be large and so you'll need to increase the separation distance between the screen and your eyes in order to benefit. The larger screen, in general, is better for immersion if you sit close enough to encompass your peripheral vision ... but not close enough to discern the individual pixels. The human eye has difficulty distinguishing above 30 fps, unless you're one of those special snowflake FPS gamers who claim they're otherwise gifted and can tell the difference. Unless you're rocking some pretty awesome graphics power (e.g., NVIDIA RTX 2080 ti), you're going to see ~60 fps tops on a 4k TV screen (a 1080ti is barely able, often on reduced settings). The HDMI 2.0 standard used by most TVs does not have sufficient bandwidth overhead for increasing information flow to support much higher refresh rates. You may find a new TV with support for a more recent HDMI standard, but that doesn't guarantee a higher refresh rate. While the smaller monitors will likely provide more crisp display up close (due to smaller and tighter packed pixels), you'll still need plenty of graphics power to run two of them at very high refresh rates - but probably not much greater than a 1080 ti (you might want more than one card if you want ultra settings on both monitors at the same time). And you'll have to put up with a bezel, but you would get multiple use virtual desk space (i.e., game full screen on one, have other info up on the other). My ideal setup would be three 30" flat screens all in landscape wrap around. Or possibly one (I don't know the size) large 4k flat or slightly curved screen in the middle with a 30" monitor in portrait on each side ... this is, of course, provided the pixel densities are similar and of similar height which is unlikely since 4k TV is 3840x2160 whereas 30" monitor is 2560x1600 (2160 does not match 2560 - the same is true for 27" monitor at 2560x1440). /ramble off
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    Well, many countries don't allow MSRP as it amounts to 'price fixing'. We also know that the market usually dictates prices, and MSRP can mean nothing. That said, it'll be weird to hear of a new product and not really get an idea of what the price might be off of the bat.
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    That was great. Reminiscing on both an amazing film and an amazing game simultaneously. I won't tell you what i just did in my pants.
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    League of Legends, Diablo 3, and (epic sigh) Apex Legends.
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    Indeed, here are my thoughts: I'm assuming the main goal of this is to reduce complaining about the Estimated Value of products. Time and time again, WOTC releases product information, along with MSRP, and people point out that the product is bad based on MSRP. This is basically a way to release potentially bad, low-EV products without people complaining about how they aren't "worth it," This is particularly good since the price of products will be determined by the secondary market anyway. Case and point Ultimate Masters, which dropped way below the over-inflated MSRP and sold for way lower after launch. On the less-good front, some stores sold the Challenger Decks for above MSRP, and that was with a "moral obligation" to play by the rules, so without MSRP it's unlikely you'll see those sell at a remotely reasonable price. Also, with no MSRP guidelines, big box stores (or Amazon) are much more likely to sell at a price lower than any LGS could ever compete with, which is very, VERY bad for local gaming stores. Though this is kind of already happening anyway, so.... *Shrug* Altogether, I don't necessarily think it's a "good thing" or a "bad thing," it just seems like they are sacrificing market stability for the sake of better PR during product announcements. A trade-off, if you will.
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    Funny you should say that, apparently this may be true for plants at least. http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20141111-plants-have-a-hidden-internet