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    Wow, that looks pretty cool. I just got my Kings Landing Lego set. The first one I have ever seen with no assembly required.
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    Ahh. The balance between life and a life-worth-living.
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    Unfortunately ... I'm at the age where I have to look at stuff like that. Soy sauce is extremely high in sodium. Even the low sodium stuff is really high. You can use regular
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    Simple chicken marinade 1/3 cup honey 1/3 cup olive oil 1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce Salt and pepper if desired Simple recipe of stuff most everyone has that gives chicken a little something extra when grilling. You can let it marinade for an hour or even 8+. I made chicken shish kabobs for mothers day. Cubed the chicken and let it sit for a few hours.
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    There are about a thousand things I could bitch about, but I don't care anymore. I still watch only to go REALLY? I don't mind the main plot points for the most part, just how they get there. The production value is top notch though. Scenery, music, acting, and cinematography is all so good. But the writing just so bad. I liked this though: https://vredd.it/files/uopaqbtqh0y21-uopaqbtqh0y21.mp4 Kind of a knights tale vibe. I love me some ACDC.
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    I'm definitely interested in it. I play more competitive Magic than kitchen table magic though. I'm about 95 to 98 percent competitive Magic and 2 to 5 percent non-competitive. I like to watch pro Magic as a way to personally improve my play at the game.
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    I was hoping as Cersei went downstairs in the keep that she passed a dungeon with a still chained up Ellaria Sand with decomposed body directly across. Or as she passed another dungeon, she muttered the words shame to one of the figures jailed up. Just to show how bad ass she was.
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    She can't die in with fire, right? She's survived a ton of fires without a scratch. That would be cool though
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    Fucking called it! Suck on my precognitive dick ya'll!
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