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    Hi, I've written a little web based helper tool to make printable labels for my card organization (with up to date (!!!) set informations) and I wanted to share it with you! There are many parameters to customize these things to make either simple small strip-labels for sticking them on divider cards or make beautiful card-size covers to put it into some card sleeves or whatever! Here is an example: Or you can print some stripes and put them onto some index cards like I did: So here's the link: http://mtg.daevcore.com Hope you find it useful and have fun with it! Cheers!
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    2560 x 1080? Pass. Welcome to 15+ years ago video technology. 1080p is too short to accomplish any real work. The ad contradicts itself. It lists 1920x1080 in some places, and 2560x1080 in others. Verify the PCN through another source to make sure you're getting what you think you're ordering. 21:9 aspect ratio? Pass. Many games still do not support this aspect ratio. The 32" next to it for less than $300 with 2560x1440 x 144Hz seems like a better deal. YMMV
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    Yup, best to build a card that sees play in no other real strategy. Hogaak can still be stronk, but this should take away the most degenerate combos.
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    I run a 3440 x 1440 on a old GTX 1080. A 2070 is faster. Mine is a 34" too and i love it. but it's 60Hz, so yours should be very nice. Hmm, not sure what the extra Hz will demand of your GPU though. I've never installed a game that won't run at my resolution. On the odd occasion, the res isn't in the standard list, but on those rare occasions, there is a tweak in a .ini to get it to work. I don't tend to play ancient games, so that's where Elovia's (or "old father time's") point might come from. Jet-Set Willy never ran at 1080p.
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    Looks good to me. Hell, I might even pick one up myself
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    While I prefer to acquire my games from GoG because of their FCK-DRM ideology, I do not use their client to download or launch games from there; I prefer the age-old method of manually downloading files and patches - mostly as an internet usage control method (with well over 360 game titles in my GoG library alone, I and not the game platform launcher get to decide when it is permissible to tie up my limited internet resource. I do not have extensive "friends lists", and do not need functionality of compiling friends lists into a single game platform launcher. I think it is great that a company is making the effort of doing this to help de-fragment gaming communities and address one of gamer's knee-jerk reasons for staying tied to Steam (and the privacy rights abuse that platform delivers) - that of ... I have all my games on there and that's where my gaming friends are found. I hope they succeed ... but I probably still won't use this service.
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    Way back when I made a casual angel deck because I had a lot of excess angels. It was Bant, but I'm sure you could just do GW. It was pretty aggressive for just a pile of bulk angels. Just get early ramp and drop bombs. I know some prime pieces of my deck were Illusory Angels, and Angelic Skirmishers. Stoic Angel was also in there and combo'd with the Skirmisher giving all your creatures Vigilance.
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