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    • False advertising!     Glad to hear I'm not the only one who had terrible luck with opening Hour of Devastation packs.  My bad luck started with Amonkhet.
    • I promised a prize? I dunno if I believe you >_>
    • Enjoyed hearing your wife on the cast.  Not just because it was a fun conversation but because it was fun getting a different perspective on women in Magic.   Oh and I was one of the 2 who made it to the end, you promised a prize!
    • Yep.  I thought the open world would be good, make it more like Mass Effect 1 in that regard, but instead it became generic fetch-quests over a couple of biomes...  And oh god I forgot to mention SAM and the constant temperature updates!  The battles had no weight either, you could say the battles in the original trilogy were a bit clunky at times but it gave a 'space marine' feel.  Flanking was important, cover, etc.  In this, you bounce around constantly moving being hyper with no sense of the greater picture. I had no intention of playing 3 until my partner encouraged me to get it on the PS3, kept feeling like that had moments and individual stories of interest but with a main plotline that really just sucked balls, and that was before the Star Child ending.  Dunno about the SJW bits, but the Bioware of today is just a flesh-skin being worn by EA, one that will be put out of its misery soon enough.  Oh, that reminds me!  The thing that got me the most was how the game felt like it was pretending to be a Mass Effect game.  I read a quote somewhere that pretty much summed up the issue: that the game felt like someone had copied someone elses homework and changed things around without really understanding what it was they were doing.  Gonna add that in the review actually. Oh, the two of you may be interested in the following article, as with anything on the interwebz the source of the piece's information could be questioned but it seems to explain many of the issues seen in the game.
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