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    • lol.  I am always here, this is one of my opened tabs.

      I did have to get that off my chest, so thanks for listening :) 

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    • Ummm ... welcome back.  Has this whole Covid pandemic thing got you down and feeling irritable?  That's ok.  Let it all out here.  You're among friends*.  :)




      * friends = anonymous strangers on the internet who will make fun of you for your strongly held beliefs and opinions.

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    • That's the word that comes to mind when I heard the decision to cancel the college football season.  Spinless, scared cowards.  There is no logical reason to cancel the season now.  Maybe if more data comes up or if something changes, but not today.

      Don't tell me they will play in spring.  What will change between now and then?   Do they expect the virus to go away?  Do they expect players to play 2 seasons in one calendar year?  That is insane.

      Don't tell me its for the players safety.  Am I supposed to believe that players will be safer left to their own devices rather than a regimented routine with like minded others preparing for a goal?

      This decision was made by a small group of people who ignored the data (18-24 year olds with no preexisting conditions are at a minimal risk, roughly equivalent to the flu), who ignored the players (they want to play), who ignored the coaches (they want to play).  How many college athletes have been hospitalized with covid?  I would sure like to know that number.  If you work through the math of every reason you can think of NOT to play, it ends in the same place ... fear. 

      What about those players that are uncomfortable and don't want to play.  The answer is simple, let the sit.

      The self inflicted economic calamity that is about to hit colleges will be devastating.  Not just to football or athletics, but to the colleges themselves.  This will have a vast domino effect with numerous unforeseen consequences.

      Do these people even understand the repercussions of their decision to the people they made the decision for?  As an athlete, you put in work.  Day in, day out, you work.  You prepare your body, you prepare mentally, you bond with team mates.  Every year of athletics is a precious, irreplaceable gift.  Its value is priceless and you can NEVER get it back once its taken.  How many of you played sports, even high school?  Think back if you had a season wiped by a decision somebody else made without your input because they were afraid.  I feel terrible for these kids.  Their opportunity to compete, to fail, to succeed, to live the life they choose has been taken away.


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    • I so rarely ever watch TV or movies ... so this may be not completely unmentionable.

      The Old Guard  7.5 - 8 / 10

      Clearly of comic book origin (it is).  To be fair, those more knowledgeable than me in that medium may say that its origin is a trilogy of graphic novels, not a comic.  I say, "Potato / tomato."

      Kind of felt like a social justice action flick that includes a dominating female lead (Charlize Theron), racially diverse cast, gender diverse good-guy characters, rich corporate CEO bad guy, lots of nameless/faceless/generic white men dressed in military garb get killed ... err ... what they deserved.  Several illogical plot holes created in the interest of providing action and entertainment.  And ...


      it ended on a cliffhanger, definitely leaving the door open for a sequel (or two). 

      I guess that's just modern movie making marketing ... leave the audience wanting more.



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    • Traditionally, schools are germ factories.  So I agree, it'll take massive changes to keep disease transmission low.  And the little ones are likely to bring something home for grandma.

      To live the apocryphal curse ... we live in interesting times.  Side note: that apocryphal curse is traditionally attributed to have a Chinese origin, but no record of such has ever been found.  I'll just stop there so as not to offend any resident conspiracy theorists.



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    • So school is about to start and for those of us with kids how are you handling it? 

      My two will be staying home and doing a virtual school.  I just don't see how they can make the schools safe enough to keep it out.  It will get into the schools and spread.  I give schools til Labor Day.

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    • On 6/16/2020 at 8:34 AM, Affinity for MTG said:

      Price of these cards before release, this might be fun to look back on and see how much the printing impacts the price:
      Grim Tutor: $216
      Ugin, the Spirit Dragon: $63
      Containment Priest: $4.50
      Azusa, Lost but Seeking: $35
      Fabled Passage: $12
      Heroic Intervention: $18
      Massacre Wurm: $19
      Scavenging Ooze: $5.50 (M14 edition)
      Baneslayer Angel: $9 (M11 edition)

      Updated prices:

      Grim Tutor: $15
      Ugin, the Spirit Dragon: $25
      Containment Priest: $0.60
      Azusa, Lost but Seeking: $8
      Fabled Passage: $6
      Heroic Intervention: $5
      Massacre Wurm: $4
      Scavenging Ooze: $1
      Banesalyer Angel: $3

    • Despite the great strides Hello Games has made in developing No Man's Sky, I suspect they will get eclipsed as a has-been when or if Star Citizen is ever released.  I'm sure other games do this genre better, and some worse (I'm looking at you, Planet Nomads), but evidence indicates a latent demand exists for a yet to be released truly great example of this type of game - one that includes a lot of polish and few bugs.  When that day arrives, that title (whatever it is), will certainly dominate the sci-fi exploration/simulation market ... much like WoW did with online fantasy MMOs.

      Just my two copper ...

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    • I had a play for free month back in May and tried it.  It was ok but the controls were very clunky to me.  Astroneer or Stationeer both had better control with Astro being the best of the 3 IMO.  Thou Sky has the most area to explore.  All in all it was ok/good but there are other games that I already own that give me the same type of game play.    

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    • A couple updates later ... (yeah, I've been lackadaisical about this) ... the latest update, Desolation, includes new space encounters along with other QOL features.  A previous update added cross-play for all game platforms (i.e., PC, PS, XBox) so those of you who purchased on Steam can now play with those dirty GoG peasants (provided they set their network options to allow it).

      Complete notes on the latest Desolation Update are ... here.

      And a video left here for your entertainment ...

      (disclosure:  I haven't played this or any of the latest updates since well before my last post on this topic, so I can't speak for the current state of game stability on your machine.  I merely provide this update notification as a public service for those of you who may not have heard.)

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    • Damn. Well, you have talked about burnout for awhile now. I kinda of felt the same way when I was writing/blogging about hockey... eventually, the fire goes out and the passion wanes. That said, don't be a total stranger.   
    • I loved seeing pauper on camera, but it also showed that why WOTC wouldn't want it to be on video more often: The matches took for-ev-er. MTGO forces players to click and play fast, especially Dinrova Tron and the like... those paper matches had a lot of moving parts and really did drag. 
    • I'm glad I'm not the only one who despises social media.  There are definitely cliques and if you aren't in one of them or align yourself with what they think like a lemming, it will make it much harder to get your content out there. Lots of the bigger creators talk about 'muh community' but it's all lip service.  With one click to share a link or a post from another creator would expose that content to thousands of people.  They don't owe anyone anything, of course.  They don't have to do anything to help anyone else, but don't talk about how much you love the community and how much you want to help and do next to nothing to help new creators or creators who have been grinding for years but just need that one click to push them over the edge. Twitter especially is such a cesspool of negativity and drama.  Creating content is tough, and I have the utmost respect for those of you who put in the time, money and energy to create content that most of the time goes unnoticed by most players.  It's too bad, because theres so much great stuff out there that doesn't get the attention it deserves.  I'm glad some of you still create content because I enjoy it and know there are others out there who do too.
    • Well, like any draft, if you can't decide on a path early enough, you end up thin on playables. It hurts a bit more in a multicolour set because if you draft Orzhov or Simic cards and end up Azorius, you may have dead cards you can't play without good fixing, even worse if I had picked up Gruul. The lack of 5 guildgates (from the other set) means splashing only works for certain combos I also probably ended up passing good Azorius cards. I was the only true Azorius player, but the guy who went 4-colour gates had a few of the cards I would have loved to have.   
    • If you don't decide on a guild and spread out a little, does it spread you too thin?
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