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  1. Pretty sweet decks, haven't been keeping up with the last few sets but these cards have me excited. IIRC it's pretty common for aggro decks to dominate until the format settles down a little, but these decks look super fast.
  2. What are the 5 things you would change about Ultimate Masters? My 5: 1.) The MSRP. $7 per pack, which was the MSRP of the original Modern Masters set (if I'm not mistaken) 2.) Not reprint jank rares. 3.) Include fetch lands. (they may be in this set, but I'm assuming they won't be) 4.) Opening the extra pack with a single card in it looks like it would be too easy to bend or damage the card. Include a hard piece of cardboard with it so it's easier to open it... and while we're at it let's not make it transparent. 5.) Stop building these sets around drafting. Focus more on reprints. This may be an unpopular opinion, but IMHO we need reprints more than we need more sets to draft. We already get Conspiracy, Un-Stable and so on. Too many cards end up in the draft chaff pile. What are yours?
  3. I was close to pulling the trigger on it via Steam, but the reviews aren't great. I loved Civ V but I didn't really like the look of this game.
  4. Awesome, done! Now open to the public
  5. That's a fair point. I don't enjoy drafting, I'm more into casual play and collecting. So for players like myself, this set isn't all that exciting.
  6. Problem is, what is a news agency? People with a laptop in their kitchen that make YouTube videos or write a blog consider themselves to be a news agency. Who is going to be held to that standard?
  7. I don't really care to re-visit Ravnica or guilds, but I think it's interesting the way people identify with each guild as well. Based on the rating, I might have to actually buy some sealed product.
  8. Article Regardless of a persons political stance, I hope they stop to consider what they are amplifying. Twitter especially is the wild west.
  9. I almost spit out my coffee
  10. Have been thinking about making this forum public, opening it up to any creator who wants to visit and ask questions or just chat about... being a creator. Wanted to get your input first, what do you all think?
  11. It is, they are coming to take me home.
  12. Thing is, the value of the last two Masters sets (more so the last one) isn't all that high. There are a handful of cards worth >$20. But considering the cost of each pack and the chance you have of pulling one of them, the odds aren't all that great. I'm hoping they add in the Zendikar lands again to this set, but for almost $15 a pack? That's a dollar a card... a card that will warp when you take it out of the pack.
  13. Instead of spending $70ish dollars to draft this set, one could just buy the copy of the card they hope to pull in the set. Because it's probably going to be another draft focused set, it will be full of draft chaff and cards to balance the drafting experience. At least the singles you buy instead won't curl after a couple of weeks. What makes it weirder for me, is this set is announced only a month before it's released and they keep pounding us over the head about it being a limited supply.