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  1. I've been in touch with someone who was going to do this for me but I keep catching him at the wrong times. It's definitely on my to do list
  2. This week's top 5: favorite set symbols. 5.) The Dark 4.) Alara Reborn 3.) Dark Ascension 2.) Zendikar 1.) Darksteel Which five made your list?
  3. Thinking of making a few Emperor decks to build kind of like a battle box to have handy next time my playgroup gets together. Then they can make their own decks if they enjoy the format.
  4. FYI: I'll be going through the Creator usergroup and cleaning up inactive forums and members next week to do a bit of housekeeping on the forum and usergroups to make room for new requests!
  5. With the repeal of Net Neutrality today it could mean the end of sites like this and it could mean nothing at all. Will be keeping a close eye on how this all plays out before I commit to a long contract with my webhost. Thankfully I have until next month to decide, but instead of doing a year contract I'll probably do month to month until the smoke clears. If it is renewed I'll most likely be getting a smaller hosting plan and removing some of the features on the site to make the overall number of executions smaller each day/week.
  6. I would be over the moon if this happened. It's fun to talk about but let's be honest: it's never going to happen on any kind of official level. There's no reason for Wizards to recognize Pauper as a paper format, there's no money in it for them. They make their money off of Standard. It would be great if players would organize Pauper side tournaments at major events.
  7. Bungie is on a roll with bad PR and bad decisions.
  8. That's the part of rooting for a bad team. You want them to succeed but not too much that they don't make sweeping changes.
  9. Prediction: Nick Foles is going to pull a Jeff Hostetler, take the Eagles to the Super Bowl and win.
  10. Got a generous package from @Breakfast with Nerds yesterday, Christmas came early this year! Thanks guys!
  11. Well said, I think that gets lost in the outrage recently and labeling people because of the content they enjoy. It's OK to disagree or not all think alike, we can all have different opinions and still get along and have fun.
  12. I get where you're coming from, but like you said WoTC is a private company. Just like I don't think a bakery has to provide their services to someone they disagree with for religious reasons (or any reason really), WoTC has the same right to deny service to whoever they want.
  13. From what I hear this set is selling pretty well and looks like people are enjoying it. Players enjoy sets like this because they are goofy and fun, the same reasons people enjoy formats like EDH that they can mold into what they want it to be.