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  1. I am going to use the heck out of this! So many cards in my collection I haven't been able to identify by myself. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Some good points. Let's say WOTC decides they will give their professional players a living wage. They would have to ask: What exactly is a living wage? Do pros then become employees? Will then they be required to play in tournaments, whether they like it or not? Being employees, will WOTC pay for their cards and decks? What about their personal sponsorship's? What do pro players do for the game, exactly? I mean big picture what do they do? What percentage of players even care about or know pro play exists? 10%? Less? From a business standpoint I'm sure they're asking themselves questions like these. What would they get from their investment?
  3. Completely agree.
  4. It's interesting how they inch farther and farther away from local stores the last year or two.
  5. Divine Visitation + Parallel Lives
  6. While I can respect what some professional players are doing in protesting the state of professional play, I have to ask: does Wizards need professional players at all? I know it's an unpopular stance, but I'm not convinced they do. Do they want their player base at large to care about professional play at all, or do they want most players to focus on their play group and other events? Should they let other companies handle professional play and just focus on new material?
  7. I agree that this whole thing is overblown, it's probably a smart decision on Wizards part. That said, they aren't doing many favors to their local game stores and I can see why people involved in them are upset. The problem with depending so much on local game stores is you rely on them to run a tight ship and represent their game and reputation. If someone walks into an LGS and has a terrible experience it might turn them off to trying to play at all.
  9. I think I can use Burglar Rat and Barrier of Bones in some decks...
  10. One of my favorite cards, in fact I have it tattoo'd on my arm Lots of life gain in decks like that like Soul Wardens or cards that you gain life for creatures entering the battlefield, typically white weenie strategies. Something like Celestial Mantle or Eternity Vessel are lots of fun in decks like that, too.
  11. I forgot that the Emmys existed, but apparently it aired last night. Not surprisingly, the ratings were the worst ever. Hollywood is so out of touch and don't realize most people are tired of having politics shoved down their throat 24/7.
  12. I'm not a control player! How dare you, sir!
  13. Makes me wonder if they've heard most of us complain about the lack of creatures the last several years and they're using green to get stompy decks back into play.
  14. That's about what I'd give Rampage, too. It was almost like they said: "OK, you go be the Rock and remind everyone how cool you are and we'll throw lots of special effects in. What can go wrong?"
  15. Great looking pictures! How do you store your collection?