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  1. Survey can be found here: They usually aren't up for that long, so be sure to take it and mention the site on places you visit
  2. I'm a surprised, not because I think anything should be banned but surprised because I thought Standard would have some kind of problem by now.
  3. Only when someone downloads the file does it count towards your download total? I'm guessing with streaming and podcast radio it's really more about total listeners. Part of it might just be that weird time of the year for MTG and some burnout, (seems like everyone has been a little burned out lately) but your overall numbers are up so that's fantastic news
  4. You make it sound easy on the podcast, didn't realize you have so many takes. I could never do a podcast or anything that requires silence for more than 10 minutes without someone coming into the room, glad to see I'm not the only one It helps when you get your wife to chat during the cast, so that helps
  5. Nice lol. Do you have a deck list?
  6. I'll be playing around with Wight of Precinct Six, I think it has some potential
  7. Hopefully they keep printing the expensive cards to help the prices come down so they will fit into more of our budgets. But like you said, cards like Path should keep getting reprinted too to help the prices of those cards come down as well. It's a fine line they have to walk between tanking card prices with too many reprints and not enough, but that's why they have the reserve list. Everything else should be fair game.
  8. Through all these years I still keep some precons and crappy decks I used to play for nostalgia
  9. Welcome, will check out your channel
  10. I'm surprised with the lists so far, I think Iconic Masters set the bar low for Master set reprints. My 5: 5.) Tarmogoyf (yes, again) 4.) Liliana of the Veil 3.) Rishadan Port 2.) Zendikar Fetches 1.) Chalice of the Void
  11. This week's top five:. Masters 25 reprints you most want to see
  12. Last day to pick up Survival Mode for free, might as well give it a try. To get it: Log into Steam. Right Click on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition in your Library. Select Properties. Select Betas. A drop down menu will appear. Select the available beta option Select OK. Wait for the game to update. Open Skyrim, then go to Creation Club and "purchase" Survival Mode for $0 (100% off)
  13. C'mon Jag, Cutler is terrible. He's not on the Bears so you can stop defending him. At 0-5 might as well root for them to run the table in reverse and go 0-16. Get the number one pick and rebuild another year
  14. Have a question to those of you who watch MTG YouTube videos: What keeps you watching box opening videos? I notice more and more creators are either shortening their box opening videos or splitting them into multiple videos. This helps keep me interested and breaks it up a bit instead of watching a half an hour of someone opening packs. Having another person with you in the video and having banter helps as well. Keeps things interesting. So what do you look for in box opening videos? What is it about those videos that you check out of right away or don't even click on vs. the ones that you'll sit and watch?
  15. Agree with all of your points on this one. It's a delicate balance and I'm sure someone would brew up some crazy deck with just a few lands to abuse the rule and end up in more bannings. Overall I think it's best that we probably leave the rule as-is. Maybe for some casual events or certain LGS nights they could have the option of going with either rule.