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  1. Not surprised Unstable beat out Masters 2017
  2. Port, Bloodmoon, Clique, Pendelhaven... not too bad. And you pulled some sweet Pauper foils
  3. I defended Homeland for the last 2-3 seasons when people said it got stale, (Season 4 remains one of my favorite all time seasons of television.) but this season has been awful. I might have to throw in the towel.
  4. Would consider myself mostly a player, some finance here and there. Mostly to support my MTG habit or sell cards I don't need to build decks I want. I don't know if any of us know for sure, but I would guess the MTG population peaked a few years ago and it will naturally come back down a little. Most of the talk around the shrinking player base is from sales figures, but who knows what those really are.
  5. Seeing this video from @MtgSpotlight got my little brain thinking about this deck again I didn't really consider going all in with Dark Ritual, cause that puts even more pressure on having the perfect or close to perfect opening hand to really take advantage of it. Putrid Imp is an interesting choice here, you don't have to sacrifice it to discard a card from your hand, which is a bonus. Having Eldrazi Devestator is a great idea for this deck too.
  6. I'm excited about it, looking forward to hearing if it's something I can recommend to friends who are interested in the game but don't want to start off with physical cards. Hoping it's a good way to learn the basics and have some quick games.
  7. Does anyone have information on whether the card stock on Masters 25 is the same as it's been or has it been changed? I'm hoping they aren't charging $10 per pack for cards with stock that warp
  8. Who's excited?
  9. lol no just from your experiences and some of the conversations previously I just assumed. Or maybe because I'm mid-upper 30's I think everyone else is, too
  10. The problem is if the boxes are searchable I don't trust any online sellers to not pull the valuable boxes to resell singles. Buying boxes locally would be close to MSRP and I don't think I've ever paid MSRP for a box.
  11. Thanks, Spotify! Radio Broadcaster iHeartMedia Files for Bankruptcy Under Pressure from Competitors I wonder if they are regretting that name now. From what I understand radio is still doing pretty well, so I was a little surprised they filed. I really hope radio survives, and still hold onto the belief that physical media will make a comeback in the next 5 years or so. Damn kids need to get off my lawn.
  12. You hit the nail on the head: they stayed stagnant and failed. We went there about a year ago and I was surprised how high some of their prices were compared to other places.
  13. Now that would just be cruel
  14. I see Loyal Sentry seeing play in white weenie and token decks
  15. I really hope this isn't true. If it is I'll probably pass on getting a box.