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  1. What playsets are a must to have (even multiples of) as a paper Pauper player? I would like to compile a list, so looking for suggestions. So far I have: Blue: Counterspell Ponder Preordain Delver of Secrets Hydroblast Augur of Bolas Red: Lightning Bolt Smash to Smithereens Pyroblast Lava Spike Electrickery Goblin Bushwhacker White: Sunlance Soul Warden Souls Attendant Journey to Nowhere Thraben Inspector Disenchant Circle of Protection(s) Green: Mutagenic Growth Rancor Vines of Vastwood Llanowar Elves Groundswell Gleeful Sabotage Nettle Sentinel Quirion Ranger Fog Young Wolf Giant Growth Black: Distress Gray Merchant of Asphodel Chainers Edict Gurmag Angler Disfigure Shrivel Multi-Colored: Burning Tree Emissary Artifacts: Bonesplitter Chromatic Star Relic of Progenitus Prophetic Prism Lands: Darksteel Citidel Evolving Wilds Terramorphic Expanse
  2. What finally made you give up on MODO? Haven't heard of Eternal.
  3. Not sure how many of you got the email, but here's a player motivation survey from Wizards:
  4. Yeah, it was Affinity.
  5. I played one, game 2 ended with Atog hitting me for 26 (i think) it was pretty sweet.
  6. Lotus Petal crossed my mind, but you would just sacrifice the Tiger without having a land to sac. Or am I missing something?
  7. I needed a new Pauper deck to play, and I feel most comfortable playing aggro decks. Looked over a few lists but I don't want to just put the same cards together that we've seen over and over. Instead I looked through my (many) boxes of cards and pulled some creatures out. Thought of it almost like a challenge to make something that will compete without using the cards everyone else uses. This is what I have so far, looking for feedback on this list. My goal is to come out fast and beat face with 1 CC creatures and pump spells. Later in the game I have a couple bigger bodies to finish with. I expect Spire Tracer to get some action and hopefully Scythe Tiger turn one. Blue is popular in my meta so I tossed in Lurking Crocodile, Kessig Recluse and Plummet in the side board for those match ups. I tossed around the idea of using green creatures from Kaladesh and use energy but I'm planning on going all in on energy and making another deck with those.
  8. Updates on this game? It's on sale on Steam for $20
  9. In a recent episode of @MTGZuby (can be found here or here on YouTube at 37:50) he was discussing conversation topics in Magic and how it may contribute to the toxicity on social media. Other than spoiler season, big events and releases, do we have a ton to keep us occupied? Sure, we have pack openings, deck techs, combos, and so on. But other than that do we have a ton to talk about? The deck techs are interesting to those who play those formats but as far as broad topics there aren't a ton. People with dedicated channels or Twitter accounts are looking for something and during slow periods do they hop on these bandwagons for the sake of having something to talk about? Does the lack of broad topics contribute to the negativity?
  10. People get upset over combos? Didn't see this one here yet:
  11. lol yeah of course in a good way
  12. If you don't mind me asking, where do you grab these packs from? I wouldn't mind getting one or two for fun
  13. You do?
  14. Let us know if you're happy with the experience @Jag
  15. Hype is the one thing we can be sure of