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  1. How would you rate Dominaria?
  2. Oh wow, 11 players? Nice! Beer and Pauper? Yes, please.
  3. I've heard a little about this game before, but with it on sale on Steam I'm considering giving it a go. (Because I need more game on Steam I don't play.) Anyone ever try it? Seems to get good reviews on Steam
  4. There were a few sets that could be mapped just by looking at the numbers on the outside of the box. Hopefully it's not that easy any more.
  5. Some good points. Getting older cards isn't really tough, and often times cheaper than Standard cards. Power level is flatter, but for EDH players is that generally (from a regular EDH players perspective) a good thing? You got me on 3. And 4.
  6. Has anyone noticed that 2019 Core Set boxes can be mapped? Watched a video and heard a little bit of grumbling but not sure if it's legit.
  7. It's a tough sell to EDH players who aren't already interested in Standard. Most EDH players I know play EDH because they can play casually and use cards they have laying around. If it's only Standard legal that turns most of those people off (from what I've seen/heard/read ect.) So what's the appeal? Standard players are already invested in playing Standard, not in another format. EDH players probably don't want to be limited to Standard only cards. So where does this leave Brawl? I think I understand what Wizards was trying to do with Brawl and widen the audience for Standard. Standard is where Wizards makes their money and they want more people interested in it, but I don't see this format surviving. Where is the post making Pauper an official paper format and releasing Pauper Masters for $10 a pack?
  8. Happy to see your channel is growing, keep it up! If there's anything I can do to help please let me know.
  9. Is all of your progress saved as updates roll out or are there resets?
  10. From what I've been reading, it doesn't look like Brawl is doing all that great.
  11. You are one of the nicest people I've met online, why anyone would block you of all people is a mystery to me. It just has a way of spreading onto everyone even when you actively try to avoid it. I've seen some creators that are on the forum make an off the cuff comment about a bigger creator and it turn into a huge witch hunt over something really silly. It's nuts.
  12. We're going to abolish the Reserve List... and Bolas will pay for it!
  13. It's not too unusual, I volunteered for a couple of days due to another supervisor having scheduled vacation. I get paid time and a half when I work overtime, so it adds up pretty fast. I usually do a long stretch once or twice a year. Last year I did a really long stretch working graveyard and got really sick after, I think I over did it. Fin getting into Rugby? Here in the states more and more parents are taking their kids out of contact sports due to fears of concussions and physical injuries, is that happening there, too?
  14. For those of you who use Twitter - I don't know how you do it. The only time I use it is for FridayMTG and here and there through the week, but whenever I open the site I'm met with someone complaining about someone else doing something they don't like or don't think they should have been doing/done. And it's not civil conversations, it turns nasty and into some unhinged rants. It seems to be getting worse. How did everything get so toxic? I'm not even calling any one group of people out, it's almost everywhere you look. Whatever side people are on, there is just awful things being said about and to each other. Jeremy vs. Wedge, Jeremy vs. TCC, TCC vs. Alpha Investments, MTG Lion vs. whoever it is this week. Why does it matter? Who cares? What does this have to do with MTG? Why is does their ridiculous personal drama always seem to seep into everything online? If I were a non MTG player I would think most people who play this game are at the least unpleasant to be around. What's funny is whenever I play at my LGS or with friends 99% of the people there have no idea what's going on on Twitter, YouTube or in the so called 'community'. It makes me happy that the nonsense and drama hasn't really manifested itself here. Let's have fun, talk MTG and making each other miserable playing the game using cheap janky infinite combos or awful cards (even control), not online with insults and demands on how everyone else should prescribe to your way of thinking. Nobody fucking cares and the people who hang onto your every word are weak minded people who would believe almost anything. Think for yourself. Agree to disagree. Recognize not everyone believes what you believe or thinks what you think, and that's OK. Be a good person. Don't be an asshole. Help each other. Have fun playing this game and have fun playing it with people you enjoy being around.
  15. Ewww, blue control. They should ban blue control!