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  1. Whoa, I didn't even consider something like an RTC. You are right about there being lots of potential. Interested to hear what @Mark_LifeBeginsAt20 and @MTGZuby think about this.
  2. I'm catching up on my podcasts (I'll get current eventually) and finally caught the @MTGZuby episode that he interviewed Tolarian Community College. Part of that discussion was Pauper and why people play it. The Professor thought it wasn't as much price as it was the power of the cards and it being "Legacy Lite". I had never really thought of it that way but he had a point. I still think Pauper is where it is today because of the price point, but it made me wonder if I'm thinking about this all wrong. Why do you enjoy Pauper? Is it because you get to play with powerful cards that will probably never be in Standard again? Or is it because you can buy any deck for the price of one piece of your mana base for a Modern or Legacy deck? Maybe something else entirely? I started playing Pauper mostly because of the price and all of the brewing possibilities with such a large card pool. But I probably continue to play it because the cards are powerful and fun. If the cards weren't powerful or fun to play, then the time we invest in the format wouldn't be worth it even with the low price point. Interested to hear all of your thoughts
  3. I would love a return to Theros. Feel like there's a lot of untapped goodness there
  4. If your goal is to get the combo off, 8 might too too much. Just need enough to keep you alive in those bad spots that you might find yourself in vs. aggro decks.
  5. Congrats!!
  6. Good excuse to finally play some two headed giant
  7. Source Maybe I'm the minority, but I'm not excited about seeing Ravnica again so soon.
  8. I haven't been able to build a multiplayer werewolf deck either
  9. I have one sitting in my drawer but never thought to take it with me. Why D6s?
  10. Shadow is fun. I had a prebuilt (I forget the set) that was a black shadow deck that I've always kept together for some reason cause it's so fun to play.
  11. A friend of mine had them prepared already for Saturday, so I didn't do much work on them other than help cook and enjoy them Huh huh huh
  12. Depends on what your expectations are. If you go in just wanting to have fun and see how your deck goes, then I say go for it and just have fun. If you're super competitive and will be upset if you don't win, then maybe play an FNM or something there first to get an idea of the kind of players at the store and the environment. I'd say go check it out, drop a few bucks and see what happens. Worst case is the players are salty and you lose, but you'll still learn about your deck and how it plays.
  13. Using a creature as bait is a great idea In free for all I always worry about playing it too early or playing it too late when it could hurt me or lose a few turns of creatures because of it. Mimic Vat